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Friday March 27, 2015
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[Blade of the Ronin] A samurai with no master.

Cannibal Ox Review

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Bop Alloy - They Got The Jazz

Substantial was one of my original Artists Of The Week when I started this feature back in 2006. Since then he’s gotten married, moved from Brooklyn back to his original home of Maryland, release a couple albums, and had a child. The one thing I don’t think he’s done is sleep, because even with all that going on he still found the time to link up with Seattle producer Marcus D to create Bop Alloy. This week I caught up with both Substantial and Marcus D to find out more about the Bop Alloy project, including how they came together for it, the musical direction it goes in that will have longtime Substantial fans cheering, and why they’re so big in Japan.

Read the full interview at:

Video: S.A.S. - "So Far"

From 7Thirty Online:

Video: S.A.S. - "So Far"

Video/MP3: TeV95 - "Fly Your Way"

From 95 FLAVAS:

Video/MP3: TeV95 - "Fly Your Way"

Two days after a mysterious vapor trail appeared at sundown off the Los Angeles coast a stunning replay occurred in the sky over Far Rockaway.

Man can also fly.

Fly Your Way
Music produced by TeV95

MP3: Dutch Defoe - "Highs & Lows"

From Dutch Defoe:

MP3: Dutch Defoe - "Highs & Lows"

This weeks track is now available at for those people who want to download it. Please see link below and visit the mediafire page to download previous tracks.

Peace, Team DDF


* *

MP3: Nick Nemesis - "Just a Dream" (prod. Johnny Juliano)

From Nick Nemesis:

MP3: Nick Nemesis - "Just a Dream" (prod. Johnny Juliano)

New song off of my upcoming mixtape Sidetracked Vol. 2
Download/Listen here^

Contact Info

MP3: GES - "Stupid"

MP3: Mark Ronson - "Holy Ghost! Remix"

From Girlie Action:

MP3: Mark Ronson - "Holy Ghost! Remix"

Holy Ghost! Remix Mark Ronson Track,
Featuring Boy George

Stream the Ronson Remix at FADER - .



MP3: Nelly f/ Birdman, DJ Khaled - "I'm Number 1"

From M3W:

MP3: Nelly f/ Birdman, DJ Khaled - "I'm Number 1"

* *

MP3: Shaun Scales - "Got It"

From Yo! PR:

MP3: Shaun Scales - "Got It"


Chicago MC Shaun Scales is back with the second single "I Got It" from his debut mixtape "Yours Truly".

"Yours Truly," the debut solo effort from the north side Chicago native, was released on October 4th, 2010 and the emcee's first single from the mixtape, "City Of Men," is in heavy rotation. Produced by Boonie Mayfield, this is the announcement, the introduction, the manifesto of a rapper who has a lot to give and even more to gain.

Scales introduced the world to his city from his vantage point with the first single "City Of Men" from "Yours Truly" and now he is back with the second release titled "I Got It."

On this subdued track, Scales shows his lyrical chops and controlled vocals over the haunting production of The Mic. Showcasing a lot of bravado and good natured posturing, Shaun challenges his naysayers with a taunting and clever hook layered perfectly under his rebellious flow.

For this young star, the design of music structure is all about self expression and the method of operation for giving his voice to the masses.

"I have a voice that people should hear. A lot of my songs are stories. Shaun Scales is an artist that people want to hang out with. I’m the next door neighbor."

CLICK HERE to check out Shaun Scales in Yo! Raps' prestigious "Next 2 Blow" column.

VIDEO: Shaun Scales - City Of Men .

MP3: CY f/ Young Josh - "Godz'illa"

From Much Luvv Records:

MP3: CY f/ Young Josh - "Godz'illa"

Enjoy this New release from Complex Melodies/Much Luvv Records Inc. MP3 of CY's Single, Godz'illa Feat. Young Josh as a courtesy off the new soon to come album, "High Wire Act".  A taste of what's to come from CY in the future, Lord Willing.  God bless and feel free to share. 

If you would like to financially support CY, a full time Artist/Producer and purchase a Wav. file of the song at .99 cents, please see the links below.

CD Baby Purchase URL Link: .99 cents

Wav. File Direct Link Purchase: .99 cents'illa+Feat.YoungJosh+-+&item_number=102&amount=0.99

Single Info:
Godz'illa Featuring Young Joshua is from CY's fourth overall soon to be released album, "High Wire Act" at a later date.  It is a creative worship song referring to God is illa or greater than anything we all can think or imagine, beyond our wildest dreams!  Also using a creative conceptual theme of the Old School Godzilla movie that many people can relate to.

Album info and concept:

The album project titled High Wire Act is a creative album and the sequel to the Circus World Event..The Ringleader Album.  The High Wire represents the High Wire Act that tight rope walkers walk and balance on during the circus show.  The High Wire also represents the narrow bridge road that leads to eternal life which believers in Christ must walk as spoke of in the bible, and in order to balance on that wire, we need Jesus Christ as our balancing pole.  The High Wire Act also displays other messages such as humility, being on top, while CY brings a high level of energy with tracks produced by CY, Phillip Moore, Tony Stone,  Vohn Beats, Jim Natural and more.  Guest artist are Young Joshua, Tony Stone, One Dose, Von Won, FireJaws, Gina V., Tannie, Ish, Gifted, Tre9, Kent & Shellee Coley, Manni-Starz, MiKalibur, Titus, D.Steele, and more.....

CY- Executive Producer/Artist
Complex Melodies Productions CEO

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