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Video: Virtuoso & Snowgoons - "Statue"

From Big Bang Records:

Video: Virtuoso & Snowgoons - "Statue"

Video: Cstraight - "So Not Cool/Wake Up"

From GodChaserz Entertainment:

Video: Cstraight - "So Not Cool/Wake Up"

Cstraight "SO NOT COOL / WAKE UP" Music Video from Brinson.

Video: Ill Bill Speaks on Mr. Cee Controversy

Video: Ill Bill Speaks on Mr. Cee Controversy

Video: Big Sean's Kanye West Moment

Video: Big Sean's Kanye West Moment

PR: Scheme (Molemen/SRNC) - SRNC (Deluxe Edition)

From Scheme:

Scheme (Molemen/SRNC) - SRNC (Deluxe Edition)

This one is for all my DJs and Producers around the world. Here are the acapellas from Scheme's last project SRNC (Deluxe Edition) which featured Emilio Rojas, Mikkey Halsted, Add-2, Astonish, and many more. Please feel free to remix a couple of songs or the whole album, whatever you'd like. When you do remix the songs/album, please send it over to SRNC773@gmail.com , we would love to hear what you are doing with the music, and if we're digging it, we will showcase it on Scheme773.com. (sidenote: Track 2 (Lose Your Soul feat. Mikkey Halsted is not included.)
Future Projects: New Scheme EP in the works. It will be dropping in August with Molemen Records, SRNC, and Ruby Hornet.
MP3: Frank Ocean & Soulbrotha - "More Songs for Women"

From Soulbrotha:

MP3: Frank Ocean & Soulbrotha - "More Songs for Women"

By now I'm sure you must've heard about Odd Future except you were under a cave or like me almost buried under all of life's other demands and responsibilities. Enter - Frank Ocean, the group's erstwhile crooner whose record/mixtape - "Nostalgia, Ultra" has been critically acclaimed by everyone, I'm sure even you to some degree and deservedly so.
I decided to take on this track off the tape, "Songs For Women" because I really dug the angle/message Frank Ocean was coming from and I felt I could expand upon those ideas and hopefully shed some more light into the relationship between the impact of women on male behavior in general every day life.
This led to, "More Songs For Women" which I have the good pleasure of sharing it with you. See song, cover pic and lyrics attached.
Short Link: http://bit.ly/eESsvn
Long Link: http://www.divshare.com/download/14675629-d35

Mixtape: Devious - "Hollygrove to Hollywood" (host DJ Noodles)

From BF Blasts:

Mixtape: Devious - "Hollygrove to Hollywood" (host DJ Noodles)

* http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/devious-hollygrove-to-hollywood-hosted-by-dj-noodles *



* http://www.facebook.com/people/Dion-Norman/1455661841 *

Video: Six Reasons f/ Prophet - "I'm Eatin'"

From David K:

Video: Six Reasons f/ Prophet - "I'm Eatin'"

MP3: Elusive & Shinobi Stalin - "Beat Placement Anthem"

From Fly Def Music:

MP3: Elusive & Shinobi Stalin - "Beat Placement Anthem"

Fly Definition Music is proud to announce the upcoming instrumental album from L.A. based producer Elusive who has worked with Planet Asia, Aceyalone, Eligh and many more. Elusive returns with a new instrumental album titled "Beat Placement" that will be released May 3rd on Fly Definition. In promotion for the upcoming album, Fly Definition Music has paired up the producer with upcoming emcee's who will be releasing projects of their own on Fly Definition in the near future. The third track from the promo series is Ozone emcee Shinobi Stalin, who is working on a new LP to be released later in the Summer. This is the 4th of 4 free downloads that will be released each week in the month of April.

Elusive & Shinobi Stalin "Beat Placement Anthem" MP3

Elusive "Beat Placement" in stores May 3rd on Fly Definition Music!
PR: TonyAs 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'

From Park Street PR:

TonyAs 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'

Artist: TonyAs
Title: 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'


01 - Back Into My Groove
02 - Lovin It
03 - Real Money (Radio Version)

Download Link: http://www.zshare.net/download/89193423debe91aa/ .

TonyAs describes himself as an artist that has evolved over time, inspired by many and has now ultimately come into his own. The art started as a musician- Rapper turned Singer but TonyAs has also embraced his other passion- writing (as a song writing and feature writer). Formerly known as theSaint- TonyAs has taken it one step further opting to strip it bare, go back to basics, whereas theSaint was a straight talking hiphop artist, TonyAs the musician has embraced other influences and as well as rapping- also sings, adding another dimension to his works.

As a musician the style is charismatic, easy listening emotional type music, in his own words 'he wants people listening to be able to feel what he's saying- to empathise, whether having experienced it or witnessed the content of his verses'. Sound wise it's fundamentally hiphop- though his evolution as an artist has lead to incorporations of Reggae, Soul, Funk and other such genres. Lyrics are still his forte if you like, and he prides himself on being a vivid and lyricist.

2011 promises to be an interesting year, the SexDrugsPoetry brand grows from strength to strength, there's the music, the 'Y Is It' articles and videos that TonyAs himself produces. 2011 will see the release of his 'Introducing TonyAs' project. Singles to look out for 'Back into my groove', 'Real money' and 'Loving it'.

For more information/contact/updates www.sexdrugspoetry.com .

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