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@TheRealBanner "Peoples 2" produced by Chin Injeti (@tnr_chin)

From Rodney @ WW:

David Banner "Peoples 2" produced by Chin Injeti

David Banner's appearance on Chin Injeti's "Peoples Mixtape" is the final advance single before its July 17 release via Wandering Worx as a free download.  In the track "Peoples 2" produced by Chin, David Banner comes with a style far removed from his earlier works such as "Like A Pimp". "Play", and "Get Like Me".  Weather it's the raw production of Chin's hard hitting drums and the ringing church organ that sounds anything but angelic, or just a musical change for Banner, the Mississippi MC approaches the record with aggression and heavy punchlines from a roaring voice box. 

Listen/Artwork/Download via BandCamp 

Listen/Stream via SoundCloud (Download Links Back to Bandcamp)

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David Banner Facebook Twitter

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Timothy Rhyme x 2012 Underground Music Awards Nominee

From Arab @ First Dirt:

Timothy Rhyme x 2012 Underground Music Awards Nominee

I NEVER fwd messages.  But I needed everyone to see it for themselves because I still dont believe its true.  While on the road on this tour, things keep unfolding.  As we settle in Seattle and log on to check emails, I stumble across a message about an awards show.  I click it open, scroll down, and what do I see?  Well go see for yourself (scroll down).  I have been nominated West Coast Artist of the Year.  This is no bootleg competition.  This is an annual ceremony that focuses on artists that fail to get notoriety through mainstream media.

All I have to all of you is.....THANK YOU.  Im nothing without the solid support of my friends and family.  This is such an honor for me and to find this out while on my 1st nationwide tour is making this that much more memorable. 


Timothy Rhyme (aka A.R.A.B.)
First Dirt
Co-Founder / Artist
* *

Indie Power
Indie Entertainment Summit || No. Hollywood || Aug 1-5
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Official "First Dirt 4 Paid Dues 2013" Sponsor
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Video: Change - "Murder One (Freeverse)" (@changehiphop)

From Change:

Video: Change - "Murder One (Freeverse)"

The concept behind the #YouTube16s series revolves around facilitating consistent rhyme writing. The series also allows Change to begin sharpening his craft behind the camera, as he begins adding Videography to his already robust portfolio  as an Audio Engineer: This video shows change in his home studio, recording and flexing his adept skills as a lyricist behind the mic.

#ohmconfigabeats Results!!! @Configa

From Configa:

#ohmconfigabeats Results!!!

I just again wanted to Big Up all of the entrants who have submitted their verses to for the chance to appear as a guest on my album due out in Winter 2012/Early 2013 entitled "Inside The Echo Chamber" and featuring the likes of Craig G, Chino XL, Kurtis Blow, and Nine amongst others; thank you for making this competition a success and for making it very difficult to judge. Somebody obviously has to win it, and as a former MC and now a producer, I'm all too aware of MC egos (it comes with the territory) - and yes, the judges have been brutally honest in their opinions - but let me tell you this, you have ALL gained my respect for entering and having the balls to put yourself in a position to be judged. In effect, there are no moral losers, so you can all keep your heads held high, unlike many others who downloaded the beat (I have the stats!) but were too scared or proscrastinated too much to enter. All talk, no action - you know the types. Anyway, take all of this as a posive experience and please, no feeling catchers. Like I said, you've already earned my respect 100%. Finally, many thanks and appreciation goes out to the judges of this competition who took time out to represent for me. Props!



* - Penfold

* - DarkoTheSuper


* - Young A.R.T


* - 40Winkz

* - Demize

* - John Vietnam

* - Shotta

* - Evil Genie

* - 10-20 tHA b-BOY aPOSTLe

* - MC MJ Ryder

* - Mickey Boston

* - Dilerium

* - Truth The Bard


The Break Down

1st Place = 10 Points

2nd Place = 8 Points

3rd Place = 6 Points

If the judges have given you an "honorable mention" you gain 2 Points

*Some judges have only given feedback on their favourites, some judges have given feedback on all contestants*

****The Winner (and top 5) is near the bottom of the Page - I want you to read everything first!!!!****


Judge - Configa (UK) - Surely Needing NO Introductions!!!

1) John Vietnam (10 Points) Clarity and flow were excellent. I was also feeling the cultural references that were dropped in to your lyrics (Afrika Bambaataa, and the "dumbing down" of hip-hop for example). Although it was an audio based competition we did encourage videos, and yours was highly entertaining throughout. Loved the "bounce" effect employed visually. Massive amounts of talent, to just come from outta nowehere and smash your 16 bars like that. Impeccable mic control from someone who has clearly mastered his art.Your high amount of views in a short space of time also impressed, it shows that you were actively encouraging pushing it/and or/ you have a deep fan-base already. I always appreciate my name being dropped. The only negative I can think of was that you're a serial competition entrant, but perhaps that's why it was such a solid entry in the first place.

2) Young A.R.T (8 Points) Until John V submitted, I thought you were nailed on to win. One of my friends, who's opinion I value, actually said at the time "Stop the competition, we have THE winner". Excellent confidence, clarity and one of the few entrants to actually MENTION other entrants (I know HaStyle loved that!!). I thought your flow was highly impressive for the most part, but was slightly put off by the way you punched in like 4 times, I always judge an MC by how they can spit their verses live. So the punching in WAS an issue to me. There was precious little to separate you and John V, and as Respect (Tha God) said to me, he might have been swayed if he could have seen your "swag". Maybe so, anyway, a very worthy second place for me. Appreciate the shout too.

Joint 3rd) T.D. Francis (6 Points) - I think you were the first guy to actually go ahead and spit that shit on cam. Your voice is possibly one of the best in the comp and your flow as ever was very much on point. For me, I've heard you a lot better lyrically as you know, and I think the fact you didn't memorise the rhyme to camera let you down. It's not great watching a static picture, but not much better watching someone read from a computer. John V memorized it and killed it. I agree with Respect again, if you had given yourself more time to write your BEST shit, memorised it, and not faded away over the last 4/5 bars you could have won this fam.

Joint 3rd) Dilerium (6 Points) - You surprised the hell out of me dude. You always seemed to give the impression that English wasn't your best, but you KILLED it, In Swedish you must be a BEAST!!! It was a pleasant surprise, lots of punchlines, great voice, flow on point. Just lacked the vocal clarity that a John V or a Young A.R.T had. No exceptional rhyme scemes either, but again this isn't your native tongue.

To show my appreciation, as I've mentioned above, to each and every one of you for having the balls to step up, I'm giving EVERYONE else an "honorable" 2 POINTS.


Judge - Jah Skillz (US) Again Needing NO introdutions - If you've ever heard Warren G's classic "Regulate...G Funk Era" then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Has worked with a who's who of the industry - including Xzibit, Ras Kass, Nate Dogg, The Outlawz, Sticky Fingaz, Kurupt, Roger Troutman and MC Lyte amongst others.

Joint 1st) Demize (10 POINTS) I like this guy, he proved to me that I wasnt being too hard on the other mc's with accents. If you you are going to be a spitter then people have to understand what's coming out of your mouth and it sounds even flyer with an accent. His flow was dope, lyrically he raised the bar...9!

Joint 1st) Young A.R.T (10 POINTS) Fly delivery, Fly lyrics, nice looks, like he said yall better take notes..he sets the bar@ 9!

2) Penfold (8 POINTS) ...Kinda nice 8!

Joint 3rd) John Vietnam (6 POINTS) can tell he is a true hip hop head, flow sounds kind of Drakeish tho, I give him a 7!

Joint 3rd) Mickey Boston (6 POINTS) ...great freestyle couldnt hear much but what I heard was cool 7!

Darko...Definitely ghostface influenced which is okay but just original 6!

TKO..Would be nice if I could hear the beat behind him but, he still sounded offbeat and no punchlines that caught me, okay flow, nice jacket...6

Truth the Bard...Kinda Corny looking, sorta dated ...6!

TD francis..I was on board for his rhyme in the beginning, then I checked out midway cause he seemed to check out too his effort earned him a 5!

Evil Genie..Flow and lyrics sound dated like some Das EFX or something 5!..I respect him reminiscin with a Fu Schnickens Flow

40Winks..nothing special, bout the looks or the rhyme, nice underground video effort though...4!

Dante...Offbeat, corny 4!

10-20...People need to hop out of their time warp with their flows and lyrics 3!

Dilerium....Can't get past the first few bars horrible 2!

Shotta...Couldn't finish listening..annoying to say the least 2!

MC MJ Ryder... Don't insult my art and my proffession, I can't take it 2!


Judge - Paul - OHM - (UK) (Co-Competition Organiser and Music Channel Owner and Co-Ordinator)

#1 - John Vietnam (10 POINTS)
Dude was sick, totally natural flow, sounded sharp as an arrow dude, totally effortless in a good way!

#2 - TD Francis (8 POINTS)
Liked this dude from the get go, reminded me of some old skool 95 shiiit!

#3 - Evil Genie (6 POINTS)
Liked the clowning in the video and I thought wow this is gonna be shit, but when the guy started spittin' I was like OK I wasn't expecting that!

Honorable Mention - 40Winkz (2 POINTS) - Gonna give this dude props as he was the first dude to go to the effort of making a video and it was an early entry that flowed with the beat, i also like different accents on beats, and he stood out, not the best lyrically but def potential

Honorable Mention - Dilerium (2 POINTS) Again I thought this flowed well and liked the whole Swede vibe ha ha!


Judge - Respect (Tha God) (US) - World Renowned Underground MC - Part of Jeru The Damaja's "Perverted Monks" Crew - has toured the US and Europe extensively, and has collaborated with the likes of Smif-n-Wessun, Da Beatminerz, PF Cuttin, Snowgoons and Afu Ru (who is also his Brother In Law). Appeared on Configa's last release "Calm Before The Storm"

1) John Vietnam (10 POINTS) (Grade: 9.0 / DOPE! Shocked me, dude has a bright future.

2) Young A.R.T (8 POINTS) (Grade: 9.0 / Fresh, flow is crack on the beat!! Dope Lyrics and Dope delivery.

Joint 3rd) Evil Genie (6 POINTS) (Grade: 8.5 / Dude was good but lost it midway through the joint and toward the end)
Joint 3rd) Mikey Boston (6 POINTS) (Grade: 8.5 / GOOD freestyle, Dope flow. Would have a higher grade if he kept it together like the above dudes)

Honourable Mentions

Dilerium (Grade: 8.0 (2 POINTS) / Big man went in / old wise man flow. A little too old though)

Truth The Bard (Grade: 7.5 (2 POINTS) / Dope voice, up and down flow though. Could be tighter)

Identify (Grade: 7.5 (2 POINTS) / Lyrics were dope but rushed his flow a lot)

TD Francis (Grade: 7.5 (2 POINTS) / Lyrics were dope, lost his flow big time toward the end. If you were to give him another chance he'd KILL it)

10-20 The B-Boy Apostle (Grade: 7.0 / Flow is OK, on point but he jacked a lot of other rappers flows & lyrics)

Demize (Grade: 7.0 / Lyrics were CRAZY!! Flow to the beat wasn't the great though. Sounded like he was reading it.)

MC MJ Ryder (Grade: 7.0 / He's having fun with it ! That's what hip-hop is all about. Just not enough to win on this night)

TKO MBE (Grade: 7.0 / Cool! I like what he did with flow change but didn't hold it for long)

Dante CK (Grade: 6.5 / Flow was cool, didn't jump right out at me. Grew as I listed though)

Penfold (Grade: 6.5 / Flow was cool but didn't jump right out at me. Grew as I listed though)

40 Winks (Grade: 6.5 / Different but cool.)

Shotta (Grade: 6.0 / Wasn't the best hip-hop reggae mash up I've heard and Freestyle is like 2nd nature to a reggae artist)

Darko The Super (Grade: 6.0 / Homie had some problems with his flow but his lyrics were cool)


Judge - SB - (UK) (Long time B-Boy and Hip Hop Advocate since the 1980s)

The Winner and 1st place goes to - Dilerium (10 POINTS) - Can't fault him on anything really, has great flow and lyrics. Has the best rapping and flow which makes him my winner. 9/10

2nd place goes to - John Vietnam (8 POINTS) - Pretty flawless on everything, has the best voice of the top two. Very good rapping and love his flow, good lyrics aswell - 9/10

3rd place goes to - Evil Genie (6 POINTS) - Not much to fault on him, doesn't have as much character in his voice as the top two. Has an excellent flow and a very good rapper, ok lyrics - 9/10

Honorable Mention - Mickey Boston (2 POINTS) Great rapper with good flow, love the lyrics - 8/10

Honorable Mention 40Winkz (2 POINTS) - Decent rapper with very good flow, ok lyrics - 8/10

Honorable Mention TD FRANCIS (2 POINTS) - Good rapper and brilliant flow, ok lyrics - 8/10

Honorable Mention DANTE CK (2 POINTS) - Ok on the flow, good rapping and lyrics - 8/10

Truth The Bard - Ok rapper let down by poor lyrics, not bad flow though - 7/10

Young A.R.T - Good rapper but flow let him down - didn't like the punching in, nice lyrics - 7/10

Identify - Not good flow or breath control, but has good lyrics - 6/10

Penfold - Poor flow and average rapper, ok lyrics - 6/10

TKO MBE - Had potential but generic lyrics and flow let him down - 6/10

10-20 tHA b-BOY aPOSTLe - Rapping ok in parts, awful flow and average lyrics - 5/10

Demize - Pretty good rapper with terrible flow, lyrics weren't bad - 5/10

DarkoTheSuper - Good potential again and nice lyrics, all let down by a terrible flow - 5/10

MC MJ Ryder - Ok rapper, let down by an average flow and crap lyrics - 4/10

Shotta - Awful rapper and his lyrics aren't much better, ok flow - 4/10


Judge - Adam Bernard (US) - (Long Time Hip-Hop Journalist and one of the Chief contributors to

1) DANTE CK (10 POINTS) - I immediately liked this guy the first time I listened to his verse. He has the combination of flow, lyricism, and personality. Repeat listens only strengthened my feeling about him.

2) John Vietnam (8 POINTS) - Dude was great. Had something to say, matched the beat.

3) Evil Genie (6 POINTS) - Great flow. Lots of personality.

Honorable Mentions

TD FRANCIS (2 POINTS) - There's a rawness to his style I liked.
40Winkz (2 POINTS) - Matched the beat perfectly.
Truth The Bard (2 POINTS) - Started off strong, but tailed off near the end.
Mickey Boston (2 POINTS) - I liked that he went with a concept rather than just spitting haphazardly.
Identify (2 Points) Not bad. I'd put him in my "also dug" category, although he really needs to learn some breath control!

Judge - Leddie (UK) - (MC/Producer - The First Female MC to be Tagged in to Rapper-Tag UK)

1) John Vietnam (10 POINTS) This is sick, lyrically, delivery wise - emphasising words - and i love the flow, was really well written 8/10

2) TD FRANCIS (8 POINTS) Has good flow, decent lyrics and doesnt sound awkward rapping over the beat 7/10

3) 40 Winkz (6 POINTS) Decent lyrics - could be a bit more technical though - and a good flow/delivery 6/10

Honorable Mentions
Evil Genie (2 POINTS) Good lyrics and technical ability - good delivery but needs to just 'annunciate' words better 6/10
DANTE CK (2 POINTS) Has a decent flow but needs to work on lyrical ability - a bit basic lyrically 6/10
DarkoTheSuper (2 POINTS) Good technically but needs to work on delivery and tighten up pronouncing words cos its thowing the flow off - sounds like hes reading 6/10

Penfold - Needs to work on delivery and flow, couldnt really understand much of what he was saying without reading the lyrics 5/10

Young A.R.T - Lyrics are abit basic and needs to work on the delivery rather than just shouting them over the beat 5/10

Identify - Gets a 5, rhyme schemes are basic and delivery and flow aren't too good, rushing the first half of bars! 5/10

TKO MBE - Lyrical abilities abit weak and i cant get into his flow ...seems more concerned with looking cool on cam lol 5/10

Demize - Bit weak lyrically, sounds like hes reading which makes his delivery and flow sound abit flat and it sounds awkward 5/10

10-20 tHA b-BOY aPOSTLe - Mix let him down - overdubs are sloppy which makes it difficult to hear what hes actually saying the majority of the time ...what i could hear was ok though, just needs to say what he wants to in his bars instead of the over dubs or ending 5/10

MC MJ Ryder - Had ok lyrics, delivery and flow let him down more than anything - sounds like hes reading as opposed to delivering 5/10

Mickey Boston - Bad choice to freestyle as it was more about lyrical technicality etc - delivery and flow was good but theres better lyrics in the comp 5/10

Dilerium - Had multis etc but wasnt really saying much apart from rhyming words - ok flow and delivery 5/10

Truth The Bard - Average lyrics - not really feeling the delivery or flow all that much - there's better rappers in the comp 5/10

Shotta - Wasn't really feeling the lyrics, flow or the delivery - didnt catch and hold my attention at all 4/10


Judge - B. Down (US) - (Long time Rapper, Producer and Indie Record Label Entrepreneur). Appeared on Configa's last release.

1) John Vietnam - (10 POINTS) Here we go... this is more like it. I like the fact that it's laid down live with a video, but aside from that there's top notch delivery and good lyrics too, plus it's nicely mixed. Excellent overall. I give it a 9/10

2) Young A.R.T - (8 POINTS) I'm feelin' this one. Energectic, clear flows, like it's supposed to be. A little amped on the high frequency tip like it's through a phone or just lacking all low end on the vocal, but that's just technical talk. Definitely a front runner. I give it a 9/10

3) 40Winkz - (6 POINTS) Yeah - I like this - can't understand much because of either the accent or the language, but the delivery, attitude, flow, and overall vibe is right on point. I give it a 9/10

Honorable Mentions

Dilerium (2 POINTS) Rockin'... I'm diggin' this one for sure. Flow right in the pocket and it fits the vibe of the beat very well. I've got one technical complaint though - I can hear the compressor on the vocal - it's way overdone to the point that it's a strain to listen to the vocal because the level isn't steady with that compressor kicking in and out. If he's on the album, that must be addressed, and for this one, it's worth addressing. Nice work. I give it an 8/10

TD FRANCIS (2 POINTS) - Okay, okay, here we go... pretty damn decent. I like the fact that it was laid down live on the webcam, with tight delivery. Kinda got weaker at the end with some lazy lyrics, but was strong most of the way through. I give it a 7/10

Evil Genie (2 POINTS) - Pretty cool. Tight delivery right in the pocket, kinda distracted by a goofy video, but we can ignore that. I give it 7/10

Mickey Boston (2 POINTS) Yeah man... I like this one. Not on the level of a written verse, but I dig the fact that it's a freestyle that's still on a cool level overall - delivery, quality (except low vocal level), and energy. I give it a 7/10

DANTE CK - Brief and to the point. Nothing outlandishly impressive, but the lyrics are delivered well, and it works. I give it a 6/10

Identify- Good flows and delivery, although a little monotone, and not really mixed since it's flowed live. Decent overall. I give it a 6/10

TKO MBE - Hmmm... cool on the battling kinda-tip, and plenty of energy behind it, but I don't think the flows match the size of his attitude. I give it a 6/10

Penfold - Is definitely going for it with his energetic delivery, and puts plenty of effort into his lyrics, but loses points in his timing. I give it a 5/10

Demize - Good lyrics on this one, but entirely in a hurry through the whole track rather than being right in pocket. I can tell the focus is on the writing, but it's gotta be well-rounded to fully pass muster. I give it a 5/10

10-20 tHA b-BOY aPOSTLe - Decent delivery. I like the energy behind it, but the extra loud adlibs all through the track get in the way of really getting to listen to it. It's primarily a technical complaint, but it factors in HUGE on this one. Get those adlibs out of the way and we would probably be left with a pretty good overall track. As-is, on the other hand, it's not ready. I give it a 5/10

Truth The Bard - Not quite on the right level. I'm digging the lyrics through a lot of it, but in many parts it's random and unstructured to the point that it sounds lazy in the writing aspect - perhaps it's even a freestyle... actually by the end I'm convinced it is. Sound quality-wise it's terrible. I give it a 4/10

MC MJ Ryder - This one's just too bedroom-ish for me. I realize that he mentions needing equipment in the flow, but no excuses allowed. Expectations are high. The flow got out of pocket several times, and it's just not something anyone would listen to. I give it a 4/10

DarkoTheSuper - I see a lot of room for improvement on this one. It lacks structure and is off beat through most of the track. Pure randomness, almost to the point of being spoken word with the instrumental arbitrarily in the background. I give it a 2/10

Shotta - Not really digging this one... real amateurish sound overall, not only on the technical tip but in the delivery in lots of parts as well. I just can't imagine this playing anywhere. Might sound harsh, but come on. I give it a 2/10


Judge - Hosie (UK) Rapper, Vinyl Junkie and Indie Record Label Head

1) John Vietnam (10 Points)
Oozing confidence but without the ego John complements Configa's beat perfectly. Choosing to open the beat up with his vocals rather than attack the rhythmic pace and ride the drums like the majority of the other entries meant he was able to really deliver his words home with a meaningful purpose and sincerity which let the substance of his lyrics shine through and let each line sink in with the listener.

2) T.D Francis (8 POINTS)
No frills rhyming and video from TD Francis. His flow sliced through Configas beat like a hot knife through butter and he had the delivery and vocal presence to back it up. Lyrics were pretty strong early in the verse but were let down by a weak last 5-6 bars.

3) Dilerium (6 POINTS)
The most creative verse for me. Dilerium tears it up old school style and the adlibs really opened up the beat. Lyrics were on point again here and there was no doubting Dilerium's presence on the mic.


Judge - HaStyle (The Barber Artist) - (US) - Renowned MC, Artist, Barber and all-round Creative Powerhouse. Has worked with the likes of Shabaam Sahdeeq and was part of a collective also featuring Underground Legend Apani B Fly. Appeared on Configa's last release.

1) Young ART (10 POINTS)
This dude gotta be the best of all these cats! Dude mentioned dates and told heds to 'take notes'...and wasn't playin when he said that!! Gave you a shout out, ripped it all the way through with no pauses, kept his high octane delivery and went in! Flawless right here. My number one!

2) Dante CK (8 POINTS)
He keeps your attention throughout the track. Not the strongest lyrically or delivery wise but crafty. Especially during his last 8 bars. Wordplay made up for what he said from the beginning to the middle. He went out with a bang, at least.

3) TD Francis (6 POINTS)
He reminds me of Harlem G-Depp or Black Rob! lol! I like him too. Not the most explosive but his lines were dope! He's like...number 3 out of a top 3

Honorable Mentions

Demize (2 POINTS)
His wordplay was crafty! Had me interested and kept me throughout the track. I'll leave him to UK heds though cuz you can understand him more with his accent lol!


Grey Matter (UK) (Underground Rapper/Producer and DJ who has worked extensively with Configa). Appeared on Configa's last release.

1) John Vietnam (10 POINTS) (Clarity 10/10, Content 10/10, Flow 10/10, Punchlines 10/10 = 40/40)

2) Young ART (8 POINTS) (Clarity 10/10, Content 8/10, Flow 9/10, Punchlines 8/10 = 35/40)

Joint 3rd) T.D. Francis (6 POINTS) (Clarity 10/10, Content 8/10, Flow 9/10, Punchlines 7/10 = 34/40)

Joint 3rd) Dilerium (6 POINTS) (Clarity 10/10, Content 8/10, Flow 9/10, Punchlines 7/10 = 34/40)

Honorable Mentions

Evil Genie (2 POINTS) (Clarity 9/10, Content 8/10, Flow 9/10, Punclines 7/10 = 33/40)

Identify (2 POINTS) (Clarity 8/10, Content 9/10, Flow 8/10, Punchlines 8/10 = 33/40)

40 Winks (2 POINTS) (Clarity 9/10, Content 7/10, Flow 9/10, Punchlines 7/10 = 32/40

Demize (2 POINTS) (Clarity 10/10, Content 8/10, Flow 7/10, Punchlines 7/10 - 32/40)









With all of that being said, and the competition now closed, please check out my man HaStyle's NEW video "Enemies In Disguise" taken from his critically acclaimed album "Hair Cuts"
Dope beat, dope lyrics and a blaxploitation inspired video!!!

* *



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From Park Street PR:

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Press Release: Reggae & Hip Hop @DJ4eign From Jamn 94.5

From Avalanche Sound:

Press Release: Reggae & Hip Hop DJ 4eign From Jamn 94.5

With music being a universal symbol of enjoyment and feeling for all who listen to and create it, such a form of leisure has created avenues all across the world that people can travel along. DJ 4eign hails as an ideal example of a musician who’s successfully maneuvered down these roads along his journey to success.

Born in the African nation of Kenya, DJ 4eign (pronounced foreign) has become a success locally and overseas as a result of his exploits as a highly acclaimed disc jock. Hailing as the official DJ for internationally renowned Reggae singer,Da’Ville, DJ 4eign has infiltrated the airwaves through his weekend spots on WJFM Jam’n 94.5 FM in Boston as well as Caribbean Connection, a new show that the Shadyville Caribbean turntable specialist hosts on Sundays (10 p.m. to midnight) HOT 99.1FM in Albany, New York.

However, before becoming well known for his craft in the U.S.,DJ 4eign became inspired to follow the DJ path by watching professionals like DJ Pinye and DJ Morris showcase their skills back in his native Kenya.

“I was inspired by the local DJs in Kenya in my younger years, and found it fascinating how they mixed songs together; kept a party moving… That's when I caught the bug and I wanted to be a DJ. So much so that I would use 2 tape decks to mix songs, scratch my Dad’s disco records (and destroy them *laughs*), or just mixing songs in my head,” he explains.

“It wasn't until I moved to the U.S. to finish my secondary schooling that about a year later, I acquired my 1st set of technics 1200's and a mixer; linked up with a fellow African native and Renegade Sound station was born. The rest is history, I've been living my dream as a DJ ever since.”
Part of living that dream included working with many of Jamaica’s top acts including Mr. Vegas, Serani, Red Rat, Cham, I-Octane and Laza Morgan to name a few. With his affinity for Dancehall/Reggae music evident, DJ 4eign has watched award-winning acts such as Sean Paul and the aforementioned Da’Ville evolve into superstars while building his own musical legacy.

“I consider myself a student and fan of music and most of the now prominent artistes were just busting on the scene around the time that I began my career. So I was always a fan of artistes such as Sean Paul and Da'Ville and always wanted to work with them at some point in my journey since I saw them evolve from new artist to the stars they are now,” he said.

“I also like being involved and working with up and coming artists who show the hunger and drive to be successful. It’s always great to be instrumental and play a part in an artiste’s career.”

These ventures with Sean Paul and Da’Ville have proved successful as the former artiste hosted part one of theDancehall Kings series created by DJ 4eign while the latter artiste’s new mixtape, Vitamin D also featured the Kenyan-born disc jock’s skills as he helped promote tracks off theCan’t Get Over You singer’s newly-released album, Krazy Love.

Many persons wouldn’t consider Boston, MA as a proverbial hot-bed for Dancehall, Reggae or urban music in general. However, DJ 4eign insists that the market in which he’s currently based offers strong support to these respective genres.

“We are a market where major and up and coming artist frequent to build up their fan base so that alone says a lot,”he said.

“The dances ram and the stage shows full up. Weather I’m playing on the radio or at clubs, dancehall/reggae tun up in the ‘Bean’!”

Back home, the reception has proved just as strong as DJ 4eign hopes one day to perform in front of the native crowd.

“I played on a radio station Uptown 91.1FM in Nairobi (big up G-Money) for a little while before the station moved, which was "1000%" Dancehall. But Africa, Especially Kenya, has really gravitated and embraced Dancehall music. Some of the biggest names in Dancehall are frequenting the mother land now more than ever before and there are even some wicked artist that are coming out of the continent now,” he intimated.

For DJ 4eign, his travels and experiences within music have helped him to gauge what fans want to hear when on the turntables. The main objective going into any set for DJ 4eign is entertaining those he plays for.

“My purpose whenever I'm in the mix, on the radio, in a club or even mixtapes is to give the listener the ultimate experience. The ability to read a crowd or know your listeners is step one; next is knowing your music and how to select it. Add some mic talk and you have the perfect recipe for that ultimate experience,” he advises.

“Anybody can DJ but not everyone can entertain.”

Going forward, DJ 4eign will continue his Dancehall Kingsseries which he says will have many top entertainers on offer. Furthermore, he hopes to drop more collaborative mixtapes with Da’Ville in the near future and promises new projects from himself and Renegade Sound as the year rolls on as he looks not only to advertise his own credentials, but that of fellow African musicians

You can follow DJ4eign’s music and updates via Twitter : .

New Music Submission, @SkitzoJowns

From BestOut Ent.

New Music Submission, Skitzo Jowns

It's Wally Wallace, president of BestOut Ent.  The single attached is by our artist out of Ft. Myers, FL name - Skitzo Jowns.  I consider him "the hit-maker".  The single is off his upcoming mixtape:  PRODUCT IN HAND.  This is definitely something different out our camp.

SMACK'EM UP - Sktizo Jowns

Twitter - @SktizoJowns
Facebook - /SkitzoJowns

Link to "uncut version": .


Video: BIGSTAT X KILLTHEALARM - "Against The Grain"

From Veronica C:

Video: BIGSTAT X KILLTHEALARM - "Against The Grain"

Connecticut MC Bigstat who has been in the studio working diligently on his first official album "Heart of a Lion" has teamed up with Kill the Alarm, Fronted by New Jersey native, Garen Gueyikian whose debut album, “Fire Away”, is filled with tracks that land under your skin and scratch their way out, to bring you "Against the Grain" a theme song for the misguided and lost, a reminder of the importance to focus your energy making changes to improving the quality of your life and loved ones.  Bigstat brings the elements of true Hip Hop to the forefront with hopes to recapture the culture while being viable in todays market and KTA is already causing a stir in New York, being called part of the new wave of rock to come out of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Video: @MC_Alias & @FaktsOne - "Sorry" (@macmediapromo)

From Matt B:

Video: Alias & Fakts One - "Sorry"

Fakts One, former DJ & Producer for The Perceptionists (with Mr. Lif & Akrobatik), is back on the scene after a brief hiatus from the biz.  Here he teams up with emcee Alias, who released several 12"s with the group OVM in the early 2000's, for a full length project entitled '2nd Chances' which will be released digitally (iTunes, Amazon etc) on 8-7-2012.

New Link: Sean Price Opens A Rap Clinic (Part 1)

From Matt B:

New Link: Sean Price Opens A Rap Clinic (Part 1)

Sean Price opens a Rap Clinic after a tragic accident effects his vocal cords. He is now forced to train up-and-coming rappers, or as he likes to call them, “popcorn f*ckheads."  To help prepare them for the overly critical rap world, Sean P uses brash verbal abuse to single out their many weaknesses.

Video URL: .

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