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"Who Sampled It Better?" #2 - YOUR VOTES DECIDE

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[DJ Premier courtesy Wikimedia]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon: It's time for round two! On our inaugural edition of "Who Sampled It Better?" I asked the audience to vote on the producer and/or rapper who made the best use of a loop in a song, and last week I shared the results. That's given me a couple of weeks to come up with four new breaks for you the reader to listen to and judge.

I don't expect this to be easy. In fact the only way we're going to get decisive answers is if as many of you share or retweet this article out there as possible. We need a large voting pool so that your favorite doesn't hit or miss by just one vote. Every response counts!

1.) Lou Donaldson - "It's Your Thing"

* Brand Nubian - "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down"

* Lord Finesse - "Stop Sweating the Next Man"

2.) Quincy Jones - "Snow Creatures"

* Compton's Most Wanted - "Def Wish II"

* Gang Starr - "ALONGWAYTOGO"

3.) The J.B.'s - "(It's Not the Express) It's the J.B.'s Monaurail"

* EPMD - "Let the Funk Flow"

* Nas - "Nastradamus"

4.) Bobbi Humphrey - "Jasper Country Man"

* Digable Planets - "Blowing Down"

* Ice-T - "New Jack Hustler"

Editorial: The Top Ten Ice-T Videos

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Tracy Marrow a/k/a Ice-T courtesy Wikimedia Commons]This edition of the top ten was in part inspired by Who Sampled It Better #2, which I encourage you to go vote in right now -- or after you enjoy all of these Ice-T videos. It was accidentally discovering the connection between a classic Ice-T song and an equally dope but somewhat more obscure Digable Planets song that got me thinking... Ice-T is a worthy artist to pay tribute to with a top ten.

At times I feel silly pointing out how hard it was to get albums in a pre-internet, pre-MP3, pre-Amazon era, but if you were a fan of Ice-T in the late 1980's and early 1990's these videos were IMPORTANT. If you grew up in or around a small town, you couldn't just go to the store and buy "Power" or "The Iceberg." If you had a car and could drive far enough to a store with albums, chances are it was a Walmart, and if they had it at all it was the censored version. These music videos were the best commercials ever though -- they made me want Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Ice-T and De La Soul albums that much more. Even if I had to find a specialty record store, even if I had to find a mail order catalogue and send someone a check, I would not be denied. When it came to owning Ice-T's discography it was a (say it with me now) you had to be H-U-S-T-L-E-R HUSTLER. That's why now even 25 years later I rock an Ice-T "O.G. Original Gangster" t-shirt. There were few albums I wanted more, and once I got it, he did not disappoint.

1. Ice-T - "Colors"

2. Ice-T - "New Jack Hustler"

3. Ice-T - "You Played Yourself"

4. Ice-T - "Lethal Weapon"

5. Ice-T - "Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous"

6. Ice-T - "Mind Over Matter"

7. Ice-T - "I'm Your Pusher"

8. Ice-T - "High Rollers"

9. Ice-T - "Ricochet"

10. Ice-T - "Fly By"

The Hip-Hop Shop #390 - Another Bizarre Trip

It's time for another edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #390 is called Another Bizarre Trip! Today you'll hear new material from Trizz f/ Bizarre, Cambatta, Pumpkinhead (RIP PH) and more! Follow us @RapReviews so you never miss a new podsafe free show - like The Drunk Train from Adam Bernard.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Trizz f/ Bizarre - Really
* Esohel - No Turning Back
* Kazi f/ Bobby Earth, Nicholas Ryan Gant - Demons
* Tableek f/ Blaknerd - The Boom
* Al Boges f/ Mayhem Lauren - Ice Cold
(and Al Boges in reverse)
* Pumpkinhead - Dynamic (#ripPH)
* Cambatta - Trippin Balls

Audio: Mark Ski f/ Jabrjaw - "Write This Song (@FunkByFunk Remix)"

Audio: Mark Ski f/ Jabrjaw - "Write This Song (Funk By Funk Remix)"

M.S.: Write This Song (Funk by Funk Remix)’ switches up the original with a classic era sound reminiscent of the best of 90’s Boom Bap Rap, featuring a brand new vocal courtesy of South Florida MC Jabrjaw. Known for his work as one half of Jabrjaw & DJ Dee Dubbs, as part of Death Jam Posse and alongside Mr Belvedere, Jabs spits bars on his musical inspirations and the state of mainstream rap.

Video: @WhatsThaPurpose - "Run Up a Check" (@FlyLikeDove)

Video: Purpose - "Run Up a Check"

Dove: In his performance visual for "Run Up a Check", Purpose shares a day in his life with some behind-the-scenes action in Miami, including sound checks, fan meet-n-greets, photo shoots, studio time and more.

Video: @Pitbull f/ Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis - "Greenlight"

Video: Pitbull f/ Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis - "Greenlight"

08 . 26 . 16

Video: @M_Riich Gets Gritty in L.A. w/ "Check" (@FlyLikeDove)

Video: M.Riich Gets Gritty in L.A. with "Check"

Dove: M.Riich takes it to the gritty side of L.A. in his Dontell Antonio-directed visual for "Check", an ode to the days before money hit the bank produced by Kush2x.

Audio: Ben Boogz (of @2HungryBros) - "I Moreno" @HiPNOTT

Audio: Ben Boogz (of 2 Hungry Bros.) - "I Moreno"

HiPNOTT: OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US. While this sounds like a warning, it is merely a preface to "I Moreno". Young Boogz always studied his father, the Vietnam Veteran, play guitar and sing on the couch while a Charles Bronson movie would play on the television.

Video: Red Pill - "Instinctive Drowning" (@RedPillRap @MelloMusicGroup)

Video: Red Pill - "Instinctive Drowning"

MMG: Red Pill’s newest album, “Instinctive Drowning,” is his most personal opus to date. Collaborating with producer Ill Poetic, the new album is an extremely personal and vulnerable composition. The project is a glimpse into the depths of Red Pill’s psyche, balancing both tragedy and hope in a way that is ultimately sincere and beautiful.

Video: @KennyKlutch the MC & J Roy Champion - "Crunch Time" (@Sultan617)

Video: Kenny Klutch the MC & J Roy Champion - "Crunch Time"

WMS: Kenny Klutch the MC & J Roy Champion (Crunch Time) Dir by The Sultan.

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