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MP3: A.Dd+ - "Genocide"

MP3: A.Dd+ - "Genocide"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Having moved beyond their recent LP, When Pigs Fly, and still putting the finishing touches on their new EP, a project that will include production from Black Milk, S1, Picnictyme, and others, Dallas duo A.Dd+ continues to release a string of new, quality tracks they're now packaging and releasing them as a collection of free, non-album singles packaged as "Loosies." The latest in this line of new freebies for the fans is "Genocide," easily one of the most aggressive tracks that duo Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun have released to date.

"We're drawing a line between the music we make and the BS that Dallas is mostly known for," say A.Dd+, citing their inspiration for the track. "We represent a new wave of artists here, with more diversity and substance – and we're proud of that." And as bold as the statement is from the two rappers, the beat is with them step-for-step, a raucous affair full of grinding synths and lively vocal chops, that was produced by Brain Gang Blue and co-produced by Picnictyme. "King Blue just gave me a beat and he said, 'Make sure that you rock it'/ 'Bout a year ago, big bro gave us a key to the city, said, 'Here, ni**a, lock this bitch," raps Slim Gravy, "Mold with the old/ Grow with the new/ Ni**a die, pick a side/ Any two, gonna lose/ Gotta pick one!"

Download "Genocide" here: and .

Video: Vic Freeze - "The Season"

Video: Vic Freeze - "The Season"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

This time Cali-sized withproducer/emcee Rey Resurreccion. "The Season" is the lastest single off "Reluctant Star". Catch these two real soon as they have a collaborative effort in the works, along with Paulie Rhyme.

MP3: Magestik Legend f/ Fes Roc - "Feel What I Feel (Remix)"

MP3: Magestik Legend f/ Fes Roc & Audible Doctor "Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)"

Courtesy Audible Doctor.

Brown Bag AllStars member The Audible Doctor has been busy this year working on his solo projects as well as Brown Bag projects and producing for tracks for various artists. To hold the fans over until the upcoming releases are finished he's decided to drop a remix project featuring some of the artists he's currently working with.

Today we bring you the first leak off the project, a remix of Magestik Legend's "Feel What I Feel". The full "2011: Year Of The Audible Doctor Remix" project is set to drop later this year and will feature remixes from The Brown Bag AllStars, Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic, Blacastan, Boog Brown, Trek Life, Magestik Legend & More!

Magestik Legend "Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)" Feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor:

MP3: Herb McGruff f/ Benefit, Profit - "Hustlers Code"

MP3: Herb McGruff f/ Benefit, Profit - "Hustlers Code"

Courtesy PR Dean.

* *

MP3: Ludacris f/ Big K.R.I.T. - "I'm On Fire"

MP3: Ludacris f/ Big K.R.I.T. - "I'm On Fire"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

J-Zone Book Excerpt: When Rappers Are Forced to Get Day Jobs

J-Zone Book Excerpt: When Rappers Are Forced to Get Day Jobs

Courtesy Kenny Hoggin$.

Here's another excerpt from Root For The Villain: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure.

Wall Street is occupied. Your college degree is a laminated dustpan; now you need a Ph.D. to put holes in donuts. Becky with the million dollar Master's degree in education is teaching alright...teaching the new girl at the bar how to make Tequila Sunrises. So where does that put a former rap artist? At one point in time, I made a living doing what I loved (being a musician). Today, I'm being told to get a respectable haircut and dress "business casual" to do no business and casually answer phones. When Yale graduates can't find work, you know rappers whose careers went kaput are in trouble!

Gotta laugh to keep from crying...or launch a new search engine (MC Hammer)...or juice a woman for money to record a comeback album (Tim Dog). But whatever you do, don't fall into the dead end job world like I did. It's a cold, cold (albeit hilarious) world. 

Click here to read about my hilarious foray into the world of dead end day jobs after life as a musician

Pre-orders for the book on Amazon, Create Space, and directly through me (with the super-limited audio book on cassette tape) officially start next week!
SKAM2? x Tactical Skateboarding Present: RE+animated Cannibal

SKAM2? x Tactical Skateboarding Present: RE+animated Cannibal

Courtesy Semp Rok.

SKAM2? teams up with to bring you sick visuals for a twisted piece of sonic mayhem. Andrew Reynolds (Baker), Peter Smolik (Skate Mafia) and Kellen James (Skate Mafia) are just a few of the heads throwing down some serious hammers in this clip vid chock-full of skate bangers, zombies and ghouls. Director Steve Celentani scores this piece with one of SKAM2?'s latest tracks, "Re+animated Cannibal" off the debut mixtape THE SKRONIK: How to Boil Vomit, out now and sponsored by HipHopDx and Public Wizard.

DubMD x Soul Clap Present "Soul Clap: The Beat Tape"

DubMD x Soul Clap Present "Soul Clap: The Beat Tape"

Courtesy DubMD84.

SoulClap is a Hip-Hop producer and DJ who loves digging records and sounds! The producers own a studio based in Bremen (Germany) where he produces classic records for legendary groups like Smif N Wessun (of Duck Down Records), and artists like Freeway, Epsilon Project, Doap Nixon (Jedi Mind Tricks), Those Chosen, Dominique Larue and up coming emcees like Chosen Few, King Myers, Marlon D, Dox Boogie and Kwoda, just to name a few that play host to his production credits.

The german producer has now decided to give something back to all the bloggers, emcees and music listeners worldwide, where you can now download some of the beatmakers bangers/creations for "FREE" to do with what you will on this exclusive beat-tape! DON'T SNOOZE...
01.) If Lovin You Is Wrong (Instrumental)
02.) Crazy About You (Instrumental)
03.) Lovely (Instrumental)
04.) No Words (Instrumental)
05.) Sahara (Instrumental)
06.) To My Soul (Instrumental)
07.) You (Instrumental)
08.) Crime Rate (Instrumental)
09.) See Your Smile (Instrumental)
10.) Could It Be (Instrumental)
11.) Wish You The Best (Instrumental)
12.) Jazz Thang (Instrumental)

* *

For more production or business inquiries contact: .
Visit his official website/production catalogue: .

MP3: Daily Bread - "The Note" (Gensu Dean Remix)

MP3: Daily Bread - "The Note" (Gensu Dean Remix)

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Hassaan Mackey, fresh off his A3C appearance in Atlanta is preparing for a few more shows, while his Daily Bread partner Apollo Brown is back in the lab fresh off his European tour with The Left.  Still the two have kept their nose to the grindstone and continue campaigning for their incredibly dope album Daily Bread.  The latest material to come out of the camp is a remix from Dallas, Texas based producer Gensu Dean (who produced for Crooked Letterz, Lord Jamar, Ol Dirty Bastard, Roc Marciano) of the track The Note.

The Song:
The Note [Gensu Dean Remix] is a serious, slightly ominous toned track starts with singing in what almost sounds like a call to prayer over a sitar.  Then Dean cuts up some drums, adds some bass stabs, and layers vocal chanting throughout the beat to create a thought provoking, heavy new edition of Apollo's original.
Additionally Dean drops a new chorus reflecting on those who are so caught up in the grind for money that they lose sight of the everyday folks - a sort of note to self to maintain focus on what's important even while some blaze up in their pursuit of materialism. Hassaan Mackey of course spits raw and reflects on writing, music, and the deals we make: "Looking at the paper like hmmm I'll take her."
The Album:

Back with that grit, tell the soundman to turn this sh*t up. New York MC Hassaan Mackey slangs words and onomatopoeia, rhymes like he wants to, and backs the whole room into a corner with a raw vision of the streets that pierces ordinary experience and gets at life’s marrow. Meanwhile Detroit producer Apollo Brown lays the sonic foundation with hard drums and big bass, while the crackle of vinyl hums. Gritty and soaked in soul, Daily Bread brings to mind an old photograph that bangs out the system. Each track is heavy with a sense of atonement, haunted by experience, and energized by a cathartic sense of hope. Give us our Daily Bread and forgive us our trespasses.

Audio: Free Download: Daily Bread - The Note [Gensu Dean Remix] .

MP3: Joe Galaxy f/ Renegade Foxxx - "BankRoll"

MP3: Joe Galaxy f/ Renegade Foxxx - "BankRoll"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

Joe Galaxy's latest single "BankRoll" featuring Renegade Foxxx came in as one of the TOP 5 MOST ADDED Singles on College Radio Charts for this week (10/23 - 10/29).

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