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MP3: A.Dd+ - "Freakquency"

MP3: A.Dd+ - "Freakquency"

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

Slim And Paris Get Suggestive With New Non-Album Single

The Song:

Rolling along with the momentum they've been building since the release of When Pigs Fly back in March, Dallas duo A.Dd+ is back with a smooth banger, this one being another non-album freebie to show appreciation for all their fans' continued support. With "Freakquency," Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy again call on producer and A.Dd+'s unofficial third member, Picnic Tyme, for a song that, as the title implies, is a call out to women of all wavelengths.

"We hadn't made a song dedicated to women since our Power Of The Tongue mixtape," explains Paris on the motivation behind laying down this new track. "We wanted to showcase our slightly romantic, yet freaky, side without being corny or overly sexual." With an ambient underlying instrumentation that plays off the track's bouncing percussion and thick kick drum, Picnic Tyme's beat provides a soothing base for the group's smoothed out, suggestive lyrics, as they rap, "I'm here to reconstruct, here to build you up/ Add some design to your mind and them curves and thangs... So, um, don't fight the feeling, 'cause truthfully/ You playing hard to get is making it get hard."

Download "Freakquency" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/A.Dd-Freakquency.mp3 or http://addplus.bandcamp.com/track/freakquency .

You can also Download the debut EP When Pigs Fly here: http://addplus.bandcamp.com/album/when-pigs-fly .

Video: Triune Gods - "Same Train" (Official)

Video: Triune Gods - "Same Train" (Official)

Courtesy of Scott @ Endemik Music.

Triune Gods release their first official music video on August 2 in support of their debut album, "Seven Days Six Nights," recently released in Japan on Granma Music. The video of "Same Train”, directed by documentary and music video film maker Naoto Amazutsumi, puts into heartfelt images what this intercontinental rap group had only dreamed of.

It is hard to sum up Triune Gods in a sentence. Their name, by definition, only begins to shed some light: "Trinity is derived from the Latin Trinitas, meaning the number three are one,” says Bleubird, one of the members. They are a cross-border collaboration group comprised of Sibitt (JAPAN), Bleubird (USA) and Scott Da Ros (CANADA).

"Their debut album pitches the rapper's (Sibitt) Japanese verses against the rhymes of American MC Bleubird, with Canadian producer Scott Da Ros supplying the beats and assorted sonic weirdness.” --The Japan Times: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fm20110114a1.html .

Their individual strengths come together to create beautiful music and Naoto has brought their music to life in this video.  The visually striking scenery shot throughout Tokyo, Japan in the "Same Train” video, mixed with the impressive lyrics and sound, will touch your heart.

Since Triune Gods released their debut album "Seven Days Six Nights" on Jan 19, 2011 from Japan based Granma Music Entertainment, the album has hit not only the Japanese music scene, but has reached all over the world. This video is their next step and will add another side to this already expressive trio. 

MP3: Gees Extortion "Top Spot" feat. Nitty Scott MC

MP3: Gees Extortion "Top Spot" feat. Nitty Scott MC

From Javier S.

Emerging Real Radio Records' artist Gees Extortion has his eyes on the game's "Top Spot," and apparently Nitty Scott MC is on the same page. Former Aftermath producer and Dr. Dre protege Focus laces the track with an overlaying chant and melody that appropriately suits the song's title. The song is off of Gees' forthcoming debut LP, Organized Rhymes.

Listen/Download: Gees Extortion "Top Spot" feat. Nitty Scott MC [Prod. by Focus]

Alternative link @ UserShare

Video: The Black Opera - "God's Camera"

Video: The Black Opera - "God's Camera"

Courtesy of Stephanie Estes.

The Black Opera consists of {removed}, {removed} (formerly ???) & {removed}. The artists would prefer if you would keep their identities concealed for the sake of the movement. We'd really appreciate it, thank you. "Gods Camera" is the latest video inspired from their debut project, Overture.

MP3: Icebird (rjd2 And Aaron Livingston) Announce New Album

MP3: Icebird (rjd2 And Aaron Livingston) Announce New Album

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

Collaborative Album Scheduled For October 11 Release; First Single Is "Going And Going. And Going"

(August 2, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY) rjd2 and Aaron Livingston have formed the duo Icebird, and together, the prolific producer and talented singer are excited to announce their debut album, The Abandoned Lullaby, which will be released October 11th on rjd2's own label, RJ's Electrical Connections.

For rjd2, Icebird is the next step in a 10-year career that has seen him grow from heralded crate digger to celebrated instrumentalist and songwriter, composing the theme music for Mad Men and TNT's Inside The NBA, while releasing albums like The Third Hand and Colossus. With The Abandoned Lullaby, rj is expanding his repertoire, by stepping back. "I went into The Abandoned Lullaby knowing my role exactly," explains rj. "Both the engineering and producing – I was able to focus on both here totally, more than almost anything I've done before."

And it's because of Livingston that rj feels so comfortable in this new role. Livingston brings his own history to the table, taking part in the Black Lily jam sessions that birthed the careers of Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild and being featured on The Roots' fan-favorite "Guns Are Drawn." The two first collaborated on "Crumbs Off The Table" from rj's Colossus album, and the resulting track had the two itching to work together again. "It was so exciting to see what Aaron would do with the songs," says rjd2. "He really is super clever as a writer."

Much of that cleverness is on display with "Going And Going. And Going," the album's lead single. rj's upbeat, snare- and guitar-heavy beat paves the way for Livingston's gritty, soulful vocals. "Language is always a code, and I wanted to use that idea to expand the range of what I can sing and say," explains Livingston, whose unique style shines through with lines like, "Forget your problems mama/ I'm the Dalai Lama up in here."

Sonically, "Going And Going. And Going" only touches on the musical diversity of The Abandoned Lullaby, which pulls from the duo's interest in creating art that mirrors life. "Stories about fabricated heroic shit don't interest me as much as something like a half-written lullaby," remarks rj. "I have an interest in art that portrays real world issues, that portrays the dichotomies of a 'balanced' human experience." The Abandoned Lullaby displays that balance throughout, making it easier for the duo to explore new artistic freedoms. "This is the first time I've had someone else at the controls for an entire project," explains Livingston. "It gave me room to really explore my voice – and what I can say with it."

Download "Going And Going. And Going" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Icebird-Going_And_Going_And_Going.mp3 .

To read more about Icebird and their new album, along with news on forthcoming show dates, click here: http://pitchfork.com/news/43360-rjd2-forms-new-duo-icebird-readies-album .

Please post buy links for Icebird's "Going And Going. And Going" single: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/going-going.-going.-feat./id453627790 .

"Hip Hop & Love Tour" w/ Murs, Ski Beatz, Tabi Bonney & More

"Hip Hop & Love Tour" w/ Murs, Ski Beatz, Tabi Bonney & More

Courtesy of Dunn Deal PR - hiphopandlovetour.commursworld.tumblr.com || Murs on Twitter || DD172.


Dame Dash's new label DD172/BluRoc in conjunction with Adidas proudly presents The Hip Hop & Love Tour, visiting 51 American cities between September 27 and November 26. Headlining is Cali indie pioneer Murs, prepping for his first DD172/BluRoc release Love & Rockets Vol.1, The Transformation, a collaboration album with Jay-Z/Mos Def producer Ski Beatz, also appearing on the tour with his band The Senseis. Also billed is West African-born rapper Tabi Bonney, who duets with Murs on the free download "Hip Hop & Love", available for streaming at hiphopandlovetour.com and free download here. Rapper Da$h of The Heirs appears fresh off the release of his new mixtape Chron Burgundy. Vocalist and Wiz Khalifa/Nicole Wray collaborator McKenzie Eddy is also slated for the tour, as well as producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean O'Connell, best known for his work with Curren$y on Muscle Car Chronicles. The Hip Hop & Love Tour brings the DD172/BluRoc roster under one bill and is the newest manifestation of Dame Dash's vision for creativity and expression in this new era, a journey whose other milestones include Creative Control TV and his Manhattan-based art gallery and creativity space DD172.

Video: Mike Beatz f/ Guilty Simpson - "You Know"

Video: Mike Beatz f/ Guilty Simpson - "You Know"

Courtesy of Semp Rok.

Waffle House Wants No Part of Hip-Hop's "After the Club" Biz

Waffle House Wants No Part of Hip-Hop's "After the Club" Business

Press release courtesy Block Starz Music.

Debut Single From Rapper J.R. Bricks Upsets Southern Restaurant Chain, Sparks Controversy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Less than a week after the digital release of "Waffle House", the debut single from newly-signed Hip-Hop recording artist J.R. Bricks, legal counsel for WH Capital, LLC and Waffle House, Inc., owner and licensee of the Waffle House® trademarks respectively, issued a cease and desist letter to the artist's label, Block Starz Music LLC, www.blockstarzmusic.com, claiming improper and unauthorized usage.

In response, Block Starz Music has changed the song's title to "After the Club". This has sparked cries of racism by some in the online Hip-Hop community who see the southern restaurant chain's move as an effort to distance itself from its, predominately black and Latino, early morning weekend customers.

"I don't think Waffle House's actions were motivated by racial discrimination," says J.R. Bricks (born Earl Harrison, Jr.), a Havana, Florida native and United States Air Force veteran now based in Atlanta, GA. "But I do believe it is based on cultural discrimination. I don't believe they want to see their company associated with the Hip-Hop lifestyle. The song portrays what we do in the South after we tear it down at the club. I don't speak on violence in the record. I just speak on having a good time."

Released online July 20th, the single formerly known as "Waffle House" was an instant hit on the web, generating rave reviews from influential deejays and major label A&R and impressive sales on iTunes.

"Reaction to the record jumped off a lot quicker than I expected," concedes J.R. Bricks, who had originally planned to shoot the song's official music video on location at an area Waffle House. "I was surprised by the cease and desist, but I think my label made the right moves to diffuse the situation."

The son of military parents, J.R. Bricks moved to Wiesbaden, Germany at age 10 and began his music career while in middle school and high school there. The rapper said Block Starz executives offered to change the song's title to "Waffelhaus (After the Club)" as a homage to his adopted second home, but this was also rejected by representatives at Waffle House, which produces and sells its own restaurant-themed music, over concerns the song's popularity would likely cause its "consumers to be confused."

"This reminds me of the incident with Jay-Z and Frederic Rouzaud," says J.R. Bricks, who is also nominated for "Best Southern Rapper” and "Buzz Factor" awards at the prestigious 2011 Underground Music Awards taking place on August 21st at world famous B.B. Kings in NYC. "Frederic, the owner of Cristal, said he wasn't happy with rappers associating themselves with his brand. Even the Tommy Hilfiger situation... it caused the whole Hip-Hop world to stop buying their product. These companies think Hip-Hop will put their product in a negative light [because] the Hip-Hop genre is very influential. If anything, we are giving these large corporations free promo."

Download "After The Club" On iTunes Now http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/after-the-club-single/id454226656 .

Video: Warlok - "Real Recognize Real"

Video: Warlok - "Real Recognize Real"

Courtesy of Semp Rok.

PR: Animal Farm Joins w/ DJ Rob Swift on "Culture Shock"

PR: Animal Farm Joins w/ DJ Rob Swift on "Culture Shock"

Courtesy of Erik Abel.

New York, NY- August 2011: As the buzzworthy hip-hop group Animal Farm continues to gather momentum, they have decided to release the title track and leading song from their new album Culture Shock for FREE.  After delivering acclaimed singles featuring legends Talib Kweli and Abstract Rude, the Portland based hip-hop group has teamed up with the incomparable X-Ecutioners DJ Rob Swift. In order to commemorate Rob Swift's recent selection as one of America's 100 Best DJs through DJ Times Magazine, Animal Farm and Swift are offering "Culture Shock" for Free to only the first 100 people to download the track through Soundcloud.  As always, Rob Swift displays flawless scratching over a banging Gen.Erik beat, laced with hard rhymes by Animal Farm's Serge Severe, Gen.Erik, Fury, and Hanif Wondir.  Listeners may also recognize the KRS-One "Animal Farm" vocal sample, taken from Animal Farm's "Peace" featuring the Teacher himself, off their first album The Unknown.  Check out the radio friendly "Culture Shock" here.

Animal Farm's latest album Culture Shock is currently ranked #5 on the CMJ College Radio Hip-Hop Charts.  DJs can contact Jess Weber at Co-Sign Collective (jessica@co-signcollective.com) to receive the full album.  

"Culture Shock" Stream/ Download Link: 

"Culture Shock" Album Art Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/62034417@N00/5516947884/

Vote for Rob Swift to become America's Best DJ: http://www.americasbestdj.net/bestdj/vote.asp

Follow Animal Farm: 

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