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Wednesday April 23, 2014
Feature of the Week

[Keepers of the Lost Art] Sahdeeq injure your fleet.

Shabaam Sahdeeq Review

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Video: Torch - "The Truth"

SPECIALYST/ MAYBACH MUSIC Torch new mixtape KRASH KOURSE dropping memorial weekend..Go to and listen to his smash single ft. busta ryhmes "Bang Yo City"

G-Town Chronicles: The Jim Jones Story

From Semp Rok:

G-Town Chronicles: The Jim Jones Story

SoFlo Entertainment performing artist Rahsaan starts his new video series, G-Town Chronicles, with a touching subject directly related to his birthplace, Guyana. While many know Jim Jones the Rapper, many are not aware of the cult leader Jim Jones whom created Jonestown in Guyana and lead 909 people into their death. Rahsaan and brother Sim-E break down the knowledge along with additional footage provided on the tragedy. Expect to hear more Guyana history from Rahsaan in upcoming videos.

The Georgetown album is due out May 4th

Follow Rahsaan at @AFlyGuy on Twitter

Supa Chino - You Can Get It (w/ Download Link)

From Hitz Committee:

Supa Chino - You Can Get It (w/ Download Link)

Have this new record that I'd love for you to hear and I'd really appreciate if you could post it on RapReviews. The name of the record is "U Can Get It" by Supa Chino featuring Mr CG What It Dew. It's burning up the charts in Florida and getting 150 spins a week. I've attached the track.

K-Murdock Interview on AYCE Hip-Hop

From K-Murdock:

The homie Brainslice recently conducted one of my most memorable interviews over at All You Can Eat Hip-Hop. It was memorable mainly because he had me record myself answering his questions, which he then transcribed... and being that i'm notoriously long-winded when i talk, my respect level for him, undertaking this arduous task, raised significantly (lol). All jokes aside, I enjoyed this interview and i hope u all, subsequently, enjoy it too... CHECK IT OUT!


Slip-N-Slide Records Posts 3 New Swazy Baby Songs

From Slip-N-Slide Sean:

Swazy Baby continues to drop new music as other artists seem to be taking a rest. Below, I've included 3 different links for 3 different songs. You might already have posted his official single "I Sang", but if not, I just wanted to make sure you had it. Thanks again for your support. Talk soon.

Swazy Baby ft Rihanna - Rude Boy Remix

* *

Swazy Baby - Dat Bi Too Krazy

* *

Swazy Baby - I Sang

* *

Video: Behind the Scenes of Fat Joe's "(HaHa) Slow Down"

From Chris Herche at E1 Entertainment:

Ed Lover Announces Exciting Developments for C'Mon Son

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

Ed Lover Announces Exciting Developments for C'Mon Son Web Series

Long-Time TV And Radio Personality Expands Online With Rapidly Spreading New Video Series

(April 29, 2010) Legendary hip-hop personality Ed Lover is once again making waves as his riotous yet biting C'mon Son phenomenon continues to sweep across the country. No subject is too sacred, no person is impervious to 'C'mon Son' as Ed Lover offers his witty insights on sports, music, movies, politics, and pop culture in his webisode series on that currently spans twelve entertaining episodes.

The 'C'Mon Son' webisodes are quickly ingraining themselves into today's pop culture. Each webisode features Ed Lover's commentary and amusingly cutting observations on recent events in the world around him. Diddy, Usher, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and DJ Khaled are but a few of the celebrities who have endorsed the movement and made appearances on the show to hold up the infamous cardboard 'C'mon Son' sign. It is not only the hip-hop community that has caught 'C'mon Son' fever; last season NFL star Chad OchoCinco of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrated a touchdown reception by displaying a cardboard sign bearing Ed Lover's signature slogan.

'C'mon Son' has also spawned a community of its own on Ed Lover's website, as fans across the country routinely submit pictures of themselves with makeshift cardboard 'C'mon Son' signs to the site's gallery, engage in conversations in the site's forums and visit the 'C'mon Son' store to purchase limited edition t-shirts and accessories. "The 'C'Mon Son' catch phrase has quickly become a phenomenon - both with Ed's listeners and fans and amongst pop culture enthusiasts," says Ed Lover's business partner Michael 'Blue' Williams of Family Tree Entertainment, a division of Primary Wave Management. "We are looking to super serve the masses with multiple ways they can ways to support the 'C'Mon Son' movement." Having already made an impact on radio, television, and now on the internet, Ed Lover is currently preparing to take his exciting new endeavor into the mobile phone world, as well, as he readies the release of a series of voicebacks and voicetones featuring a variety of 'C'mon Son'-isms. In addition to selling mobile content, the "C'Mon Son" brand will soon extend into exclusive merchandise.

Check out Ed Lover's latest webisode, C'mon Son Episode 12, here: .

The Background:

Ed Lover is a multi-faceted talent who has been a steadfast presence in hip-hop culture for the past twenty years. He began his career as a rapper with the group No Face, before going on to co-host Yo! MTV Raps with cohort Doctor Dre. Ed Lover and Doctor Dre teamed up again to star in the hip-hop whodunit Who's The Man? and later went on to host the highly rated Morning Show With Ed, Lisa and Dre on Hot 97. Currently being heard as on-air personality at New York's Power 105.1FM, Ed Lover has also recently made appearances on television shows on VH1 in addition to his popular 'C'mon Son' web series.


C'mon Son Episode 12: .

C'mon Son Episode 8: .

C'mon Son Episode 7: .

C'mon Son Episode 1: .

Official Site: .

DJ Boney B & Big TReaL "The Age of Joe Grizzly" Vol. 2

From Domination Recordings:

DJ Boney B & Big TReaL "The Age of Joe Grizzly" Vol. 2

So you thought we was playing huh? You really didnt believe we was coming wit it so fast? Well here it is!! DJ BONEY B AND BIG TREAL PRESENT: THE AGE OF JOE GRIZZLY VOL 2!!! With the smash street single, "Stack G'z" feat Big Jillz, and "100 lbs of Pain" feat RoyalTee, Grizzly is making it clear that he is here to stay!! DEFEND GOD CITY!! Guest Appearances by: Big Remo, Kil Rip, Big Jillz, Jimmy Bass, RoyalTee, Cappy J, Lil Pook, and Bluz!!! Production by: Khyrsis, Mikal Evanz, Chinky P, Fat Lester Baracus, DJ Semaj, Eric G, and Maddson.

Free Download: The Age of Joe Grizzly Vol. 2

Domination Recordings

Nas & Damian Marley Talk "Distant Relatives" Tour

From Mitchell Dudley:


The two discuss their tour mate, Nneka, a Nigerian-German artist singer-songwriter whose solid Concrete Jungle dropped earlier this year. Both Nas and Marley offer nothing but praise for Nneka and her recent LP, with the Nas-ty one being blown away by her "Heartbeat" single. They also comment on how she is connected to the distinctively African-influenced sound heard on Distant Relatives, which is due out May 18, and how it makes her a perfect choice for the album's tour.


* *

New Soul Khan (Brown Bag AllStars) Track - "Soulstice"

From J57:

This is the first track in Soul Khan of the Brown Bag AllStars' blog campaign, "Soulstice," leading up to his album release this summer.  Stay alert for
more new Soul Khan joints in the near future.

Soul Khan "Soulstice"

Thanks for your support!

Peace & respect.


Fat Beats NY • J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars  

"Rap Is Outta Control" w/ DJ Eclipse, D-Stroy & J57  • Sirius XM Radio • Hip Hop Nation Channel •
Sunday Nights • 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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