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Video: Princess of Crime Mob on Crunk Music Today

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Princess of Crime Mob on Crunk Music Today

Princess (Crime Mob) on Crunk Music Today from DJ Smallz.

Years after her group's smash record "Knuck If You Buck", Princess of Crime Mob, weighs in on crunk music today with the rise of southern hip hop artists such as Waka Flocka.

Free Downloads: Daz, Kurupt, Spice 1 & More

From Kush Arora:

Free Downloads: Daz, Kurupt, Spice 1 & More

It's gearing up to be that time of year again, everybody's favorite holiday is just about a week away, and INgrooves Music has a round of 4/20 related releases that will keep you satisfied during all your celebrations. I wanted to reach out to you before the flood starts, to make sure you got some serious holiday friendly songs for your sites. All these artists are available for interviews, playlist,

We got free mp3's here from Daz Dillinger, Spice 1, Kurupt, AK, and SK from records all dropping 4/19 and 4/20. Soundcloud links below, just click on them for HTML embeds if you prefer.

Daz Dillinger-  "$till Get'n Money"

On April 14th, DPG Presents- Daz Dillinger - "D.A.Z. ". Featuring Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Kurupt, Lee Majors, Soopafly, and so many more.Download "$till Get'n Money" .
Daz is a legend in his own right. Most known for being one half of Tha Dogg Pound who’ve sold over 2M records, Daz Dillinger began his career as a producer for Death Row Records.
Collaborations in his past include Lee Majors Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, and Tupac.

Spice 1 -   "Got High"

Spice 1 needs no introduction as a man who runs Oakland from 80's and onward. On 4/20 He drops "Spice N Erbzz"  This 4-20 inspired compilation features some of Spice 1's greatest hits,
as well as a few new tracks.  Download "Got High".
The Source ranked Spice 1 number 56 of the
Top 115 Hip-Hop Artists from 1988-2003 and his self-titled album was
listed in The Source's "100 Best Rap Albums."  He has sold 3M albums & 128K digital tracks LTD.

Kurupt - "This Is How We Play"
On April 19th, Kurupt drops his newest mixtape "Tha 420 mixtape. " Kurupt sold 50k tracks in 2010 alone, the former VP of Death Row Records and current member of Tha Dogg Pound. Past collaborations include Snoop Dogg, E-40, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Warren G.

AK - "I Need More"

4/20- New Artist AK drops "Sour" a record dedicated to blazing and classic hip hop. The record contains 50 tunes, heavy duty riddims, and a Brooklyn sound, representative of his home turf.

SK - "Not Like Brooklyn"

4/20- New Artist BK "drops "The Art of The Sale", another record in conjunction with AK's dedicated to weed and hip hop Brooklyn Vibes. 50 tracks, solid Brooklyn instrumentals, and a new voice for fans of Kalifa and the like.
Video: Canibus & Keith Murray - Undergods Album Trailer

From RBC Records:

Video: Canibus & Keith Murray - Undergods Album Trailer

Free Mixtape: Chamillionaire - "Major Pain 1.5"

The follow-up to King Koopa's 2010 "Major Pain" mixtape. Download available at

Major Pain 1.5

MP3: Illin' P - "They Don't Know" (prod. Rich 5)

From Major Music:

MP3: Illin' P - "They Don't Know" (prod. Rich 5)

@IllinP returns for his 8th free download titled "They Don't Know". This Rich 5 produced track is a classic fussion of Dancehall and Hip-Hop.

Illin' P will be releasing a few download every week leading up to the release of his newest mixtape "3 Lefts 2 Make A R1ght". The mixtape will be an appetizer for his fans who have been following Illin' P since his collaborations with Krs-One, Mr. Lif, The Snowgoons and Ripshop as he prepares to release his album "Gentleman Sings The Black And Blues" in Fall of 2011.

Download "They Don't Know" Here
Download "They Don't Know" Radio Edit Here

Video: Moka Only - "Grab Grab Grab"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Moka Only - "Grab Grab Grab"

When Drake was still on TV in a wheelchair, Canadian rapper/producer Moka Only was already halfway through a discography that now numbers more than 40 albums, aside from his work with Canadian heavy hitters Len, and the multi-platinum Swollen Members, which he helped found and won three consecutive Juno awards with. His list of collaborators includes the late J Dilla and MF DOOM. Now, the recipient of 2009's "Most Fabulous Canadian Man" award presents Airport 5, featuring appearances from Bootie Brown of Tha Pharcyde and Opio of Souls of Mischief. Airport is Moka's first release on burgeoning Canadian label Wandering Worx, set to drop a Planet Asia album later this year.

MP3: Esinchill - "Soul Of The City" Feat. Dave Hollister

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Esinchill - "Soul Of The City" Feat. Dave Hollister

New Album Vigilante Dropping April 19 Via Clear Label Records

The Song:

You may not be familiar with Esinchill (pronounced Essential), but you should be. A chance meeting with Digital Underground front man Shock G gave the West Coast rapper his start, and he took full advantage, releasing his debut LP, Everything To Lose, shortly after, followed by a handful of writing stints with the likes of Dave Hollister, Lenny Williams, and more. Now, Esinchill is prepping his new album, Vigilante, featuring Mistah F.A.B., Casual, Dave Hollister, and production from Jake One, to be released April 19th via Clear Label Records. And with the release date fast approaching, Esinchill is excited to release a brand new single, "Soul Of The City," featuring long-time collaborator and legendary singer Dave Hollister.

While the phrase "Soul Of The City," rarely shows up in the new single, its origins hold strong meaning; it's become a nickname of sorts for Esinchill, which describes his embodiment of the spirit of the common man - he gives them voice. And with a song that tackles everyday, blue collar struggle and the fight to push through that struggle, the title is given power. As Dave Hollister sings, "I made life worth more than living/ I earned everything, nothing given/ I am the definition of driven/ Look at me," Esinchill weaves his own story atop the slick piano and bouncing bass of the beat, juxtaposing struggle and success. "This is when you lose hope, that's when your will fanes/ Here come the hunger pains, it's a younger game/ And the cats that had your back phone numbers change/ and your relationship with your girl is under strain," raps Esinchill, before finishing, "Let the whimps complain/ You want to entertain/ You have to fight 'till you sacrifice for every inch of gain/ Man listen, I am ambition."

Download "Soul Of The City" featuring Dave Hollister here: .

MP3: The Freeze Tag Releases Second Single From Concept EP

From Audible Treats:

MP3: The Freeze Tag Releases Second Single From Concept EP

Second Single From Animated Concept EP Tackles Doubters, Perseverance

The Song:

At its core, Hamster Kid, the new EP from The Freeze Tag, a duo comprised of producer Cassettes Won't Listen and MC Bisco Smith, is about the constant battle of overcoming doubt, both internal and external, in the quest to discover and immerse in life's passions - and turn those passions into a means of not only survival but success. And while the EP's lead single, "The Hustle," pulled from each of the EP's other four songs, telling the complete story of Hamster Kid as he traverses his way through restriction in his quest for freedom, this new single, "The Voices," is where the story all begins. "Jealousy, hate, envy - I think the whole song really speaks to this," explains Bisco, "but it's also about the push, about people pushing you until you snap. All the voices in your head are their voices - the doubters"

From jump, "The Voices" puts the listener into a eerily watchful zone, as CWL's haunting lyrics resonant atop a mix of dark strings and echoing vocal harmonies, singing "I hear them talking, but it don't mean a thing." Bisco's assured vocals, however, serve as the perfect counterpoint to the apprehension felt in the chorus, as he asserts "I hear them talking, talking, but they ain't saying much... they're talking too much," further brushing aside misguided doubt as he raps, "Most of them fools; don't see the jewels, only lust/ Trying to snatch it up and leave it broken and crushed."

As with all five songs on the multi-media and visual-focused EP, "The Voices" will also be accompanied by an animated video courtesy of world-renowned street artist Bishop 203 and video producer and director Mike Vidoli.

The Freeze Tag's Hamster Kid will be released May 3, 2011 through the duo's collective label, Daylight Curfew.

Download "The Voices" for free here: .

Video: Universol - "I Need You"

From Iconoclast Multimedia:



NJ's Own Universol brings you his latest VIDEO " I Need You" which is directed and Edited by Delia Studios. The video shows a upclose perspective of Uni's passion for this music and always looking to rep the culture in many fashion, shapes and forms.  "I Need You" is a sure shot w/ a nicely chopped Stevie sample and driving vision of missing the HipHop culture in it's purest form. We all constantly yearn for the feeling we got when we first fell in love with HipHop! These are the times when things feel lonely and something is missing, I Need You Right NOW!

Please Follow him on Twitter: @iamuniversol

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Video: The Aztext - "I Make Records"

From Melanie J. Cornish:

Video: The Aztext - "I Make Records"

After the success of I MAKE RECORDS, from their WHO CARES IF WE'RE DOPE EP, Vermont Hip-Hop duo, The Aztext, had to go all out in creating a visual to accompany the well received track. Leaving this in the capable hands of director, Brent Harrewyn, the debut video from the group oozes that old school charm and tenacity which we are all appreciative of when it comes to real Hip-Hop.

The video came to life with the help of a variety of people, the owners of the club Rasputins where it was shot as well as the Rhythm Riderz dance crew, who pushed themselves to the limit to ensure the video mirrored the effort Pro and Learic put into making the song.

"Making a video means we've joined the ranks of all the artists we grew up listening to.  What would Pharcyde's 'Drop' or the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' be without their accompanying videos?  Of course the songs themselves are dope, but the videos solidified them as timeless.  The video also symbolizes a new drive for the Aztext.  Making music has become very comfortable for us, but making a video is incredibly challenging.  In the past, this may have stood in our way, but we've reached a level of maturity as artists where drive surpasses complacency." The Aztext

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