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Saturday February 28, 2015
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[Dark Sky Paradise] Dark skies ahead?

Big Sean Review

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MP3: Frank Ocean f/ Jae Millz - "Swim Good (Remix)"

From Big Dev:

MP3: Frank Ocean f/ Jae Millz - "Swim Good (Remix)"

Mega Ran: Splash Woman vs. Wildfires

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Mega Ran: Splash Woman vs. Wildfires

First, for everyone asking about my safety and whereabouts during these AZ wildfires, I'm fine. Don't forget how big the state of AZ is...We're good here in the city. Thanks for asking. BUT, a lot of people do need help. This fire is now the 2nd largest the state has ever seen.. so if you want to help, Donate to the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Red Cross. Thank you. .

Just got back from a great southern swing through New Orleans, Mobile and Florida, and now it's time to get back to business. This next episode of Life After Lesson Plans takes place during Phoenix Comicon, I had a blast there.

LIfe After Lesson Plans Episode 7: Phoenix Comicon - .

Also: Still feel like doing good deeds? Do me a favor and help my friend Hope fight cancer by contributing to Alex's Lemonade Stand! All proceeds will be used to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Here are the 3 ways you can donate:

1 - Come down to Martha Washington School in Philly, at 44th and Aspen Sts. to
lemonade, cookies, pretzels and other goodies.

2 - Donate any amount online at: .

3 - Text a $10 donation. Send "LEMONADE E73070" to 85944. Thanks!

Mot much else... except my new mixtape! check that out here! .

Take care,

"Random is dreaming of is a world in which "keeping it real" comes to mean rapping about real life, and not just bragging about how much time you've spent in prison, or how many people you've shot." — Patrick Taylor,

"It may be a little early to declare an Album of the Year for Hip-Hop, but (Black Materia) is certainly a vibrant and unique candidate already." — Michael Melchor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"some of the most original music to come out of the Valley in years, hip-hop or otherwise." — Mike R. Meyer, Phoenix New Times

MP3: Kontact & Black Knight - "Free" (prod. Benny Rome)

From Wordsmith:

MP3: Kontact & Black Knight - "Free" (prod. Benny Rome)

 (Produced by Benny Rome @bennyrome)

2nd Single from the upcoming FREE Mixtape
Eye of the Storm
Online/In the Streets July 25th, 2011

"FREE," produced by Benny Romeis the 2nd Single from NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. recording artists Kontact & Black Knight's Mixtape "Eye of the Storm." 
It will be released via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes & Revolt Radio on July 25th, 2011!
Video: Senor Kaos - "No More"

From The Kaos Effect:

Video: Senor Kaos - "No More"

MP3: Kyo Itachi - "Mugen Meditation"

From Digi Crates Records:

MP3: Kyo Itachi - "Mugen Meditation"

Kyo Itachi presents "Mugen Swords", a raw, RZA-ish, dirty, Wu-Tang vibe, instrumental project for fans lusting the golden sound. Mugen Swords is now available.

CD available June 21st @
MP3: Knowledge Medina f/ Reks, Soul Theory - "Forever"

From Soul Theory:

MP3: Knowledge Medina f/ Reks, Soul Theory - "Forever"

* *

Video: Krista - "Hypnotized"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Krista - "Hypnotized"

Raised in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, a neighborhood rigidly defined by cultural identity, where a stroll down the streets is a kaleidoscopic merge of colors, cultures, and flavors, Krista used her roots as inspiration to release debut album, Taking Back Brooklyn on J Records in September 2009 and opened for Kelly Clarkson's summer tour months before its release. She's back with a brand new video to kick off summer in style.

Krista's new single, "Hypnotized," is a catchy summertime party jam with a driving beat, the perfect soundtrack for a hot, carefree summer night out with friends. Shot at various locations in Brooklyn and NYC, the video chronicles an urban journey from Krista's basement house party into the streets of the city. As news of the impromptu party spreads through word-of-mouth, more friends of friends join the party, which quickly outgrows the basement and spills onto the streets and subways of NYC. Soon, they end up at the famous Canal Room where Krista performs "Hypnotized" for a packed and sweaty crowd, singing, "Take me where the music is loud so I can break free / That's the place where I wanna be."

Watch Krista's video for "Hypnotized" here: .

MP3: Young Jeezy f/ 211 - "All the Money"

From M3W:

MP3: Young Jeezy f/ 211 - "All the Money"

* *

Video: Irv Da Phenom & Mac Lethal "Moment 4 Life Freestyle"

From Chris @ E1 Music:

Video: Irv Da Phenom & Mac Lethal "Moment 4 Life Freestyle"

IRV DA PHENOM' ft MAC LETHAL "Moment 4 life" Freestyle from def metal gospel.

PR: ApRock Joining Forces w/ Viral Music Management

From Nigel Norrad/Viral Music:

PR: ApRock Joining Forces w/ Viral Music Management

We are proud to annouce the release of 'ApRock Joining Forces with Viral Music Management' underground Hip Hop compilation album. ApRock (A&R of The Hitfamers producer team, editor and creator of the 'Joining Forces' artists network) and Viral Music Management (who represent several underground hip-hop heavyweights) have teamed up to bring you this compilation compiled of various tracks from their rosters and affiliates.This compilation is being released by Real Recognize Real Records, and will be available for free download all over the internet. With features from artists such as Vinnie Paz, King Magnetic, Planetary, Virtuoso, Sadat X, White Shadow, Hitfarmers, Banish, Mesidge, Savage Brothers, Demoz, Doap Nixon, Chief Kamachi, Psych Ward, Little Vic, IDE, Alucard, Ill Bill, Brooklyn Academy, and many others, this compilation is bound to be an instant classic for any fan of underground hip-hop.

Download link: .

01. Lt. Mana & White Shadow – The Blitz
[produced by White Shadow]
02. Little Vic – Creme De La Creme
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
03. King Magnetic feat. General Steele, Esoteric, Ali Armz, Godilla, Jus Allah, & Vinnie Paz - Watch Out
[produced by Astronote]
04. IDE & Alucard - Drunken Masters
[produced by Tzar]
05. Low Cut feat. Shaz Illyork - Skeleton Key
[produced by Low Cut]
06. Banish feat. Aims - Scan Your Soul
[produced by Aims]
07. Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus – Step On Us
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
08. EQ & Writersblock – Back In The Days
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
09. Words & Rhymes feat. Chief Kamachi & Psych Ward – Gods On The Mic
[produced by JNyce]
10. Sick Six – Waiting
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
11. Doap Nixon – Pistol Gang
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
12. Mesidge feat. Block McCloud – Legend
[produced by PhaizRok]
13. Kwote1 feat. Sick Syllables – Known Killers
[produced by Grim Reaperz]
14. Banish feat. Demoz & Planetary – Better Than Ever
[produced by Vherbal]
15. VonMeista feat. Sadat X – Rhymes
[produced by SBG]
16. The Society Of Invisibles & Virtuoso – We Back On It
[produced by Eversor]
17. Kaos13 feat. Ill Bill & G-Fella – Pounding Metal
18. Shallow Pockets – The Code (Remix)
[produced by Weirdo]
19. Brooklyn Academy feat. Jean Grae – Blackout (Remix)
[produced by The Hitfarmers]
20. Juz Kiddin feat. Mesidge & MDK – Live Big

Viral Music Management specializes in developing the careers of underground hip-hop artists through management, promotions, and public relations. We currently represent several heavyweights including King Magnetic (Army Of The Pharaohs), Psych Ward, Banish, Mesidge, and Sammy Gallows.

Web: .
Facebook: .
Twitter: .
YouTube: .

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