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Video: Kennedy Clemente f/ Snyp Life - "Diamond Block Muzik"

Video: Kennedy Clemente f/ Snyp Life - "Diamond Block Muzik"

Courtesy Big Skilly.

"Diamond Block Muzik"
Kennedy Clemente Feat. Snyp Life & Hk
Prod By: Gc Classics
Dir By: Big Skilly Films

MP3: Qwote - "Hi Rihanna" (Clean & Dirty Version)

MP3: Qwote - "Hi Rihanna" (Clean & Dirty Version)

Courtesy Future Star Music.

DJ's once again we're giving you another crazy exclusive for your weekend mix. This one comes from Qwote and Royce Da 5'9 and is based around the classic "Hi Rihanna" line from this years BET Awards cyphers. This record is straight fire and I guarantee you it will work. It mixes well with many of the hottest records out right now and it's creative so give it a listen and more importantly give it a spin this weekend. Let's work!!!

"HI RIHANNA" CLEAN: http://omg.ly/8FaY .
"HI RIHANNA" DIRTY: http://omg.ly/2XiV .

MP3: Wale f/ Meek Mill, Rick Ross - "Ambition"

MP3: Wale f/ Meek Mill, Rick Ross - "Ambition"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://tinyurl.com/RapReviews-Wale-Ambition *

MP3: Shortyo f/ DMX - "Dead & Gone" (prod. Swizz Beatz)

MP3: Shortyo f/ DMX - "Dead & Gone" (prod. Swizz Beatz)

Courtesy Affiliated Records.

DEAD & GONE FEATURING DMX (Produced By Swizz Beats)
* http://www.affiliatedrecords.com/blast/shortyo-dead_and_gone_feat_dmx.mp3 *
Off Shortyo's New Album FATHER FORGIVE ME In Stores January 2012!

MP3: Bow Wow f/ Lil Wayne - "Sweat"

MP3: Bow Wow f/ Lil Wayne - "Sweat"

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

* http://limelinx.com/files/b14b6aec3ec4af46984038514cd971ba *


Video: Sutter Kain - "The Making of Winter Music (Day 1)"

Video: Sutter Kain - "The Making of Winter Music (Day 1)"

Courtesy Never So Deep Records.

Sutter Kain Presents
The Making Of His New Long Awaited Album
"Winter Music"

Press Release: D-Sisive - "Run With the Creeps"

Press Release: D-Sisive - "Run With the Creeps"

Courtesy of URBNET.

URBNET Records Press/Radio Update - October 28, 2011

This press release is in 3 parts.

i. D-Sisive | Run With The Creeps | available November.15.2011.

In the beginning, I set out to make a commercial record. I wanted to be on the radio. I wanted to see my name on charts. I wanted to receive Socan cheques higher than $8.00. I didn't want to be rich, but...I wanted to be rich. And famous. I made a list of catchphrases that would make amazing call and response choruses.

.Talk To The Hand.
.News (not the weather).
.One Day At A Time.
.A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed.
.When I Say ___, You Say ___!

I wrote songs directed towards DJs about DJs playing my favourite songs so I can dance all night.

It was all coming together. Then I accidentally hit delete and it was all gone. As usual, I was depressed again. Then I wrote this album.

Prepare to be depressed with me on November 15th.

.The Invisible Man
.GG Allin
.The Unknown (ft.Birdapres & CadenceWeapon)
.TheCreep (by.NickThran)
.To The Moon (ft.Motem)
.Orin's House
.TheCreep2 (by.NickThran)
.Ceiling Fan
.The Stranded
.Chest Piece (ft.Muneshine & AdamBomb)
.9 Millimeter (ft.FrescoP)
.TheSymbol (by.LizWorth)
.Jolly Good Fellow
.One Last Dance (ft. JayMalinowski)

* http://www.runwiththecreeps.com *

ii. D-Sisive | Run With The Creeps | Album Release Party @ The Rivoli | Friday.November.18.2011.

On November 18th I will be performing in Toronto for the first time in a while. I'm really excited. The Rivoli has amazing sound. They also have amazing Wooki Balls. Unfortunately, you only get 3, so sharing with your significant other is difficult.

At this show...
You will NOT see...
-Background Dancers
-Laser Beams
-Oversized Clock Necklaces
-Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Eminem or The Weeknd
-A saxophone player
-Anyone demanding you raise your hands or scream

It will be just Techtwelve, Me and the music that brought us all together.

Hope to see you all there.

* http://www.runwiththecreeps.com *

iii. D-Sisive | the Run With The Creeps tour

See above. Then multiply by...
6 | Whistler | Garfinkel's
9 | Vancouver | The Media Club
17 | St. Catharines | Bella Rosa's
18 | Toronto | The Rivoli
19 | London | APK Live
25 | Kingston | The Mansion
26 | Waterloo | Maxwell's Music House
29 | Guelph | The Bookshelf E-Bar
30 | Ottawa | Ritual Nightclub
1 | Hamilton | Casbah
2 | Windsor | Phog Lounge

* http://www.runwiththecreeps.com *


MP3/Video: Saukrates - "Say I"

MP3/Video: Saukrates - "Say I"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

While Saukrates remains hard at work putting the finishing touches on a string of new music and singles, which will culminate with the release of his album Season One, early next year, the Canadian rapper/producer is excited to have partnered with Nike, lending his song "Say I" to the sportswear brand's Always On campaign, a six-episode video series aimed at highlighting the lifestyles of select Nike athletes. While other artists involved include Vado, Stalley, and more, Saukrates and his "Say I" single provide the soundtrack for a day-in-the-life of Montreal Canadiens hockey player P.K. Subban.

Only one full season into his professional career in the NHL, P.K. Subban has already earned a reputation as one of the sport's most exciting young talents, and it's more than likely that the defenseman's road to success followed a storyline very similar to the one told in Saukrates' "Say I." The song, driven forward by beating drums and ambient piano keys, plays as an anthem for perseverance as Saukrates sings on the hook, "I can do what I wanna/ And make you a believer, hear you say I/ From stadium to street corner/ I'll make you a believer, make you say I." The verses follow suit, with Saukrates weaving tales of hard work and dedication, all with the single-minded goal of self-improvement. "That little kid get a pass/ He do it on the field, and he doing it in class," begins Saukrates, "See his homeroom teacher always put him on blast/ Saying, 'Hard work'll pay off, lay off ain't an option."

Download "Say I" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Saukrates-Say_I.mp3 .

Purchase the song here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/say-i-dj-pack-single-single/id475319987 .

And you can watch the ALWAYS ON video featuring P.K. Subban here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4cf2gW7YVM .

MP3: Diggy Simmons f/ Jeremih - "Do It Like You"

MP3: Diggy Simmons f/ Jeremih - "Do It Like You"

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

* http://limelinx.com/files/579db44e488639a9b11702242946f1f1 *

Trackstar the DJ Martyr Tour w/ Immortal Technique & Killer Mike

Trackstar the DJ Martyr Tour w/ Immortal Technique & Killer Mike, Power Over Everything

Courtesy Trackstar.

**First order of business: Next week I'm going on tour, DJing for Killer Mike...we open for 11 dates of Immortal Technique's "The Martyr" tour. Should be a powerful tour, given what's going on in America today. I wrote about it on TSS yesterday:

"In today’s combustible political climate, it’s more important than ever for artists to use their influence to inform and inspire their audience. Few artists have done a better job of this over the last decade than Immortal Technique and Killer Mike and select cities have the opportunity to witness both of them spitting and sermonizing over the first two weeks of November....

Each show will be more reality rap than reality TV, the fist pumping more Power to the People and less Jersey Shore, but I do guarantee those in attendance will be entertained. You already know Mike will be balancing the popular and political as only he can – come ready to hear “Never Scared” and “A.D.I.D.A.S.” alongside “That’s Life 2″ and “Pressure.” I can’t speak to Immortal’s setlist but the man hasn’t built up the following he’s got by providing his fans with anything but a top-notch performance."

Definitely looking for afterparties and other opportunities, so if you've got people I should be talking to in any of the above cities, get at me...

**Next up I'm mixing Tef Poe's new mixtape, Power Over Everything. I've been working with Tef longer than just about anybody, and it's always good to put together a project with his mix of absurd lyricism and sociopolitical content. We'll be dropping it within the week, but for now you can check out a couple of the tracks off the disc:


Comin Out of Missouri

**Last (and in the big scheme of things, most important), I want to bring to your attention a cause worth a couple minutes of your time, and maybe a couple dollars.

Sessions L.A. is an amazing youth program that I worked with during my time in Los Angeles. I can personally attest that they do very important work and provide about twenty youth with a second family, invaluable guidance and instruction, and a safe environment to learn. If you know anything about the program I used to run, the Center for Recording Arts, just know that Sessions is very similar, but affects a greater number of youth on a regular basis.

From their website: "Sessions has been funded by a multi-year grant from the California Consumer Protection Fund.  This source of funding, however, has come to an end and cannot be renewed.  As of October 1st 2011, Sessions LA no longer has the financial means to continue its programming.  With your support Session LA will be able to continue providing its programming without interruption until we find funds to support us long-term."

If you are in a financial position to donate, you can go to their Indiegogo site and contribute any amount (no amount is too small)--depending on the size of your donation you can get a copy of the Sessions album or a t-shirt, up to exclusive verses, beats or live shows from talented folks like Rocky Rivera, Trebles & Blues, Bambu and DJ Phatrick.

If you yourself are not in a position to donate (more than understandable given the economic state we're in), tweeting or Facebook the Indiegogo link, or just passing it on to someone who might be able to help is much appreciated.

For more information on Sessions LA please visit our website: http://www.sessionsla.com/

Thanks for reading...peace

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