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Video: PLA & Esohel - "Settin Off Car Alarms"

From U Dot Fam:

Video: PLA & Esohel - "Settin Off Car Alarms"

Video: Kasha - "The Realism (Can I Rock!)"

From Viper Promo:

Video: Kasha - "The Realism (Can I Rock!)"

Video: Duke Da God f/ A-Mafia - "Shine On"

From Mr. E's Podcast:

Video: Duke Da God f/ A-Mafia - "Shine On"

MP3: Coo Coo Cal - "Where Dey Do Dat At"

From DJ's Music Now:

MP3: Coo Coo Cal - "Where Dey Do Dat At"

* *

MP3: I-20 - "Critics"

From J. Melo:

MP3: I-20 - "Critics"

I-20 unleashes yet another joint, keeping the barrage of new music coming. "Critics" is produced by Trakk Sounds. Look out for more I-20 tracks and music videos in the near future leading up to the release of "The Gray Area" hosted by DJ Bobby Black.

"Critics" (Prod. by Trakk Sounds)


MP3: Johnny Spanish - "Can't Go Wrong (Freestyle)"

From Chris at E1 Music:

MP3: Johnny Spanish - "Can't Go Wrong (Freestyle)"

On his brand new, exclusive Can’t Go Wrong freestyle, the currently-unsigned emcee flows over a DJ Ogee-produced beat originally featured on O.C.‘s cut of the same name

Listen & Download now

PR: Bishop Lamont 'Change is Gonna Come' (prod. by Dr. Dre)

From J. Kizwani:

Bishop Lamont 'Change is Gonna Come' (prod. by Dr. Dre)

In honor of the Thanksgiving Day spirit... Bishop Lamont will be releasing
his brand NEW video for ‘Change is Gonna Come’ (produced by Dr. Dre) on
Novemeber 25th. Head over to for the exclusive premiere!
For more info check out the link below:
If you haven't downloaded The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3, you can download it
now for free right here!

Please feel free to share these new releases via blogs, twitter, facebook,
via word of mouth! Feedback is always appreciated.
Free Mixtape: TrakBoss - "Whether You Like It or Not"

From M3W:

Free Mixtape: TrakBoss - "Whether You Like It or Not"

1.     Back to the Middle
2.     Air of the Night
(ft. Gino Barletta)
3.     So Impatient (ft. Marcus Darc)
4.     Hart & Soul
5.     Spaceship
6.     Livin’ It Up
7.     In It To Win It
8.     It Don’t Stop
9.     They Be Like (Oh My)
10. Fresh Air
11. Out the Box

* *

Free Album: D.N.A. - The Evolution Of The Double Helix

From ISLH:

Free Album: D.N.A. - The Evolution Of The Double Helix

Drac & Antahlyzah form DNA..A Duo of Planetary Emcees Bearing Ancient Scrolls of Black Wisdom InterTwined with Lyrical Wizard.... presenting their first full-length album as a free download.

The Soulful underground producer’s out of Germany by the name of De Rock along with Bobby lo out of Southern California; have provided solid tracks that most fit the Double helix code and have combined with the Outta space Godz to wake up the sleep walkers. Antahlyzah feels that the humans are approaching a huge shift in Consciousness thus the title of the most recent album “The Evolution of the Double Helix”. Although they have a vast library of material spanning over a ten year period the most recent art will connect you with the previous and before you know it; you have found yourself on a deep epic journey with D.N.A as your Lyrical tour guides. So prepare for a mental overload, the Divine craft has landed!

Stream / Download the Album here: .

Feel free to spin this, blog, burn and play it.

About D.N.A.

D.N.A. (DA Godz from Outta Space) is a Hip hop group consisting of members Drac  (aka Da Lunar Tic) N Antalyst (aka Antahlyzah). This Super planetary duo takes Hip hop to new heights. It started back in high school during the lunch hour; Drac and Antahlyzah stared writing songs together and was  inspired by favorites like Brand Nubian, Eric B and Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, The Native Tongue Family, Poor Righteous Teachers, Public Enemy, Slum Village, Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte. While in high school, they competed and won many hip-hop showcases. After school Drac N Antalyst went their separate ways and linked up years later and combined to form D.N.A. Both artists have their Unique styles which balance each other out. Drac, short for Dracula, Dubbed "The Fearless Leader", this Inland Empire Legend has a notorious reputation for free styling, non-stop, with a hand to hand combat style. Punch for punch, Verse for Verse, syllable by syllable he is known to bring it on the drop of the dime. Pure Spontaneity as if the door that keeps most human beings within boundaries of limitation from the field of energy does not exist for him lyrically. Antahlyzah aka The Truth Seekah represents Hip Hop Kulture in a Divine way few can; the way he forms his story’s makes it extremely difficult for any human to doubt his inhuman origins. Antalyst combines his metaphysical spirituality in order to maintain balance within the Duo of these two Planetary Emcees Bearing Ancient Scrolls of Wisdom Intertwined with Lyrical Wizardry. D.N.A challenges all to figure out their music, unlike most artists these two emcees have placed several codes within their flow. This is how they hope to inspire millions and break the spell that plagues our youth and the Kulture itself.

PR: Mega Ran Goes Disney/Tour Recap/Black Friday

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Mega Ran Goes Disney/Tour Recap/Black Friday

What up everyone.. if you've tried to reach me in the last 2 weeks and I've been unresponsive, Its because we were out and about on the road. I'm happy to say that THE BITS AND RHYMES TOUR was a complete and overwhelming success, and I'm so thankful to be able to have helped bring that to you, and in addition, I'm just as glad to be home in time for Thanksgiving.

So before I head to the kitchen, I'm gonna give you guys some updates, as well as a whopping 50 percent savings on music! this is the time to give, so lets go!

1 - Tour Blogs!

tour vlog #2 (w/Brentalfloss) .

tour vlog #3 (w/Tanya Morgan) .

There will be a FULL, blown-out update by myself, coming soon.. I even got a tattoo. more on that later. But for now, here's a preview of that... Live from Cowboys Stadium


that's right folks, we know that during the holiday season, folks are in a crunch, so at this time, what i've done is got our distributors to cut the prices of EVERY Random CD and digital download by 50% just until Saturday at noon. Get your savings while you can!

Here's how to save:

order physical CDs from (sorry, no signed CDs) for 50% off!!
* *

Order from bandcamp using the code "blackfriday" (no quotes) and save 50%.
* *

crazy prices, son.

3- Mega Ran goes Disney?

well, maybe. Next month, Disney Japan is releasing a remix album and yours truly is on a song. get more info on that here: .

4- Misc: .

Check out this great new interview on

AZ area folks will get to catch the Mega Ran show live in Tempe with LD, Ariano, Mr. Miranda and Pennywise. Come on out!

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