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Video: Beanie Sigel & Big O Get Munchies After Making Music

Video: Beanie Sigel & Big O Get Munchies After Making Music

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


Video: Moe Green - "Welcome to the Trap House" (prod. Cache)

Video: Moe Green - "Welcome to the Trap House" (prod. Cache)

Courtesy Nora Ritchie.

Quality Control Marketing and SAE San Francisco present Live from the Control Room Session One featuring Moe Green from Vallejo, CA and producer Cache repping Tracy, CA. Filmed by none other than Casual, from the Hieroglyphics, this session and track were recorded at the SAE San Francisco campus, by SAE students, as part of the Live From The Control Room EP series. SAE San Francisco is the newest campus in SAE's long legacy of training students for success in the audio and entertainment Industries.

Video: Stereo Boyz Tribute to J Dilla f/ Detroit Dance Union

Video: Stereo Boyz Tribute to J Dilla f/ Detroit Dance Union

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Artists: Beats by J.Dilla, Stereo Boyz, Detroit Dance Union, Fat Ray, Valid, 5Ela, Sacramento Knoxx, Supa Emcee, John C

Location: Detroit
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Video: Presice - "Fuego"

Video: Presice - "Fuego"

Courtesy PGG.

Heres my new music video "Fuego" off my upcoming EP "Sound Therapy". Its definitely something for the Lovebirds on Valentine's day. A dedication to the one who got away.

MP3: Nicki Minaj - "Starships"

MP3: Nicki Minaj - "Starships"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/nickiminajstarships/blast-page.html *

PR: Something From Yesh For Valentine's Week

PR: Something From Yesh For Valentine's Week

Courtesy Headbop Music.

Here is some new music from Yesh aka Yeahua  da Poed...its called #perfectlove and he decided to drop this since it valentines day its produced by Soze. Take a minute to listen to it .and drop a comment we are looking for any feedback good or bad. If you would like to know more about what he has coming up feel free to contact me. Yesh has an al um called I'll Take Those Odds which will be dropping soon

And as a way to thank all his supporters these years Yesh will be giving away his album for free. As soon as the album is ready I will let everyone know.

Follow me on Twitter for up to date info. @pocho923

Here is the link

Feel free to pass the link around. If you would like to work,interview or just talk to yesh just let me know and i will make it happen.

Thank you


Video: Zach89 - "That Could Be Us (Z-Mix)"

Video: Zach89 - "That Could Be Us (Z-Mix)"

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Zach89, formerly of MTV's Run's House, offers up a new video for everyday lovers everywhere with "That Could Be Us (Z-Mix)"! The sentimental story in the video is set to Maino's single of the same name, as reimagined by Zach89!

Press Release: A (literary) Valentine from J-Zone

Press Release: A (literary) Valentine from J-Zone

Courtesy $ir Charge a/k/a Kenny Hoggin$.

Cupid and I compiled a list of some of the most vulgar love rap songs ever recorded for your entertainment and enjoyment (with audio of each one). We also felt the need to be crass at the expense of people who take this holiday seriously. If you're gonna spend $27 on a California roll tonight, at least get a laugh in before you get that dinner bill. Enjoy.

Try not to get too offended. Tomorrow we'll all be back to being trifling anyway. 

Audio: Wise Intelligent f/ B. Smith - "Somethin' About Mary"

Audio: Wise Intelligent f/ B. Smith - "Somethin' About Mary"

Courtesy Wise Intelligent.

"Somethin' About Mary" Featuring B. Smith Prod by Masada and Co-prod by B. Smith is another GREAT song from Wise Intelligent's HIT album "The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez" The next time you get into one of those convo's about Black Love...PLAY THIS SONG AND SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Video: Copywrite - "Love" f/ Tage Future (Of MHz)

Video: Copywrite - "Love" f/ Tage Future (Of MHz) prod by Bronze Nazareth

Courtesy Matt B.

I will let Copy take it from here “For Copy so loves the world, I'm giving you all a video we worked really hard on. The song is called "Love". Wu-Tang's Bronze Nazareth did the beat, Tage Future (of MHz) & myself did the words & the imperial DJ Scratch Johnson, formerly known as DJ Drastic did the cuts. "Love" is from my third studio album, God Save The King, which drops Feb 28th and is in my opinion my best work to date. Much love & don't forget to tell a stranger you love 'em today.Follow me on twitter if you dig it @COPYWRITE."

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