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Snoop Dogg "Neva Left" review!

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The Top 10 UGK (and Bun B) Videos

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Bun B courtesy Wikimedia Commons]R.I.P. Pimp C.

"One wit a trigger, two wit a bat
Three big brothers, fo' - wanna squab with me
so I guess a brother gotta throw
Tell 'em like this, ya better get up out my camp dude
Befo' I have to pull my gat and get, real rude
I don't figure that it's worth gettin hurt
Just 'cause ya gal wanna give me that skirt
Bet it feels funny when ya doin 69
Knowin that ya sippin on all my jimmy wine
And when ya get a kiss, do ya feel bad
knowin that ya swallowed all the skeeter that I had?
You wanna step to me but I don't really think ya should
I shoulda shot you up instead I told ya somethin good"

1.) UGK - "Something Good"

2.) UGK f/ OutKast - "Int'l Players Anthem"

3.) Bun B + many more - "You're Everything"

4.) UGK - "Take It Off"

5.) UGK - "Da Game Been Good to Me"

6.) Bun B + many more - "Get Throwed"

7.) UGK - "The Game Belongs to Me"

8.) Bun B f/ Drake - "Put It Down"

9.) UGK - "Wood Wheel"

10.) Bun B f/ Sean Kingston - "That's Gangsta"

Editorial: The Super Nintendo (SNES) Classic Saga Continues

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Super Nintendo courtesy Wikimedia Commons]When I last wrote about the Super Nintendo (SNES) Classic in late June there was plenty of reason to worry that Nintendo would botch this as badly as they did the NES Classic, even though Nintendo has insisted that they are producing "SIGNIFICANTLY MORE" than the time before. Regardless I outlined many reasons "significantly more" would not be enough. For your convenience here are those bullet points.

1.) The high dollar value of the games on the SNES Classic when sold individually leading to high demand for a unit with all of them combined.
2.) The inclusion of the never before released Star Fox 2.
3.) Some of the games included don't work in flash carts and are very difficult to emulate properly.
4.) Everybody wants to relive their childhood without the hassle of a CRT TV set-up.
5.) Nintendo has a very poor record in general of making enough of anything to meet demand.

At the time many people would have said I was sounding the alarm too early and things would not turn out nearly as bad this time around as they did on the NES Classic. That would have been fair given that at the time I wrote it the SNES Classic hadn't even gone up for pre-order on any of the major retailers in the United States. That all changed on July 21st when very late in the evening, a point by which many people were already asleep, Walmart put the SNES Classic up for sale. Despite the late hour and many people not putting out the word, including some who promised to do so the second it went on sale, Walmart's website was still bombarded with hits and their entire allocation of stock sold out in 30 minutes. That's right. It sold out in a half hour on a Friday night. Still not concerned?

The good news for me is that a long time reader of the site (thank you Mike) saw my previous editorial on this topic and generously offered to build me a custom Raspberry Pi enclosure with HDMI output that would function (but obviously not look) like a SNES Classic. He asked for no endorsement of his build nor did he request that I review it, but I'm in the process of filming a review right now and so far I'm pleased with the results. It takes a little bit of trial and error to get what you want to work how you want though, which has always been the appeal of a device like the NES or SNES Classic -- it's plug and play. You run the HDMI from your TV to the box, plug in a controller and a power supply, and the games are already loaded and ready to play. You're done. No fuss, no muss.

Other retailers have yet to follow Walmart's lead and put the SNES Classic up for pre-order, but hopefully if they do they will learn from Walmart's mistakes and handle it a little more smoothly. On the other hand there's every possibility that if any retailer gives people advance warning, scalpers are just going to rush in to buy all the stock, and if they DON'T their website is just going to be carpet bombed with traffic the moment word gets out and everybody rushes in. It's potentially a no win situation. It might be possible that the only fair thing to do would be to not allow pre-orders at all. Every retail store gets an allocation based on the size of their local market (a city of a million gets a few thousand spread out between Target, Walmart, Best Buy, et cetera while smaller cities get smaller allocations) and you just have to show up on release date to get one.

In theory this would work great. If they shipped ENOUGH you wouldn't have to get in a line at four AM and wait - you could just pick any random retailer and go that morning. Unfortunately that's why I and a lot of other people have learned to pre-order -- NINTENDO NEVER SHIPS ENOUGH and there is ALWAYS A 4 AM LINE at every store. Keep your eye on the latest stock so you can avoid camping out yourself -- or build your own emulation station and skip the hassle altogether. Your call.
"Who Sampled It Better?" #8 - Ready or Not Here I Come

[Lauryn Hill courtesy Wikimedia Commons]"Who Sampled It Better?" #8 - The Delfonics' "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)"

As written by Steve 'Flash' Juon, and voted on by THE PEOPLE who read!

With respect to The Delfonics we had to use an image of Lauryn Hill here for two reasons. The first is that there simply aren't any public domain images of either the group performing live or any individual members, including the late Randy Cain and Major Harris, may they both rest in peace. The second will be obvious once you hear the embedded clip of the song sampled for this week's vote.

For me that soulful singing immediately evokes memories of The Fugees' hit single "Ready or Not," where Lauryn Hill gave her own powerful interpolation of the original vocals, but using her image here is actually a bit of a red herring. This series is called "Who SAMPLED It Better" and not "Who SANG It Better" so believe it or not The Fugees are disqualified here. Now if we were talking about their sample of Enya's "Boadicea" for the backdrop of "Ready or Not" (which they almost got their pants sued off for) we'd have something to discuss. Instead listen to that intro again right before The Delfonics start singing -- sounds familiar right? Of course it does. I can give you four examples of rap artists who have sampled that intro, and after listening to all four you can place your vote below.

1.) Tha Alkaholiks - "Do It"

2.) Missy Elliott f/ Da Brat - "Sock It 2 Me"

3.) Three 6 Mafia f/ Project Pat - "Who Run It"

4.) T.I. f/ Nelly - "Get Loose"

There you have it. Four candidates for "Who Sampled It Better" who all used The Delfonics. Now is the time to let your voice be heard! Cast your WSIB ballot below and share this post/tweet so that others get a chance to vote too.

Video: P. Muna (Prosper Muna) - "Game" @IAMPMUNA @EiPR_Tweets

Video: P. Muna (Prosper Muna) - "Game"

EiPR: NYC based former MTV's Are You The One star Prosper Muna's brand new music video for "Game". P. Muna was heavily inspired by the one and only Jay-Z for this video and will be releasing TONS of new music soon so get ready!!

Video: @RLGrime @Miguel - "Stay For It (Live)" @Biz3

Video: RL Grime f/ Miguel - "Stay For It (Live)"

Biz 3: Los Angeles DJ/producer RL Grime shares the new video for his track "Stay For It" featuring Miguel today. It captures the pair joining forces to perform their new song for the first time for a massive crowd at EDC. RL will also jumping on his nationwide NOVA Tour this October - full tour dates below.

Video: @ElementRhymes - "No Fear"

Video: Element Rhymes - "No Fear"

E.R.: Bars reminiscent of 90's Hip Hop merged with a contemporary aesthetic Element is back to bring us some dope lyricism. These raw visuals were set forth between the Arts District in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Some scenes taking place in the historical Griffith Park. Element Rhymes is the first rapper to film a video in Griffith Park which is one of the largest urban parks in North America covering 4,310 acres of land.

Audio: @SwazyStyles - "SWAZY" (@MsRiverCity)

Audio: Swazy Styles - "SWAZY"

Ms. RC: Miami rapper Swazy Styles premieres his long-awaited full length album SWAZY. The project's production primarily comes from Cash Money Records producer D Roc. Swazy features the recent singles and buzz records "Standin on Couches", "We Out", "Game of Thrones", "Rags to Bags" and more.

Video: Lef Dolla - "Holy Water" (@Lef_Dolla357 @Sultan617)

Video: Lef Dolla - "Holy Water" (dir. The Sultan)

WMS: Boston artist Lef Dolla drops visuals for his latest single "Holy Water" directed by The Sultan. The record is off his new album out now "Summer II Summer."

Audio: @KyoItachi @RusteJuxx357 - "Samurai Sushi" @Snowgoons

Audio: Kyo Itachi f/ Ruste Juxx - "Samurai Sushi"

Snowgoons: French Hip Hop producer Kyo Itachi is back aight years after his debut album "Musikyo" with certainly his biggest project to date yet: "Genkidama", a limited edition triple vinyl (Gatefold), with a high profile guest list.

Video: Kupid aka Q f/ Jus J - "Whoshotya" (@kupidofficial)

Video: Kupid aka Q f/ Jus J - "Whoshotya"

Q: Kupid a.k.a Q was born in New York City and later was raised in Antigua. At the age of nine, he returned to the U.S and has been there since. He is an emerging artist located in Orlando, FL.

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