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MP3: Project Pat & Nasty Mane - "Pussy Out the Shower"

From Future Star Music:

MP3: Project Pat & Nasty Mane - "Pussy Out the Shower" (prod. Hot Rod)

DJ's here is a brand new certified street banger from Project Pat and Nasty Mane that is already generating a strong buzz. The joint is called "Pussy Out The Shower" and it's heating up the streets heavy right now. All my guys know there ain't nothing in the world like "Pussy Out The Shower" so this one is for all of you.  DJ's you know what it is already with Project Pat he consistently gives you these catchy street anthems as has been for as long as you can remember. Let's support the big homie and flood your streets with this song!


Video: @newmathproject - Dem One & B.O.O.K.S. One

From TNM:

Video: The New Math - Dem One & B.O.O.K.S. One

All too often the term "a breath of fresh air" is used to describe music releases.  In this era of overexposure, there is satisfaction that music for the sake of being good still exists. The New Math is a project that consists of seasoned artists Dem One + B.O.O.K.S. One.  It is best described as a New School Sound with a nod to Old School Sensibilities.  Experiences are weaved lyrically and through sound colors that paint the picture in an intelligent Urban perspective.  But what really makes the New Math is that its definition speaks to a global market.  We all are in a constant state of evolving and what may have defined and equated us before is constantly adding and subtracting.

PR: Max Burgundy's "The Murder of Mark Fuhrman" Mixtape

From Trevor @ Score Press:

PR: Max Burgundy's "The Murder of Mark Fuhrman" Mixtape

So frequently do Ivy League schools profess to nurture the most creative minds of the day, but the real treasures of hallowed halls, and the ones far less heralded, are the students who’ve broken from the shackles of academia to forge their own paths to victory. Max Burgundy is one such hero and also one of an infinitely smaller fragment, an Ivy alum who can rap his ass off. 

Burgundy, a Bronx native whose bout with formal education ended when he was dismissed on a drug distribution charge, spins tales rooted in nostalgia and anger, hacking down concepts like classism, racism and "the idiots that continue to perpetuate both."

Though he'd go on to spend his high school years in Southern California, Burgundy remembers vividly the New York of his childhood, from graffiti-plastered subway cars to roach infested apartment buildings replete with pissy hallways, the grimey and at times frightening reciprocal to the current hipster metropolis. "It started [when I was] in the BX," Burgundy says. "The shit that always struck me the most was the Pre-Guliani, Dinkins/Koch era of New York City that really doesn't exist anymore. That shit just lives within me. I feel like I carry the torch for all those people..."

As Burgundy's music carries all that weight today, at one time he rapped exclusively for the most honest of inspiration, the fairer sex. "I rapped to this one girl in the 6th grade and she was really with it so everyday, probably for a month straight, she was my first incentive to rap," he says. "I had a new freestyle everyday for her." Burgundy's youthful optimism was shattered, however, with the murder of his father across the street from his Bronx home. His mother, a single parent librarian, would uproot the family to Cali where Burgundy's lust for life was hurled toward the West Coast's notorious gang culture, a tragic distraction from a promising basketball career. He'd go on to coast through high school, "sleeping in" during his SAT's, but it was at community college, a place he'd gone to further his hoop dreams, where Burgundy would discover his academic drive. Laboring over philosophy texts late into the night, Burgundy worked his way into an Ivy League Education, only to find out that higher education didn't hold his destiny.

What Max Burgundy couldn't find between book covers though, was the music he'd carried within, the message he had for the world. Today Burgundy's music reflects a worldly sensibility, his rhyme style drawing influence from his New York roots as well as the time he spent in Southern California rapping under the tutelage of West Coast legends like Mitchy Slick and Murs. Burgundy has studied writers from all walks, from French philosopher Descartes to "everything ever written" by classic American novelists Norman Mailer and F. Scott Fitzgerald. "I wake up, I'll go pick up a new book, I'll go teach myself something," Burgundy says. "I've always had that mentality." Whether talking pop culture or the idiosyncratic behavior of the women he dates, Burgundy can play everyman, speaking sense to relationships and the peculiar and sometimes detestable ways people treat each other.

On The Murder of Mark Fuhrman, Burgundy's breakout mixtape, the rapper bears his soul through a gaggle of flows, touching on the strained relationship with his mother on "Momma Tol Me," coming off like an enlightened LL Cool J on the flowery "A La Mode," and delivering an irie free association in "Want Some." The Murder of Mark Fuhrman is the latest manifestation of an altruistic life view, the artist using his art to heal and to inform. "I rap because it's a way for me to tell my story," he says. "I have an obligation to do it because I know there are other people out there who have been like me, making a decision about whether to sell drugs... I rap for that kid. I rap for that loner, those people that really feel like they don't have anything else, and not necessarily in the way that other people don't have anything and they decided to go and be hustlers...that person that was always overlooked, that person that was born a loser, that person that was supposed to fail and is expected to and just doesn't want to accept that."

Video: @FredTheGodson f/ DJ Drama - "Intro"

Video: Fred the Godson f/ DJ Drama - "Intro" - Federico gives us a visual to intro of his DJ Drama Gansta Grill "I told Drama this will be the most lyrical gansta grillz" Fred doesnt let us down with this one. Directed by Taya Simmons of Get Shot by a girl Productions.

Video: @TheRealReks & @StatikSelekt f/ Alias - "Sins"

From Matt B:

Video: Reks & Statik Selektah f/ Alias - "Sins"

Track 10 from REKS’ latest heat rock Straight, No Chaser gets the video treatment. Straight, No Chaser is entirely produced by Statik Selektah and features appearances by Action Bronson, Slaine, Termanology and more.

Video: Phife Dawg Chops It Up with Montreality @VladTV

Video: Phife Dawg Chops It Up with Montreality - The legendary A Tribe Called Quest spitter talks jobs he's had, how he spent his first big paycheck, what music he's into and a whole lot more.

New Video: Illus f/ Phashara - "Life" (@AdamWallenta)

From Matt B:

New Video: Illus f/ Phashara - "Life"

2012 promises to be a memorable year for Illus, as he and his wife recently welcomed the birth of their first child and his new project, Family First, (due to be released on 5-29-2012) focuses on the shared love of that experience to create 12-tracks that mend meaningful, powerful, heart-felt lyrics to hardcore Hip-Hop production. Family First is a celebration of family and life both in the literal sense and that of the larger global Hip-Hop community and the connection we all have through our children and the spirit, heart, passion and soul of the culture.

Today Illus releases the video, “Life,” featuring and produced by Phasara of The Beatmonstas).

Random a/k/a @MegaRan: New Music; Tips And Tricks

Random a/k/a Mega Ran: New Music; Tips And Tricks

Do they still make those giant Tips and Tricks books? Pretty helpful, if you ask me.

Anyway, I have some tips for you, but first, new music from myself and my crew.

1) "Language Arts."I used to rap this song to his students on the first day, as a former middle school educator. The track is produced by Richie Branson, who this week exploded with his #BringBackToonami campaign, even landing play on 2 Adult Swim bumpers. Props!

Download the song free here

Pre-Order the album here

2) "Armed." The Writers Guild (Mr. Miranda, MC Pennywise, RoQy TyRaiD, Random, aka Mega Ran) is back, this time tapping the hottest producer in AZ, Kanye West's latest signee to G.O.O.D. Music, Lifted, who shows his versatility as the Guild sets it on wack MCs on "Armed," their new single.

Download it free: then FB/tweet these all day!

clean version:
regular version

The tips. I decided to do my own tips and tricks for the crowd funding resource known as kickstarter. My good friend Kevin at the so much silence blog posted my 5 tips on How To Win At Kickstarter. Peep!

Thank me later, or just give me a cut of your earnings. Peace!


MP3: Casual - "Sushi" Ft. Mr. Town

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Casual - "Sushi" Ft. Mr. Town

Next week, on May 22nd, Hieroglyphics rapper Casual will release his latest album, He Still Think He Raw. The album, which will be released through Hiero Imperium, is produced entirely by DJ Fresh & The Whole Shabang, and today, following a string of previous video and single leaks, Casual is excited to release a brand new track from the album, "Sushi" featuring Mr. Town.

"This song was inspired by the production," says Casual, pointing out the beat's loose, heavy drums and slickly chopped sample. "DJ Fresh's beat did it all." Atop that beat, Casual, with the help of Mr. Town, unwinds a series of stroies, each one a sly, salacious tale. "I sip wine, with this chick of mine/ When I see a little fine mama, with a behind on her," raps Casual. "See, mama didn't know that I was sushi/ 'Till she seen other baby trying to seduce me/ No she's choosing/ And I'm her top pick/ That's what she get/ For thinking she was hot shit."

Download "Sushi" here: .

Video: Devin - "In My Draws/Sticky Green (Live)" @Mike_Lopez_AZ

From Chris @ E1:

Video: Devin the Dude - "In My Draws/Sticky Green (Live)" @Mike_Lopez_AZ

Devin The Dude - In My Draws / Sticky Green (Live 5.8.12 - AZ)

the Seriously Tripping Tour featuring Devin The Dude & Coughee Brothaz plus Coughee Brothaz North

Filmed & Edited by Mike Lopez

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