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MP3: Oddisee feat. Olivier Daysoul - "Mattered Much"

MP3: Oddisee feat. Olivier Daysoul - "Mattered Much"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Oddisee's Rock Creek Park is officially available everywhere today on CD! To celebrate Oddisee is giving away the special edition vocal version of the track Mattered Much.
About the song:

Mattered Much was not initially  made for Rock Creek Park, but after putting together nine songs for the album, Oddisee went back into the hard drive, rediscovered this song up, and realized it was perfect for the album. Oddisee's really proud of the drum programming on this track, it took him "a long ass time to program all those rolls". The guitars played by Andy Faus give it such a grimy feel while Lucan Pipkin’s strings polish the track. Definitely a track produced by the ’96 Reasonable Doubt in Oddisee, meeting up with the 4Hero in him. This is the official vocal version of the track featuring Olivier Daysoul.  For the complete track by track breakdown from Oddisee, visit http://allindstrom.com/2011/09/track-by-track-breakdown-of-rock-creek-park-by-oddisee/ .
About the Album:

Rock Creek Park is Oddisee's newest instrumental album dedicated to Washington DC's famous park.  The album debuted at #15 in the USA on iTunes and has been garnering positive attention across the boards.  King's of Comedy star DL Hughley said "Oddisee's new joint is hot death."  While West Coast legend Murs tweeted "really dope music."
If the park were to have a soundtrack, what would it be? What does walking along the trails of the park sound like? What does driving on the narrow tree lined roads sound like? This album is Oddisee's interpretation of Rock Creek Park through break beats, samples & live instrumentation.

[Free Download] Oddisee  "Mattered Much (feat. Olivier Daysoul)" http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/mattered-much-feat-olivier-daysoul .

Video: YG Stunna f/ Stevie L, V-Nasty - "Gucci Gucci (Remix)"

Video: YG Stunna f/ Stevie L, V-Nasty - "Gucci Gucci (Remix)"

Courtesy Matt B.

YG Stunna with special guest V Nasty give you the official "Gucci Gucci (Remix)" Music Video featuring Stevie L. Filmed on location in Sacramento, CA and Oakland, CA.

Hailing from the Bay area, YG Stunna has had to overcome many obstacles in his life. While music has always been his true passion, YG's initial path to success looked as if it would be on the football field, as he was a highly-recruited player who had offers from a host of D-1 programs; including Oregon St, Nevada & San Diego St. Unfortunately, YG did not meet the academic standards required to gain entrance and saw his dreams of gridiron greatness and a free education seemingly slip from his grasp; the devastation eventually lead him to stop going to High-School altogether.

These events also lead him back to the streets in search of fast money and after being kicked out of his Mom's house, he lived with various friends and in some cases his own car. Upon scraping up enough money to get his own place, things seemed to be turning for YG, as he was back on his sports and education grind and training to recapture his football dreams. Yet, after tearing his ACL training, YG underwent a vigorous six-month rehab program and finally landed that sought-after scholarship.  However, YG then re-tore his ACL on the first day of spring practice and his football dreams came to an abrupt halt.

Back in the streets, YG began concentrating on his music and it brought him peace, as he was making lots of waves locally and even reconnected with his Mother and family and brought a son into the world.  Yet, tragedy struck again, as YG was shot by an automatic rifle and the bullet was lodged just a centimeter away from his spine.  Though he was lucky to survive he still has particles from the bullet in his lungs.

Undaunted, after a lengthy recovery process, YG dove head-first back into music with an unwavering devotion.  Now buzzing in the streets of the Bay, YG eschewed offers from a few high-profile labels and instead, invested in himself and at the age of 20 started his own imprint CME.

The fruits of YG's labor are evident on his "Cash & Tattoos" mixtape hosted by DJ Holiday.

MP3: Kunta Kente - "Them Got Him"

MP3: Kunta Kente - "Them Got Him"

Courtesy of M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/kuntakente/blast-page.html *

MP3: Kendrick Lamar - "My Mind Drifts"

MP3: Kendrick Lamar - "My Mind Drifts"

Courtesy Big Dev.

* http://hulkshare.com/q1sw6l7qbwqk *

MP3: Ozzy f/ Lucky Tall - "They Don't Want It"

MP3: Ozzy f/ Lucky Tall - "They Don't Want It"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

* http://tinyurl.com/OzzyTheyDontWantIt *

Madd Mary: More to Female Rap Than Nicki Minaj & Kreayshawn

Madd Mary: More to Female Rap Than Nicki Minaj & Kreayshawn

Courtesy S&H Public Relations.

Los Angeles, California, September 2011 – While the average music fan is led to think that female rappers don't exist beyond Kreayshawn and Nicki Minaj, Hip Hop artist Madd Mary counters such belief by releasing her first EP, "The Kitchen Press".  Instead of relying on manufactured controversy, image over substance, subpar production, and second-rate lyrics, Mary reassures Hip Hop fans that rap music is safe in her hands. Unafraid to challenge the mainstream perception that female rappers have little to offer beyond sex-appeal and simple dance music, Mary follows in the footsteps of Hip Hop icons like MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill who have created timeless music.

To back up her claims, she's come up with 6 reasons why you should be on the look out for her music.

    "I don't have a man writing my lyrics like so many female rappers often do.  I'm an adult and I can express myself by myself."

    "I can get my point across without being foul-mouthed.  I leave that to more immature rappers who haven't developed their vocabulary yet."

    "I won the "Best Female Rapper" award at the 2003 N.Y Int'l Music Festival off the strength of my mixtape.  Not too many artists win awards without an official album already released."

    "I give my listeners balance.  My music is thought-provoking and entertaining without sacrificing one for the other."

    "Me and my cousin, who is also a female, produced a third of the EP.  How many females do you know who rap and produce their own music? Not many."

    "This EP gives you just a little taste of what the full length album will sound like.  You haven't heard anything yet."

To conclude, Mary adds, "Most of these corny rappers are not on my level but I challenge them to a rap battle any day just to make a point. Sure, they're famous and successful but lack the most important element for any real rapper – skills! You can only hide behind your money and image for so long ladies!"

To prove that such boasting isn't just a ploy to profit off hype and sensationalism, Madd Mary's EP is available as a free download at WhoIsMaddMary.com. Look out for a full length album as well as the documentary, "Diary of a Female Rapper" in early 2012.  To get the latest info on Madd Mary's projects, visit her at www.facebook.com/whoismaddmary and follow her on Twitter at @whoismaddmary.  Also, check out the new Madd Mary interview at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlYK68xEgeQ .

Download the single "Where I'm From" free at: www.sendspace.com/file/aod7qs .

About Madd Mary

In 2001, Madd Mary crafted an 11-track demo that garnered the attention of urban powerhouse label Def Jam.  After negotiations fell apart, the disappointed but determined MC dropped a mixtape that would win her the "Best Female, Hip-Hop" award ('03 N.Y Int'l Music Festival), an Underground Music Award nomination and a nod from the editors of Billboard Magazine to showcase in the Discmaker's Independent Music World Series finals ('06). Mary's current EP, "The Kitchen Press", is most notable for its absence of the sexually explicit lyrics so prevalent among other rappers. Armed with raw talent and an indomitable will, Madd Mary is determined to lead a new generation of independent MC's-both male and female, into a brave new world.

MP3: Scheme & DJ Scend - "Two Turntables and a Mic" (DJ Muggs)

MP3: Scheme & DJ Scend - "Two Turntables and a Mic" (DJ Muggs)

Courtesy of Scheme773.

Scheme & DJ Scend return with the 3rd installment to their "Two Turntables and a Mic Series." For this series they chose DJ Muggs from the legendary Soul Assassins as their producer of choice. 

Going in over some classic production, Scheme and DJ Scend further their vision with this series, in what will eventually become the "Two Turntables and a Mic : Mixtape." 

Look for the accompanying video to be released within the next 2 weeks. For now, enjoy the audio version of the DJ Muggs Series. If you could please post it on your site, I would greatly appreciate it. Below are the links and attached is the artwork.

MP3: Cella Dwellas - "I Put It Down"

MP3: Cella Dwellas - "I Put It Down"

Courtesy of Who Got Next.

* http://tinyurl.com/CD-IPutItDown *

Audio: Moon Blazers - "Sit Back Relax"

Audio: Moon Blazers - "Sit Back Relax"

Courtesy Fly Def Music.

* http://soundcloud.com/flydefmusic/moon-blazers-sit-back-relax *

Here is a preview to the second single from the Moon Blazers titled "Sit Back Relax" produced by Katrah-Quey, taken from their upcoming album "Candid" that will be released next week on Fly Definition Music.

MP3: Amante Da Prez f/ BLZ - "Sunset"

MP3: Amante Da Prez f/ BLZ - "Sunset"

Courtesy JME.

* http://hulkshare.com/wmgnylwmmvjx *

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