Big Noyd :: Episodes of a Hustla :: Tommy Boy
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Clocking in at a decent 38 minute length, the Big Noyd album _Episodes of a Hustla_ is somewhat more than an EP but something less than an album. The same could be said of Big Noyd; something more than the average MC but something less than cream of the crop. Most heads recognize Noyd from his numerous guest appearances with Mobb Deep; which have lead some to suggest that Noyd doesn't have a steelo of his own.

Noyd does lean on the Mobb for both parts of Recognize and Realize and Infamous Mobb, one of the best tracks. Noyd really establishes his own on Usual Suspect, with a hardcore snapping beat reminiscent of a Blahzay Blahzay skit. "Mr. Untouchable, the unlovable, criminal, reppin Queens burough, the rap is back on another level." Noyd's style is self-described as "strictly hardcore" and is in some ways reminescent of Guru, though lacking in the diversity of topic or intensity of delivery.

Noyd also comes off album's title track Episodes, where he is supported by an eerie Havoc produced beat. "Official Queensbridge murderer" sums up Noyd's rhymes, which is basically smokin thai and pushin keys. It's not really new. Matter of fact, it's gettin kind of old. Still Noyd has some game, and manages to make the topic interesting.

I think it's likely that this EP may not appeal to non-Mobb Deep fans, since this album is almost an extension of Hell on Earth. Still, it's worth a few ducats if you can find it at your local store for a good price, and no MD fan wants to pass on the incredible "Recognize and Realize (Part Two)" which is pure Infamous classic.

ORIGINAL HEADz UP! score: 4 out of 6 (converted to
TOTAL Vibes: 7 out of 10

Originally posted: December 1996
source: HEADz UP!