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Audio: @_J57 - "Sam Kinison's Revenge" (@BrownBagAllStar)

Audio: J57 - "Sam Kinison's Revenge"

Courtesy BBAS.

Here's a track from J57's ''2057'' EP which is available only at!

J57 feat. Soul Khan, Rob Kelly, Juan Deuce & DJ Brace
"Sam Kinison's Revenge"
Produced by J57
Cuts by DJ Brace
Stream & Download HERE.

"JETTIN" FREESTYLE (@ChazRaps Feedclogger Freestyle #49)

"JETTIN" FREESTYLE (Chaz Kangas' Friday Feedclogger Freestyle #49)

Chaz: "Live from Spanish Harlem comes my 49th FEEDCLOGGER FREESTYLE! This week's request comes from George Flanagan who requested "Jettin" by Digable Planets!

Catch me LIVE December 7th at Fort Useless!"

New Music: Donnis - White Girl (@DonnisMusic)

New Music: Donnis - White Girl

Courtesy Dan S.

Donnis once again took his Twitter late last night to give his fans new music. As he explains below, this is a joint that did not make his Break Hundreds & Hearts EP, but he has been wanting to let fly for some time now and finally does so...

He said this: .

@TheSFPL Stuff Fly People Like Is in a "BK State Of Mind"

Stuff Fly People Like Is in a "BK State Of Mind"

Courtesy Jamie F.

Always with their antennae up, Team Fly has been buzzing about Bridget Kelly before she was a blip on the radar of the rest of the world. Now after the success of her EP and the release of her single “Special Delivery”, people are starting to take notice of the Roc Nation Songstress, who has been flying around performing, recording and even doing dinner with the the first family the Obamas and hip hop’s Royal family the Carters. “Honestly, it was an outer body experience for me. Obviously it’s one thing to be in cahoots with the Carters, and to go to an event to meet the President is the next level,” says Kelly.

* *
@PlanetPremRock, billy woods & Jeanette Berry - "Temptation"

Audio: PremRock, billy woods & Jeanette Berry - "Temptation"

Courtesy PR.

Very proud to share with you the 2nd single off of the critically acclaimed album "Mark's Wild Years"
which is "Temptation" featuring the stellar billy woods and Soul singer Jeanette Berry. Also produced by Philly's own Zilla Rocca.

@DiviRoxx Celebrates K-Pop Group 2NE1 Global Live CD

Divinity Roxx Celebrates K-Pop Group 2NE1 Global Live CD; Announces New Project

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Since the release of her solo debut EP The Roxx Boxx Experience in October, musician Divinity Roxx has been traveling throughout Europe and Asia, performing her own work, and acting as Musical Director for K-Pop supergroup 2NE1.

This week, Divinity Roxx is celebrating the release of 2NE1's new Global Tour Live [New Evolution in Seoul] album, which she also contributed to, and the success of yet another leg of the popular girl group's world tour.

This holiday season, Divinity also appears on Grammy-winning jazz musician Victor Wooten's latest project Sword and Stone, and has a new album of her own in the works. To the delight of her loyal fans, Divinity Roxx will be launching her iRoxx Apparel line in 2013, and is performing tours in Europe, the Virgin Islands, and the United States.

"I love connecting with the fans around the world," Divinity says. "The enthusiasm encourages me to keep pushing out my original music, and to give the people what they are craving: more authenticity, more musicianship, and more originality. Art! That's exactly what I intend to keep bringing."

Throughout the past six years, Divinity Roxx has performed around the world as Musical Director and contributing artist for both Beyoncé and 2NE1. With the release of The Roxx Boxx Experience EP in 2012, Divinity was able to display her vast musical talent and lyrical abilities in a new light. Her eclectic mash-up of Rock, Hip Hop, Punk and Soul offers music fans elements of both classic and new-age sounds, with a dynamic performance aspect rivaled by few.

Divinity's full-length album and new visuals will deliver more of her trademark intensity, while drawing from her unique collaborative efforts.

"The opportunity to work for and interact with such talented and diverse artists has been an incredible learning and growing experience," explains Divinity. "The new record will reflect that growth and the international influence. I think it'll be more personal, more bass influenced, and more raw."

Get Divinity Roxx The Roxx Boxx Experience:
iTunes - .
Amazon - .
Google Play - .

Get 2NE1 Global Tour Live [New Evolution in Seoul]: .

Get Victor Wooten Sword and Stone: .

For more information on Divinity Roxx, go to and find her on Twitter and on Facebook .
A NEW Christmas Story, Ode to Wreck It Ralph & EPOCH update on Hero Muzik 2 (@Neosonix)

A NEW Christmas Story, Ode to Wreck It Ralph & EPOCH update on Hero Muzik 2

Courtesy K-Murdock.

Salutations party people & "Happy Holidaze!" Lots to fill you all in on, so here we go...

Available NOW through the holidays is the latest incarnation of my A Christmas Story project; This time replete with 4 new bonus instrumentals, which are originally from the holiday project I produced last year for MC Lars. Shouts out to Random & Mr. Miranda for supplying the guest vocals, as well as Rodrigo Pradel for the amazing art!

While on tour last month, myself & Ran peeped the Disney movie Wreck It Ralph, which is a must-see for all "retro" gamers; We were so inspired that we made "Wreck It Ran" as ode to the movie using samples from composer Henry Jackman's score.

You can also download my instrumental version HERE for free too! .

Speaking of me & Mega Ran's collaborations... We're working on a "GAME OF THE YEAR" edition for Forever Famicom, so stay tuned for more details on that- including how YOU can help US pick the album's final artwork!

Lastly, a lot of people been asking me- "K, what's the concept behind the next Hero Muzik album?" Well, take a look above and you should be able to figure it out ;)
Let's just say I got some EPOCH plans for volume 2!! More info wil be revealed at the top of 2k13... till then, K
MP3: @FullREBELJacket - "G.R.I.T.S." Ft. Chalie Boy (@AudibleTreats)

MP3: Full |REBEL| Jacket - "G.R.I.T.S." Ft. Chalie Boy

Courtesy Audible Treats.

After releasing The REBEL EP earlier this year, Full |REBEL| Jacket have stayed plenty busy, popping up on local Phoenix radio, releasing a string of videos, and more, and now, with new visuals on the way, and a new EP planned for early 2013, the duo is releasing the latest single from The REBEL EP, "G.R.I.T.S." The REBEL EP, throughout, features some strong names (Big Rube, BJ The Chicago Kid, Nikkiya), and "G.R.I.T.S." continues that tradition, with a guest verse from Houston mainstay Chalie Boy.

@RyanLeslie Speaks on $1 Million Jury Verdict Against Him

Ryan Leslie Speaks on $1 Million Jury Verdict Against Him

Courtesy Mitchell Dudley.

As you may or may not know, in 2010, somebody stole all my music from me, out of the back of a black Mercedes-Benz when I was in Cologne, Germany. Initially I put up a reward of $20,000, a reward of $20,000 to get my backpack back. And when it never returned, I upped the reward to a million dollars, because that music was absolutely everything to me, it was everything, it was my life, it was everything.

I upped it to a million dollars.

Eventually somebody did return that backpack to me. But when I plugged in that hard drive to access everything that I had lost, the music just wasn't there, the hard drive wouldn't mound, I couldn't access anything, you know...

[crowd member shouts: 'It just wasn't meant to be...']

And a year later, that same gentleman, I don't know if it's because he misunderstood what the million dollars was for, he filed a lawsuit in federal court, in New York City, demanding that I pay a million dollars for music that I never got back. And yesterday, and the reason why I'm on the front page of the news today, everyone thought I was just a cheap skate or something like that.

A jury of my peers, eight people, they looked me in my face and told me I had to pay this man one million dollars for music that I never got back.

[crowd member: 'f*&k that!']

And so I woke up today to go get me some orange juice man, and the lady who works at the deli was like, 'oh man, you're the guy on the front page of the paper today!' And I looked at the [New York Post] headline, and it said, 'Rap Weasel'...

[Leslie dips his head, collects himself, crowd claps, 'we love you!'... 'keep your head up bro...']

So listen, music always comes from a place of inspiration and I've got to tell you all, never have I been more inspired than when I lost everything than to try and make the most incredible album I could possibly make. And for the last two years, I invested every single penny, every last dollar I had, to make the best artistic offering I possibly could. And October 22nd it came out, it's my album called Les Is More.

And despite what the jury said, that million dollar reward is still out there for anybody who can return all my compositions to me. That's why I never took the video off of YouTube, I never got anything back, but luckily God blessed me with talent I can make the music over again."

[crowd applause]
New FreEP: @Nametag "Quarter Water 2" (@MacMediaPromo)

New FreEP: Nametag "Quarter Water 2"

Courtesy Matt B.

New FreEP, Quarter Water 2, from Detroit emcee Nametag, who will be releasing the Nametag & Nameless album 'For Namesake' featuring Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and more in early 2013 on Brick Records.

Download link to Nametag’s Quarter Water 2 FreEP: .


1. “Really Real”
2. “Tag, Mae, & Moe” f/ Mae Day & Moe Dirdee (prod. by Astronote)
3. “We Ready” f/ Hustle (prod. by Cyrus The Great)
4. “Jump Around” f/ MAHD
5. “Rap Revelations” f/ Fred Knuxx, Faro, Wordsmith (prod. by Centric) (cuts by DJ Ykcor)
6. “4.9.5 to 3.1.3” f/ DKay DrumMasta (prod. by DKay DrumMasta)
7. “Remember Me” (prod. by Time Stretch)
8. “Talkin' Wit' Sam” (Interview)

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