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Video: Fred P - "Feel Good"

From Chris at E1 Music:

Video: Fred P - "Feel Good"

MP3: Roach Gigz "Wild Child" Ft. Lil 4Tay (Prod. By C-Loz)

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Roach Gigz "Wild Child" Ft. Lil 4Tay (Prod. By C-Loz)

Last week, Roach Gigz made a vow to his fans: If they helped vote him to victory in mtvU's Freshman 5 video contest, then he would release a new song from his forthcoming Bitch I'm A Player mixtape. His fans delivered, driving him to victory with over 70% of the vote, and now, standing firm by his word, Roach is releasing the latest track from BIAP with "Wild Child" featuring Lil' 4Tay, Roach's longtime friend and collaborator, and daughter of Bay Area rap legend Rappin' 4-Tay. For true fans of Roach, this song is extra special, and marks a reunion of sorts for Roach and Lil' 4, who first got their start in music together, forming the group B.I.G. (standing for Bitch I Go) while the two were still in high school, and earning their first local hit with the song "Get It."

With "Wild Child," produced by C-Loz, who handles production throughout the mixtape, the song came about after hearing a few bars from one of Lil' 4's verses. "The whole inspiration for the song was the hook, it just sounded perfect," explains Roach. " I just started remembering little shit I did when I was too young to be doing it, and I turned it into a story. It was only supposed to be a 16 but I just rapped until the story was done, so it ended up being like 40 bars." Lil 4 delivers equally compelling tales with her own verse, offering a quick reminder of the chemistry the two share. "People haven't heard a new song from the both us together in a minute," says Roach, "so I think this is a perfect comeback song, especially since we've been rapping together since we were young"

Roach Gigz' Bitch I'm A Player mixtape, produced by C-Loz and featuring Lil' B, Husalah, DB The General, and Lil' 4Tay, will be released this June.

Download "Wild Child" for free here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Roach_Gigz-Wild_Child_Ft_Lil_4Tay.mp3 .

MP3: DJ Khaled f/ Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross - "I'm On One"

From M3W:

MP3: DJ Khaled f/ Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross - "I'm On One"

* http://mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/djkhaledimonone/blast-page.html *

MP3: Kyle Rapps - "Rapps 101" feat. U-N-I

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Kyle Rapps - "Rapps 101" feat. U-N-I

Listen up, students of hip-hop, because Kyle Rapps has just dropped his latest single, "Rapps 101," the third and final single from his debut, Re-Edutainment, an EP based on his personal take of Boogie Down Productions' classic record, Edutainment. While previous singles have ranged in topic from dealing with the struggles of high rent and city living ("Rent Remix") to making his self-introduction ("Me"), Kyle's new song, as ODB would say, is for the kids.

"Part of Re-Edutainment is paying attention to what the newest and freshest generation is vibing with," says Kyle, who brought on hip-hop duo U-N-I for this track. "I wanted to work and showcase with a younger group of artists that really has things on smash. U-N-I came to mind immediately. Incredible flavor on all fronts, lyrically, vocally, and fashion-wise." Kyle and U-N-I teach by example on "Rapps 101," spitting clever lines like, "I'm the shit, you smellin' me?/ My life Is-real, even though I never been to Tel Aviv." Producer extraordinaire Kev Brown, who handles production throughout the EP, provides a bouncy, neck-snapping concoction for the young guns to drop some knowledge on, as they drive home their key message: "If it don't sound like this, then it ain't rap."

Download "Rapps 101" ft. U-N-I here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Kyle_Rapps-Rapps_101_Ft_U-N-I.mp3 .

MP3: Rel & JBillion f/ Jacka - "The Movement"

From Nora Ritchie:

MP3: Rel & JBillion f/ Jacka - "The Movement"

Bay area-based duo Rel & JBillion (Rel on production, JBillion on vocals) are preparing their debut release MVMNT as a free album dropping on May 17th.

Today, the group is releasing the title track from the album "The Movemnt" featuring Bay area legend Jacka on the hook. The song represents the burgeoning new hip-hop movement bubbling in the Bay area. Both Rel & JBillion are mainstays on the Bay area hip-hop circuit alongside DaVinvi, TiRon, Keelay and more.

(MP3) Rel & JBillion - "The Movevmnt feat. Jacka" http://www.mediafire.com/?piua1kj1cqa9elt .

The best of the rest:
(Video:) Rel & JBillion - "Once In A Lifetime": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G18qZv1eiO4 .
(Audio) Rel & JBillion - "Once In A Lifetime: http://www.mediafire.com/?j44baicn388c7wb .
(Video) Rel & JBillion - "Soul Clap" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZkv7FlIipE .
(Audio) Rel & JBillion "Soul Clap": http://www.mediafire.com/?07csrbce2n74a13 .

For More Info: http://www.mvmntthealbum.com/ .

MP3: oFISHal f/ Young Buck - "Helicopter"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: oFISHal f/ Young Buck - "Helicopter"




DOWNLOAD LINK: http://hulkshare.com/h81vsy0nr9rp .

PR: Konvict Records Releases Rock City From Their Deal

From Nancy B:



Atlanta, GA ~ It's been five years since Virgin Islands songwriter/performer duo, R. City aka Rock City signed to Konvict Records/Interscope under Akon; five years, eight mix tapes and a string of hits written and released for the albums of others; Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson (Grammy nominated), R. Kelly and Akon to name a few. Yet despite all of that success, a release date for their own album was not forthcoming, causing the guys to launch a very public campaign they gallantly called PTFAO (Put the F**king Album Out) to make the industry aware of their plight. Finally, in March 2011, after two years of campaigning, Akon met with the duo and offered them the option of remaining with the label and working towards dropping an album or being released from their contract. Grateful as they were to Akon for the opportunities afforded them, the guys snatched the chance of finally gaining their freedom and are now officially free agents, able finally to PTFAO. R. City aka Rock City's debut album, "Free At Last" is set to drop later this summer on their own label, Rebelution Records.

Immediately upon leaving that meeting with Akon, R. City aka Rock City's manager, Ray Daniels, called long-time friend Wendy Day, who has made a name for herself assisting artists with the release of their own projects and within 5 hours the team was strategizing the drop of the album. After years of writing hit songs for other people, R. City aka Rock City is, at long last, able to showcase their amazing talent in the first person. "We On", the first single from "Free At Last", was serviced to mix show just last week and is already at over 30 spins a week. With its unmistakable bounce, expect the song to make its way to every club deejay's playlist nationwide within weeks.

These guys have all of the ingredients for stardom. They are already proven songwriters. Their live show is second to none. All they wanted was a chance. Now that they are ‘free at last' the sky is the limit and there's not a dark cloud in sight.

WEBISODE "No Days Off" Part #1 in which the guys talk about what it was like to sign with Akon and why they decided they wanted out.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RcityMusic .


"We On" (single) - http://www.sendspace.com/file/qn810f .

"Dark Cloud" - http://www.sendspace.com/file/fliqu5 .

Video: Juvenile Speaks on the State of Hip Hop

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Juvenile Speaks on the State of Hip Hop


Juvenile on the State of Hip Hop from DJ Smallz.


Download: Mr 13 Presents "Firts Featuring"

From Park Street PR:

Download: Mr 13 Presents "Firts Featuring"

01. Hopes And Dreams Feat. Big Cakes & UK Charisma (Prod by 7th Dan)
02. Kick Back Feat. Kinetik (Grand Central) & Superior Thought (Prod by Superior Thought)
03. Let It Rain Feat. Supar Novar & Big Frizzle (Prod by Wizard)
04. So What Feat. JAI (Prod by Agent Of Change, Cuts by Terry Hooligan)
05. Home Is Where The Hatred Is Feat Cyclonious (Prod by Jabba Tha Kut)
06. Caught Up In The Hype - Locksmiths (Prod by Nutty P)
07. A Long Way To Go - Phoenix Da Icefire & Iron Braydz (Prod by Beat Butcha)
08. Ain't F*cking Wid Us Feat. Yung (Prod by 7th Dan)
09. Hold It Down Feat. Kal Sereousz & Major (Prod by 7th Dan)
10. Let You Know Feat. Dukus (Prod by Crankz)
11. Tight Circle Feat. Cons & Cobane (Prod by 7th Dan)
12. Flow Fitness Feat. Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz (Prod by Wizard)
13. Time Has Passed Feat. Mangaliso Asi (Prod by 7th Dan)

Bonus Tracks
14. Taking Steps (Prod by Deadman Walkn)
15. 64 Bars (Prod by 7th Dan)

Download Link: www.mr13.bandcamp.com .

Mr 13 Presents 'Firts Featuring' is the brand new project from Mr 13 and is out for free download on Friday the 13th Of May 2011. It features some of the most talented underground Hip-Hip artists the U.K. has to offer, with 20 MCs and 9 Producers making a guest appearance. Rapper & Radio Presenter Mr 13 has built up a good understanding of the U.K. Hip Hop scene through his radio show alongside DJ Bones on the well respected BANG 103.6FM. For this project Mr 13 reached out to artists whose music he respects and managed to bring together some of the best underground MCs to make their mark over top quality production from critically acclaimed U.K. producers. The project is out for free download at mr13.bandcamp.com On Friday The 13th of May 2011!

Download: Mr. Miranda & Muta - "La Bamba: The Ritchie Valens EP"

From Mr. Miranda:

Download: Mr. Miranda & Muta - "La Bamba: The Ritchie Valens EP"

In honor of his legendary status in the music industry, Mr. Miranda and Mute decided to do an entire tribute EP for the man and releasing it on May 13th, his bday. This is something that has never been done in Hip Hop so please enjoy and always remember the legendary Ritchie Valens for his mark he made in the world, even for his short period on this earth! Thank you.

* http://mrmiranda.bandcamp.com/album/la-bamba-the-ritchie-valens-ep *

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