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Audio: Cris Cab f/ Big Sean - "Good Girls" (@CrisCabMusic)

From CC:

Audio: Cris Cab f/ Big Sean - "Good Girls"

Cris Cab has joined Mercury Records and for his first major label single, he's bringing along some big names for support. The track was co-written by Pharrell, features a verse from Big Sean, and was produced by Wyclef and Sedeck Jean.

* *

"It was a song that we’ve lived with for so long and we were wondering what could we do to make it better," explains Cab. "Once Wyclef and Sedeck got to work on the production side it just feels like a new song."

About the Big Sean feature, Cris says, "I've always really liked his flow and I've been watching him since he was up-and-coming and I just thought that he could put a fun twist on the song and keep the energy up. He happened to be in Miami after a show one night and he came by the studio and I got to hang out with him and play him the record and once he said he loved it. I knew he was gonna kill it."

Video: Sixo f/ Leif - "Rocker John" (@scottysixo)

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Sixo f/ Leif - "Rocker John"

Fort Worth producer Sixo presents the music video for "Rocker John" featuring Michigan emcee LEIF(kolt), best known for his song "Boozehound", which was nominated for 2007 Internet Song Of The Year. "God Cops" is featured on the Fake Four Inc.: A Record Label Sampler Vol. 4, featuring Sage Francis, Busdriver, Louis Logic, Open Mike Eagle, Sole & The Skyrider Band, Ceschi, Astronautalis, Dark Time Sunshine, cars & train, David Ramos, greencarpetedstairs, Tegan Quin, Paranoid Castle, Sixo, Mad Gregs, bleubird and Radical Face. Fake Four, Inc. is an independent record label based in New Haven, CT, dedicated to pushing the genre boundaries of hip hop, indie rock and electronic music while maintaining a high level of quality and listenability.

Video: 14KT - "Blessed"

From Mello Music Group:

Video: 14KT - "Blessed"

14KT is blessed and he knows it. In the video for his track “Blessed”,  the Ypsilanti producer takes the viewer on a tour of his life, highlighting key aspects that make it worth living.   KT takes us into his home life to see his family, he shows us his studio and we tag along as he goes digging at Encore Recordings in neighboring Ann Arbor. The magic is in the details: being in the kitchen with moms, the genuine daps exchanged with the crew in the studio and geeking out with Buff1 over a Mongo Santamaria vinyl at the record shop.

Video: A-Wax - "Rapper Blood"

From Audible Treats:

Video: A-Wax - "Rapper Blood"

If you're not familiar with Pittsburgh, California, rapper A-Wax, it's no fault of his own. The Bay Area spitter has moved over 200,000 units independently, and following a tenure as part of Akon's Konvict Muzik label, he is once again bringing his music to the masses on an independent level with a new album, Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1, schduled for release on July 17th, via Illburn Records. The album includes features from French Montana, Styles P., Mistah FAB, and more, and today, A-Wax is unveiling the video for Debut single, "Rapper Blood."

New Video: Illus f/ Headsnack - "Daddy Duty"

From Matt B:

New Video: Illus f/ Headsnack - "Daddy Duty"

To celebrate "Father's Day", Illus releases his brand new video "Daddy Duty".

Family First has solidified Illus reputation as an innovator who goes against the grain and isn't afraid to be himself and represent for grownup Hip-Hop heads and fans who appreciate honest, passionate, lyrics over hardcore beats and production. "Daddy Duty" is a playful, fun, track that celebrates fatherhood and the sacrifices parents make for the love of their children. Illus teams with up and coming producer/emcee Headsnack and the two compliment each other perfectly, reminding us it's ok to smile and appreciate the joys of life, love and family. Keeping it real doesn't always involve guns, drugs, violence and sex, and no one proves that better than Illus.

Video: Phil the Thrill - "Str8nge"

From RMG:

Video: Phil the Thrill - "Str8nge"

"I have been working on my next project entitled #VAlien which is dropping on my bday July 10th. It's gonna be mainly original tracks with the exception of a few jdilla and other cuts and I have put my time and life into it so I am really excited about it..this is the fast uptempo single #STR8NGE which represents what this project is about (being comfortable with who you are and not worrying about what standards people say you should live by)..thank you as always!!" - Phil the Thrill

MP3: Justin Bieber f/ Drake - "Right Here"

MP3: Justin Bieber f/ Drake - "Right Here"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

PR: G'Town Wayne - "40 Dayz & 40 Nights"

From Yo! PR:

PR: G'Town Wayne - "40 Dayz & 40 Nights"

"From DC to the world, welcome to '40 Dayz & 40 Nights'" is the official slogan and motto from up-n-coming and much talented rapper G'Town Wayne's brand new mixtape.  Born and raised in the inner city areas of Washington, DC and Maryland, Randy 'G'Town Wayne' Everett is no stranger to his share of trials and tribulations. Wayne has made a name for himself within the artistic urban and Hip-Hop communities, gaining street credibility by performing locally and returning the love to a city and community that has instilled in him the strength to overcome adversity. 

Now 21 years old and displaying a maturity beyond his years, it is clear to see that this young man has truly triumphed and is finally beginning to live his dreams. Despite and in lieu of the many odds that could have possibly forced him to become a statistic, including, being abandoned as an infant by his birth parents, Wayne's poetic rap lyrics give insight to the very soul and core of his motivation and unrelenting desire to achieve an ultimate level of success.

Wayne hopes to deliver a message that gives the entire world insight into the inner workings of the urban DC community and hopefully inspire people from all walks of life to understand and truly believe that success can be achieved no matter what obstacles may arise.

DOWNLOAD: "40 Dayz & 40 Nights" by G'Town Wayne
DatPiff: .

Drake To Be Charged Over Brawl With Chris Brown


Hip-Hop star Drake will be charged with reckless endangerment over a brawl that left five people injured, including singer Chris Brown.

According to the New York Post, if Drake does not agree to surrender by next week, police are considering arresting him at his concert at Jones Beach tonight (June 16).

A Lawyer for Chris Brown labeled Drake and his posse “thugs.”

Brown is being represented by high-powered attorney Mark Geragos, who has represented clients like ask Michael Jackson, murderer Scott Peterson, Roger Clinton Jr. and others.

“I believe the police are building a case against Drake and his thugs,” Geragos told the New York Post. “Clearly, Drake was the instigator, and there is evidence he threw glassware.”

Meanwhile, the fall out continues over the brawl at W.i.P., which left one concertgoer with 16 stitches in her head.

NBA star Tony Parker was injured in the incident, as well as Chris Brown bodyguard Big Pat

One injured attendee has said that she already plans on filing a lawsuit against both parties, due to injuries she sustained in the massive fight.

Chris Brown is not out of the clear as of yet either.

Authorities are investigating if one of the men in his entourage was a Crip gang member.

If so, Brown would have violated his probation, as he is barred from associating with gang members.

Police are also investigating if a gunshot was fired in the club during the brawl.



From Jason James:


HxH, the duo of Rodney Hazard and Kareem Hawkins, have come together to bring you their latest track entitled, "Moonwalk." "Moonwalk" features Kareem on the production and Rodney on vocals. Rodney uses a double entendre to express his reverence towards the two infamous MJ's - Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Spitting lines like, "smoove dude feel like Mike on my feet," Hazard conveys hows he felt when Michael Jackson did the moonwalk and Michael Jordan rocked the cradle. Those two notable moments in pop culture sparked something in Hazard when writing the rhymes to this song.

HxH- Moonwalk:

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