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MP3: @Scheme773 f/ Oscar Castillo - "Stay (Remake)"

MP3: Scheme f/ Oscar Castillo - "Stay (Remake)"

Courtesy PR @ SMC.

Another week, another joint by Scheme. This time he goes over Nas’ Stay with the help of Oscar Castillo on guitar. Scheme and DJ Scend are preparing to drop their upcoming project in Fall 2012.

Make sure you check out the remake and share it with your friends.

Also, don’t forget Scheme’s latest single La Clika is Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Written by Scheme | Guitar by Oscar Castillo | Mixed by DJ Scend
Scheme - Stay (Remake) featuring Oscar Castillo
Soundcloud (Stream/Embed) - . (Download) - .

La Clika Now Available On iTunes > .

Video: @TrelMack at SKE Studios (@QTheQuestion)

Video: Trel Mack at SKE Studios

Courtesy Q.

Up and coming Philadelphia artist Trel Mack has been on fire lately with all the exposure he has received in some of the biggest online blogs/magazines and much more!

MP3: @ShabaamSahdeeq "Seasons Change"

MP3: Shabaam Sahdeeq "Seasons Change"

Shabaam Sahdeeq "Seasons Change" (Prod. By: Lewis parker)

Shabaam Sahdeeq "Seasons Change"
Produced By: Lewis parker
* *
Off "Degrees Of Separation" Mixtape, Mixed and Hosted By: Dj Ready Cee & Dj Mixx

Video: @BigAttikus "Stay Up" featuring Fatty Down

Video: Attikus "Stay Up" featuring Fatty Down

From Rodney @ WW.

Brand new video "Stay Up" by Wandering Worx artist Attikus off his debut album "Boo Radley" available as a free download on Bandcamp. We hope you like it.

Executive Producer: Chris Goldade
Director: Kevin Moore
Editor & Director of Photography: Manvinder Dhak

Free Download:

Video: @Madchild57 - "Jitters" f/ Matt Brevner, Dutch Robinson

Video: Madchild - "Jitters" f/ Matt Brevner, Dutch Robinson

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

Madchild has the # 1 video OVERALL in Canada on iTunes and the # 6 Hip Hop album in the US!

MP3: @DJPaulKOM - "What I Look Like (W.I.L.L.)"

MP3: DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia) - "What I Look Like (W.I.L.L.)"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

@ChinoXL Drops First Album in 6 Years 9/25 (@RapPublicist)

PR: Chino XL Drops First Studio Album in 6 Years on September 25th

Courtesy Nancy B.

Los Angeles, CA ~ Not many can boast the 20-year career milestones that Los Angeles-based emcee Chino XL can lay claim to. With four critically acclaimed albums, several memorable acting performances both on television and in movies, songs with everyone from Snoop Dogg and Travis Barker to Common and Tech N9ne and his profound lyricism being recognized by The Yale Anthology of Rap, Chino’s place in entertainment history cannot be contested. After a release hiatus of over six years, during which he was forced to focus on family and chose to take things back to basics; the lyrics, Chino is set to deliver “RICANstruction: The Black Rosary”, a masterful mix of deeply personal songs, astounding lyrical exercises and remarkable narratives, on September 25th via Viper Records. Features on this project are scant for a double album but include Travis Barker, Bun B, Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique and B Real.
Those lucky enough to be artistes have a unique forum for exorcising their demons: demons many of us can also relate to and for Chino, “RICANstruction: The Black Rosary” is most certainly an exorcism. On the 35-track set he tackles difficult subjects such as the abuse he suffered as a child, his resulting fractured personal relationships, his own daughter’s battle with cancer and a past suicide attempt, amongst other things. While crafting these emotionally draining songs, Chino realized that he was helping himself and others by recording them. “It’s a complete unbottling of a lot of stuff, things that I probably had suppressed,” he explains. “The human psyche has the ability and the power to do that in order to keep it functioning. I felt that it was time to let most of it out so I could move on and get past some of those issues. Whilst on tour last year, I realized how many people I connected to when I expressed a lot of those more painful, emotional songs. It seemed like a lot of folks really needed to hear them. I can learn from that to help them relate so they can also get past what they had going on. I realized that’s part of my journey.”
Signed to Rick Rubin in his teens, Chino XL introduced a new style of lyricism that featured rhymes that created a new edginess in rap. It became his signature with the launch of his solo career. Chino XL’s debut album, “Here To Say You All”, became a landmark release thanks to the jaw-dropping lyrics featured on “No Complex” and “Freestyle Rhymes,” as well as his relationship meditation “Kreep,” whose video became a staple on MTV. His subsequent single “Wordsmith,” culled from his acclaimed “Poison Pen” album, is included in The Yale Anthology of Rap.
Since then, Chino has become a prolific and in-demand rapper who has released four studio albums, and toured with Immortal Technique, Ghostface and Dead Prez. On stage, Chino virtually transforms into another entity, delivering a show as impassioned and as captivating as his otherworldly lyrics, head-scratching breath control and remarkable delivery patterns. Chino XL’s dedication to his craft has resulted in a career defined by his status as one of the best rappers of all time, someone who always put lyrics first and pushes the genre forward. “I’m trying to push lyricism as far as you can,” he says. “I believe that it’s my contribution to the art form, to art in general and to music. I feel like if you’re not going to try to raise the bar, then what are you doing it for? I try to do it because I feel like that’s part of my blessing and to share my blessing, I have to propel the art form and push the boundaries of language.”
As he says on “RICANstruction: The Black Rosary” track, “Hell Song,” “Chino did for lyrics what the movie “Jaws” did for sharks.” Believe it.
A3C attendees can see Chino perform on Friday, October 12th.

Audio: @AWAR - "Dreamin'" (prod. @MPhazes)

Audio: AWAR - "Dreamin'" (prod. M-Phazes)

Courtesy Melanie J. Cornish.

The latest leak from NY's break through star AWAR has him lucid dreaming of winning Grammys while R&B star Antonio Mclendon croons the mantra, "Work All Day, Hustle All Night" with M-Phazes star power production. This single has all the chemistry of a radio hit.

* *

Video: @BrownBagAllStar - "406" (@_J57 @Koncept_ @SoulKhan)

Video: Brown Bag AllStars - "406 (Fat Beats Tribute)"

Courtesy BBAS.

The Brown Bag AllStars dropped the first video and the lead single off their upcoming "The Brown Label: Part 2" EP this week. Check out the video for "406" (Prod. By Audible Doctor) below.

Mixtape: @Skyzoo "Theo vs J.J. (Dreams vs Reality)"

Mixtape: Skyzoo "Theo vs J.J. (Dreams vs Reality)"

Courtesy Matt B.

'Theo vs J.J.' picks up where 'The Great Debater' left off and leads you into Skyzoo’s upcoming album, “A Dream Deferred," out 10/02 on The Faculty/Duck Down Music. Fans can stream the 12-track mixtape in its entirety on Soundcloud; download 4 tracks from the project and purchase the remaining 8 songs from the tape at iTunes for only $4.99: .

In Skyzoo’s Words:

"With this project, I wanted it to be a bridge between “The Great Debater” and “A Dream Deferred”. This mixtape literally picks up where “The Great Debater” left off and leads you directly into “A Dream Deferred." The tape is split into 2 parts, Theo Huxtable and JJ Evans. The first half of the tape has me rhyming as if I were Theo, with the world from his point of view. Being well off, having to live up to a family's expectations due to their success, etc. The second half is from JJ's view, with the sound being slightly more aggressive and the stories built with an "in need of something" attitude. The tape is the idea of the vast contrasts of a life that my people and I dreamed of and aspired to as kids (Theo) versus a life that was more of our reality (J.J). This one is for US. Enjoy”

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