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Street Album: JW (CTE) - "It's My Time" @THEGREATBOMBINO

From JW CTE:

Street Album: JW (CTE) - "It's My Time"

CTE artist JW has released his second street album of 2012 titled "It's My Time".  The album is hosted by DJ 5150 and is packed with big music and big production.  Engineering and mixing credits include The Hitmen (@THEGREATBOMBINO).  This one will definitely be a classic!!  Check out the track list below: 

01. JW - Intro (1:00)   
02. JW - Like Me [Prod. By Beat Zombies] (3:12)  
03. JW - I'ma Get Mines (3:41)   
04. JW - Da Jungle (Feat. Ray Vicks & Calliope Var) [Prod. By Lil Lody] (4:18)   
05. JW - UP (2:49)   
06. JW - What You Gone Do (Feat. Trae) (5:17)   
07. JW - Emotional (Feat. Scrilla) [Prod. By Jaywan] (5:19)   
08. JW - Tilapia [Prod. By PhatBoyBeats] (4:27)   
09. JW - Thug Life [Prod. By Aktual] (4:10)   
10. JW - Feel Ur Pain (2:35)   
11. JW - Dice Roll (3:39)   
12. JW - Do It Do It [Prod. By Rico Love] (3:35)   
13. JW - Showing Off Tonight [Prod. By G4] (2:45)   
14. JW - I'm The Shit [Prod. By Vontastic] (4:26)   
15. JW - We Ready [Prod. By Beat Zombies] (4:03)   
16. JW - Hold Me Down (Feat. Mike Bless) [Prod. By G4] (5:00)   
17. JW - Keep It Real [Prod. By Aktual] (3:29)   
18. JW - U And Me [Prod. By Jmils] (4:20)   
19. JW - Problem [Prod. By PhatBoyBeats] (5:23)


MP3: Yung Dred f/ Gucci Mane - "Throwin' Racks"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Yung Dred f/ Gucci Mane - "Throwin' Racks"

Yung Dred
Gucci Mane
Richie Wess
"Throwin' Racks"
ft. Gucci Mane & Richie Wess
[Prod. By AlphaRedda]


Free Download: Innuendo - "Off the Cuff EP"

From Park Street PR:

Free Download: Innuendo - "Off the Cuff EP"

Innuendo, the twenty-five year old Liverpool rapper has just released his brand new seven track EP entitled 'Off The Cuff EP'. The talented 25 year old first released his debut album 'Deep Breaths' in August 2008 and more recently dropped his first EP 'Soz Abar Me' in November of last year. His music has been well received from DJ's, press & media as well him supporting some of Hip-Hop's biggest names such as the legendary The Sugar Hill Gang, as well as US acts such as Jungle Brothers, Ugly Duckling and Brother Ali and a string of well known UK names such as Klashnekoff. Durty Goodz and many more. In January 2012 Innuendo became a member of #TeamHighrise aka Highrise Entertainment which is a national network of over fifty creative & talented urban artists ranging from The Midlands, London, Manchester and now Liverpool. 

Innuendo is a well known name on the UK battle scene and since he first started battling in 2010 has achieved numerous accolades. Innuendo was the first ever emcee to go 5-0 in Don't Flop, the UK's biggest battle league, before getting banned from Don't Flop due to a fall out with the owners, which has caused much controversy. In February 2012 Innuendo became a two times  Jump Off TV Rap Battle Champion as well as featuring in several other leagues such as Jump Off, LAB, Cold City, SCSC, BarMageddon, Spitroast and DFI. Innuendo also hosted a Hip-Hop night in Liverpool called 'The Art Of Freestyle' to build a network of local urban artists which you can view at />
Innuendo's battling skills have also led to him being featured on a BBC 3 television show and in May 2012 he will be battling in Liverpool for a TV pilot show about battle rap. With a Dubstep EP with producer DJ LiTek and numerous collaborations with other artists and producers such as Johnny North, Ro Jista and Urban Nomadic the future looks bright for Innuendo. Innuendo is name to look out for and a man making some serious moves.

Innuendo - Off The Cuff EP

1. Made It Now Feat. Nicky Talent & Clarity
2. And Then She Was Gone
3. You Can Call Me Feat. Ro Jista
4. Reason To Live Feat. Clarity
5. I'm On Top
6. Where Is My Mind? Feat. Baileyz
7. The Cost Of Living Feat. Ro Jista & MR2G

Download link: .

Video: NoEmotion - "Urethra Franklin" (prod. AOI)

From Daniel:

Video: NoEmotion - "Urethra Franklin" (prod. AOI)

Official Video for "Urethra Franklin" by NoEmotion Gold Mask

A Film by Rafal "iamKING" Hanusowski

MP3: OT Records Presents @BOBBYDIMESOT - "Out Delaware"

From Papa Smirf:

MP3: OT Records Presents Bobby Dime$ - "Out Delaware"


( CLEAN ) .
( DIRTY ) .

MP3/Video: Cool Nutz - "Superman" Ft. Mikey Vegaz

From Audible Treats:

MP3/Video: Cool Nutz - "Superman" Ft. Mikey Vegaz

With nearly 20 years in music, Cool Nutz is no stranger to the spotlight. The Portland, Oregon, rapper has released nine solo albums, and has collaborated with a list of artists that includes Mac Dre, Tech N9ne, E-40, Kurupt and countless others. Most importantly, though, Cool Nutz has been an unrelenting advocate for the Pacific Northwest's too-often-overlooked hip-hop scene. In that continuing quest, last year Cool Nutz released his latest album, The Cook Up, via Jus Family Records, and next week, on May 1st, the album will be made available to fans for free download.

Before then, Cool Nutz is releasing the album's latest single, "Superman," featuring Mikey Vegaz, in addition to a video for the single. Lawz Spoken handles production on the track, and it was the heavy-hitting, hypnotic instrumental that inspired Cool's direction on the track. "As soon as I heard the track, it brought the lyrics out of me," recalls Cool Nutz. "It has the feeling you get when you're controlling a crowd; you feel invincible, like a superhero."

The video for the single, shot and directed by Beejan Iranshad, is clean and simple, placing the two rappers together for a series of cut-and-edited performance shots. "We wanted to put the focus on the lyrics and the song," explains Cool Nutz, "so we shot the video in a black room - it really puts the emphasis on the artists."

Download "Superman" Ft. Mikey Vegaz here: .

Mixtape: Chuuwee - "Crown Me King"

From Matt B:

Mixtape: Chuuwee - "Crown Me King"

The day has finally arrived, Chuuwee’s “Crown Me King” mixtape is available for DL here: .

Also, Chuuwee presents a Caligraphi media mini movie short “Scribe”, a spoken word piece taken from the “Crown Me King” album.

Video Link: .

Chuuwee's debut LP “Wild Style” will be released on 5-29-2012!

MP3: Kid Static - "T-Shirts & Sneakers"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Kid Static - "T-Shirts & Sneakers"

On June 1st, Los Angeles-via-Chicago rapper Kid Static will release his latest album, It Gleams, via Cobra Music. Earlier this month, accompanying the album's announcement, Static released the album's lead single, and accompanying video, for the song "Moonlight," and today, Static is excited to release the album's second official single, "T-Shirts & Sneakers."

The song is a product, through-and-through, of Kid Static's efforts. Static produced the track himself, and, as a testament to his abilities not only as a lyricist but also as a vocalist, delivered the song's powerful, repeating hook in one take.

As for his inspiration in laying the track, look no further then Static's seemingly overrun closet. "This song is for all the t-shirts and sneakers I own," remarks Static. "Seriously, half my wardrobe is t-shirts, and the other half is sneakers. I have shoes from 2007 that I haven't even worn yet, and that's insane to me." But while the track is meant to be a fun take on looking fresh, there's also a more serious undertone. "Don't worry about stupid shit like shoes and t-shirts," remarks Kid Static, with a laugh. "The funny thing is, now I wear all black Chucks and don't even worry about it."

Watch the video for "T-Shirts & Sneakers" here: .

In case you missed it, check out the video for Static's first single, "Moonlight" here: .

MP3: Brianna Perry - "Murder Pictures" & "Theraflu" Freestyles

From Poe Boy Ryan:

MP3: Brianna Perry - "Murder Pictures" & "Theraflu" Freestyles


* *

* *


Mixtape: DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia) - "For I Have Sinned"

Mixtape: DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia) - "For I Have Sinned"

Courtesy Future Star Music.

Here is the brand new mixtape from DJ Paul of the legendary Three 6 Mafia.  This tape dropped just a few days ago on 4/19 and is hosted by DJ Scream and DJ Black.  With over 100,000 views already on LiveMixtapes it's obvious this tape is a fan favorite already.  The fans have said this is the realest tape they've heard in a while.  Download it now and spread it everywhere you can.  We encourage you to bootleg this everywhere!  Thanks for the support as always.

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