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No question. I never doubted it.

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Audio: Mad Rapper feat. Kanye West, Meek Mill, Gun Play (@DDotAngelettie)

Audio: Mad Rapper feat. Kanye West, Meek Mill, Gun Play

Courtesy WhatevaOK.

New Music: Mad Rapper - "Appreciate The Hate-Vol. #2" - Mixtape

Audio: Cali Pachino f/ Hot Boy Turk & 3D'Natee - "Go"

Audio: Cali Pachino f/ Hot Boy Turk & 3D'Natee - "Go"

Courtesy J.M.

Cali Pachino AKA Lil Cali of Juvenile's UTP Records hooks up with Turk (of The Hot Boys) and 3D'Natee for a hot new record titled "Go."

Video: The 450 Series - "Chris Northington: Main Source" (@RetrospectiveVA)

Video: The 450 Series - "Chris Northington: Main Source"

Courtesy TRS.

The Rebel Society Presents The 450 Series and this episode features marketing director for sneaker boutique franchise, The Source, Chris Northington titled Main Source. In this piece he speaks on wanting to be a DEA agent growing up, top five sneakers, being a Nike guy, and first start working at The Source. The 450 Series is video series that takes a look inside the mind of the people that are behind popular brands and entertainment companies. Powered by The Rebel Society.

The 450 Series | Chris Northington: Main Source from The Rebel Society on Vimeo.

Audio: @FamosoHTR f/ Spit Gemz - "Burgundy Clouds" (@PRDean)

Audio: Famoso f/ Spit Gemz - "Burgundy Clouds"

Courtesy PR Dean.

Famoso feat. Spit Gemz "Burgundy Clouds"
Produced By: AlterBeats
Off Famoso Upcoming EP "B.A.S.E." (BobbitoAndStretchEra)

New Audio: @MCLyte - "Cravin" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Audio: MC Lyte - "Cravin"

Courtesy Matt B.

It has been a few years since she released an official single, but MC Lyte is back with, "Cravin," a new track that just screams Summertime! "Cravin" is produced by The Natives and will appear on Lyte's forthcoming LP; which as of now is still untitled and will be released on LoudBox Entertainment/ Sunni Gyrl, Inc.

Video: G Dot & Born - "Puff Clouds" (@DiamondMedia360 @GOD_BORNCIPHER @sTaPo_86 @TakinMines)

Video: G Dot & Born - "Puff Clouds"

Courtesy DM360.

Hip-Hop is a culture that knows no geographical boundaries. If it's dope, it's dope. Massachusetts duo, G Dot & Born, kick their smooth flows over a soulful Frontier Beats produced track, from all over the globe to show you the reach of the international language that is Hip-Hop.

From the "high rise balcony" of their building, to Naples, G Dot & Born keep it easy with good vibes and plenty of trees. Directed by Myster DL and featuring original graffiti from the streets, "Puff Clouds" will have you in the right state of mind for summer. MP3 is available for free download.
@1AndOnlyFatboi Fre$h "Escape From Fat Camp" (@RapPublicist)

Mixtape: Fatboi Fre$h - "Escape From Fat Camp"

Courtesy Nancy B.

Straight off a 3-show run in Cleveland, Chicago MC and FakeShoreDrive contributor Fatboi Fre$h delivers his latest mixtape. What better way to start off the 4th of July BBQ season than with a tape called.... "ESCAPE FROM FAT CAMP ~ the album."

Audio: @TheBlackOpera "KOON SH!T" #NoRules (@MelloMusicGroup)

Audio: The Black Opera - "KOON SH!T" #NoRules

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

The Black Opera has never been known to follow rules. When the rules say you have to collab with a lot of rappers, until this point they've chosen not to. When the rules say image is most important, they've pushed their art to the forefront instead. When the rules say you have to explain to everyone what the meaning of each song is, TBO has chosen to leave it up to your interpretation and let the art speak.

@DSisive: The Baby Shower Live @ Drake Underground 7/11 (@URBNET)

D-Sisive: The Baby Shower Live @ Drake Underground July 11th

Courtesy URBNET.

Iím happy to announce Iím having a baby. A girl. A daughter. My daughter. This means I will be in charge of somebodyís life. Itís scary, because four years ago I considered ordering a pizza from 241 Pizza and buying two veal sandwiches from California Sandwiches on Dufferin Street grocery shopping. I would eat out of the fridge. Cold veal. That was me. And now, Iím going to be a father. Because of this, Iíve made some changes. I now heat up the veal. And have a fridge filled with vegetables. Mainly because my baby-mama is a vegetarian. Regardless, Iím a lot more responsible than I was four years ago. I'm losing my edge.

The Desolate Collective & URBNET Live PresentsÖ
The Baby Shower
D-Sisive | Live In Concert!
With Special Guest: Motem
Music Supplied By: Techtwelve
The Drake Underground [1150 Queen St.W]
$10 Admission|19+
Doors 9pm|Show 10:30pm

When Nelly Furtado had her daughter, she lost her edge. Not that she was Blanche Devereaux to begin with, but Folklore was no Whoa, Nelly! She said Ďshití on Whoa, Nelly. And Folklore was what my friends would refer to as ĎFat Portuguese Mom Music.í This makes me nervous. Am I destined to make Fat Macedonian Dad Music? I already make Fat Macedonian Music. Iím a fat Macedonian. How do I stop the Dad part? Do I stop it? Furtado eventually redeemed herself with Loose. Will I have the opportunity to record a duet about sexing with Timbaland? Or, whoís the Canadian Timbaland? Jarvis Church? Or Prozzak?

These are the things I think about while staring at hot veal.

The point Iím trying to make isÖIím having a baby. And I want to celebrate it with you! And we shall celebrate hereÖ
Audio: @BlueLegacy @TheMilitiaMusic "True Fiction EP"

Audio: Blue Legacy & The Militia - "True Fiction EP"

Courtesy James X.

Title: Blue Legacy & The Militia (Queens, NY & Johannesburg, SA respectively).
Subject: Queens rapper - Blue Legacy teams up with Johannesburg beatsmith - The Militia for a cold collabo EP this summer.
Sounds Like: Nas, Ghostface Killah.

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