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PR: Drapht - "Sing It (The Life of Riley)" f/ on MTV Iggy

From Jerry Graham:

PR: Drapht - "Sing It (The Life of Riley)" f/ on MTV Iggy

New York, NY- MTV Iggy is featuring the video for “Sing It (The Life Of Riley)” by Drapht. The melodic whistle and drum-break laden tune is the perfect soundboard for Australian emcee, Drapht to reminisce about his childhood until now in a life surrounded by hip hop. The video reflects this narration in a dream-like state with Drapht opening doors of his past, sometimes with metaphors including a cypher with masked animals. The song which is the title track of Drapht’s newest album “The Life Of Riley” drops in the U.S. on May 8th and is already certified gold in his homeland of Australia. It’s worth noting that last year only two Australian artists had Number 1 records in their homeland, by now you are all familiar with Gotye..Now it’s time you met with other guy!


Speaking on the track, Drapht (aka Paul Ridge) says “It was by far the hardest track to break the back of for the album. However I think that had more to do with the bullshit summer Perth was having and having no air conditioning in my home studio for its entirety. The content of the song is based around - growing up and being unknowingly influenced by other peoples’ choices. Realizing 15 years down the track that like it or not, if it wasn't for these people you would’nt be in the same position you are today.” 

A video for the break-away single “Rapunzel” (which reached double platinum sales status) was recently featured in the U.S. on Crave Online ( The two videos viewable now give an example of the range of Drapht’s music which incorporates elements of live instrumentation with samples that traverse through a record collection without boundaries and topped with the emcee’s uncanny sense of lyrical hooks. The album features production from long time musical collaborator Trials (also from Aussie hip hop outfit, Funkoars) as well as a veritable treasure trove of guest emcees (Nfa, Urthboy, Mantra) outside musicians, producers (M-Phazes) and singers (Abbe May, Simon Cox).

More info: .

Video: Yung Damon - "Da Strong Song"

From Rap Star Promo:

Video: Yung Damon - "Da Strong Song"

The First Visual From HellaFlow Artist Yung Damon

Yung Damon!//HellaFlow Records

Free Download: Arsun F!st - "Elevator Pitch"

Free Download: Arsun F!st - "Elevator Pitch"

"Elevator Pitch" is an instrumental album I produced using only my Sony PSP with Traxxpad UMD and SPC Music Sketchpad 2 on my Archos G9 101 tablet...Welcome to the Android Militia...Redefining Hip-Hop one gadget at a time.

I think I'm the 1st cat to produce a project like this so share it, comment, debate, or hate on it...either way I was the 1st to do it so i'm curious and all feedback is welcome !!!

* *


From Dunn Deal PR:


THROUGH THE MIC: LACMA X Hip Hop, the first museum hip hop concert series of its kind, will explore contemporary Los Angeles hip hop music from May through October 2012. Cocurated by LACMA and hip hop artist Murs, concerts will take place on the third Thursday of every month, and will feature emerging and experimental L.A.-based hip hop artists. On May 17 the series kicks off with a special performance by 3MG: Murs, Eligh, and Scarub, formerly known as 3 Melancholy Gypsys, a L.A. based group reuniting specifically for this LACMA performance. The series continues on June 21, with a performance by Dumbfoundead. Tickets are $15 general, $10 LACMA members, for more information and to reserve tickets visit

Video: Willy J Peso - "She Bout It"

From Allan Cozart:

Video: Willy J Peso - "She Bout It"

I hope you get a chance to check out the New Single From The RLES Memeber Willy J Peso tittled "She Bout It". The Song will be featured on The Detroit MC Upcoming Mixtape Destination Cloud 9 Due out This Summer.

MP3: Jadakiss f/ Fabolous, Lloyd Banks - "Respect It"

MP3: Jadakiss f/ Fabolous, Lloyd Banks - "Respect It"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

@PlanetPremRock - Czech Tour & New Single

PremRock - Czech Tour & New Single

I would like to start this email by thanking you for your continued support in the projects I've released in the past year. It truly does mean the world to me. Working without a manager or publicist I cannot state enough the importance of what your support has done for my career... So for real, for real: Thank you.

Ok on to the business... I am currently in the Czech Republic working on a joint EP with Czech producer Talpas to be released through the European label: Everydays Label based in the Czech Republic. Release date TBD.

I would love to share with the promotional single available for stream right here: "Love of the Drum"

Sure this collaboration could have been done on the internet by trading files... but if you know me, then you know why I did this and continue to do outlandish things for my art. Whether or not this makes the album cut remains to be seen.

Also here are the dates for the min-tour we will be embarking on.
4/27 Domažlice, CZ Rep. / Rodriguez Bar
4/28 Chomutov, CZ Rep. / Hany Bany Bar
5/02 Prague, CZ Rep. / Cross Club
5/04 Karlovy Vary, CZ Rep. / Masařka Bar / + Dj Thovt
5/05 Hradec Králové, CZ Rep./ Station bar

Thank you once again for all the support!

All the Best,

Video: Incisive f/ Frank Blucas - "It's Alright"

From 730 Promo:

Video: Incisive f/ Frank Blucas - "It's Alright"

He's Back. West London rapper INCISIVE is ready to give you a taste of what he's been working on, fresh off the back of his set up single, This Groove ft Shakka. My-ish present "It's Alright" a story of relationship whirlwind ups and downs that we can all relate too - the video features cameo's from Eddie Kadi, Chenade Laroy and a special guest ;-)

Street Album: JW (CTE) - "It's My Time" @THEGREATBOMBINO

From JW CTE:

Street Album: JW (CTE) - "It's My Time"

CTE artist JW has released his second street album of 2012 titled "It's My Time".  The album is hosted by DJ 5150 and is packed with big music and big production.  Engineering and mixing credits include The Hitmen (@THEGREATBOMBINO).  This one will definitely be a classic!!  Check out the track list below: 

01. JW - Intro (1:00)   
02. JW - Like Me [Prod. By Beat Zombies] (3:12)  
03. JW - I'ma Get Mines (3:41)   
04. JW - Da Jungle (Feat. Ray Vicks & Calliope Var) [Prod. By Lil Lody] (4:18)   
05. JW - UP (2:49)   
06. JW - What You Gone Do (Feat. Trae) (5:17)   
07. JW - Emotional (Feat. Scrilla) [Prod. By Jaywan] (5:19)   
08. JW - Tilapia [Prod. By PhatBoyBeats] (4:27)   
09. JW - Thug Life [Prod. By Aktual] (4:10)   
10. JW - Feel Ur Pain (2:35)   
11. JW - Dice Roll (3:39)   
12. JW - Do It Do It [Prod. By Rico Love] (3:35)   
13. JW - Showing Off Tonight [Prod. By G4] (2:45)   
14. JW - I'm The Shit [Prod. By Vontastic] (4:26)   
15. JW - We Ready [Prod. By Beat Zombies] (4:03)   
16. JW - Hold Me Down (Feat. Mike Bless) [Prod. By G4] (5:00)   
17. JW - Keep It Real [Prod. By Aktual] (3:29)   
18. JW - U And Me [Prod. By Jmils] (4:20)   
19. JW - Problem [Prod. By PhatBoyBeats] (5:23)


MP3: Yung Dred f/ Gucci Mane - "Throwin' Racks"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Yung Dred f/ Gucci Mane - "Throwin' Racks"

Yung Dred
Gucci Mane
Richie Wess
"Throwin' Racks"
ft. Gucci Mane & Richie Wess
[Prod. By AlphaRedda]


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