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Download: Yamin Semali, "What I'm Living For"

Download: Yamin Semali, "What I'm Living For"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents his self-produced new single "What I'm Living For". He calls it "a little chill joint before I introduce the harder work." Clan Destined's third LP Self Titled, received 5 out of 5 stars on

Download at .

MP3: Luck-One & Dekk - "Black Seed"

MP3: Luck-One & Dekk - "Black Seed"

Courtesy L.O.D.

Luck-One & Dekk return with the first single, "Black Seed" from their upcoming LP, Beautiful Music Pt. 2. In 2009 the duo released the Beautiful Music EP. In a few short week--Monday, February 21st, 2012 to be precise--they'll drop their first full length LP.


MP3: Timothy Rhyme x Rymeezee - "Starving Artists"

MP3: Timothy Rhyme x Rymeezee - "Starving Artists"

From Arab @ First Dirt.

For those of you that know me personally and for those of you that don't, I'm sure by now you can tell what I'm all about.  I love my daughter.  I love music. I work hard for everything I want.  I don't let things get in my way.  But most of all, I keep fighting.

With that said, I am releasing a new single with my comrade Rymeezee from First Dirt SF called "Starving Artists".  The title says it all.  We are some starving artists that love this music and continue to push forward regardless of the obstacles we face.  This very concept is the main reason why most musicians fall off.  They are in it for the money, not the music. 

Many emcees make claims of having things or doing things that really don't, but that's something we just can't do.  In the end, the truth will surface and expose the real and the fake.  And when that time comes, because it will, just remember this song.

Thank you for your support.  Please feel free to leave me feedback. 

Timothy Rhyme x Rymeezee - Starving Artists
* *
* *

MP3: Popoff - "The Essence" (prod. Cuzzo Sosay)

MP3: Popoff - "The Essence" (prod. Cuzzo Sosay)

Courtesy Mal Moe.



MP3: Shottie - "Biff Tannen"

MP3: Shottie - "Biff Tannen"

Courtesy 95 Labs.

Biff Tannen is a promotional track for Delorean a full length album by Miami lyricist Shottie & Brooklyn based producer TeV95 coming soon on 95Labs.

* *

For more info visit: .

Video: Pharoahe Monch f/ Jill Scott - "Still Standing"

Video: Pharoahe Monch f/ Jill Scott - "Still Standing"

Courtesy Duck Down & Red Bull USA.

MP3: Jim Jones & Trav - "No Church in the Wild"

MP3: Jim Jones & Trav - "No Church in the Wild"

Courtesy BF Blasts.



Mixtape: Vinnie Paz - "The Priest of Bloodshed"

Mixtape: Vinnie Paz - "The Priest of Bloodshed"

Courtesy Grim Reaperz.

Come check us out on our European tour starting Feb. 10th in Amsterdam. More info and tix avail at

Enjoy a free download of Vinnie Paz's new mixtape, "The Priest Of Bloodshed," here.

MP3: Ramaj Eroc f/ Poncho - "For the Love"

MP3: Ramaj Eroc f/ Poncho - "For the Love"

Courtesy Jamar Core.

Whats Up Man! This My New Single Right Here For My New Mixtape Yo! I Hope You Enjoy It.  My Mixtape "New Pair Of Glasses" Drops On June 29, 2012. Lets Go!

Free EP: Ruthless & Redskull - "The Archaeology Takeover"

Free EP: Ruthless & Redskull - "The Archaeology Takeover"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Ruthless is a talented up and coming UK Hip-Hop artist from Watford, Hertfordshire - who has been raised through troubled teenage years, all leading up to him releasing his built up anger, energy and emotion on his unique style of independantly manufactured music. Ruthless didn't finish school, instead - done what he could to get by since the age of twelve, but lately, the unfortunate death of his father (in his own words) made him "grow up" - and focus on what gave his dad his proudest moments.

His music. Ruthless is a focused, committed artist and has consistently been releasing FREE E.P's, Mixtapes and singles for hip hop fans all over the world to download: from Canada to New York, Europe to Australia, Thailand back to UK! with impressivley professional music videos (ALL independantly paid for) since October 2010 - when he dropped his well received EP with Escape Route Music entitled 'The EP (The Educated People)' - This four track E.P. included the production skills of Dead-Man Walkn and Ill Thought Prcess, with a MASSIVE collaboration from UK Hip-Hop legend Genesis Elijah!

Last year in 2011 Ruthless upped the ante and unleashed a superb fifteen tracker entitled 'From Then Till Now' as well as more recently releasing the 'The Archive Amnesty Takeover' produced by Dead Man Walkn. Both releases are now considered to be underground classics as well as laying the foundations and helping to build a solid fan base. Since then Ruthless has been busy working and collaborating and has worked with numerous producers including Dead Man Walkn, Redskull, Terry Hooligan, Dan Dare (The Elite), Ill Thought Process, Last Resort, Tricksta and many more, and featuring on tracks alongside Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Supar Novar, Danny Bones and many more.

Tastemakers, bloggers, deejays as well as other credible artists in the scene all agree that Ruthless is UK rapper destined for big things and now with his brand new release 'The Archaeology Takeover EP' surely Hip-Hop fans on global level will be getting up on this talented emcee. 'The Archaeology Takeover EP' is produced by Redskull who since starting out in 2005 has worked with the likes of K Koke, English Frank, Logic, Lowkey, Mic Righteous, Akala, USG, Joe Black, JaJa Soze, Squeeks, Durrty Goodz, Malik MD7 and more, as well as being nominated for an award at this years OMA's. As he gears up to drop his new instrumental EP, Redskull is also planning to drop a mixtape of songs from 2011 which will also feature Ruthless. This EP is shows different shades of Ruthless but one thing remains throughout, his unique way of delivering hard hitting ryhmes while mixing up concepts that we can all relate too.

'The Archaeology Takeover EP' Track-listing:

01 - Nothing Can Stop The Red Skull
02 - Self Confession Feat. Anxious
03 - East Meets West
04 - Denial
05 - Sci Fi
06 - Back Em Down Feat. A-Cat
07 - Pandoras Box
08 - Abomination (BONUS TRACK)

Download link: .

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