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Saturday November 29, 2014
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[Dettwork SouthEast] Speakin' with a SouthEast twang.

Blak Twang review

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Suge Knight Arrested in L.A.


LOS ANGELES -- Hip Hop producer Suge Knight is in trouble with the law once again.

Knight, whose real name is Marion Hugh Knight, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers around 12:30 a.m. Thursday in the area of Crenshaw Blvd. and 147th Street in Gardena, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Knight was accused of pulling a gun on a man in South Los Angeles a short time earlier, according to LAPD officer April Harding.

Nearly a half-dozen officers surrounded Knight's white Cadillac Escalade. He was then handcuffed and taken to the LAPD's Southwest Division headquarters for questioning.
Knight was booked for assault with a deadly weapon involving a gun, and driving with a suspended license -- a misdemeanor charge, police told KTLA.

No further details of the alleged assault were released.

Knight, 45, was booked at the Metro jail in downtown Los Angeles, and bail was set at $65,000, police said. He could face more prison time if he's found guilty of violating parole.

The co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records has a long history of being in trouble with the law.

In 1996, he was sent to prison for a parole violation.

The following year, he was sentenced to 9 years for the violation.

He was released in 2001 but was sent back to jail in 2003 for another parole violation.

Knight was implicated in the March 2009 armed robbery of Los Angeles-based R&B/Hip Hop producer Noel "Detail" Fisher.

He was most recently accused of having 10 men taken jewelry from Jerold Ellis, who uses the name Yukmouth, outside a Los Angeles supermarket. Ellis later recanted the story.

Knight helped launch some of rap's biggest acts, including the seminal NWA, Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur. Knight was with Shakur the night he was killed in 1996.

Knight's name is derived from "Sugar Bear" -- a childhood nickname.

KOB Releases "All-American Reject Mixtape"

From Yo! PR:

KOB Releases "All-American Reject Mixtape"

* *

The colorful word twister and lyrical rhyme slinger KOB releases his anticipated mixtape "The All-American Reject" under the indie label Good Lyfe Musik. With an inherited passion for performance, and a dynamic song writing ability, KOB is sure to "Knock Out Bars" in a time where the world is looking for hope and inspiration.

"Our country as well as the world is struggling to keep its head above water. People are looking for hope and inspiration anywhere they can find it. 'The All-American Reject' documents my own struggles to find happiness, love and the answers to life's most difficult questions," explains KOB.

"But 'The All-American Reject' is more than just an autobiography. It's an inspirational soundtrack for anyone trying to do something more with their lives. This isn't music to dream to but music to live your dreams to!"

From learning to play drums at age four, to being signed to local labels, the aspiring up-n-coming rhyme-spitter understands each role in the music industry but KOB also experienced the difficulties in the hard knock life to make your dreams reality and to reach the unreachable.
"Now, at 22 years-old with a road of rejection, failure and hard work behind me, I am continuing to attempt to achieve the so-called impossible and make my dreams a reality. I am a representation of the 'American Dream' in action...I am 'The All-American Reject'."

Listen closely and get familiar because now it's time for KOB to tell his story with "The All American Reject".


From K-Murdock:


For those who are fans of Panacea on facebook, you may or may not have noticed the new "BandPage" tab courtesy of  I met the creator of Rootmusic, James Sider, during a a panel discussion at SxSW (South By Southwest) this past March and was hyped when he mentioned what his service does- essentially bringing the customizable look & feel of a myspace page to facebook so that artist sites can look more like... artist sites!  I highly recommend anyone who has an artist/label profile on facebook to check it out as it also seamlessly integrates with other services like Twitter & Soundcloud too.  You can peep the re-imaged facebook profile for Panacea below or by going to: and clicking the "BandPage" tab at the top!


Posted By K-Murdock to NEOSONIC Blog
Bootsy Collins' Funk University Brings in Les Claypool & More

From James Dunn:

Les Claypool, Victor Wooten & Divinity Roxx Among Guest Professors At Bootsy Collins' Funk University

Bootsy Collins, the music legend whose revolutionary work with James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic and as frontman of Bootsy’s Rubber Band brought bass to the forefront of modern sound, has announced several of the special guest professors who will be teaching with him as he takes on his new role as lead professor of the world’s first ‘Funk University’. Among the bassists participating:

    Les Claypool: The mastermind behind funk/rock outfit Primus, Claypool’s reputation as a irreverent mind is matched only by his standing as one of the most innovative bassists of his generation, combining strumming, tapping and slapping into a style that takes direct cues from Collins and makes them all his own. Primus are best known for the albums Sailing The Seas Of Cheese and Pork Soda. His most recent release is his solo album Of Fungi And Foe.

    Victor Wooten: Winner of Bass Player Magazine’s Bass Player Of The Year award three times in a row, Wooten is one of today’s most respected and sought-after bassists, collaborating regularly in the studio and onstage with the likes of Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and the Dave Matthews Band. He is also the bassist for Bela Fleck & The Flecktones.

    John B. Williams: From growing up to the sounds of Sonny Rollins practicing bass two doors down from his Harlem home to working with legends like Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Horace Silver and Roy Ayers, John B. Williams is one of the last living links between the funk era and the jazz era that preceded it. Williams was part of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show band through the early ‘70s, and the Arsenio Hall Show band through the early ‘90s. His latest release was 2005’s Gratitude.

    Divinity Roxx: As bassist for Beyonce, the flamboyant Roxx is one of the world’s most active bassists. Her virtuosic, funky bass style and trademark blonde dreadlocks are seen year-round on stages worldwide. She also works with Victor Wooten.  

    T.M. Stevens: You’d be hard-pressed to find an experienced musician who doesn’t know the name T.M. Stevens. A former member of English group The Pretenders, his list of collaborators speaks for itself: Miles Davis, James Brown, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Steve Vai, 2Pac and Living Color to name only a few. He also records and tours the world regularly with his band Shocka Zooloo.

    Dennis Chambers: Playing alongside Bootsy as Parliament/Funkadelic’s drummer from the late ‘70s through the early ‘80s, Chambers, more than almost any other drummer today, knows the complexities and subtleties of complimenting and challenging an advanced bassist. He has also collaborated with Steely Dan and John Scofield, and is currently touring with Carlos Santana.

Bootsy's Funk University begins its first semester on July 1, 2010, with classes being taught from the ‘virtual campus’ at, where new lessons, lectures and content on the evolution, theory and practice of bass guitar will be uploaded daily. Staff reviews of students' performance will be conducted periodically along with office hours to answer students' questions. Professor Bootsy will also be judging student track submissions as part of a series of regular school competitions. Bootsy's Funk University is produced by SceneFour, the notorious L.A. creativity house responsible for projects with Al Gore's Current TV, MTV-U, Nine Inch Nails, the RZA, Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, and Beck.

Interested players are encouraged to sign up for exclusive information at .

Video: Wes Fif - "Beep"

Wes Fif
Music Video

The D.Rich produced track "Beep" is the first music video from Wes Fif's new mixtape “It Aint Hard To Tell.” The video was directed by Leon Bailey of Lasting Blueprint Multimedia.

MP3 Link:




DJ Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. - We Got Gunz (Solar Diss) + Statement

Doo WopFrom Dennis Paredes:

DJ Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. - We Got Gunz (Solar Diss) + Statement

As Guru's once former publicist, I send this email with pleasure and a deeper sentiment that can only be explained by the grinding of my teeth every time I think of the entire situation. Doo Wop is accompanied by  T.O.N.Y. from Minneapolis on this very personal song, allowing Doo Wop to express another side of him that is rarely shown. I attest to the first few bars Doo Wop rhymes. 

"I don't claim to be the best judge of character, but fam I'm think I'm decent
When we first met, something told me you were a piece of shit
Frontin' with that PEACE shit... Peace that, Peace this 
Peace God, Peace Earth, Never Seen a 5%er....So evil and demonic 
But to top it son walked around like he did beats on the chronic"

I was actually rolling around with Dj Spinna in Miami for WMC during the first altercation I had with Solar over the phone. That was only days before Miles from Breakestra warned me that dude was no good, but my main focus was GURU. Even with hurt and anger in my heart, it'll remain to be the case. I thank Doo Wop for keeping it going. This is a situation that should never go slept on no matter how many new posts and features are out there. FUCK Solar!

Follow Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. as we won't let this situation pass over until justice is served.
Donwill & Von Pea Prep New Project - The Sandwich Shop

From Audible Treats:

Donwill & Von Pea Prep New Project - The Sandwich Shop

Two-Thirds Of Tanya Morgan Pull From The Roots' Late Night Instrumentals For Free EP

(May 18, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY) Riding a wave of critical and commercial success for their group albums and solo projects, Donwill and Von Pea, two-thirds of acclaimed rap group Tanya Morgan, are proud to announce a new side project, The Sandwich Shop. Utilizing a host of original music by fan favorites, The Roots, the set will be released in the near future.

The Roots stint on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, gave birth to a host of original mini-tunes called 'Sandwiches' performed during, and segueing to and from commercial breaks, often unheard by TV viewers. In late 2009 when The Roots' Questlove released 22 of these sandwiches as a free download, Tanya Morgan members Donwill and Von Pea snapped them up, selecting a handful of the tracks to create their own project, naming the EP The Sandwich Shop.

The tracks on the EP take The Roots' lush soul/funk infused arrangements and turn them into a Tanya Morgan journey with their trademark wit, and lyrical dexterity in tow. "The desire to hear what the beats would sound like with vocals on them, that was the number one focus," explains Von Pea, continuing, "My hopes for this project is for the Tanya Morgan fans to enjoy it, and for The Roots to get a kick out of it." For Donwill and Von Pea, crafting a project around music from Questlove and The Roots is hardly a stretch. First receiving a co-sign from the Questlove with the release of their 2006 debut, Moonlighting, Tanya Morgan and the drummer and Roots bandleader have crossed paths often, including on their 2009 sophomore album, Brooklynati, in which Questlove served as Mayor of the fictitious city of which the album revolved around.

Tanya Morgan has not only been one of the most lauded crews in the independent hip-hop scene, but also the most consistent. Donwill's recent solo set Don Cusack in High Fidelity, released in March of 2010, set off a wave of positive reviews and press adding to the stockpile of great responses for the group as a whole. By borrowing beats from the legendary Roots crew, a shotgun marriage of top-notch hip-hop, soul, and lyrical bravado is poised to set the rap world abuzz again with the name Tanya Morgan.

To download Donwill & Von Pea's The Sandwich Shop please visit: .

Check out the Sandwiches Teaser here: .

Also, Be Sure to Support Donwill's Debut Solo Effort, Don Cusack In High Fidelity: .

The Background:

Tanya Morgan is back with their third project, Brooklynati, following the success of Moonlighting and The Bridge. Since Von Pea, Ilyas, and Donwill formed Tanya Morgan in 2003, they have received high praise from media elites such as Spin, The Source, XXL Magazine and a resounding seal of approval from the blogosphere. Considered by many to be our generation's torchbearers for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, Tanya Morgan will once again put their skills on display with the unique hip-hop Americana sounds of their Brooklynati album this spring. Based on the fictitious city of Brooklynati, this release pushes the boundaries of a concept album by incorporating not only lyrical imagery but also cultivating a culture and mindset, which can be experienced through the City of Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce website: The sites, sounds, memories, and events of Brooklynati were unleashed via Bay-Area based record label Interdependent Media, the architects behind the funding and development of Brooklynati. Wanderlusts can feed their souls at .

About Interdependent Media:

Founded in 2006 in the Bay Area by Evan Phillips, Interdependent Media has built unique strengths in the development, production, and marketing of recorded music via new methods of marketing and promotion. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and emerging methods of marketing, iM has successfully created multi-faceted methods of raising awareness and interest in their projects. Industry veterans Ian "ID" Davis and Dominic Del Bene head operations at iM and are credited with discovering and/or developing artists such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Blackalicious, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Hieroglyphics and more. In 2009, iM will be releasing multi-media projects from artists Finale, Canibus, K'naan, Truthlive, and Tanya Morgan. For more information, please visit .


"Sandwiches" Teaser Video: .

"Bang N Boogie" Video: .

"Ian's Song": .

Brooklynati Sample Mix: .

Devo Spice Update - 5/18/2010

From Devo Spice:

Devo Spice Update - 5/18/2010

Hey everyone,

In case you didn't notice there's a new track by Cirque du So What up at The FuMP.  One of the problems we ran into when putting together our album Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse was we had too much material that we really liked to fit on an album.  Several tracks were cut.  This was one of them.  It'll probably show up on our next album, whenever we get around to putting that out.  But you can head over to and check it out now.

Speaking of The FuMP this is your last chance to download my latest track Flight Check featuring Insane Ian for free.  Once the new song goes up Friday Flight Check will be moved to the archives.

Speaking of flying and how much I hate it I'm going to be flying this weekend up to Winnipeg Canada for KeyCon, so if anyone on this list is from that part of the world definitely come out and check it out.  I'll be doing a show, along with Worm Quartet, The Great Luke Ski, and Power Salad.  And since all four of us will be there we'll also be doing a Cirque du So What performance of some kind.

Speaking of a performance of some kind, if you are available to come to either my Trenton NJ show on 6/4 or Nerdapalooza in Orlando FL on 7/17 definitely come out.  I'm going to be trying some new things that I'm really excited about.  If all my plans come together it's going to be awesome.


RADIx 2nd Leak OFF Upcoming LP Produced by Statik Selektah

From ProTalent:

RADIx 2nd Leak OFF Upcoming LP Produced by Statik Selektah

New Single, “Weight of the World” for Free Download

Ever since Quite Nyce and Seek formed RADIx in 2003, the dynamic emcee duo has been on a mission to breathe life back into hip-hop. For their second full-length LP, Say Yes, the two rappers have teamed up with multitalented producer Statik Selektah. Statik brings a heavy dose of boom-bap beats that perfectly suit the detailed and intelligent rhymes of Quite Nyce and Seek. The second single from Say Yes, titled “Weight of the World,” is now available for free download and posting.

For further press inquiries, RADIx can be contacted at or at Further information about the duo, including an electronic press kit, can be found at

RADIx - Weight of the World Download
RADIx - Weight of the World Streaming

KRU Records Brand New "Nothing No Nada" Video

From KRU Records:

KRU Records Brand New "Nothing No Nada" Video

Happ G - "Nothing No Nada (feat. Scandal, Jake Lefco, & Side Effect)" official music video;

7 Touches EP is available now on iTunes for just $3.99 for a limited time!

'Six Emcees. One Producer. 7 Touches'

FREE DOWNLOAD sampler of 7 Touches EP:

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