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Video: @Chamillionaire - "Tellaheaux Goodbye Freestyle"

From Nancy B:

Video: Chamillionaire - "Tellaheaux Goodbye Freestyle"




Hilltop Hoods to Release "Drinking From the Sun" May 29th

From Greg Miller:

Hilltop Hoods to Release "Drinking From the Sun" May 29th



Los Angeles, CA--May 24, 2012- Australia's Hip Hop giants 'HILLTOP HOODS' are set to release their #1 ARIA charting album, 'Drinking From The Sun', in the U.S. on Tuesday 29th May through Golden Era Records/Fontana. Upon release in their home country, 'Drinking From The Sun' took the top spot from Adele and is now the act's third consecutive number one album and fastest selling domestic album of the year in Australia.

'Drinking From The Sun' boasts fourteen tracks and features guest appearances from Black Thought (The Roots), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Sia, Classified (Canada), Lotek (UK) & Solo (Horrorshow).

Staying at the forefront of the Australian Hip Hop Scene, HILLTOP HOODS held the No.1 chart position for 2 weeks and 'Drinking From The Sun' received gold certification on its day of release then platinum status the following week. 'Drinking From The Sun', HILLTOP HOODS 6th studio album, also features the ARIA triple platinum hit single 'I Love It' featuring the amazing vocal talents of Sia ("Wild Ones"). The group's hit single took over the airwaves as they supported Eminem and secured the cover of the March issue of Rolling Stone in Australia.

HILLTOP HOODS undertook a whirlwind North American tour in March/April including first time showcases in New York, Boulder & LA. With the group's first visit to the U.S. and the response was overwhelming with all shows reaching capacity and receiving rave reviews. A more extensive tour is consequently planned at the end of 2012.

The forthcoming album release gives U.S. hip-hop fans the music that has seen HILLTOP HOODS win multiple awards, achieve multiple platinum album sales and play to sold out venues around the globe.

'Drinking From The Sun' is available from Tuesday, May 29th through Golden Era Records/Fontana.

For more videos and music visit: .

Video: Flip Major f/ Oktane - "Break it Down"

From RBC Records:

Video: Flip Major f/ Oktane - "Break it Down"

Flip Major Brings You The Visual to the Smokers
Anthem " Break it Down " Featuring Oktane ( Audio
Push ) from The Album " Halfway Average Deluxe "
on iTunes 7/3/2012 

Video: Serge Severe f/ Jon Belz - "Rare Flow"

From Erik Abel:

Video: Serge Severe f/ Jon Belz - "Rare Flow"

2011 was a huge year for Serge Severe. After releasing the album Back on My Rhymes, Severe received rave reviews from the likes of HipHopDX, SOHH, and more. Serge then joined the buzzworthy group Animal Farm to release the album Culture Shock, which featured legends Talib Kweli, Rob Swift, and Abstract Rude, and received International attention from countless press. In addition, Serge also completed enough material to release the Severe over Premier free mixtape with DJ Wels.

Now Serge Severe has teamed up with the talented, up and coming Portland producer Terminill, for a released EP, Service without a Smile. Terminill has also worked with artists such as Playboy Tre, Braille, Punchline, Meyhem Lauren, Mistah Fab, and more. The EP will be the first of three Serge Severe albums to be released this year.

Download Serge Severe & Terminill Service without a Smile for Free at: .

Video: DJ Nu-Mark f/ J-Live, M3 - "Tonight"

From The Orders:

Video: DJ Nu-Mark f/ J-Live, M3 - "Tonight"


Video: Fatal Lucciauno - "Big Bro"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Fatal Lucciauno - "Big Bro"

2012 has shown all the makings of a breakout year for Seattle's Fatal Lucciauno. The Sportn' Life Records emcee released his collaborative free EP with Jake One, The Message, and followed that with the retail release of his sophomore album, Respect. He's kept things busy since, with a handful of remixes and shows, and today he's excited to release the debut visual from Respect, for recent single "Big Bro."

As with much of Fatal's material, "Big Bro" serves not only to entertain listeners, but to promote a message as well. The video, directed by Sawyer Purman & Ben Anderson of Altrac Productions, stays true to the song's original message. "It’s an ode to the women in the hood who aren’t getting pimped off for sexual favors," says Fatal. "The Lady Lucciauno's, ones that hold it down like men. There's no vixens, no ass popping; it's hood business."

MP3: I-20, An1 & DJ Kurupt - "World Justice"

From J Melo:

MP3: I-20, An1 & DJ Kurupt - "World Justice"

I-20, An1 & DJ Kurupt come together for "World Justice" produced by DJ Kurupt. Inspired by the Trayvon Martin tragedy, the three artists came together to contribute to this record.

* *

Free E.P.: Fly Moon Royalty - "Dimensions"

From Sportn' Life Records:

Free E.P.: Fly Moon Royalty - "Dimensions"

Fly Moon Royalty is excited to release their new EP, Dimensions. The five-track EP, which was preceded by lead single "My Heart Keeps Pumping" and the era-specific follow-up "The Birthday Song," is available for free download via the Seattle-based electrosoul duo's Bandcamp page.

* *

Fly Moon Royalty prides itself on the deeper meaning behind their music and song titles, and this EP is no different. The title, Dimensions, stands for and conveys multiple messages for the duo for Seattle. "'Dimensions' speaks on two things," explains Fly Moon Royalty. "First, the various different places, directions, and depth we can go with our music. And the second thing is time, as in, our sound can cross different time periods."

The music on Dimensions reflects that ability to cross different times periods directly, as, according to Fly Moon Royalty, a number of the tracks actually pull from different eras of the group's musical journey. "It's mix-bag of rogue songs that needed a home," explains the duo. "One song was recorded years ago before Fly Moon Royalty was even a group, for example, but even though they were all created at different times, they're all still very much representative of Fly Moon Royalty."

And therefore, despite being released so soon after their debut, rather than serve as a logical extension or progression from Fly Moon Royalty, Dimensions serves as something more unique -- a look at not only where Fly Moon Royalty has been, but also where they're going. "Some of the songs were recorded a long time ago," says Fly Moon. "But the newer ones are most definitely a step forward in writing, recording and mixing."

Video: @MegaRan - "Language Arts" + "Mega Ran at Phoenix Con"

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Video: Mega Ran - "Language Arts" + "Mega Ran at Phoenix Con"

In the year 20XX... a teacher strives to make a difference in the classroom while moonlighting as an independent musician, as a threat is brewing in the streets. A dangerous, violent video game "Killcount" is sweeping the nation, corrupting the minds of the youth. "Killcount" uses their imaginations to create zombie drones, who walk the streets at night committing crimes.

Published on May 25, 2012 by random2g

Ran updates you on tomorrow's activities

What up party people. Before you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, I have a few more surprises for you.

First, I'm excited that the first version of the Mega Ran game is ready and playable! We're still working out kinks so let us know if you see anything crazy, but also keep in mind that a 5 man team made this in about a month's time. Check it out!

Beat the game to unlock a new track for the Language Arts story!

If you enjoy the music, then PLEASE make sure you get this amazing soundtrack. It includes 17 songs, including new exclusive raps from me, RoQy TyRaiD, Beefy, and many more, plus assistant production by Danny B of Super Meat Boy fame. Chiptunes, hip hop, gotta love it. Peep that here:

This is DJ DN3's first full release in a long time! Show support and let's get this in the top 10 on bandcamp! Thank you!

In 2 weeks we'll be back in LA for E3, and playing an epic show with The Megas, Kirby's Dream Band and Dr Awkward: get your tickets to that!

BBQ safely this weekend. Peace!

PR: New Brinson Album + More News

From GodChaserz Entertainment:

PR: New Brinson Album + More News

Brinson Announces New Album GodChaserz Entertainment CEO/Artist, Brinson, announces his 3rd solo album called "No Other Heroes" to be released this summer.  "No Other Heroes" is an upgraded version of myself, but the foundational message of salvation through Jesus Christ hasn't changed. This album will be full of God chasing anthems. N.O.H. means that the only heroes the world will see is when we let the light of Christ shine through us everyday. - Brinson

Partner With Brinson to spead the Gospel

Click this link below and watch a short video to learn how you can partner with Brinson to spread the message of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop music.

* *

We need your help!

Until next time,

Jesus is Love

Jesus is Life

Jesus is God

GodChaserz Dot Com

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