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Sunday November 23, 2014
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[Ruane Maurice] Dark and grimy!

Ruane Maurice review

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J-Zone Launches New Site & Laments the Death of MySpace

From J-Zone:

J-Zone Launches New Site & Laments the Death of MySpace

I miss MySpace. It was a free website for people who didn't want to build websites, and if you really knew how to cyber-pimp, it was a free e-harmony. Unfortunately, Tom couldn't prevent that site from turning into a playground for retired, toothless porn stars and rappers with names like Lil' Swagmaster Herpes. Twitter's 140-character limit “got us typin mesagez like dis n I h8 typin like I drop outa skool in da 4th grade OMG LOL SMH.” I've already received a death threat on Facebook this year and Friendster went the way of the pterodactyl. Therefore, I've just launched my new website: .

Click here to check it out (it's a link, so I can track how many people actually give a sh*t) .

The site will be headquarters of my upcoming book, Root for the Villain, as well as all things J-Zone. Currently, the site features a photo synopsis of what the book is all about, iTunes links for J-Zone music (once upon a time, I made music), free downloads for all 16 installments of my defunct music/comedy/variety-themed radio show/podcast, Gators-n-Furs (including the original artwork), and a plethora of other useless information. Enjoy.

Speaking of the book, I'll be posting chapters from it soon. Just working through some last minute details. Stay tuned.

Also, I'm too technologically slow to create real newsletters with unsubscribe links. Then again, I also hate SPAM. Therefore, if you do not wish to receive these e-mails, let me know and I'll gladly remove your ungrateful ass from my mailing list. No offense will be taken, but “I never liked you anyway, you pretty motherf*cker.” - Nino Brown



MP3: Roach Gigz - "Drugs" Ft. DB The General

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Roach Gigz - "Drugs" Ft. DB The General

New Mixtape, Bitch I'm A Player, Scheduled For July 20 Release

The Song:

Bay Area wild child Roach Gigz is serving up his new single "Drugs." The track features fellow Bay rapper DB The General, and is the latest track to be released from Roach's forthcoming Bitch I'm A Player mixtape, now scheduled for a July 20th release.

It's no secret that Roach Gigz and DB enjoy the occasional high, but "Drugs" isn't exactly an anthem for substance abuse. With the opening lines, "I've popped pills that will make the lion in wizard of oz grow balls/ I probably got holes in my brain the size of cheerios and lose change," Roach delivers something more than just rhymes. "I was trying to describe that feeling of courage you get when you pop an ecstasy pill, while at the same time warning of the damage that popping pills can have on the brain," says Roach. "I don't want to promote drugs, I just wanted to explain my experience with them."

C-Loz, who produced all the songs on Bitch I'm A Player, provides a beat as heavy as the subject matter – and maybe even more addictive. The beat also serves as a perfect compliment to DB's nasally, frenetic vocals, as he raps, "I can't believe I'm still alive... So many drugs up in my system, yeah, I'm hella high." Along with a super old-school sample of a man repeating the phrase "drugs, smoking, popping drugs," the track alone will make the listener feel like they got slipped a tab of PCP. "The song kind of feels like you're on drugs, and I just wanted to make a song that people can party to, on drugs or off them," says Roach. "Now dance, bitch!"

Fans can also look forward to Roach's video for recent single, "F A Chorus," which was shot and directed by Kreayshawn and will be released soon.

Download "Drugs" ft. DB The General here: .

PR: Slaine Announces Tour Dates With ILL BILL & Vinnie Paz

From James @ Kerosene:

Slaine Announces Tour Dates With ILL BILL & Vinnie Paz

Boston rapper Slaine, of the rap super group, La Coka Nostra, has announced his upcoming tour dates with Heavy Metal Kings in July. Slaine will be touring in support of his upcoming debut solo album, "A World With No Skies 2.0", which is scheduled for release on August 16th, 2011 through Suburban Noize Records.
"ILL BILL and Vinnie Paz are like brothers to me, so when they asked me to jump on this tour it was a no brainer," commented Slaine. “This will be a preliminary run for me to go out and promote my new album 'A World With No Skies 2.0'. I'll be doing a lot of touring the rest of the year, but I'm looking forward getting back out on road as soon as possible so I can get back on stage. Unfortunately for me, I had to drop off the tour I was supposed to do in March and April in order to shoot my next movie, but the rest of this year is all about making music and touring. I can't wait to get a chance to connect with my fans on tour, and make a few new ones along the way.”
To execute his dark musical vision on “A World With No Skies 2.0”, Slaine enlisted the help of his La Coka Nostra brothers Everlast and ILL BILL, as well as Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks to create a dark hip-hop album that hits squarely in the jaw. Slaine’s video for the track “99 Bottles” can be viewed online at /> 
The Heavy Metal Kings are comprised of hip-hop heavyweights ILL Bill (La Coka Nostra) and Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), and are touring in support of their self-titled debut album which was released earlier this year.
Jul 14 - Kill Devil Hills, NC - Outer Banks Brewing Station
Jul 15 - Virginia Beach, VA - Shakas
Jul 16 - Philadelphia, PA - The Blockley
Jul 17 - Washington, DC - DC9
Jul 19 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
Jul 20 - Montreal QC - Foufounes Electriques
Jul 21 - Pawtucket, RI - The Met
Jul 22 - Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
Aug 04 - Ottawa, ONT, Canada @ Ritual Nightclub
Aug 06 - Toronto, ONT, Canada @ Opera House w/ Army of Pharaohs

Das Racist's Kool A.D., Pictureplane, Sole, Ceschi on "Coke Rap"

From Geo @ Terrorbird:

Das Racist's Kool A.D., Pictureplane, Sole, Ceschi on "Coke Rap"

Nuclear Winter Vol 2 Mixtape Now Available For Free Download Via Sole's Website

Lil B, Pictureplane, Xiu Xiu, Sage Francis and More on Forthcoming Sole & the Skyrider Band Hello Cruel World LP Out 7/19

DOWNLOAD: "Coke Rap (w/ Kool A.D., Pictureplane, Ceschi)" (mp3 via IMPOSE) .
DOWNLOAD: "Pianos Falling (w/ Tobacco)" (mp3 via Self-Titled) .
DOWNLOAD: "Hello Cruel World (Alias Remix w/ WHY?'s Yoni Wolf) (mp3 via RCRD LBL) .

In preparation of the rapidly arriving new Sole and the Skyrider Band full length Hello Cruel World (out July 19th on Fake Four Inc), Sole aka Tim Holland unveiled the free release of his newest mixtape Nuclear Winter Vol 2. It's available for free via the Sole website in exchange for an email address, and features guests Kool A.D. of Das Racist, Mac Lethal, Pictureplane, B. Dolan, LuckyIAM, and many more. IMPOSE Magazine broke the news, and premiered the searing "Coke Rap" track as an exclusive download as well, the mega-collaboration between Sole, Kool A.D., Pictureplane, and Fake Four labelhead Ceschi Ramos. In fact, collaborations have bene the name of the game for Sole of late. Guests on Hello Cruel World include Lil B THE BASED GOD, Pictureplane, Xiu Xiu, and Sage Francis, amongst others, while the first single "Hello Cruel World" was given the remix treatment from former Anticon label mates Alias and Yoni Wolf from WHY? . A track called "Pianos Falling" also surfaced, which was his collaboration with Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tobacco.

More info on Sole & the Skyrider Band 'Hello Cruel World':
While much was made of Sole aka Tim Holland leaving the Anticon empire he helped create, there's a refreshing, new found confidence and focus not seen since his now-classic albums Selling Live Water and Bottle of Humans. Some proof of that can be found in the fact that he's assembled an army of the most exciting voices in music right now to be apart of the new record. The new album drops July 19th on cd, vinyl, and digital via Fake Four Inc., with the European release being handled by Equinox Records. With Hello Cruel World, Sole returns with the Skyrider Band for his first full length since the split with Anticon, and his third album with the Skyrider Band. Listeners will notice that Sole has adopted the most deliberate flow of his career-- abandoning the freewheeling, hyper-timed assaults of his earlier work in favor of a biting clarity and all around accessibility. The record draws on the wealth of his newly found freedom, tapping into the positivity and ethics of a DIY tradition he has always known and embraced throughout his career - transforming his past cynicism into a call to arms and personal empowerment. The Skyrider Band itself has been similarly transformed; trading in their dense soundscapes and organic touchstones for an impeccable attention to detail and more studio-centric productions.

Sole and the Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World
Out July 19th on CD, LP, Digital via Fake Four Inc.
Napoleon (feat. Xiu Xiu)
Hello Cruel World
Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane)
We Will Not Be Moved (feat. Ceschi & Noah23)
Home Ain't Shit (written by Pedestrian)
Formal Designation 134340
Progress Trap (feat. Sage Francis)
Vaya Con Diablo (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker, Mestizo & Ceschi)

Free EP: Drums & Ammo - Vol. 1: Extra Clip

From Audible Treats:

Free EP: Drums & Ammo - Vol. 1: Extra Clip

Following Instrumental LP, D&A Drops EP Featuring NorCal's Best Up-And-Coming Rappers

The EP:

In April, West Coast production collective Drums & Ammo released a free instrumental album, Vol. 1. The album saw D&A stepping from behind the scenes, putting names and faces behind all of the production work they've done, a collection of tracks old and new that have earned them the ear of artists including Raphael Saadiq to Keak Da Sneak, Del The Funky Homosapien to DaVinci, Moe Green, Messy Marv, Bambu, DaVinci, and more.

And now, the foursome comprised of 6Fingers, Al Jieh, Ammbush, and REL are releasing Vol. 1: Extra Clip, their new EP and a follow-up to their recent instrumental album. While the album found the producers stepping into the foreground, this new EP places them back in a collaborative mode, working again with a variety of up-and-coming talent from around the California, and particularly Northern California, something important to the producers. "There's a lot of talent up here in the Bay Area and throughout the NorCal area that goes overlooked," explains Al Jieh. "With this EP, and a lot of the work we do in general, we wanted to help shine the light on some of that talent."

For those already familiar with Drums & Ammo's extensive production credits, Vol. 1: Extra Clip offers a dose of familiarity with tracks like DaVinci's "Blame Game" and Bambu's "We Mobb In That...," and others, while also offering up never-before-heard songs, like "Now," produced by 6Fingers and featuring Vallejo rapper TopKat, or "Addicted," a soulful track produced by Al Jieh that features DaVinci and soul crooner Rae Rosero. "For listeners that are still getting familiar with our sound, Extra Clip is a good example of the diversity we bring to the table," says REL, who will be releasing his own instrumental album this summer. "It's West Coast music, but the sound is global."

Download Drums & Ammo's new EP, Vol. 1: Extra Clip, for free here: .

Alternative link: .

In case you missed it, download Drums & Ammo's album, Vol.1, for free here: and .

MP3: Da Brat f/ Twista - "Dumb Stupid"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Da Brat f/ Twista - "Dumb Stupid"

* *

Video: Fdot1 - "Gal Ah Bawl" - NSFW?

From Park Street PR:

Video: Fdot1 - "Gal Ah Bawl" - NSFW?

In true non-conformist Fdot1 style the video is not the cliché booty shaking girls in thongs that's been done to death, instead, he stars in a V-rated (1/2 X-rated) In-Flo-mercial selling a "toy" to make di gal dem bawl out Flooooo. This saucy video from director Nick Light is guaranteed to have you laughing by the water machine tomorrow!

Hypnotiq f/ AG, Lil Scrappy, Wildstyle - "Do the Drunk Walk Remix"

From M3W:

MP3: Hypnotiq f/ AG, Lil Scrappy, Wildstyle - "Do the Drunk Walk Remix"

* *

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Mary J. Blige - "Feel Inside"

From M3W:

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Mary J. Blige - "Feel Inside"

* *

Video: DJ Vadim f/ The Electric - "Toot Toot"

From Mulatto Patriot:

Video: DJ Vadim f/ The Electric - "Toot Toot"

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