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Video: @KazziePop "Don't Judge Me" Freestyle (@RapPublicist)

Video: Kazzie Pop "Don't Judge Me" Freestyle

Courtesy Nancy B.

As spins for the 20 y/o's single with WAKA FLOCKA "We Don't F With That" continue to climb, Kazzie lives in the studio to keep his lyrical game sharp. Today's beat is brought to you courtesy of Chris Brown's "DON'T JUDGE ME."

@MachineGunKelly "12 Days of Christmas" Cover (@MTVPress)

Machine Gun Kelly "12 Days of Christmas" Cover

Courtesy Gayle @ MTV.

Before heading out for the holidays, wanted to share this unique, funny cover of “The 12 Days of Christmas” by Machine Gun Kelly that just released today. It’s part of MTV, VH1 and CMT’s “12 Holidaze” collection that launched on 12/14 –a roundup of quirky and offbeat covers of holiday classics, as well as original holiday music from a variety of artists like Machine Gun Kelly, The Wanted and Marina & the Diamonds. The three Viacom brands have been releasing one video every day for 12 days (until Christmas) on their online artist profile platforms (Artists.MTV, Artists.VH1 and Artists.CMT), with the videos also appearing each day on TV on MTV, VH1 and CMT channels.

"Twelve" - @PackFM (ft. Dominion & Hydra) Prod. by WildChild

"Twelve" - PackFM (ft. Dominion & Hydra) Prod. by WildChild

Courtesy PackFM.

We’re assuming that at this point most of the world has gone into hiding, yet miraculously has wi-fi, so we decided to provide some music to play in your bunkers. QN5 Music and MCMI Records present “Twelve”, which features Dominion (PackFM, Substantial & Mr. Mecca) and Hydra (GMS, LR Blitzkrieg & WildChild) who met 12 years ago and joined forces in The Plague aka The Army of the 12.

Audio: @MaffewRagazino "Friday" (produced by !llmind)

Audio: Maffew Ragazino "Friday" (produced by !llmind)

Courtesy Matt B.

Sometimes the end of one thing means the beginning of another. In the case the end of 2012 brings forth something new for Fokis and his Loyalty Digital Corp. label, in the form of a very talented and gifted artist by the name of Maffew Ragazino. If you are not familiar with the name let me give you a quick briefing. Maffew Ragazino is from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY has recorded with artists such as Masta Ace, Red Café, Sean Price, Das Racist, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Mr. MFN eXquire, Skyzoo, MOP and a host of others.

He has been featured in The Source Magazine in the Unsigned Hype Section, Has been Co-Signed by DJ Clark Kent and on top of all that, he is really really good. "When I hear Ragazino I get goose bumps, - Says Fokis When I heard him for the first time I knew right away he was one of the special ones. With that said we are fully committed to him and his brand and are looking forward to the future.”

With a new venture in place and new year on the way, Maffew Ragazino is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP titled "White Gold" which is slated for release in early 2013. The 1st Single off the EP is called "Friday" Produced by !llmind. This record bangs and displays the growth and versatility of Maffew Ragazino. "It's been a turbulent year for me, but I'm right back at it. I just want to let my work and speak for itself. Today is my Birthday (12/20/12) and I wanted to say thank you to my fans that have been waiting patiently by giving them this song before the world ends tomorrow (12/21/12)" - Maffew Ragazino

Link: .
UK Runnings Presents XO The Rebellion - @fivensix @closure1 @tommydmo @parkstreetpr

UK Runnings Presents XO The Rebellion - Kush & Cognac

Courtesy Park Street PR.

'XO: The Rebellion' or 'XOTR' for short are a brand new Hip Hop group coming straight out of Luton Town, UK. The group comprises of three talented artists: Stephen Fivensix, Tommy DMO and Closure who are all good friends outside the studio. All three members sing and rap with Fivensix behind a lot of the instrumentals/productions the group have released to date.

Fivensix and Tommy DMO have been good friends for about a decade and have shared the stage on a number of occasions in the past. As former band musicians and accomplished guitarists, their influence and experience works to further set XOTR aside from other artists working in the same genre.

XOTR's brand new mixtape 'Kush & Cognac' debuts as part of the long standing British hip hop mixtape series 'UK Runnings' and is hosted by veteran mixtape deejay: Tricksta. The release consists of 11 eclectic tracks that draw influence from south-coast trap, east-coast boom bap, RnB, soul, acoustic and rock genres making this a very interesting and unique mixtape release. The trio have recorded on mostly original instrumentals apart from two popular beat remakes.

All three artists have enjoyed success in the past with their solo projects, however with their skills now combined they hope to make their presence even further known in the UK music scene. Download UK Runnings presents: 'Kush & Cognac' now and hear for yourself what all the buzz is about surrounding this relatively new collaborative project.

SPONSORED DAT PIFF Download link: .

UK Runnings Presents XO The Rebellion - Kush & Cognac (Track-listing)

01 - Intro (Tricksta)
02 - Urban Decay (Prod. 5n6)
03 - Dream (Remake Prod. Cardiak)
04 - Numero Uno (Prod. MilesAway)
05 - G'd Up (Prod. MilesAway)
06 - Red and Black (Remake Prod. PushaBoy)
07 - Light Up Trees (Prod. 5n6)
08 - My City Acoustic Cover (Performed by 5n6)
09 - Shades of Green (Prod. 5n6)
10 - Is This the Way (Instrumental) (Composed. 5n6) (Bonus Track)
11 - Outro (Tricksta)
New Bully Blinders Album - Kayakoy

New Bully Blinders Album - Kayakoy

To those whom may be listening,

The third album by the Bully Blinders is here and we’d love to tell you about how it came about and what it means to us.

We’ve never been ones for pigeonholing others, much less being pigeon-holed ourselves. Like so many of us, our interests are varied and our taste as evolutionary as life. For some reason, it’s been typical practice to corner off musical styles and put a roll of police tape around it to warn others of the accepted do’s and dont’s, the expected cast of characters, and the associated prescribed philosophies. While this album wasn’t intended to specifically rebel against these social norms, what we ended up with in a most natural development is a collection of emotional expression without the sometime burden of message by way of the vernacular.

Whether it’s driving, studying, staring into a fire, running errands, procreating, falling asleep, or just watching your proteins folding, these songs are available to you to be used as atmospheric backdrop and emotional steerage. While we didn’t set out to make an instrumental album, what we found was the development of a sound that wasn’t asking for lyrics. Instead, we were confronted by a score that feels somehow new, both relaxing and exciting at the same time… Making this music was such a great creative experience for us and we are very eager to share these songs with you.

Maybe you’ll find melodies and words floating around in these songs. We’d love to hear it if you do.

Listen and Enjoy!

From us with lots of LOVE,

Bully Blinders


STORYTLD: TJ Ford - Directed by OG

STORYTLD: TJ Ford - Directed by OG

Courtesy OG.

In high school at Willowridge in Houston, TJ led his team to two Texas state basketball titles. He continued his career at the University of Texas where, in addition to leading his team in steals and minutes, he became the first freshman player in NCAA history to lead the nation in assists per game. TJ went on to win BIG 12 Freshman of the Year honors and in his sophomore year, won the Naismith College Player of the Year Award, the John R. Wooden player of the Year Award and was named Player of the Year by Sports Illustrated. If not enough, the University of Texas retired TJ's #11 jersey making him just the fourth University of Texas athlete in history, in any sport, to have that honor along with Roger Clemens, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams.

After 2 strong seasons at Texas, TJ was picked 8th overall in the NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. Over eight seasons, he went on the play with the Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers and the San Antonio Spurs. On March 7th, 2012, TJ, who has spinal stenosis (an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal), aggravated his spine during a game against the New York Knicks. A few days after the injury TJ, at age 28, announced that he was retiring from the NBA in order to avoid any future incident that could permanently render him paralyzed.

You can watch TJ's STORYTLD by clicking here.

Video: @Gypsyphonic Disko, "Dreidel Song" f. Katey Red

Video: Gypsyphonic Disko, "Dreidel Song" f. Katey Red

Courtesy Dunn Deal.

Producer/dj Quickie Mart and Ben Ellman of funk/jazz band Galactic are Gypsyphonic Disko, presenting the music video to "Dreidel Song" featuring bounce diva Katey Red, widely regarded as the first homosexual rapper and pioneer of “sissy rap”. Their most recent release is the free full-length NolaPhonic Volume 2, the New Orleans natives’ second foray into their unique fusion of bounce and Balkan music.

new clip!!! 632 - El robo 2/11 WEbseries

new clip!!! 632 - El robo 2/11 WEbseries

Courtesy Miguel Angel Blocky.

4 months later after that tragedy (632 - Psycho 1/11) those
criminal minds were affected, changing radically in their lives.

They're now planning a new grand larceny (632 - El robo 2/11),
a chapter full of adrenaline, where we will see new faces
from the band (Nerviozzo, Duo Kie) and Dopy Wan, and others
known like Blocky, King O and Adam. What will happen? Will
their plan go on?

@Phillieoso [of The Wisemen] "Gangland" f/ @BronzeNazareth

Phillie [of The Wisemen] "Gangland" - Produced & Featuring Bronze Nazareth

Courtesy Tom @ No Cure.

Phillie of the Wisemen brings us his next single from the "Welcome To The Detroit Zoo" project which is set to drop in 2013. The album features contributions from the Wisemen, Boldy James, Hell Razah, and 60 Second Assassin. Production is helmed by Bronze Nazareth.

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