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Stream/Download: Ryan Hemsworth's "Live For the Funk Mix"

From Matt @ Pigeon Row:

Stream/Download: Ryan Hemsworth's "Live For the Funk Mix"

Ryan Hemsworth is a young producer from Nova Scotia getting noticed for his unique take on Hip Hop and R&B. His album No Plans was featured on SPIN Magazine's Top 20 R&B albums of 2011 (#17). This year's Kitsch Genius was given steady coverage as well on SPIN, The Fader, Discobelle and a number of other online tastemakers. His work with hip-hop artists Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze and Deniro Farrar has been covered by the gamut of websites from Complex (Deniro Farrar - Destiny.Altered), Wired (Main Attrakionz - Chandelier), and his last project (Hyperbolic Chamber Music) was a 22-minute posse cut featuring 26 different rappers across America on his production, which was presented by the New York brand Mishka. This month he's released a number of new remixes, a few of which were premiered on RCRDLBL and Prefix Magazine. 

Stream/download Live For The Funk Mix here: .

M.O.P.'s Billy Danze & Dj Uneek Host "R.U.N. 2nd Wave" Mixtape

From Romeo Vincent:

M.O.P.'s Billy Danze & Dj Uneek Host "R.U.N. 2nd Wave" Mixtape For Indie Artists

After the exposur and success of the "R.U.N. 1st Wave" project, the mixtape series is already back with its second installment. Brainchild of M.O.P. co-founder Billy Danze, R.U.N. (Raps United Nation), has become the door opener for indie artists bent on building an international following fast! The mixtapes series is designed to introduce approved R.U.N. artists to a wider audience and build stock in theses artists to bring labels knocking.

Servicing DJ's in every country, each mixtape is also sent to A&Rs, CEOs and Presidents of major and indie record companies. To find out more or submit to R.U.N. follow this link: .


R.U.N. 2nd Wave Track List:

1) BIilly Danze- DJ Uneek Intro
2)The Product-Coke Wave
3)The Antagonist ft:City The Great-Bullets got no name
4)Chief Honcho-Like They Used To
5)Capital R-City Life
7)D-Dub-Love Of The Game
8)Rez Proph-Believe In Me
9)Assas-Shady Freestyle
10)Fonz Fresh-I Get It In
11)Vega-Dream To Be A Rapper
13)Sir Daj-Green Light
14)Poppa Joe-Not Now Not Ever
15)West Mill-Im Outta Here16)JB the hustler-Choppin
17)Dave Procyse ft: Saleena Johnson-Talk Of The Town
18)Custelo-Fast Lane 19)lucci Loner-Run Wit Me
20)Nahlidge-Gotta Be Love
21)Millie Mag ft: John Legend-There She goes
22)Authentic-Gossip 23)Gutta Millz-HardBody
24)Emillio Lopez-Never Looking Down
25)Strategik-Everyday Strruggle
26)Sam i Am-Donald Go In
27)Kidd Called Quest ft: Craig G, All Ciddy, J Hood, Pumkin Head, Chaun Don -N.Y Rep The Hardest
28)Deen-Murkin Everbody
29)Billy Danze-Outro

PR: Biggie Smalls Musical Off-Broadway Debut (@Ready2DieSHOW)

From Romeo Vincent:

PR: Biggie Smalls Musical Will Finally Have Off-Broadway Debut

Who would’ve ever thought hip hop would take it this far...’  Ready 2 Die... A Hip Hop Musical, is a biographical musical based on the classic album, Ready To Die, by the late Christopher “ Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls. Killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997, at the age of 24, the slain MC remains argueably one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Before there was a movie based on the life of B.I.G., numerous documentaries, and thousands of tributes, there was a stage play based on the legendary album that would come to change the history of hip hop forever. Written for stage in 1999 by Al “Paper” Green & approved by Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace, Ready 2 Die... uses the hip hop icons own music to paint the vivid picture of a kid who rises up out the '80s hustler's paradise of Brooklyn's Bed -Stuy, only to become a legend in his own time. The big guy with the big heart whose relentless dreams of success, not only for himself, but his beloved friends and family.

Ready 2 Die ... is an unapologetic trip through the violence, hunger, and money fever of the hip-hop world as well as the triumph, love, and adulation of hip hop’s ‘King Of New York’. As an ode to a king cut down way to soon, Biggie’s life story shares the same timeless elements of any greek tragedy. Looming 6 ft. 3”, 300 pounds, as a merciless lyricist with a bone-chilling stare, Biggie was a larger-than-life presence of theatrical power.

The prestigious and highly sought-after role of B.I.G. will be played by newcomer Telly Jackson. The Ready 2 Die.., A Hip Hop Musical, workshop premieres in New York City at New World Stages July 17th 2012 for all press. The event will also be open to the public. Tickets are on sale now at .

Ready 2 Die Theater Company
* *

Video: Filip's Revolutionary Etude in D Minor

From FMG:

Video: Filip's Revolutionary Etude in D Minor

For the past few months I've been dabbling with other genres of music as well as fashion to better express my current artistic mind set. For my first offering I present you with 'Filip's Revolutionary Etude In D Minor' - an instrumental piece produced by Chinese erhu player Jonathan Lee with my assistance on the piano. I have been taking piano lessons (in secret) for the last few months to evolve my musical prowess and basically get on my grown man shit. The visuals were put together by the talented Mr. Sejat of Woodside, Queens.

Video: Shawnna - "2 Chainz' Success Is Much Deserved"

Video: Shawnna - "2 Chainz' Success Is Much Deserved" - The former DTP rapper speaks on 2 Chainz's success in recent months and why she thinks timing had something do with his current fame. She also reveals that 2 Chainz will be featured on her upcoming mixtape, "She's Alive."

MP3: The Black Opera - "Black Superstar" (prod. yU)

From Mello Music Group:

MP3: The Black Opera - "Black Superstar" (prod. yU)

The Black Superstar has always been a paradox in American Culture. African-Americans, and many racialized ‘others’, have for a long time held this odd allure as naturally cool, while at the same time suffering the effects of a body that is instantly criminalized. This is a dangerous duality that can serve as simultaneous impetus and hindrance. This polarization drives an ill collaboration between yU and the mysterious outfit known as The Black Opera, hosted by Mello Music Group.

* *

MP3: Future f/ Diddy, Ludacris - "Same Damn Time" Remix

MP3: Future f/ Diddy, Ludacris - "Same Damn Time" Remix

Courtesy BF Blasts.

Download Clean, Dirty, SuperClean

Barmageddon (UK Battle) This Saturday May 19th, Wolverhampton

From Park Street PR:

Barmageddon (UK Battle Rap Event) This Saturday May 19th, Wolverhampton

After the great response to their first event in January 2012, Barmageddon returns with another massive line-up of some of the most established names from UK Battle Rap scene, as well as showcasing plenty of new faces. If you live in the Midlands area and have never witnessed a Battle event, then you have no idea on what you've been missing out on. Big, big shout to Don't Flop, Jump Off and all other battle events pushing the movement forward.

Barmageddon 2 - Saturday 19th May 2012
@Quadrant Bar & Lounge, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton
Times: 3pm Til 9pm
Entrance Fee: £3.00

Battlers 100% Confirmed.

Disciple & Evila V's Impact & Pamflit
Fame V's Sordid QC
Mightyy V's Baron Mynd
Tro-Flowz V's Undot
Coopz V's Ranger

Music Supplied by Tricksta (UK Runnings, Park Street PR, Rago Magazine)

Facebook Event page .

Contact Information
Tel: 07725 496 888
YouTube Channel: .

Video: Kero One f/ Esna - "Fast Life"

From Kero One:

Video: Kero One f/ Esna - "Fast Life"

Before closing the chapter on his last album Kinetic World, California based rapper/producer Kero One leaves behind final music video before moving on.

Free Download: Kosha Dillz - "The Jet Lag EP" (@koshadillz)

From RapperFriends:

Free Download: Kosha Dillz - "The Jet Lag EP" + New Video

What's up everybody? Dillzionaires and Dillzionettes... Its your favorite hustlin' rapping homie Kosha Dillz here with some great news for you, including a new project called "The Jet Lag EP" that you can download for free!

* *

Oh you know I gotta new video right? MOSES WASTELAND.

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