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The Hip-Hop Shop #172 - "Make It or Break It" Part 2!

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #172 is "Make It or Break It" Part 2! If you like the songs in this week's episode (from the likes of Illmaculate, Kool Keith, DJ Toure and Billy Woods) do nothing! We'll leave them in rotation. If you don't like a song, send your feedback to or @RapReviews and we'll take it and break it! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode.

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Tracks featured this week:

* Illmaculate f/ Sandpeople - One More Time
* Kool Keith f/ The IMO - Extra Thoughts
* Drumma SC - This Right Here
* Nick Nemesis - Oldie
* DJ Toure f/ B-Legit, D-Lo - She Like
* Billy Woods f/ LWren - Blue Dream

Devo Spice Update - 5/7/2012

Devo Spice Update - 5/7/2012

Hey folks,

Woah!  Somebody’s putting on a comedy music festival in New York City!  I hope they have better luck than I did with The Oddfest...

Comedy musician Jessica Delfino has put together the first annual New York Funny Songs Festival!  The festival is taking place June 7-10 at various venues around Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

I will be performing at a comedy music showcase on Friday, June 8th along with Rob Paravonian, Carla Rhodes, and more.  This is happening at Casa Mezcal at 86 Orchard St.  I will also be doing one song on Saturday night as part of an event called 50 Funny Songs which is taking place at Tammany Hall at 152 Orchard St.

For more information and a full schedule of events visit:

I know, I know, it’s blatant and shameless and grammatically crappy but I refuse to nominate myself for these things, so that’s something, right?

The Logan Awards are now accepting nominations for the 2012 awards.  These are the only comedy music awards in existence (that I know of).  The 2012 ceremony will take place at DeepSouthCon ( and will be hosted by Dr. Demento.  Any comedy song or video released in 2011 qualifies, and many of my qualifying songs have already been suggested, so I think I’m good here.  But there’s also The Parsec Awards.

The Parsec Awards are also now accepting nominations.  The FuMP won the Parsec in 2009 which was the first year they included a music category.  There’s also a comedy category.  So feel free to head over to and nominate either The FuMP, The Funny Music Podcast, and/or Manic Mondays.  I would really appreciate it.

--== BALTICON ==--
BaltiCon is a few weeks away now and I finally got some information about my concert that I can pass on to you good folks.  I’ll be performing Sunday evening at 5:00 pm.  I’ll be sharing a table with Rob Balder which I think is downstairs in Artist’s Alley this time, which is dangerously close to the con suite.

BaltiCon is taking place May 25-28 in Baltimore, MD.

That’s all, folks.


MP3: @CuzOHBlack f/ Wordsmith - "Never Break Me Down"

From CuzOH! Black:

MP3: CuzOH! Black f/ Wordsmith - "Never Break Me Down"

"NU Revolution is an unstoppable force you can never break down."

* *


MP3: Meek Mill f/ Drake, Jeremih - "Amen"

MP3: Meek Mill f/ Drake, Jeremih - "Amen"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

@GreenHipHop Tribute to Adam 'MCA' Yauch from the Beastie Boys

Mr. Green Tribute to Adam 'MCA' Yauch from the Beastie Boys

"I made this remix as a tribute to one of my favorite
MC's from growing up. Rest in Peace to MCA,
he will be missed, -Mr. Green

P.S. If you like it, or if you hate it, let me
know: or"

PR: eOne Music Announce Deal w/ The FiNaTTicZ

From Gio @ E1:

PR: eOne Music Announce Deal w/ The FiNaTTicZ

(New York, NY) – eOne Music and Knockout Entertainment announce a new worldwide deal with west coast group The FiNaTTicZ.  The group’s first single, the hit track “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun,” is already making waves on west coast radio, with over 300 spins at KPWR in Los Angeles, CA.

Knockout Entertainment’s Ray J says, “I'm excited to get back to music by partnering with eOne on the FiNaTTicZ. I have enjoyed my greatest musical successes with this company and I look forward to the FiNaTTicZ having a big hit with their new single, "Don't Drop That..." I will be there with the full support of the Knockout team to make sure they go the distance.

Eastside LA’s latest underground rap groups, The FiNaTTicZ formed in 2009. Members Killa F, Jayarah the Truth, EZ the Great and Nyce describe their presence on the music scene as a representation of original west coast gangster rap with new school swagger and flavor. The energy at the dynamic group’s live performances has made them a local favorite.

About Entertainment One

Entertainment One Ltd. (LSE:ETO) is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content.  The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, family programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 20,000 film and television titles, 2,500 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.

Video: Carnage45 - Alterbeats' "The French Revolution" Teaser

Video: Carnage45 - Alterbeats' "The French Revolution" Teaser

This is Carnage45. I'm happy to announce that I am a part of Alterbeats upcoming compilation album "French Revolution" dropping 6/26/2012. Alterbeats is a producer from France that I have worked with in the past. This album consist of many US and French hip hop artist. The teaser video is below. Enjoy!

Adam's World Weekly 5/7 - Tough Love & Deep Convos

From Adam B:

I hope everyone has fully recovered from whatever Cinco de Mayo revelry they got themselves into over the weekend. I had a little fun, which was nice after yet another week of waiting for one specific interview to be set up. Thankfully I've managed to arrange and do five other interviews in the time it's taken this label to (not) set up one, so I still have plenty of content for you. Leading things off this week is my interview with Tough Love New Orleans' Miss Awkward, who talks about her early experiences on the show and some embarassing real life moments. I also have an explosive interview with David Banner where he dives deep into race in America and the value of urban music. Pop Shots is all new this week (and I hope you've been enjoying the new, more graphic heavy, format), and this week's Vid Pick is a great clip from one of Cali's finest, CookBook.

Miss Awkward Talks About Getting Some Tough Love

Of all the women on this season’s edition of VH1’s Tough Love, Melissa Schultz, aka Miss Awkward, seems to have struck a chord with the most people. The announcement to a boat full of men about her virginity, albeit an announcement not made by her, and her penchant for making the occasional goofy face, makes her a bit of a reality show anomaly - she’s unabashedly herself. While others routinely choose to try to present one aspect of themselves, whether that aspect is based in reality or not, Melissa let us know right off the bat that she’s a virgin, she’s quirky, and she knows she needs some help in the dating department.

This week, with Tough Love New Orleans hitting its stride, I caught up with Melissa to find out about some of her initial impressions when she arrived at the house, which cast member raided her closet, and the always important vaginal acoustics. Yes, I said vaginal acoustics. You must read on now.

Read all the full review at:

David Banner's Master Plan

David Banner just wants to borrow a dollar. OK, he doesn’t want to borrow it, he wants you to donate it to his latest project. He isn’t just asking for a handout, though, he’s hoping to create a new way of doing business, and in the process show the world that urban music, and the urban community, are valuable resources.

Banner is looking for two million people to donate one dollar, or more, so he can put out his next album Sex, Drugs & Video Games, on May 22nd, and the new business venture comes with a new look and a new attitude. Gone are a whole lot of pounds and the normal accessories sported by prototypical hip-hop artists. Instead Banner is being seen far more often in suits and ties. Although he’s always had intellectual endeavors, Banner is now putting his brainy side front and center, even speaking at Harvard University as a part of their LA Riots symposium.

This week, I caught up with Banner to find out more about how his project is about more than just music, why it’s still so hard to talk about race in America, and how he feels even comic book characters have played into all of this. First, however, Banner wanted to discuss a certain part of the female anatomy, and we would have been rude not to oblige.

Read the full interview at:

Pop Shots - Protest Music

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from the latest insane protest against Lady Gaga, to my own protest of who’s currently topping the Billboard album chart, to a way to get people to not protest Rolling Stone’s recent top albums list, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

Read the full column at:

Vid Pick: CookBook - The Party's Still Jumpin

See the video at:

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.
PR: JW (CTE) & A Bay Bay - "In 45 Days"

From JW (CTE):

PR: JW (CTE) & A Bay Bay - "In 45 Days"

CTE and Anwhat Entertainment present the hot new street album "In 45 Dayz"!!!  JW (CTE) and A Bay Bay deliver banging music and a powerful message to the industry that you will not want to miss.  The album features 4 brand new tracks with production from Rico Love, Phat Boy Beatz,  Billy Syn of    VK Studios and S.Y.R.A.Q.U.S.E just to name a few.


01 Gotta See This (Young Jeezy ft. Freddie Gibbs & JW) [Prod. by Lil Lody]
02 JW - We Ready
03 JW - Like Me
04 JW - What You Gon Do (Ft. Trae Tha Truth)
05 JW - Do It Do It
06 JW - I Got A Bitch
07 JW - Hold Me Down (Ft. Mike Bless)
08 JW - Stars Are Out
09 JW - I'm The Shit
10 JW - We Taking Over
11 JW - So Amazing
12 JW - Turnt Up
13 JW - Vibin
14 JW - In Da Streetz
15 JW - Up (Freestyle)

Mixtape: Coast 2 Coast Vol. 199 Hosted by Erick Sermon

From C2C:

Mixtape: Coast 2 Coast Vol. 199 Hosted by Erick Sermon




    Erick Sermon & DJ Case - Intro
    Erick Sermon feat. Mone, Fred Da Godson & Swizz Beats - Set It Off
    Warren G, Nate Dogg & Game - Party We Will Throw Now
    Glasses Malone - Rihanna
    Jan Delay & D Flame - Air Max
    Bow Wow - In The Club
    Young Tyme, Luv B & Big Bone - I'm Flexin rmx
    DJ Rapture ft. LA Da Boomman & Rikk Reighn - Fuckshit
    Cam'ron feat. Vado - Where The Mali At
    Monstahh aka Master P - B.N.
    Purple Cypher - Space Drop
    Undisputed - Rockstar
    2 Face, Crise P. & SpazzOne - Face Off
    MC EVL & Taeboi - Swag On Diddy
    Fat Joe feat. 2 Chainz & French Montana - No Country
    Jadakiss feat. Meek Mill & Yung Joc - By The Bar
    Waka Flocka Flame & Trey Songz - I Don't Really Care
    Jamie Marsh - Make It Mine
    Rhyme Scheme - It's Goin Down
    Kartell The Phenomenal feat. Boss Blacc - Mr. Phenomenal
    D-Sypha - No Grind, No Glory
    Colton Brown feat. EP & SassyTee - Chevy Boyz
    DJ Blackskin feat. Gemeni - Like Damn
    Wale, French Montana, Diddy & Mase - Slight Work rmx
    T-Zank - Real School
    The Out Crowd feat. Hard Target - Gimme What I Want
    Boxah A.K.A Eternal - Shinin
    Smooth - Girls, Sex And Being Fresh
    Erick Sermon feat. Jimi Hendrix - A Way Out
    Erick Sermon Outro

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