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New Audio: Sadat X - "We In New York"

New Audio: Sadat X - "We In New York"

Courtesy Matt B.

“We In New York”, the lead-single from Sadat X’s forthcoming solo-LP, New York, was featured on DJ Premiers Show "Live From Headqcourterz" a few weeks ago and due to the response and feedback, the record is being released ahead of schedule. Sadat X dropped by as a guest on Premier’s show and he gave him a rough version of “We In New York” to play and Premo brought it back for 3 straight weeks.  At that point, Sadat expedited the plans for the release, "when you are getting spins and people are asking you for it, you give the people what they want!"

The energy, the sound and vibe of “We In New York” just feels like New York. "Its a real vivid record” says Sadat, and its also the perfect track to spearhead the “New Golden Era” movement, “its not about going back in time, or replicating a certain sound, its about pushing forward and creating something new, its a like minded group of artists and producers that push a certain brand/sound of  music. The sound we (Loyalty Digital Corp.) push is definitely influenced by the 90's, but we build and add onto it” says Fokis.  We are now living in the new version of the 90's so we say #TheNewGoldenEra.  I'm very excited about this single and upcoming album from Sadat X.  This is a dream come true for me.  To be able to partner up with someone like him and release his project through my Company is amazing.  His work ethic is crazy and very inspiring; this is “The New Golden Era” Fokis laments.

Link to Sadat X’s “We In New York”: (produced by JFR of The Acoustic Chefs)

Video: Sway - "Bad Manners (Ill Manor Freestyle)"

Video: Sway - "Bad Manners (Ill Manor Freestyle)"

Courtesy 730 Promo.

On the week of release of his new single 'Level Up' Sway brings us a new freestyle over Plan B's 'Ill Manors'

MP3: @KINGOF334MOBB f/ Boomman - "Check On Me"

MP3: King of 334 Mobb f/ Boomman - "Check On Me"

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

KING of 334 MO.B.B.
produced by: KE ON THE TRACK


MP3: Mayday f/ Brotha Lynch Hung, Ces Cru - "Strange March"

MP3: Mayday f/ Brotha Lynch Hung, Ces Cru - "Strange March (Remix)"

Courtesy Mayday Online.

MAYDAY! marches further into Strangeland with a remix for "Death March" featuring fellow label mates, Brotha Lynch Hung & Ces Cru!  Music produced by Plex Luthor & Gianni Ca$h   Listen to the original on ¡MAYDAY!'s Strange Music debut album, Take Me To Your Leader, in stores NOW!


Video: J NICS - "Talk It"

Video: J NICS - "Talk It"

Courtesy Nancy B.

"TALK IT" (prod. by: Beats By The Pound) - Miami's J NICS releases the next video from his "SOUTHERN NIGGAS AINT SLOW" music series - S.N.A.S. "THE PRODUCT" is set to drop April 23rd

MP3: Illmaculate f/ OnlyOne - "Territorial"

MP3: Illmaculate f/ OnlyOne - "Territorial"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Illmaculate is releasing the album's latest single, "Territorial," which calls on the help of guest rapper OnlyOne. "I think the message is conveyed in the title alone," explains Illmaculate. "The song is about all the things I'm territorial of: my family; my neighborhood; my block." This song, along with most of the Skrill Talk, was produced by G_Force and Trox Diesel, and developing such a close working relationship benefited the construction of the track. "I recorded to an unfinished version of the beat, produced by G_Force," notes Illmac, "then Trox blessed the song with all the final touches."

Download the "Territorial" mp3 here: .

Video: @IAmYoungKeno - "Talk About It" (prod. Buccweet)

Video: Young Keno - "Talk About It" (prod. Buccweet)

Courtesy BF Blasts.

South Central's very own, Young Keno with hit singles featuring Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Wiz Khalifa, Jim Jones and many more drops his new hit single "TALK ABOUT IT".

Video: Roccett & Friends at Carson High School Event @IAmRoccett

Video: Roccett & Friends at Carson High School Event

Courtesy Roccett.



MP3: Steven A. Clark - "Lonely Roller" Ft. J. Nics

MP3: Steven A. Clark - "Lonely Roller" Ft. J. Nics

Courtesy Audible Treats.

On June 11th, Steven A. Clark will release his latest album, Fornication Under Consent Of The King. Last month, in announcing the project, the Miami-based singer released the album's lead single, "Don't Have You," and now, with an official music video still forthcoming for that track, Steven A. Clark is excited to release the album's latest single, "Lonely Roller" featuring J. Nics.

ince releasing his first album, STRIPES, in 2011, Steven A. Clark has found his name mentioned amongst the rising crop of new R&B singers – a list that includes names like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean – and for fans just getting into Clark's music, "Lonely Roller," which Steven A. Clark also produced, is a perfect example as to why those comparisons are being made.

"The song is about being fed up with my relationship at home and using the strip club as a stress reliever," explains Steven A. Clark. "Problem is, I end up falling for a stripper." Clark's songwriting is on full display here, as he weaves through the story, singing, "She wasn't the greatest dancer/ But when she spoke to me/ I fell intrigued from what she said."

The song features a strong guest verse from rapper and fellow Miamian J. Nics, while singer Victoria Blue also adds her vocals to the track, embodying the dancer of Clark's desire, tempting him as he helplessly pushes away. "Strippers are more than just great dancers," notes Clark, "the best ones know all the right things to say."

Download "Lonely Roller" here: .

Free Download: Meftah Beats - "More Out of the I"

Free Download: Meftah Beats - "More Out of the I"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Artist: Meftah Beats
Location: Michigan
Genre: Hip Hop, Instrumental

"Hip-Hop is my door to enlightenment, Sound is the language I speak, and You havethe ears to listen. Meftah Beats comes out of a glove of love called Michigan, and he is here to set you all FREE!!! All of these productions are done with 100% heart, soul, and mind, and if anybody can feel them working, then great thanks goes to whoever it shall be. Peace to you all, and may my sounds soothe your ear drums.

This last project was a huge success in regards to my sample work. In response to all the good music I collected the past year or so, I made these recordings (and more that I can send out) for the enjoyment and use of all the Hip-Hop heads who know what it's about. From Emcees, to B-Boys, to DJs, anybody is welcome to bounce to these!!! Peace, and one Love." - Meftah Beats

Download: .

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