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Video: Behind the Scenes of "Reform School" Video Shoot (@dtr45)

From Tony @ DTR45:

Video: Behind the Scenes of "Reform School" Video Shoot

Harlem based punk/hip-hop outfit, Danny Switchblade, is set to debut this Summer. The leadoff single, Reform School, drops June 5. In the meantime, here's a behind the scenes look at the Reform School Video Shoot. Check it out, and stay tuned, you definitely won't want to be late for class.

MP3: Young Buck - "Mornin' Show"

From AllOut:

MP3: Young Buck - "Mornin' Show"




Video: @Scolla313 x ItsHeyNow Interview (@TheRLES_Society)

From Rahn James:

Video: Scolla x ItsHeyNow Interview

Tru Fam of ItsHeyNow.com recently got the chance to sit down with Detroit Musician, Scolla (Of The RLES Society) to discuss an array of topics ranging from his album "Seconds Away", things in his past that he can't go back to, being a "naked man" and more..

Mixtape: SL Jones x DJ Burn One - Paraphernalia

From Audible Treats:

Mixtape: SL Jones x DJ Burn One - Paraphernalia

Earlier this year, SL Jones and DJ Burn One made plans to release a six-song EP. A few months, and countless late-night sessions at DJ Burn One's Five Points studio, later, the Little Rock rapper and Atlanta producer emerged with a 12-track, full-length effort that both agree is their strongest, most cohesive work-to-date. "Before we started recording," recalls SL, "we sat down and talked about the direction of the music - we really established a vibe. We didn't want Paraphernalia to sound like a bunch of thrown together songs; we wanted to give listeners an experience."

And so, in many ways, Paraphernalia is about bucking industry trends, about two artists getting together to make a raw, unapologetic collection of music that reflects the music that they enjoy. Part of that process, they say, was working to make sure that, from start to finish, Paraphernalia was a collaborative effort. "This is the first time I've really been produced as an artist," says SL, noting that he's largely pulled from a variety of producers with previous mixtapes. "Instead of email and beat CD's, we got in there - Burn, me, and his band, iNDEED - and created everything from scratch."

And while that collaborative process has paid dividends, Jones also cites a level of personal and artistic progression that has allowed this new tape to really become something special. "For me, lyrically, I've always been able to maneuver on different styles of production, but my presence on the track is really improving," says SL. "Rather than just trying to kill every beat, I'm matching my presence to the feel of the record - it's allowed me to get my point across, which is important now more than ever."

Download Paraphernalia here: http://music.sljonesmusic.com/album/paraphernalia .

In case you missed it, check out recent single "M.E.M.P.H.I.S." Ft. Freddie Gibbs: http://media.audibletreats.com/SL_Jones-MEMPHIS_Ft_Freddie_Gibbs.mp3 .

Video: Taje Presents Wasted Nation - "Snap" (@taje310)

From J Melo:

Video: Taje Presents Wasted Nation - "Snap"

West Coast artist Taje & producer Dae One are heading a new group called "Wasted Nation." The members (rappers) are Taje, Batez & Mac Doe. The first single off the EP is called "Snap" which consists of three twisted tales from three different individuals going through hard times in there life, while being fed up with their situations which results in losing their grasp on reality.

Video/MP3: Arrested Development - "Living" (@ADtheBAND)

From Who Got Next/Wonder Twinz:

Video/MP3: Arrested Development - "Living"

Directed by:The Feel, The Ingredient & Speech. The motivational anthem for hip-hop, spiritual people & activists! Track produced by: Randy Walker.

Mixed & Mastered by: JJ Boogie. Styling by: Aakofii


Video: @PassportPBBG - "Hammer Dance Freestyle"

From Major Music:

Video: Passport P - "Hammer Dance Freestyle"

@PassportPBBG has been building a name for himself in New England due to the recent releases of his group BBG. Recruiting fellow emcees @YoungSalemme, @PranoBBM, PhatPeazy, and @HazeCarrera to attack the popular AraabMuzik produced "Hammer Dance" instrumental. The lyrical result was so impressed that they shot a video for the "Hammer Dance Freestyle" and had it directed by KasaFilmz.

Video: Jimmy ValenTime - "Take it in Blood (Nas Salute)"

From Wanja Lange:

Video: Jimmy ValenTime - "Take it in Blood (Nas Salute)"

“Take it in Blood” is a reinterpretation of the classic Nas song “Take it in Blood” from the landmark album, It Was Written.   The remake was produced by Jay Quest, Jimmy Valentime Says “Take it in Blood is the most autobiographical record on my album. I wanted to give people little snapshots of the despair and violence I witnessed throughout my life, yet the song is still abstract enough that you can apply your own story to it.”  The video was shot in Jimmy Valentime old neighborhood  of Parkchester; located in The South Bronx. 

MP3: Picnictyme f/ A.Dd+ - "Horizons" (@addplus)

From divehiflylo:

MP3: Picnictyme f/ A.Dd+ - "Horizons"

As a precursor to his first solo LP, Sea Monsters, A.Dd+'s producer PICNICTYME is releasing a collection of songs entitled Sirens. In Greek mythology, Sirens were the femme fatales of the sea who lured sailors with their enchanting voices only to lead them to destruction.

“Horizons,” which features A.Dd+, is the second song from the Sirens collection. Sea Monsters is scheduled for release late Summer 2012.

* http://picnictyme.bandcamp.com/track/horizons-ft-a-dd *

Audio: Young Zee and Mr. Green - "Ooh I'm Telling"

From Mr. Green:

Audio: Young Zee and Mr. Green - "Ooh I'm Telling"

Young Zee and Mr. Green
"Ooh I'm Telling"
One Crazy Weekend
Green Music Group LLC/Fat Beats Distribution


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