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@BlockStarz New Survival Show Parody "Backyard Survivor"'s New Survival Show Parody, "Backyard Survivor"

Courtesy Bayer Mack.

Block Starz TV is producing a new comedy/adventure web series called MACK LEVINE: Backyard Survivor, which is a web parody of survival shows and follows an amateur's search for monsters in city sewers and wooded areas.

Video: Special f/ Burgaboy - "Friends With Benefits" (@StickyToffeePR)

Video: Special f/ Burgaboy - "Friends With Benefits"

Courtesy Sticky Toffee.

Striving to make it in Hip-Hop, where the competition is thick and the grind is endless, up and coming artist Special has constructed his own lane with the success of reaching 1 million hits on YouTube.

Audio: Cy Extra Money - "No Doz"

Audio: Cy Extra Money - "No Doz"

Courtesy S.H.H.

'No Doz' is the first single off of Cy's upcoming project N.T.D.G.A.F.A.N. (Niggaz That Don't Give A Fuck About Nothing).

Video: @SpendsQuality - "Don't Rush Me" (@BallinPR @AdamsWorldBlog)

Video: Spends Quality - "Don't Rush Me"

Courtesy Nik.

Fresh off his Northwest Time Peace Tour, hip-hop artist Spends Quality is releasing the next video for "Don't Rush Me," an ode to ending one relationship and starting another.

Free EP: Cas Metah & Mouf Warren (Scribbling Idiots) @illect @CasMetah @scribblingidiot

Free EP: Cas Metah & Mouf Warren (Scribbling Idiots)

Courtesy Josh @ Illect.

Here is our latest. It's a free EP release from two members of the Scribbling Idiots crew, Cas Metah & Mouf Warren. The EP features production from Defizit. Guests include: NomiS, Griffin, EF Cuttin, Blast Mega and DJ Sean P.

Audio: @IAmDJYRSJerzy @Chox_Mak910 - "1995"

Audio: DJ YRS Jerzy f/ Chox-Mak - "1995"

Courtesy DYJ.

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are really taking the underground music scene by storm. Now being recognized by major label execs they continue to take their grind to the next level. This track is named "1995" it is a track that just gives you a 90's hip hop type of vibe. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are currently working with alot of up and coming producers such as DR.G which is the producer behind this single. It is a track that was featured on Chox-Mak's recently released 4-Track EP "Audio Murder".

Mixtape: @JaredXavier12 - "The Difference"

Mixtape: Jared Xavier - "The Difference"

Courtesy Chris Fields.

I'm writing to let you know a little bit about my artist, Jared Xavier. He currently has a mixtape out “The Difference” available for download on and since has released several singles which were featured in various hip-hop websites/blogs.

@RATheRuggedMan To Release Limited-Edition Cassette Tape (@NatureSounds)

R.A. The Rugged Man To Release Limited-Edition Cassette Tape

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

R.A. The Rugged Man's new album Legends Never Die has also drawn universal acclaim as one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. To celebrate Legends Never Die, R.A. is now announcing a limited-edition Agent Orange-colored cassette tape containing the entire album plus the previously-unreleased bonus track "It's Gone".

R.A.'s father Staff Sgt. John A. Thorburn was infamously exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, causing two of the Rugged Man's siblings to be born physically impaired. R.A. chronicled this story on his seminal classic "Uncommon Valor", for which he was awarded The Source's prestigious "Hip Hop Quotable."

Pre-order cassette:

In addition to the cassette tape, R.A. will also be treating one lucky fan to a one-of-a-kind autographed Legends Never Die cassette carrying case. The first 50 people to order the cassette will automatically be entered to win the grand prize, which also includes a Legends Never Die military hat.

Legends Never Die is R.A.'s long-awaited new album, featuring appearances from the likes of Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Brother Ali, Talib Kweli, Vinnie Paz, Masta Ace, Krizz Kaliko, Sadat X, Eamon, and more. It's now available at Nature Sounds, iTunes, Amazon, and stores everywhere.
Video: @BrandyShanice and @MyKeyIso - "Lyghters"

Video: Brandy Shanice and My'Key Iso - "Lyghters"

Courtesy M.I.

New Thought Movement, Brandy Shanice (@BrandyShanice) gives the audience a visual of her song Lyghters featuring My'Key Iso (@MyKeyIso) produced by Evil Needle (@itsmeneedle) filmed by Chris Ham @iamchrisHAM.

Video: Chris Jones - "Been Trill" (@chrisjones4104)

Video: Chris Jones - "Been Trill"

Courtesy CJ.

Christopher (Chris) Jones is a Hip-Hop artist from Queensbridge, NY, a neighborhood known for producing some of the most famous artists in the world such as Nas, Mobb Deep and Tragedy.

In 2010, he successfully began his road to stardom by releasing his first mix tape, Creative Controlwhich was hosted by the acclaimed DJ Mick Boogie. It not only made a splash in the underground music world, thus surpassing industry expectations, but mainstream outlets such as Source Magazine also titled Chris as one of the top “hot up and coming rappers.”

Chris started his career at a young age by watching people from his famed neighborhood such as Nas and Mobb Deep reach global music success. Though he was still only listening and creating lyrics as a hobby at this time, he realized his “dream” of doing what he loved, sharing his life experiences but at the same time never forgetting his roots, could actually become a reality. He eventually developed his own signature style by combining and intermixing the sounds from his role models, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Diddy and Fabolous, just to name a few. In fact, this is what sets him apart from other artist hopefuls. He is a lyricist who is able to switch styles like chameleons who changes colors. His music has many faces where it appeals to all individuals, from strugglers to hustlers to playboys and even to women.

And like his role models, instead of focusing his music on money, drugs and women, Chris aspires be a performer who tells his story through music. He stays true to his belief as his DJ Mick Boogie hosted mix tape, Creative Control, does just that. The title itself was created as a representation to hip-hop and its growth. Over time, he felt that hip-hop had been watered down to the point where artists were not talking about their true experiences. Therefore, Creative Control was a statement to the industry saying that he had complete power on what was on it.

Because at the end of the day, Chris will never forget where he came from and he will always appreciate his roots.

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