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Video: Black Rob Talks Diddy & Bad Boy

From Future Hype iMag:

Video: Black Rob Talks Diddy & Bad Boy

Download: Rewd Adams - "Rewd Awakening"

From 730Promo:

Download: Rewd Adams - "Rewd Awakening"

He’s only gone and done it, most folk, after building themselves a nice little buzz and bagging a healthy amount of one’s to watch last year [THE GUARDIAN / METRO / THE INDEPENDENT / BBC 1XTRA etc] would have stuck to plan A and ran with it! But no, not in the world of Drew Turnbull, formerly Skandal now known as REWD ADAMS!

REWD AWAKENING marks the start of a new phase and anyone that’s familiar with his last output will notice that the levels have risen yet again. He’s still got that slap in your face delivery and the dirtiest canvas of audio bullets to paint on [provided by JETSUN / SIVEY / M-PHAZESTALIB KWELI, REDMAN / JON PHONICS / ED STRONG / LOUDMOUTH MELVIN & BEAT BUTCHA – MAC MILLER, JADAKISS] but there’s a certain assurance and an added something to his performance that doesn’t go unnoticed this time round.

Download the Rewd Awakening, Free Album NOW from


1. - Rewd Awakening
2. - Rookie
3. - This
4. - Everyday (Feat. Black The Ripper)
5. - Go
6. - Wish Myself Away (Feat. Graziella)
7. - Hurt
8. - Drift Away (Feat. Black The Ripper)
9. - Struggle (Feat. Neenah)
10. - I Know
11. - Questions
12. - Promise
13. - Kill 'em With The Flow (Feat. Klashnekoff & P Money) 04:08

    Rewd Awakening, The Free Album!
    Features: P Money, Klashnekoff, Black The Ripper, Graziella And Neenah.
    Production from: Beat Butcha, Sivey, M-Phazes, Jetsun, Jon Phonics, Ed Strong and Loudmouth Melvin

Follow Rewd Adams on Twitter @RewdAdams
MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents Damani - "Duh-Mah Nee"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents Damani - "Duh-Mah Nee"

Here's a new one by Damani that further explains his character so to speak.

1. A world renown player
2. Of, or having anything to do with the city of Inglewood, California

Origin: Mid 16h century, perhaps related Benin, Yoruba tribe

Damani was the first person to wear a Mink to a PETA meeting; and it was ok.


Off the album "On Vacation From Vacation" dropping February 23rd. Features from Snoop Dogg, Crooked I and more.

Video: Big Ben f/ Genesis Elijah, Stylah - "Scuff It Out"

From 730Promo:

Video: Big Ben f/ Genesis Elijah, Stylah - "Scuff It Out"

Video: Dyme Def - "Timeless"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Dyme Def - "Timeless"

Video: Yung Berg's "The Road to Humble Greatness Episode #2"

From Nancy B:

Video: Yung Berg's "The Road to Humble Greatness Episode #2"

PR: The Aztext Gear Up For "Who Cares If We're Dope Part 2"

From Melanie J Cornish:

The Aztext Gear Up For "Who Cares If We're Dope Part 2"

The Aztext are no strangers to the Hip-Hop scene, having shared the stage with the likes of One Be-Lo, Zion I, Krumb Snatcha, Afrika Bambatta, Snoop Dogg, Planet Asia, Wordsworth, Akrobatik, Mac Lethal, Q-Unique, and Brother Ali.

After releasing the first installment of their WHO CARES IF WE'RE DOPE with producer E-Train to stellar reviews the prolific Vermont duo are gearing up to release their 'second episode.' This project sees the duo, Learic and Pro team up with San Francisco head-nod King, Touchphonics for the five track EP.

The EP, which will be released through Elevated Press Records on February 22nd, embraces a variety of sounds as The Aztext display their lyrical capabilities while working with selected producers. Allowing themselves the chance to dabble with sounds and bring on board different producers for each Episode, The Aztext are giving the listener the opportunity to share their studio experience as their sound evolves.

To allow people to experience what is in store with WHO CARES IF WE'RE DOPE, The Aztext are unleashing a track from the EP which will validate their mic presence as well as their genuine appreciation for the Hip-Hop culture.


"Who Cares If We're Dope Vol.2, for me, was a much needed return to hip hop after taking a break from the genre for a while. This EP has a different sound from a lot of the stuff out right now and each song has a different sound from the others on the EP. Some how though, Vol. 2 still maintains a natural flow where you can tell all the tracks fit together."  -Touchphonics

"Who Cares if We're Dope Vol.2 showcases exactly what we were hoping to accomplish with our Seasons concept.  This Episode has certain tracks, that we might have never consider jumping on, had it not been for Touchphonics' influence... When a producer doesn't have to consider the 'feel' of the overall album, they can be themselves and truly bring their own vibe.  We look forward to collaborating with musicians of all genres as the Seasons roll by - but in Volume 2, we found sound that we might have to revisit over and over!" - Pro

"This project allowed us to do what we could never do on an individual album.  Each EP is like us being in a room with that producer making music.  We've always enjoyed working with each producer on our last 2 albums but this allows us the chance to have each of those connections stand alone as separate pieces but all under the same umbrella, which is depicted as 'the season.'  It allows the listener to find which particular sound they might prefer rather than spending their $ on one album."  - Learic

PR: DJ Smallz Fear Factor Music Group January Recap

From DJ Smallz:

DJ Smallz Fear Factor Music Group January Recap


The Renegades (Fear Factor Music Group/We The Best Music) garner their first major single placement with DJ Khaled's first single from his forthcoming "We The Best Forever" LP titled "Welcome To My Hood" featuring Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain

Watch behind the scenes footage of the music video now!


DJ Tech-Neek (Fear Factor Music Group) laces up Parlae (of Dem Franchize Boyz) with an infectious street record featuring Detroit's Trick Trick

Watch the "Body Bag" music video now!


Rich Kidd, the newest signee on DJ Khaled's We The Best Music imprint has the streets buzzing about his first single "Watch Me Do My Thang" produced by The Renegades (Fear Factor Music Group / We The Best Music)

Watch Rich Kidd Perform "Watch Me Do My Thang" at King of Diamonds in Miami now!

For media inquiries & tracks by Fear Factor Music Group, contact HERE

MP3: Talib Kweli f/ Cyhi Da Prynce - "I'm On One (Remix)"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Talib Kweli f/ Cyhi Da Prynce - "I'm On One (Remix)"





MP3/Video: Big Sid f/ Brian Angel - "Felt Right"

From Nancy B:

MP3/Video: Big Sid f/ Brian Angel - "Felt Right"

San Angelo, TX - There has been a changing of the guard in Texas' music scene over the last couple of years with a whole new regiment of up-and-coming rappers storming the castle, ready to plant their flag. Among them is San Angelo's Big Sid; a recent OGPR acquisition, who has been bubbling up from the streets of his city and is now making his way onto radio around the region at about 45 spins a week. The "it" song is "Felt Right ft. Brian Angel" - a head-nodding, up-tempo jam of the kind that makes being stuck in traffic almost palatable.

Big Sid learned to craft songs in an almost too-perfect manner; starting out as a music engineering intern at EMF Studios at the age of 16. As his interest moved towards making songs of his own, he began investing the money made at this part-time job into booking recording sessions of his own, the products of which gained him the opportunity to open up at the Third Coast Music Awards.

Big Sid spent the next 2 years honing his skills by performing with other local artists, dropping his first solo effort, entitled "Southern Comfort" in 2003. The debut featured Big Moe, DJ DMD ("25 Lighters" ), D-Reck and Towdown. The subsequent "chopped & screwed' version featured Paul Wall.

Since then there have been many hours logged driving back and forth between San Angelo and Houston, working alongside J. Lacy of E.A.R. & Lion's Den Recordings, developing his sound. The results of all of that grinding can be heard on the "" mixtape dropping this month and his upcoming EP, "Money and Motivation" set to drop March 8th.

A video to "Felt Right" will be shot in L.A. during Grammy Weekend and hitting a TV screen near you soon.


"Felt Right" ft. Brian Angel (Day 26) - .

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