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Adam's World Weekly for 12/5 - Playin Games

Adam's World Weekly for 12/5 - Playin Games

Welcome to the new week everyone. I can't believe it's already December, but the fact that I can see my breath when I'm outside is a clear indicator that I'm gonna want more of the places I attend shows to have coat checks (seriously event spaces, get with it!). Before I go out and brave the cold again I have a handful of great features for you in this week's update. Leading things off is a list of my ten favorite NES games. I know, that's kind of random, but I've been playing a lot of NES recently. Back on the music side of things I have great interviews with hip-hop curmudgeon J-Zone, and Notar, as well as an all new Pop Shots and a really creative Vid Pick from Soce The Elemental Wizard.

My All-Time Top Ten NES Games
As some of you may know, I’m a retro gamer. Well, actually I’m a gamer from the 80s that never got into anything much past the SNES. In fact, the only reason I bought a PS2 was because I figured if I was going to have a DVD player it should also do something else. Now the PS2 is packed up, my old NES is still hooked up (with a new 72 pin connector), and I’m still kickin ass and takin names at all the old 8-bit classics.

A couple months ago a retro video game store named Retro Games Plus opened a few miles from my home and I have a feeling I’ll be there quite often. In honor of finally having a good old school video game place by me (sorry GameStop, you stopped being game for me when you decided you’d only stock games and systems that are Playstation to present) I’ve decided to make a top ten list of some of my NES faves. These aren’t necessarily the ten greatest games of all-time, although some certainly qualify, they’re simply ten games (err, actually a few more than ten... you’ll see) that I’ve always (dig) dug.

Read the full list at: AdamsWorldBlog.com

Pop Shots - Proving Grounds

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from J.Lo proving her MetroCard is probably way out of date, to Lady Gaga proving you’ll invite just about anyone over for Thanksgiving, to Lily Allen proving the third time really is the charm, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

Read the full column at: AdamsWorldBlog.com

J-Zone - Fight The Power Cords

J-Zone was a different breed of artist, and that’s because he’s always been a different breed of man. “I still use a cassette Walkman,” he says with pride. “I have a cassette player in my car, I have an outdated haircut, I’m just in my own world.” His own world is one in which he refuses to do things just because the masses say he has to, and that world, including his career and views on mass culture, are summed up in his first book, Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure. “I wanted to show a refusal to kowtow,” he explains.

In a way, J-Zone is showing how he fights the power, or more precisely, fights the power cords. He’s not a fan of Facebook, doesn’t use an iPod, refuses to have a smartphone, and thinks texting is somewhere between silly and rude. He is a hip-hop curmudgeon and he wears that title with pride. There’s something to be said for the old ways, though, and this week I caught up with J-Zone to find out more about why he chooses not to move with the ebb and flow of the masses, what makes him the “villain” in his book’s title, and how he defines success.

Read the full interview at: RapReviews.com

Notar & The Devil's Playground

When rock and hip-hop come together it rarely pleases both audiences. Either the rock audience is left feeling like the band was an afterthought, or the hip-hop audience is disappointed by the lyrical prowess of the emcee. Notar is shattering all of that with his debut album, Devil’s Playground, which manages to be both 100% rock and 100% hip-hop. It’s also 100% intense.

Originally from Connecticut, but now a New York City resident, Notar honed his lyrical skills at some of NYC’s toughest freestyle events – Freestyle Mondays and End of the Weak. After a friend of his played his demo for Adam Duritz, the Counting Crows lead singer signed Notar to his label, Tyrannosaurus Records, which is what Devil’s Playground was released on in September.

On the heels of the release of the album I caught up with Notar to find out more about his music, the NHL locker rooms it’s playing in, and the ways in which he hopes it inspires people. He also opened up about the large role religion plays in his life, and how he managed to personally kick someone out of his album release party without anyone noticing.

Read the full interview at: SubstreamMusicPress.com

Three More Reviews of Muscle For Your Hustle

It’s been a fantastic week for my e-book, Muscle For Your Hustle, which has received not one, not two, but three more glowing reviews. The reviews are by the CT News, international music site Gone Out, and the blog of musician and writer “Fresh Prince Anthony.” All of these folks are highly knowledgeable about music, so the fact that they loved the book makes my day.

Check out the reviews!

CT News review of Muscle For Your Hustle

Gone Out review of Muscle For Your Hustle

Fresh Prince Anthony review of Muscle For Your Hustle

Vid Pick
As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.

- Adam B

Dan-e-o on Omni Television's "V-Mix"!

Dan-e-o on Omni Television's "V-Mix"!

OMNI TELEVISION's "V-Mix" will be featuring veteran Toronto lyricist,
Dan-e-o in a three-part interview that begins this week! If you missed
"V-Mix" this past Sunday at 7:30 PM ET, Ontario viewers can catch the
replay on Tuesday, December 6th at 4:30 PM EST.

In week one, Dan-e-o sits down Deejay Ra to discuss his long-standing
involvement in Canada's hip-hop scene. He also reflects on his
contributions to the culture and opinions on freestyling and DJing.

In week two, Dan-e-o will be put on the spot by Deejay Ra to recall a
verse he wrote 20 years ago, and discuss his long list of releases to

In week three, Dan-e-o will talk about "Kama Sutra" - his most popular
YouTube music video to date (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZL86_KN14Y) -
and his new venture as part of the duo, Perfeck Strangers

"V-Mix" airs Sunday on OMNI TELEVISION at 5:30 PM PST in British Columbia,
6:30 PM MDT) in Alberta and 7:30 PM (EST) in Ontario!

Check out "V-Mix on Omni TV" on Facebook!




WEBSITE: http://www.dan-e-o.com
STORE: http://www.maplemusic.com/dept.asp?dept_id=2313
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/daneo1010
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/daneo10
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/donfaraldo
THA O SHOW: http://www.thaoshow.com

Video: Ghostface on Ludacris' Diss of Drake & Big Sean

Video: Ghostface on Ludacris' Diss of Drake & Big Sean

Courtesy of DJ Vlad.

"Ghostface gives his two cents on the feud."

Video: Random and MC Lars in Arizona

Video: Random and MC Lars in Arizona

"Lars stops through AZ on the Warped Tour, and we get a tour of the van, and share a giant pizza."

Video: Shottie - "Baby Baby"

Video: Shottie - "Baby Baby"

Courtesy 95 Labs.

First single for Delorean a full length album by SHOTTIE produced by TeV95 on 95Labs.
For more info visit: http://www.deloreanalbum.com/ .

MP3: Nicki Minaj - "Roman in Moscow (Lil' Kim Diss)"

MP3: Nicki Minaj - "Roman in Moscow (Lil' Kim Diss)"

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

[SINGLE] http://www.mediafire.com/?nc9eplan6nx2718 .

Video: DJ Premier's Favorite Produced Album & Ultimate Cypher

Video: DJ Premier's Favorite Produced Album & Ultimate Cypher

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"Who would you put in your Ultimate Cypher?"

PR: Weiss-Sound: First Official Newsletter!

PR: Weiss-Sound: First Official Newsletter!

Courtesy Matt Weiss.

Seasons Greetings!

This is the first official Weiss-Sound Newsletter! It's been a wild year, and there's plenty of crazy stuff to talk about.
In general news, my goal over this year has been to step up my professionalism. This has meant investing into my home studio, fostering my relations with public facilities, keeping records for my taxes (yes, I'm going on the books folks), systematizing, schedule-ating, and stepping up my website. In terms of the web-world, I really owe it all to Ben Polinsky at Mandrake Web Design. Without Ben, this Newsletter wouldn't even be happening {canned applause here}.

In terms of studio equipment, I went a little crazy this year. Weiss-Sound is now rockin' new Kef 103.2 monitors chained to an Azur 640A amp - plus three new full sized bass traps and four full sized midrange traps for an improved listening experience. In terms of the "oooh" and "aaaah" stuff, I'm now packin' a Neumann M147 microphone in addition to my RE20, AT4033a, and Blue Woodpecker. And I've got two new Avalon M5s to juice my pretty microphones up. I also scored an incredible Clariphonic Equalizer courtesy of Greg Scott and Kush Audio. It's been instant love on many a mix now. Which brings me to a couple new pieces of software. Recent acquisitions have been the Slate VCC, and Slate FG-X, and the incredible UBK-1 Compressor .

Of course, shiny equipment isn't everything. It's really the people power that makes a record. I am proud to say that I have fostered a great working relationship with Chris Athens of Sterling Sound , one of the best mastering engineers in the business. He's been taking on my clients at an incredible discount, making Weiss-Sound that much stronger.

Now - on to some shout-outs. I have worked with many artists over this last year, far too many for me to mention every project. But there have been a few that I would like to take the time to yammer about.

First I've gotta give props to my man Random. I've been working with Random a long time - our first project happened in 2004. This year, Random was able to take the steps that every aspiring artist dreams of - he made music his full time career! His song Splash Woman (mixed by yours truly) hit over 100,000 views on Youtube this year, and shortly after he was invited to tour with Mc Chris and Mc Lars. So big ups to Random.

Next, I've gotta give props to the artist Oso. It's always rewarding to be the principal engineer on an album. In Oso's case, I was thee engineer - mixing every track, mastering done by Chris Athens. It was a 100% Weiss-Sound extravaganza. Oso is a one-man-band monster, not only doing all the raps, but producing all the tracks, and acting as the executive producer as well. With so much of himself invested into his record I applaud his ability to allow me to have creative freedom and take the music where I heard it going. It's not often I'm hired to mix a record, and a couple months later I find myself in a premier recording studio tracking a horn section, bass, and grand piano for a Hip Hop song. That album, along with Oso's other production can be found at Oso Music Ent.

Speaking of "Shout Outs", Oso connected me with up-and-coming superstar GP, up-and-coming super-producer Sonny Digital, and already-superstar Gorilla Zoe for this crazy joint here: GP, Gorilla Zoe, Sonny Digital. The fun little back story is I received the track on Friday morning - it was needed for a radio promo on Saturday! But Weiss-Sound came through (as if there was any doubt).

Got some cool upcoming releases from Uri Caine, Adam West (the rapper, not Batman), BAU Entertainment, Righteous Ones, Savant, Binary Star, and Milly Mango (production by the unstoppable Brady "Breaks" Blecko).

So that about sums it up - well, it doesn't even really come close to summing it up, but it paints the general idea. Now, as unthinkable as it may be - some of you may actually not want to receive these Newsletters in the future. I know - crazy. I'll only be sending them out once every three months or so. But, if you don't want to get them, just email me at matt@weiss-sound.com , and title the email: Remove Me. No harm no foul.

For the rest - keep rockin' in a freer world. Check WWW.WEISS-SOUND.COM frequently for blog updates and new music videos and songs. And don't forget to like Weiss-Sound on Facebook for inside information on record production, news about new projects, and my crazy grizzled-old-man style rantings.

PS - This is my first newsletter, so if you have any suggestions as to how I can make it better shoot me an email. I'm my own "publicist" and don't really know what I'm doing, so don't hold back.

-Matt Weiss

Video: Lady of Rage's Top 3 Female MCs & State of Hip Hop

Video: Lady of Rage's Top 3 Female MCs & State of Hip Hop

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"Nicki Minaj and two other young prospect makes her list."

MP3: Renzo f/ Dean Swift, King Kuf - "It's Amazing"

MP3: Renzo f/ Dean Swift, King Kuf - "It's Amazing"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/renzoamazing/blast-page.html *

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