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Video: @GillieDaKid "U.O.E.N.O/Type Of Way Freestyle" (@mzlimari2u)

Video: Gillie Da Kid "U.O.E.N.O/Type Of Way Freestyle"

Courtesy L.G.

Gillie Da Kid
U.O.E.N.O/Type Of Way
Directed by Peter Parkkerr

@SergeSevere - The Bottom Line (Produced by @5thSequence)‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‎

Serge Severe - The Bottom Line (Produced by 5th Sequence)‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‎

Courtesy S.S.

Here is an unreleased track from the recording sessions of Boom Bap & Bars Vol.1. The track is called “The Bottom Line” and produced 5th Sequence. You can stream/download the track and EP for free.

Mixtape: @HarveyStripes - "A Penny And A Nightmare"

Mixtape: Harvey Stripes - "A Penny And A Nightmare"

Courtesy H.S.

What happens when you realize that “A Dollar and A Dream” has turned into “A Penny and a Nightmare”? Ottawa-born, Toronto-based rapper Harvey Stripes explores the concept on the follow-up to his 2011 debut.

PR: Proxy "Magnificent" Releases September 10th on Group Vigilant (@sohhPR)

PR: Proxy "Magnificent" Releases September 10th on Group Vigilant

Courtesy Josh @ SOHH PR.

Group Vigilant is pleased to announce the release of Proxy's "Magnificent". The album hits all digital retailers September 10th, 2013.

"Magnificent" features production by Symbolyc One among others in addition to an impressive guest list including: Ahmad Jones, Antonio Neal, Braille (Beautiful Eulogy), Jurny Big (The Battery), Mr. Del, Propaganda, Shonlock, and others.

"Magnificent" track listing
1. For the Streets (feat. Box Boy)
2. Kingdom
3. We Livin' (feat. Julia Clayton)
4. I Am That (feat. Ahmad Jones and Jurny Big)
5. The Promise
6. Thank You (feat. Elijah Jamal) [beat by Symbolyc One]
7. Crash Landing (feat. Shonlock and Mr. Del)
8. History Of Me [beat by Symbolyc One]
9. Life Changed Me (feat. Ayinde Russell and Caleb McCampbell)
10. Magnificent (feat. John Gillette)
11. The Day
12. The Lean (feat. Rio) [beat by Symbolyc One]
13. Rainbow (feat. Tammy Brown and Sahada Sesay)
14. Real Love (feat. Antonio Neal) [beat by Symbolyc One]
15. My Everything
16. Rise (feat. Braille, Propaganda and Cha'Rel Wright)

Stream the first single from "Magnificent" featuring production by Symbolyc One

Video: @TypicalCats - "Reflections From the Porch"

Video: Typical Cats - "Reflections From the Porch"

Courtesy T.C.

As Chicago winds up another long, hot summer, plagued by violence and riddled with tragedy, Typical Cats lob in another time bomb, a Qwa solo slab entitled "Reflections from the Porch." Anchored by a Natural beat awash in harmonies, bittersweet guitar, and, as always, dust-covered knocking drums, "Reflections" is a two and a half minute masterwork, a miniature history, and a meditative moment from one of the premier MCs of his generation.

Video: Scavie @ScoobsCMade @ElementRhymes - "These Dayz"

Video: Scavie Scoobs f/ Element Rhymes - "These Dayz"

Courtesy Custom Made.

We are pleased to bring you another epic video from LA hip-hop artist, Scavie Scoobs. On September 10th, Scoobs will release his new EP, Yola King via Custom Made Recordings. Yola King is an eight track collaborative project between Scavie Scoobs and LA producer Finesse. After releasing 4 new videos this summer from Yola King, Scoobs decided to film a throwback video to "These Dayz" from his previous project, Trap Star. "These Dayz" is a song also produced by Finesse and features fellow Custom Made group member Element Rhymes.

Video: J-Zone Uses Broken Equipment to Make New Album (@jzonedonttweet)

Video: J-Zone Uses Broken Equipment to Make New Album

Courtesy J-Zone.

You know I hate texting, still use a Walkman and have run a small business since 1999 without owning a printer; but did you know I'm also a Luddite when I'm working on music? Of course I am!

I don't shoot a lot of videos, but here's one of me in the studio during the making of my upcoming album, Peter Pan Syndrome, using the most raggedy, busted, broken, obsolete equipment I could find, including my two girlfriends (cassette decks), Betsy and Diana. I also played the drums wearing a carpal tunnel brace, used a constantly shedding, cheap-ass Ikea rug to muffle the studio and still use the computer monitor that probably came with the Commodore 64! It's all about limitations and mistakes. Perfection is for suckers.

Video: Cheeks f/ B Free - "Top Billing"

Video: Cheeks f/ B Free - "Top Billing"

Courtesy Cheeks.

Video directed by: Serena Berry
Additional edits by: Kerel "Scrips" Taylor

Audio: @TonyDelFreshco @imEDF - "Watching Me"

Audio: Tony Del Freshco f/ EDF - "Watching Me"

Courtesy EDF.

Tony Del FreshCo is gearing up for the release of his upcoming project #RedOctober and in support of the upcoming project will be dropping new music and videos every week. The first is "Watching Me", a track that goes out of the normal element or formula of FreshCo but serves the same purpose. Now that labels are looking it seems everybody else want to now come around.

Audio: Malik B and Mr. Green "Definition" (@GreenHipHop)

Audio: Malik B and Mr. Green "Definition"

Courtesy Mr. Green.

Malik B. (of The Roots fame) and producer Mr. Green may have caught you off guard with their last collabo, the eery, violence filled video “Devil,” ish was still dope though. This time around the duo come through with a more straight hip-hop boom-bap feel with single #2, “Definition.”

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