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Video: Constant Deviants - "Fulton Street"

Video: Constant Deviants - "Fulton Street"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Fresh off Constant Deviants' recently released mixtape, Platinum, comes the video for "Fulton Street." The song is an ambient ode to Brooklyn by rapper M.I. and producer DJ Cutt, who split their time between Baltimore and New York City, and the duo worked with iHenry of Above Ground Studios and Jimmy Powell to shoot the video, appropriately, on the legendary street from which the song title pulls its name.

The visual is a behind-the-scenes glance at the inspiration for the song, with shots of M.I. writing lyrics and getting tattooed at a Brooklyn parlor, matched against a variety of landmarks and striking imagery from the neighborhood. "Since 'Fulton Street' represents Brooklyn so much, we had to do it right in the middle of Bed-Stuy, where it's undeniably Brooklyn," explains M.I. "I'm from Baltimore, but lived in the Stuy for a long time, so it is a part of me now."

Bishop Lamont x Big Pooh x Chali 2Na - "Music's All I Got"

Bishop Lamont x Big Pooh x Chali 2Na x Dave New York - "Music's All I Got"

Courtesy Dialect Project.

Hip Hop is back with a vengeance!! Just when you thought real hip-hop was becoming extinct, music Guru Dave New York blessed us with a poetic new track, off his up-coming compilation album. The first single "Music's All I Got" features west coast heavy hitter Bishop Lamont, Big Pooh, Chali 2Na & production by Astronote. This track will be sure to generate noise and capture your attention through its unprecedented storytelling.

The poignant project will be released via Diocese Record Label. Expect an All-star line up of hip hop icons to comprise the project; that range from Common, to Raekwon, Talib Kweli, & Black Thought, just to name a few.

> 'Music's All I Got' avaliable on itunes. Click|+Greetings+format+Ready&utm_campaign=3b18d8c410-Random_Blogs11_11_2011&utm_medium=email to preview the track.

Video: Spider Loc f/ It's Nique - "I'mma Get Mine"

Video: Spider Loc f/ It's Nique - "I'mma Get Mine"

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"New video from Spider Loc."

PR: Jimmy Cliff & Matisyahu Bring Reggae Cheer to the Holidays

PR: Jimmy Cliff & Matisyahu Bring Reggae Cheer to the Holidays

Courtesy 'Stache Media.


Record Store Day was conceived four years ago as a celebration of the independent record store. It's the one day a year that artists and retailers come together to celebrate the unique culture of the record store, and during that day (celebrated on the third Saturday every April), there are tons of exclusive titles made available specifically to independent music retail.

As an adjunct to Record Store Day, there are several titles being released exclusively to participating record stores on November 25th, otherwise known as Black Friday. This date is generally acknowledged to be the official kickoff to the holiday season, and is also the biggest shopping day of the year. Two of these titles come from a pair of legendary artists who have achieved success in the reggae and pop genres.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy Cliff
will be releasing his  first studio effort in seven years, the Sacred Fire EP, through Collective Sounds on November 29th . It was produced by Rancid's  Tim Armstrong and features a combination of originals and covers. For Black Friday,  fans will be able to purchase a limited edition colored 12-inch vinyl version of the EP, which will feature an exclusive track entitled "World Upside Down."  Rolling Stone magazine reports that "working with Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Cliff cuts his best music in decades." Jimmy Cliff will be releasing a brand new full-length studio album in early 2012.

Meanwhile, Matisyahu is releasing an uplifting song entitled "Miracle," which was produced by Dr. Luke protégé Kool Kojak (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, FloRida). has already called "Miracle" "the greatest Chanukah song ever," and Matisyahu himself says "I wanted to try to get across some of the depth and spirituality inherent in the holiday in a fun, celebratory song." A limited edition 7" vinyl version of the song is being released through Fallen Sparks/Thirty Tigers on Black Friday, which features a B-side remix with a guest appearance by The Dub Trio.

For those in the New York area, Matisyahu will be doing a special performance Looney Tunes in West Babylon, NY on Black Friday (November 25th) at 12 PM.

>> Matisyahu in-store performance
@ Looney Tunes
Friday, November 25th
Store address/#: 34 Brookvale Ave, West Babylon, NY  11704/ (631) 587-7722

* in order to get access to this event, you must purchase a copy of the "Miracle" 7" single

MP3: B.o.B. f/ Big K.R.I.T., Bun B - "5 on the Kush"

MP3: B.o.B. f/ Big K.R.I.T., Bun B - "5 on the Kush"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Free Music Friday: Red Friday Edition

Why "Red Friday"? Because I have plenty of free music to give this week, you'll think it's Black Friday already. Although it's not, I just picked a different color for this pre-occasion.

Cocaine 80s' (Common & No I.D.) :: Ghost Lady

Common and No I.D. Need I say anything else? I'm mad at myself for sleeping on this EP, but here it is in full detail before Common's "The Dreamer, The Believer"  comes out. Check it out!

1. Nameless
2. Summer Madness
3. To Tell You The Truth
4. Get You Some
5. Not No More
6. Nothing
7. Anywhere But Here

Lil B :: BasedGod Velli

BasedGod back! BasedGod back! That's all these BasedBelievers screamin' that BasedGod back! And he's apparently in the form of the late 2Pac, where he gives his own "BasedGod Velli," which fans could love or hate (as of this time, no comment has been made from the Shakur estate). This mixtape/album/whateveritiz includes his self-proclaimed classic single "I Got Aids," which actually does encourage STD testing. It may be the dopest song he ever wrote in '11. Holler if you hear him! BASED LIFE~!

1. BasedGod Velli
2. The Realist Ever
3. What You Think About It
4. I Got Aids
5. Thugs Jurnal
6. Ghetto Dreams
7. Never Came Out
8. Crabs N A Bucket
9. King Cotton
10. Cold Nights In Boston
11. Clouds
12. Up In Smoke
13. Let Shit Slide
14. Goodby BasedGod Velli

Ludacris :: 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time

Man, I've heard plenty about this Ludacris mixtape before I even downloaded it! I heard that there were tracks that allegedly dissed Big Sean, Drake, and even his own Field Mob crew. Word?! Well, whether it's true or not, Ludacris took his style back to 1999 - where he was hungry to be a huge star that he is now. Let's take it back into time!

1.Intro (Produced by Tone Mason)
2.Save It For Another Day (Produced by M 16)
3.Rich & Flexin' ft. Waka Flocka (Produced by FKi)
4.Muthafucka Can U Buy That (Produced by Drugs)
5.History Lesson (Interlude)
6.Bada Boom (Produced by Wonder)
7.Say It To My Face ft. Meek Mill (Produced by Juicy J)
8.I Aint The One ft. 2 Chainz (Produced by Fat Boi)
9.Shake and Fries ft. Gucci Mane (Produced by Fat Boi)
10.Do Sumthin Strange ft. Rick Ross (Produced by Drumma Boy)
11.I'm On Fire ft. Big K.R.I.T. (Produced by Mike Will)
12.What U Smoking On ft. Wiz Khalifa (Produced by Big K.R.I.T.)

Me :: ThisIsMe

Producer E-Leven is from France and the rapper Continental T is from Houston, yet it's interesting that the both can connect to form a rap group simply known as ME. Discovered by platinum producer/singer Ryan Leslie, ME takes time to release this album-quality mixtape to make sure everyone discovers their sound as well. Check ME out!

1. Declaration
2. Wannabeez
3. Momentum
4. The Courage
5. SBS
6. The Fsaud (f/ Medi)
7. In the City of Angels
8. Mister T
9. My Life is a Friday
10. H.I.S
11. Subliminal
12. iPhone
13. D Day
14. Mr. Unlucky
15. Transition
16. The Journey

Mick Boogie :: My Adidas

So Mick Boogie got a mixtape sponsored by Adidas. What does he do with it? Gathers many producers and emcees to pay homage to Adidas-rockin' Run-D.M.C., one of the greatest rap groups in history, with tracks that are remakes of many of their greatest hits. Rapper Big Pooh, Bun B, Skillz, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Money Making Jam Boys, Kidz in the Hall, and more gives respect wehre it's due to the three kings from Queens. Forever salute to JMJ.

1. 6th Sense - Intro
2. Rapper Big Pooh & Skillz - Run's House [prod. by Mick Boogie & nVMe]
3. Interlude: Rapper Big Pooh
4. Tanya Morgan, 6th Sense & Nitty Scott, MC - Down With The King [prod. by 6th Sense]
5. DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Señor Kaos - Peter Piper [prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff]
6. Interlude: DJ Jazzy Jeff
7. Kidz In The Hall - Sucker MC's [prod. by Double 0]
8. GLC - Rock Box [prod. by Makeshift]
9. Interlude: GLC
10. Bun B, The Kid Daytona, & Chip Tha Ripper - It's Like That [prod. by Amtrac]
11. Money Making Jam Boys - Beats To The Rhyme [prod. by nVMe]
12. Interlude: Sugar Tongue Slim (MMJB)
13. Bonus Track: Travis Porter - My Adidas (produced by Greg Street and FKI)

BONUS: A Mick Boogie mixtape entitled "The Race," influenced by the new video game "Need for Speed: The Run."

Quan :: The Struggle

Many may recognize Quan from Nas's 2004 hit "Moment of Silence." Quan has been doing his thing since then, including this mixtape titled "The Struggle." This mixtape serves as an appetizer before his main course album, "Glorious Struggle," drops in 2012. Many emcees and producers guests on this mixtape such as Asher Roth, Jake One, and Nottz Raw.

1. Struggle (Intro)
2. There'z Been a Murder (Freestyle)
3. Gotta Let Me Go [prod. by C.O.D.]
4. Feel So Good [prod. by Jake One]
5. Won't Tell Dat (Freestyle)
6. I Do It [prod. by Nottz Raw]
7. Get Away [prod. by Nottz Raw]
8. Summertime (f/ Asher Roth)
9. Merry Go Round [prod. by C Duckettz]
10. Boyfriendz Room (Freestyle)
11. Struggle (Outro)

yU :: A Garbage Beat Tape

Yeah, this beat tape is garbage alright. Garbage meaning DOPE! If anyone's looking for dope instrumentals to rap over or just to sit back and mellow to, then this one is for you. You won't throw this away to your recycle bin, trust!

1. Interlude One (Intro)
2. Do You (I'm Gonna)
3. A Bend
4. Durt (Love is No Play Thing)
5. Interlude Two (Large 2 Car Garage)
6. iKnow Nothing
7. Seven and a Half
8. Where is God
9. The Ohm
10. Interlude Three (The OVER Explanation)
11. Still (Instro feat. King Tut on Flute)
12. El(o)hsee
13. Ahh (feat. King Tut on Sax)
14. A Box Beat
15. Interlude Three (The Strike of 1968)
16. The Pretender
17. Interlude Five (10x Outta 10)
18. Land of Hopes
19. Indi-er
20. MelloDeeze
21. Outro

That's it for the "Red Edition" of Free Music Friday. If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

Video: DJ Premier's Favorite Production on an Album

Video: DJ Premier's Favorite Production on an Album

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"What's your favorite DJ Premier production?"

MP3: Waxx - "It's On" (P's & B's New Single)

MP3: Waxx - "It's On" (P's & B's New Single)

Courtesy Chocolate City Live Media Group.



Audio: Shawn J of Field Mob Calls Ludacris a Bitch

Audio: Shawn J of Field Mob Calls Ludacris a Bitch

Courtesy HHA and Futuristic Blogger.

Former DTP member Shawn J of "Field Mob" Finally break his silence after hearing Ludacris diss record Yesterday "Say It to my Face" On The New Mixtape 1.21 giga watts "Luda Is Pu**y and I will say it to his face. I seen my ringtones on sale on BET and wanted to Know where my check at. ludacris is a Bitch, He's Pu**y and I'm Going in on him from here on out."

Download: yU - "A Garbage Beat Tape"

Download: yU - "A Garbage Beat Tape"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

yU, the DMV emcee and member of Diamond District and The 1978ers, is preparing for the release of his follow up to last years critically acclaimed Before Taxes. On December 13th, yU will release his sophomore album The EARN. To kick off his campaign yU has decided to show off of his skills as a producer by giving away a free 23 track instrumental project humorously titled "A Garbage Beat Tape."

yU's foray into production on A Garbage Beat Tape is nothing short of stellar. The wordsmith puts in work with ASR-XPro to produce a concept driven instrumental album on par with Prince Paul and Madlib productions. The project makes light of how seriously people can sometimes take things. "It's a thin line between quality and garbage. It's really up to each person to decide. One man's trash is another man's treasure," says yU. Refuse recycled into royalty.

Upcoming: The EARN:
After garnering success with Oddisee and Diamond District, then his solo debut Before Taxes, which was named to the Best of 2010 List by HipHopDX, Al Lindstrom,, Passion Weiss, and Above Ground Mag, yU sharpened his skills through performances on a European tour and appearances at CMJ, SXSW, A3C, and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Now, yU is back with his sophomore pro ject The Earn a progression that is as fluid, lyrical, and thought provoking as his critically acclaimed debut. His new album, The E arn, is a timely meditation on the struggle to advance, set afire by yU's potent wordplay. The EARN features production from Grammy Nominated Kokayi, Kev Brown, Charlie Ross, Slimkat78, Roddy Rod, 00Genesis, The Unknown, Usef Dinero, Cho ppy Chope, and yU himself. The new album also features vocals from Nicholas Ryan Gant, Duff, Imani Bilal, King Tut, Bilal Salaam, Danedra Rowell, and Diamond District. Save room on your Best of 2011list for The EARN!

Audio: Free Download: yU - A Garbage Beat Tape
* *

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