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French Montana "Jungle Rules" review!

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Video: Rasco - "Clear and Present Danger" (@solefatherrasco)

From Nik @ Ballin PR:

Video: Rasco - "Clear and Present Danger"

Bay Area based emcee and one half of Cali-Agents Rasco is back and presents his latest video "Clear & Present Danger" from his forthcoming LP United Fakes of America. Filmed on location in Santiago, Chile, Rasco's latest video showcases the sites and sounds of a city he recently visited and performed in. Equipped with his trademark raspy, baritone voice and hard-hitting lyrics "Clear & Present Danger" is a much welcomed return for an artist who remains one of hip-hop's underground elite.

Video: Netherfriends f/ Show You Suck - "Full of It"

From Thomas F:

Video: Netherfriends f/ Show You Suck - "Full of It"

Coming from an album created solely of Harry Nilsson samples, here's Netherfriends' video for "Full Of It," featuring Chicago rapper Show You Suck. The clips are comprised from the animated movie, "The Point!" which Nilsson came up with while tripping on acid and staring at the tops of trees and houses realizing everything comes to a point. Ah, the 70's...

Video: NOM - "In My Lifetime" (@NOM_illmatic @loyaltydigital)

From Matt B:

Video: NOM - "In My Lifetime"

A member of Fokis’ bi-coastal conglomerate Local MU12, Bronx representative NOM releases his first video, “In My Lifetime,” from his upcoming mixtape Different Breed which will be released on 6-26-2012.

NOM’s previous single "Nightmares Of A Dream" was featured on a variety of sites and gotten some really good feedback... "I appreciate all the support I have been receiving thus far, it really makes me feel great. to know that my hard work is being appreciated by so many people is a good feeling" - NOM

Video: Doodlebug f/ DOR - "Shine (U Can't Stop The)"

From Wanja Lange:

Video: Doodlebug f/ DOR - "Shine (U Can't Stop The)"

Doodlebug (Digable Planets) releases the Official Video for his song "Shine (u can't stop the)" off of his Futuristic Sci-Fi Album released on FatBeats/SoulSpazm Records. The Video was done at Madrone Studios in San Francisco, CA and features state of the art technology. The video was Directed by Justin Gelinas. The track is produced by DJ Alex J (DOR). The Video also includes a free download link for the radio version of the track as a promotion for the album "Futuristic Sci-Fi".

Audio: Big Shug f/ Slaine, Termanology, Reks - "For The Real"

From Matt B:

Audio: Big Shug f/ Slaine, Termanology, Reks & Singapore Kane "For The Real"

(Produced by Fizzy Womack)

His name says it all; standing at well over six feet tall and with the intimidating muscular build of a linebacker, Big Shug's physical presence alone is enough to command attention. His voice, a hoarse rumble effective for delivering both fearsome threats or smooth crooning as his alter-ego Shugie Diamonds, is one of rap's most instantly recognizable. As both a solo artist and founding member of Gang Starr, his name has consistently shown up in album credits alongside hip-hop's elite for over 20 years.

But despite that, Shug has never courted the spotlight. As countless other rappers, and even Gang Starr themselves, fell by the wayside, he has persevered through fans' evolving tastes and a changing record industry by staying true to the ideals - integrity, respect for the streets and love of music - that have fueled his career. Nowhere is that more apparent than on I.M. 4-EVA.

Stitching together the various parts of his career into one, this album, true to its title, is a comprehensive look at who Big Shug is, where he came from and where he is going. With his bruising flow over classic DJ Premier produced cuts bringing back nostalgic 90s memories, he pays tribute to the fans who have stuck with him since the beginning. I.M. 4-Eva - Shug's fourth solo album and his first since 2008's Other Side of the Game - marks the next chapter in his ongoing maturation as an artist. The album reunites Shug with old friends like M.O.P., Fat Joe and Premier, while also connecting with a new generation of hip-hop fans and artists alike.

In addition to the 17 all new studio cuts Brick Records has presented a timeless package; a hard back, 36 page book chronicling The True History of Gang Starr as told by Big Shug, plus anecdotes from his 20+ year career, rare never before seen vintage photos and more. Through his words and his music, Big Shug truly shows here why he is 4-EVA. Big Shug’s I.M. 4-Eva LP and The True History of Gang Starr will be released on 7-24-2012.

DL link to Big Shug f/Slaine, Termanology, REKS & Singapore Kane “For The Real”: .

Here are a few excerpts and visuals from The True History of Gang Starr as told by Big Shug as well:


"We had the group and then we needed the name. We came up with Gang Starr. Guru came up with it. What it meant was that we part of a gang. I was part of the gang Mattapan Connection, better known as MPC, and Guru was like a star student, Rhodes Scholar type shit and all that. So therefore, we figure let's just connect it and make it Gang Starr. I wanted to be called Gangstas first, but we figured Gang Starr would be safer. That's why if anyone ever caught us in the early days, Guru was real fashionable in his approach and his appearance and my shit was always more gangster. We used to bring fake guns on stage before Onyx and all that. So that was the element."


"I remember telling Guru I thought Solaar was a sucker. I asked him to get some water, and we were performing on stage, and he said OK but he didn't do it. I was like 'Yo, does your boy think he's part of the clique?' And then he started being out with Guru but not us. We were in Utah and Guru actually left with that dude, he left the tour. We had two shows to do. Guru left and we ended up doing the show without him, a Gang Starr show. We did mad songs, Premier DJed and did a lot of the joints, we had the crowd singing along or whatever. It was crazy. Guru called me afterwards and said he and Solaar wanted to tour but that he wanted to bring me too. He wanted me to speak to his boy Solaar. This was when Solaar was still new with him. I said, 'Yea I'll speak to the boy.' He put him on, and he said something, and because of the way I was talking to him, Guru said 'Yo, I don't feel how you talking to my man,' shit like that. Then he said 'We ain't even gonna take you.' Then I started screaming on them, both of em. I never heard from them again after that shit. Next thing you know I was speaking at the memorial."

MP3: @Eyerone - "Better Than Nothin"

Courtesy RMG:

MP3: Eyerone - "Better Than Nothin"

Eyerone releases the latest track off of his InVitro EP. The track features production from Chemist Productions, and this is definitely one of the highlights of this project. Get to know more about Eyerone by checking out the new website, Powered by Revo Media.

Hulkshare: .
Soundcloud: .

MP3: Ciara f/ 2 Chainz - "Sweat"

MP3: Ciara f/ 2 Chainz - "Sweat"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: "@Murs & @TabiBonney Are Besties"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: "Murs & Tabi Bonney Are Besties"

Murs' most recent release is Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl, his album and graphic novel collaboration with Josh Blaylock. He recently curated Through The Mic, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's first-ever hip-hop concert series, and this year's installment of his annual Paid Dues festival featured Wu-Tang Clan, Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Repping D.C. by way of Togo, Tabi is best known for his 2006 debut album A Fly Guy's Theme and his collaborations with Wale, Raheem DeVaughn and Murs. He is also an accomplished designer and director. Besties will continue in the fall.

Video: @ShaStimuli - "Volume"

From C2C:

Video: Sha Stimuli - "Volume"

Official Video for Sha Stimuli "Volume" (Produced by V-Lad) from the new album, The Calling presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

Video: @SCKNOWS Talks to French Montana

From Rahn James:

Video: SCKNOWS Talks to French Montana

Before the Houston stop on the Club Paradise tour with Drake a few weeks back, French Montana sat down with SCKNOWS on his tour bus and shed some light on topics such as his relationship with Houston artists, what he expects from his debut album, performing Stay Schemin for the FIRST time live with ALL of the members of the song, clarification of the joint venture between Bad Boy and MMG amongst others. Enjoy.

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