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MP3: DJ Don Cannon presents Swamp Dawg - "2 Million Copies"

MP3: DJ Don Cannon presents Swamp Dawg - "2 Million Copies"

Courtesy J Melo.

DJ Don Cannon introduces Swamp Dawg, hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Swamp is currently working on his upcoming DJ Don Cannon hosted mixtape, "Da Independent Way." Here goes the first single, "2 Million Copies." .

MP3: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - "Elephants (Oddisee Remix)"

MP3: Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - "Elephants (Oddisee Remix)"

Courtesy of Mello Music Group.

(And be sure to check out the "Daily Bread" review on!)

Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) continues to release new music as they campaign for their self-titled album Daily Bread. Today they've reached out to label mate and producer Oddisee (whose album Rock Creek Park officially comes out everywhere Sept 6th on CD) remix the standout track Elephants.
The Oddisee remix of Elephants is being made available on a special edition bonus 45 record that FatBeats will release on 9/13 with the 2xLP vinyl edition of the new popular album Daily Bread.
The remix brings Oddisee's distinct drum patterns and Hassaan Mackey's gruff flow at it's best: "some down to earth shit the world aint ready for...verbs from the soul adding light to the mic."
Enjoy the remix & feel free to share!
Free Download: Daily Bread "Elephants (Oddisee Remix)" .

MP3: A.Dd+ - "Getting Far" Ft. Mz. Fortune

MP3: A.Dd+ - "Getting Far" Ft. Mz. Fortune

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

Giving themselves a well-deserved pat on the back, A.Dd+ celebrate their long and arduous journey towards success with their new song "Getting Far." Along with their long-time producer, Picnic Tyme, the duo reunited with Mz. Fortune, the soulful voice also featured on A.Dd+'s previous single, "Greedy." "Mz. Fortune put her spin on the hook," says A.Dd+, adding that it was her energy that "elevated the song. It made it more emotional, more heartfelt, realer."

"Getting Far" reflects on Paris Pershun's and Slim Gravy's achievements, starting with when the duo first came together in 2007 and culminating with the recent release of their critically acclaimed LP, When Pigs Fly, and thus the song shouldn't be seen as just another bravado-laden, "look at me now" cliche, but rather a humble reflection filled with deep appreciation. "The song signifies growth - we've come a long way since we first started a few years ago," the duo explains. "We've been on one hell of a ride right this year, doing things that a lot of people where we're from aren't able to do, and so we wanted to give people some insight to where we started and where we're going."

Known for masterfully balancing between the light-hearted and the profound, "Getting Far" shows A.Dd+ at their most poignant. "I think the people who have followed us know we can make all types of songs, so we are really trying to channel specific emotions and experiences into this next wave of music," says A.Dd+.

Download A.Dd+'s "Getting Far" here: or .

MP3: Lostribe f/ N8 the Gr8, Talib Kweli - "No Other Word"

MP3: Lostribe f/ N8 the Gr8, Talib Kweli - "No Other Word"

Courtesy of Ballin' PR.

* *

Video: JerzBoiV (Jersey Boy V) - "Too Many Rappers"

Video: JerzBoiV (Jersey Boy V) - "Too Many Rappers"

Courtesy of VladTV.

New Music: Skyzoo "Rocket Science" (Produced By !llmind)

New Music: Skyzoo "Rocket Science" (Produced By !llmind)

Courtesy of Matt B.

'The Great Debater Revisited' Album Out Now

Skyzoo presents his latest cut off his The Great Debater Revisted album, which is available now on iTunes for only 7.99 with 4 new bonus tracks.  "Rocket Science" track is produced by !llmind.

Purchase the album today: The Great Debater Revisited only $5.99 on!


Skyzoo "Rocket Science" (Produced By !llmind) by duckdown

MP3: T-Kilo f/ Nino Bless - "Survival of the Fittest"

MP3: T-Kilo f/ Nino Bless - "Survival of the Fittest"

Courtesy of J-Ronin.

DIRTY VERSION >>>>>>>> .

(from the upcoming mixtape "36 Ounces vol.2" hosted by DJ J-Ronin)




MP3: Gucci Mane f/ Rick Ross, Rocko, Yo Gotti - "Millions"

MP3: Gucci Mane f/ Rick Ross, Rocko, Yo Gotti - "Millions"

Courtesy of M3W.

* *

Download: Paranoid Castle "U Don't Understand" f. Gregory Pepper

Download: Paranoid Castle (Kirby Dominant & Factor), "U Don't Understand" f. Gregory Pepper

Courtesy of Dunn Deal PR.

"U Don't Understand" on Soundcloud at .

Champagne Nightmares review on

buy Champagne Nightmares here on

Bay Area emcee Kirby Dominant and Canadian producer Factor have both been at it for a decade plus, putting out consistent quality material on their respective fronts. In 2001, they found common ground, began recording together under the moniker Paranoid Castle and eventually released their debut collaboration One Way Ticket on Side Road Records in 2004.

By the age of 17 Kirby had already been selling dope, locked up and shot. He was able to drastically shift gears and move forward at UC Berkeley, where he spent his financial aid checks on making an album. A string of successful releases on Rapitalism Records along with his Dominant Mammals collabo with Moka Only brought Kirby to the forefront of west coast indie rap and drew praise from the likes of URB Magazine and the San Francisco Guardian.

Factor has produced full-lengths for a who's who of underground talent ranging from Awol One to Moka Only to Gregory Pepper in addition to his own lush, melodic solo endeavors. His larger-than-life palette incorporates bone-shattering drums spliced with meticulous samples and live instrumentation. From the virtual obscurity of Saskatoon to sought-after super-producer status, Factor's travels have included working and touring alongside Kool Keith, Tha Liks, Sadat X, Aesop Rock and Buck 65. 2011 finds Kirby and Factor reunited as Paranoid Castle with their most focused collaboration to date.

The years between the group's releases gave them the opportunity to explore disparate musical avenues while still building chemistry as a crew with Kirby featuring on all of Factor's solo projects. Champagne Nightmares, the duo's debut on Fake Four, delicately careens between playful party anthems and introspective treatises on loss and being lost.

While sections of the record find Kirby popping bottles and toasting to the good life, something in the way of Factor's piercing aural brilliance brings out the vulnerable side of the NorCal rapper via bangers such as "Orca" and "Some Place Else."

video: Paranoid Castle, "Orca"

PR: J-Zone on Pay Phone Pimpin', Upcoming Book

PR: J-Zone on Pay Phone Pimpin', Upcoming Book

Courtesy of J-Zone.

First order of business - Pay Phone Pimpin' makes a triumphant return

Clark Kent didn't change into Superman at a T-Mobile store. 

From the debt ceiling debacle to poor communication in relationships, every problem in this world can be traced back to one common cause – the morbid and slow death of the pay phone. 

There's nothing more nauseating than watching an adult fully-engaged in an incessant, “LOL” / “OMG” / :)-laden all-day text-a-thon. Especially when it’s a grown man attempting to gauge his chances of getting some play from the woman he’s texting. You lil' broad, put some damn bass in your voice and call the chick up already – preferably from a pay phone. You'll have an answer in four minutes or less. Barry White and Luther Vandross would be disgusted if they were alive to see this milquetoast, emoticon-driven softness. The gradual disappearance of pay phones disturbs me so much that I've filmed a video demonstration on the lost art of Pay Phone Pimpin'.

Read my explanatory blurb and see the Pay Phone Pimpin' video here


Click here to go directly to YouTube and see a real Pay Phone Pimpin' tutorial (given by yours truly) 

Second order of business – my upcoming book

Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure will be released this fall (I'll have an exact date in September). I held off on posting the previously promised excerpts from it this summer because...well, that's no longer an issue; the summer is over. I'll be back in September with the promised excerpts and much more. To all my newbies receiving a lengthy unsolicited e-mail from me for the first time, find out what this book is all about on my website, Scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the "If You" bullet-pointed list of gripes and idiosyncrasies you absolutely must have in order to enjoy this collection of think pieces, memoirs, and curmudgeonly rants. If none of those bullet-points speak to your personality, you're better off reading Eat, Pray, Love or Rich Dad, Poor Dad or some sh*t. 

Here's a link to a photo synopisis of the book for those with ADD or muthaf*ckas who can only understand things with pictures and sh*t. 

If you're one of the 0.0000002% of the people in the world that will appreciate this book, stay tuned. I'm the Crazy Eddie of insubordination and lampoonery (without the fraud charges).

Third (and final) order of business – recent J-Zone articles and press

Until the book drops, here are some recent editorials I've written and posted on my Ego Trip blog for your reading pleasure. 

Click here to read about why rappers must understand that “conversate” is not a real word. "Imaginate" and "Pronunciate" don't exist, either. They sound fairly impressive and have high syllable counts, but nah fellas, y'all are f*ckin' up. And although you can drive a Mercedes, you cannot drive a “Moorsadus”. Rap music has bludgeoned the English language with glee for over two decades, and quite frankly, she's tired of it. I'll be damned if pronunciation and grammar faux pas in rap music ain't highly entertaining, though.

Click here to read my tribute to the late, great Peter Falk (aka Columbo) and a host of other great, disheveled, and overweight '70s cop show stars. TV in 2011 is pure trash. How can we have villains in one hour TV cop shows and they're scared of Trans fat, do cardio six days a week, and use V-05 Wet Look in their hair? Picture Wo Fat from Hawaii Five-O on the South Beach diet. And what the f*ck is with this Detective Eliot Stabler clown from Law & Order: SVU? He's partnered up with Olivia Benson for 14 years and never tried to lay any pipe on her? That woman is built to last. Joe Mannix or Jim Rockford would've broken Olivia Benson's headboard a few dozen times already.

Click here to read why Tim Dog's Penicillin on Wax is the greatest rap album ever made. Better yet, it could be the greatest album ever made period. (EDITOR'S NOTE: We also have a review HERE on

Of course, you can find these articles (and many more), a few recent interviews I've done, and all things noteworthy at

That's all I've got for now, but I'll be back book chapters very shortly. In the interim, stop “LOL” texing and get your wanna-be mack daddy, Teddy Ruxpin-cuddlin' asses on down to a pay phone. Stop being soft.


(aka "The Pay Phone Pimp", "The Onion Ring Pimp", "Chief Chinchilla", "Captain Trans Fat", "$ir Charge")

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