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Video: New Math Promo Reel #2 - EP Teaser (@newmathproject)

From The New Math:

Video: The New Math Promo Reel #2 - EP Teaser

So here it is friends.  We will still accept your images as we lead to the CD and digital release June 26 but please stay tuned.  We are grateful that our grass roots attempt to revive good music has not gone unnoticed and neither should your preferences and tastes.  Feel free to share these messages to anyone within your inner circle who you think deserves to hear quality music.  It will be your forward thinking and efforts that will help bring quality back to an oversaturated music market.

Audio: Tum Tum f/ B-Hamp, Dorrough Music - "Yeah Doe"

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Audio: Tum Tum f/ B-Hamp, Dorrough Music - "Yeah Doe"

HULK Entertainment presents "Yeah Doe", the latest single from Tum Tum featuring B-Hamp and Dorrough Music!  This track was produced by Bux Productions, and will be available on iTunes in June! 

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MP3: Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne - "What Your Girl Like"

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne - "What Your Girl Like"

Courtesy M3W.

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Video: Genesis the Greykid - "A Thought"

From RMG:

Video: Genesis the Greykid - "A Thought"

"So recently I was put on to a new video from VA native, Genesis The Greykid, and I've been hearing about him a lot of the past couple of years so with all of the moves he has been making  lately, he was the perfect person to feature."

Video: Boycott Blues f/ REKS - "iNEED" (@therealreks)

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Boycott Blues f/ REKS - "iNEED"

On Thin Ice Records presents Boston emcee Boycott Blues' music video for "iNEED", the new single from iMERICAN BOY: The Hungrrr Games Vol. 1. The song features fellow Massachusetts representative Reks, was produced by NYC beatsmith Potent George, and was shot by Think Forward Media. Blues dropped the Clinton Sparks-hosted R.I.P. City Mixtape in 2009, following up the same year with his solo debut album Irony featuring contributions from Consequence and Insight. iMERICAN BOY marks Blues' third release this year, alongside the DeeJay Nestle Quick-hosted Duck My Sick Mixtape and the Discipline EP. iMERICAN BOY features Edo G, Qupid The Sticky Mama, EzDread, Lucky Dice and Beantown Bricks. Blues describes "iNEED" as "a social commentary on the vices that influence the urban community and the culture of Hip Hop."

Adam's World Weekly 6/4 - Joy & Pain (@AdamsWorldBlog)

Welcome to the new week everyone. Last week really strange for me as it was filled with some incredible highs and lows that happened in quick succession. On Thursday night Kevin Pereira, who I've interviewed and have a great deal of respect for, left G4 and his position as host of Attack of the Show. I wish him nothing but the best, but turning my TV on at 7pm will never be the same. On the flipside, Johan Santana pitched the Mets' first no hitter in team history on Friday night, and it truly doesn't get much better than that.

Hopefully you'll consider everything I have for you in this week's update as a Johan Santana-esque high. I have three interviews for your reading pleasure starting w/ my Q&A w/ former Antigone Rising lead singer Cassidy, who now goes by the stage name Bohème. I also have a fun interview with Cobi Mike of the Boston based band Gentlemen Hall, and a discussion about party oriented rap music with Miami's FYAH. Pop Shots is all new and especially snarky, and this week's Vid Pick is something very Christian Slater oriented from Bubble Geese.

If you dig any of these features please feel free to forward this email to a friend. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, and enjoy!

Bohème’s Got A Brand New Bag - Soulful Pop Singer Blazes Her Own Path

What’s in a name? For Bohème (pronounced bo-em), a heck of a lot.

The former lead singer for the band Antigone Rising can’t go by her real name, Cassidy, because a certain “I’m a Hustla” rapper has already made it famous, so when she decided to leave her band in 2008 she had to come up with something new. It’s actually kind of appropriate being that she entered a new stage in her career, has a new soulful musical vision, and a fresh outlook on life.

So Bohème it was, and still is, and big things are happening for her. The video for her new single, “Blind Spot,” hit, and throughout June she has a Tuesday night residency at The Mint in LA. Before she hit the stage there, however, she sat down with me and revealed some of the craziness sharing her name with a rapper brought on, how her solo effort, Follow The Freedom, differs from the music she made as a member of Antigone Rising, and the unique aspect of old school rock n roll she misses the most.

Read all the full interview at:

Pop Shots - Too Much Idolatry

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from the plethora of American Idol news that includes happenings involving their new winner, two old winners, a judge, and two former contestants, to an attempt at a unique musical milestone, to an artist that totally wants to get you into bed, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

Read the full column at:

Miami Hip-Hop Duo Looks To Set The World On FYAH


Partying is universal. Everyone likes to do it, even if we don’t all define “party” in the same way. The Miami duo FYAH recognized this, and when they released their single “Party,” the video for it became an instant hit, racking up over 200,000 views on YouTube.

FYAH consists of lifelong friends B-Wick and Krispy Keem (pictured Left to Right), and over the Memorial Day weekend they were all over Miami helping people have fun, performing at numerous clubs, a car show, and as a part of a large radio station event at Sun Life Stadium. Currently, FYAH are prepping their next mixtape, as well as an official album, and they’re booking shows for a trip to Canada. Somehow, in the midst of this busy schedule of performing and recording, B-Wick and Krispy Keem found the time to sit down with me to discuss their decision to embrace a more pop oriented version of hip-hop rather than one of hip-hop’s other subgenres, how a contest radically altered their career, and what the nightlife in Miami is like in even the most unassuming of bars.

Read the full interview at:

Gentlemen Hall - A Little Bit Of Everything

Guitars, synths, and even a flute all play a part in the unique sound of the Boston based band Gentlemen Hall. Armed with two lead vocalists, the group has the ability to keep a crowd energized for hours, which is exactly what they did on their recent US tour. In the midst of that tour, I caught up with one of the group’s lead singers/guitarists, Cobi Mike, to find out more about the band, why they loved rocking MIT frat parties, and how they continue to find new ways to incorporate so many instruments and sounds into each of their songs. Cobi also filled me in on what people can expect from their latest effort, the six song EP When We All Disappear, and why people should rush to their site to download it for free.

Read the full story at:

Vid Pick: Bubble Geese - Christian Slater

See the video at:

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.
The Hip-Hop Shop #176 - New Ish I Like (Commercial Free Show)

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #176 is New Ish I Like (Commercial Free Show). Host Steve 'Flash' Juon kicks off the summer season with a commercial free episode PACKED with music from V!rtu, Kool Keith, Illmaculate, J.Rhodes and more! Please send your feedback to or @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Trafek & V!rtu f/ Doc Vaporz - Ups & Downs (@virtumusic @DocVaporz)
* Kool Keith f/ Big Sche - Jedi Supreme (@UltraMan7000)
* Alterbeats f/ Chief Kamachi, Kromeatose & Block McCloud - TV Screen (@alterbeats @CHIEFKAMACHI @kromeatose @BlockMcCloud)
* Illmaculate f/ Inspectah Deck, OnlyOne - How You Do That (@illmaculate @INSpectahDECKWU)
* J.Rhodes - Beastie Boys (@J_Rhodes)
* Max Ptah f/ DVS - The First Time (Again)
* BiBz - Heading Out Tonight (@bibzthadon)

Adam Bernard's Notar Birthday Photo Gallery for May 31st

Adam Bernard's Notar Birthday Party Photo Gallery for May 31st

May 31st, 2012
Canal Room, NYC

Notar, Rabbi Darkside, Tah Phrum Duh Bush

Video: @ChazRaps on Eyedea, Jersey Shore, Hangar 18 & More!

Video: @ChazRaps on Eyedea, Jersey Shore, Hangar 18 & More!

Acclaimed hip-hop artist and "Freestyle Friday" guru Chaz Kangas joined us for an interview to promote his album "A Personal Reference" (free at to download) and talk about various topics including (but not limited to) how influential Eyedea was as an artist, how Eyedea's career paralleled Eminem's, working with artists like Hangar 18, Mac Lethal and Homeboy Sandman on "A Personal Reference," and the unique tie to Jersey Shore his album has!

Positivity Returns to the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset 2012

Video: Positivity Returns to the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset 2012

Video by One Light Collective
Song: Atmosphere - "Modern Man's Hustle"

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