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@MurderDogMag Celebrates 20 Years of Publishing (@BallinPR)

PR: Murder Dog Magazine Celebrates 20 Years of Publishing

Courtesy Ballin PR.

(Vallejo, CA) Rap magazine Murder Dog celebrates its 20th year in print, a monumental feat in the volatile print publishing climate. What started as an idea in a tiny room in Vallejo, California in 1993 has out-lived most other print outlets, including Blaze, Rap Pages, Rap Sheet, Elemental, among others.

“Amongst the existing magazines,” explains Black Dog Bone, editor-in-chief since the magazine’s inception in 1993, “Murder Dog is the only one with all original owners and staff--and its original vision.”

The reason the magazine still thrives? According to Black Dog Bone, Murder Dog is simply following the changes in hip-hop culture overall. "It's becoming more diverse in terms of the music and fashion, so it makes sense that the readers evolve along with the culture. We always remained true to our readers though and people stuck with us."

As hip-hop journalism flourished in late 90s, Murder Dog remained the rawest of the outlets, supporting hard-core gangsta rappers from the Bay Area, the south, the midwest and the east coast. The magazine hired music fans instead of professional writers, and produced unconventional layouts instead of the highly stylized graphics of the competition.

As Murder Dog continued to publish, the readers--along with the contents of the magazine --diversified. Features on backpack groups Zion I and Hieroglyphics Crew, dejays hailing from India to Brazil, and horror-core group Insane Clown Posse became regular subjects alongside the gangster rap groups the magazine was known for covering.

More, Murder Dog often featured artists on their covers before anyone else. “Rick Ross, Three 6 Mafia, Master P, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, 50 Cent, Machine Gun Kelly," says Black Dog Bone, "we were the first to put these artists on our cover.”

At a time when most print magazines are experiencing a sharp decline in readership, Murder Dog's readership has increased. In fact, with the addition of a digital version and the website,, international readership has flourished. “It’s not just the Rick Ross or Tech9 fans who read our magazine,” notes Black Dog. Fans of Tyler the Creator, MIA, and Die Antwood buy it, along with Juggalos. “Hipsters read Murder Dog!” insists Black Dog Bone.

To mark the 20th Anniversary, and its unique place in hip-hop journalism, the current issue stays true to form: It includes features on the Seattle and Stockton, Cali rap scenes, along with interviews with Pusha T of the Clipse, Freddie Gibbs, Tech N9ne and Strange Music new artists, DJ Khaled and his label, We The Best, and Jacka and Husalah of Mob Figaz.

"I got so much history with Murder Dog—from buying it to being a part of it to being on the cover of that muthafucka. That was a big thing, to be on the cover of Murder Dog! -Tech N9NE

"I still have a special framed copy of the Three 6 cover with us holding the guns, and the one with me wearing the 666 shirt. Murder Dog brought the South and West coast together, and helped all us get fans and each others' market." -DJ Paul (36 Mafia)

"Shouts out to Murder Dog for holding down the Bay while the rest of the world was sleeping. Love starts at home." - Zumbi
Video: STORi - "Bloodclot" (@STORImusic)

Video: STORi - "Bloodclot"

Courtesy NextDay.

Recent Motown signee Stori is something of a triple threat in that she can sing, rap and is also fine as hell. Her song called “Pocketbook,” which you can stream on Stori’s website, displays the first two talents, but the latter two can be experienced in abundance in the video for “Bloodclot,” where the New Jersey native raps exactly like all-but-forgotten rap titan, Method Man.

Deltron 3030 Releases "City Rising From the Ashes" EP (@OfficialDELTRON)

Deltron 3030 Releases "City Rising From the Ashes" EP

Courtesy Big Hassle.



Bulk Recordings is proud to release Deltron 3030's City Rising From the Ashes EP today. City Rising From the Ashes, features three tracks off the upcoming full-length Deltron 3030: Event II. The EP is available on limited edition CD, including a $2 coupon off the full-length, and via digital retailers, which counts towards iTunes Complete My Album. Additionally, Deltron 3030 will perform at Rock the Bells in Los Angeles on September 8th and in San Francisco on September 15th, with full tour to be announced soon.

Deltron 3030: Event II, due October 1st, 2013, is Deltron 3030's long-awaited successor to their self-titled cult-classic debut. Deltron 3030 -- composed of a trinity of alt-rap all-stars: rapper Del The Funky Homosapien, producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and DJ Kid Koala -- are celebrating the announcement with the debut of the album trailer, set to the first track on the record "Stardate." The clip, which features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is available below.

Individually, the collaborators of Deltron 3030 stand at the top of their respective musical disciplines; together as Deltron 3030, they warped space, bent time, transcended genre and blew minds with Deltron 3030, an album that still stands today as one of the most important records in the annals of underground hip-hop.

Both timely and avant garde, Deltron 3030 accurately - if surrealistically - captured the spirit of the cusp of the millennium, an era when a technology-driven stock market bubble was on the verge of bursting, when the political world was entering an era of unprecedented partisanship, when global inequality was beginning to skyrocket. Critics dubbed it a masterpiece: "The most purely enjoyable hip-hop album of 2000," NME declared. Vice praised Deltron 3030 as "a dope hip-hop concept album...visionary sci-fi rap for comic book heads, cyberpunks and conspiracy theorists that closed the gaps between indie-rap, boom bap and future-music." "It's not only one of the best albums in either of their catalogs, but one of the best to come out of the new underground, period," said Pitchfork called Nakamura the "poet laureate of creepy, oppressive beats," describing the album as an "exciting" reimagining of "the future from the bottom up" that reveals Del as a "surprisingly acute social critic."

Del The Funky Homosapien, founder of Oakland's seminal Hieroglyphics crew, launched his career as part of his cousin Ice Cube's posse, da Lench Mob, and gained recognition as a top-tier hiphop verbalist with his 1991 debut, I Wish My Brother George Was Here, featuring the memorable tracks "Mistadobalina" and "Dr. Bombay." He would release three more albums -1993's No Need for Alarm, 1998's Future Development and 2000's Both Sides of the Brain - before joining with Nakamura and Koala for Deltron 3030.

Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, the architect of the sonic landscape within which Del and Koala work their magic, first captivated the hiphop underground with Dr. Octagonacologyst, his collaboration with Ultramagnetic MC's Kool Keith. He went on to produce Cornershop's breakout album, When I Was Born for the 7th Time, and to team up with fellow superproducer Prince Paul under the name Handsome Boy Modeling School, before forming Deltron 3030 with Del and Koala.

Kid Koala, a native of Vancouver whose turntablism mixtape Scratchcratchratchatch, recorded on cassette while a university student, brought him to the attention of superstar British DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More, better known as Coldcut; the duo signed him as the first North American artist on their new label Ninja Tune, launched as a haven for the world's most exceptional DJ and EDM talent. A year into his signing, Koala met Nakamura at the New York show of his first U.S. tour; the two hit it off immediately, and - beginning with Deltron - Koala became one of The Automator's most frequent collaborators.

Nakamura began to make plans for Event II shortly after the three principals reunited for Gorillaz, the 2001 multiplatinum debut album of the "virtual band" conceived of by Blur frontman Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett, which Nakamura produced, with Koala providing masterful scratchwork and Del lending his lyrical brilliance to its biggest hit, "Clint Eastwood." Though initial tracks had been laid down by 2005, it would be another eight years before the record would be finished to their mutual satisfaction. The album will be released in October on Nakamura's Bulk Recordings label, and when it does, it will open a new chapter in the Deltron 3030 legend - one that promises to be as relevant and resonant now as the first was in the year 2000.

"This time, the album has a specific story," says Del. "The Deltron world has gone too far with technology. Everything's destroyed, and you just see the remnants of our technology. The streets are run by criminals, the police are outnumbered and outgunned, and we're like pirates, running rogue, doing what we do to survive. That's the scene of it. We're trying to be as literary as possible while dealing with a musical format. I don't know if you could even categorize this as a hip hop album - it's more like a rock opera, but using rap."

He notes that the words, music and narrative have been deliberately chosen to put listeners into a specific emotional state. "This record took 13 years, and the whole time fans are telling us we better come out with Deltron right now - quit teasing me," laughs Del. "Well, this is beyond a regular album. Because I would say, me, Dan and Koala, we aren't limited by what other rap groups do - we're musicians first. I studied music theory for ten years. Dan and Koala been learning music since they were kids. We're bringing it all together here, everything, and the fans, the critics, they all going to be surprised by what we got. You'll see."

Deltron 3030: Event II tracklist:

1. Stardate (ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
2. The Return
3. Pay the Price
4. Nobody Can (ft. Aaron Bruno of AWOL Nation)
5. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
6. Melding of the Minds (ft. Zach De La Rocha)
7. The Agony (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
8. Back in the Day (ft. The Lonely Island)
9. Talent Supersedes (ft. Black Rob)
10. Look Across the Sky (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
11. The Future of Food (ft. David Chang)
12. My Only Love (ft. Emily Wells)
13. What Is This Loneliness (ft. Damon Albarn and Casual)
14. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
15. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
16. Do You Remember (ft. Jamie Cullum)

City Rising From the Ashes EP tracklist:

1. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
2. The Agony (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
3. Pay the Price
Audio: John That f/ T Gatez "We Ain't Never" (@PiccochiMusic)

Audio: John That f/ T Gatez - "We Ain't Never"

Courtesy P.M.

After the success of his first single "The Calmdown", California artist John That returns with his follow up single "We Aint Never" featuring fellow native and friend rapper T Gatez who provides a little flavor with some dope verses. The song serves as the second release from his recent album Radio Surfer and will soon drop a video for this dope summer track.

Audio: @MoonBlazers - "summer EP"

Audio: Moon Blazers - "summer EP"

Courtesy MB.

The first installment of the Seasons collection... summer is an EP with a focus on fun. Press play, relax, and enjoy the sun.

Video: K. Gaines - "Kung Fu Bam Trailer" (@1KGaines)

Video: K. Gaines - "Kung Fu Bam Trailer"

"After the brutal murder of his clan, Kung Fu Bam sets out on a quest for vengeance. But will vengeance be enough?"

K. Gaines, Nicholas Ortiz, Jermaine Smith, P.So, Rob "Deep" Maldonado, Raymond Rodriguez Jr., Orlando Cruz, Richard Maldonado, Cyndee Rivera, Thomas Baldwin, Nicole Cruz, Emanuel Candelario, Shadi Candelario, Ramon Howard, Tafari Lawton and Michael Barrett

[Kung Fu August 20th Flyer]
Video: Lungz - Underground Kangs (@lungz_chi)

Video: Lungz - Underground Kangs

Courtesy Langston S.

Michael “Lungz” hailing from the Northside of Chicago is coming off his fourth mixtape, “Dream Killaz” with his much anticipated return from his new label TMS Music Group with “Talking My Sh*t”. His last project “Dream Killaz” raised the bar and solidified Lungz as one of Chicago’s most diverse emcees. This has been a tumultuous 2 years for Lungz, he has been signed to a new label TMS Music Group and with this much more creative power.

Free Album: The Wyld - "Preface" (@THEWYLD)

Free Album: The Wyld - "Preface"

Courtesy HH.

The Wyld are giving away their debut album, 'Preface', for free on Pigeons and Planes. Download 'Preface' for free here. Most folks in the Northern Hemisphere hear ‘New Zealand’ and think of beautiful rolling hills, rocks jutting out of the sea, or maybe Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings. But Auckland hip-hop rock trio The Wyld makes the case that innovative, forward-thinking music should be on that list, too.

Mixtape: HBK Gang (@Iamsu!) - Gang Forever

Mixtape: HBK Gang (Iamsu!) - Gang Forever

Courtesy Audible Treats.

If you haven't yet heard of the HBK Gang, it's time to get acquainted. While many are already familiar with the success, both critical and commercial, of de facto crew leader Iamsu!, HBK Gang is proving prolific across the board: There's P-Lo (of The Invasion), whose production has been the driving force behind the West Coast's current, radio-dominating sound, and who's produced singles for Yo Gotti ("Act Right"), Wiz Khalifa ("'Bout Me"), and more; Sage The Gemini has been equally prolific, with two singles, "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose," currently charting (and climbing) on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, sitting at #46 and #59, respectively.

Video: @PrinceMalik - "2 Women + 2 Girls (Remix)"

Video: Prince Malik - "2 Women + 2 Girls (Remix)"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

PRINCE MALIK - 2 Women + 2 Girls (Remix)

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