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Sunday September 21, 2014
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Is G-Unit Making Room For Sigel?


As the G-Unit founder gears up to possibly add Beanie Sigel to his fledgling  roster it's being reported Mobb Deep Is no longer with the label. 50 Cent says that he decided to let Mobb Deep go so the duo could pursue their individual financial opportunities considering Prodigy's three year prison sentence and confirmed that both Young Buck and Game are still signed to the Unit "Buck is still signed to G-Unit Records, hopefully he can come up with a record. If he can come up with a song, we can get my money back, you know what I'm saying? I hope he can come up with something right quick. I'm looking forward to that check at least. They gotta pay me not to put the [G-Unit] logo on it."


Speaking of Beanie Sigel, the Philadelphia tough and 50 Cent have big plans in store for this Friday the 13th when they release their first collaboration "I Go Off." Confirmation of Beanie on G-Unit? Jay-Z diss? Tune in this Friday to find out!

Sha Money XL Announces New Venture



Two years after stepping down from his post as President of G-Unit Records, Sha Money XL is back with an audacious new brand. Dream Big Ventures sees the music mogul sign a multi-million music and film distribution deal with The Orchard, the worlds leading digital distributor of music to bring his roster of artists and producers to the forefront of the music industry. Dream Big is making its debut with a notable roster of artists, DJ Whoo Kid founder of RadioPlanet.TV, former Shady/Aftermath recording artist Stat Quo, and New Orleans own Kidd Kidd.

The premier project to be released through Dream Big will be the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from Atlanta rapper Stat Quo. Stantlanta will feature production from Che Vicious, Hi-Tek, Key Kat Productions and Sha Money XL. “From the first time I heard Stat Quo, I wanted to work with him,” shares the Dream Big Ventures owner. “The anticipation for his debut album is still high and I am pleased to be releasing it through my new venture.” This project and those that follow will give music fans and the industry an introduction to the standard Dream Big are setting.

“The first three projects coming out of Dream Big are very realistic reflections of the three stages an artist can find them self in,” explains Sha Money XL. “Established and successful, in-between labels or ready to take your career to the next level.” Dream Big Ventures has been formatted to work with artists regardless of their position within the music industry to encourage and maximize potential. “We are looking to nurture talent that has the passion to ‘dream big’ and let the company take them to where they want to be.”

With a dense history in the music business, Sha Money was crowned ‘the chain on the bike’ by 50 Cent in 2002, while developing the brand G-Unit, which instantaneously became a global phenomenon. “Sha Money’s reputation and track record of success speaks for itself,” said The Orchard’s General Manager, Michael Bull. “All of us at the Orchard are thrilled to be in a position to work with Sha on building and developing his new label. We see Dream Big as America’s next great urban independent.”

Looking to create his own kingdom with the assistance of The Orchard and a competent team, Sha Money XL is confident that this new chapter in his life will be just as successful as previous endeavors. “Dream Big is about me fulfilling my dreams and my visions,” explains XL, “Imagine if Dr. Dre had never moved on from NWA or Death Row? You have to have wisdom to accept that a change has to take place but not be careless with your future,” he concludes. Since leaving G Unit, Sha Money XL has gone on to develop the premier networking event of the year for producers, One Stop Shop which in its third year has featured appearances by a bevy of industry executives, professionals and the elite of the production world. He is currently working as Associate Producer on 50 Cent’s fourth studio album Before I Self-Destruct and as co-manager to classic rap group Reflection Eternal aka Hi-Tek and Talib Kewli. whose album is due early 2010.

Sha Money XL hopes that his website DREAMBIGVENTURES.NET will also serve as a Craigslist for all up and coming talent. The site will be a place where they can go to advertise their work, covering areas from web design, graphics, promotion, video and production which will in turn allow industry executives the opportunity to seek out talent in all related industries across the world.





New Videos From Esinchill

Black Sheep - "Forever Luvlee"

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

MP3: Black Sheep - "Forever Luvlee"      11.11.2009
Black Sheep Releases First Track for From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude EP

The Song:

Dres is back to represent the legendary group Black Sheep with "Forever Luvlee," the first single from his forthcoming EP, From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude. The song showcases Dres' unmistakable flow, proving, yet again, that although he is one of hip-hop's originators he has yet to loose a step. Different from some of Black Sheep's earlier records, this track has a distinct smoothness that represents growth and maturity in production and recording. The title would have the listener thinking it is a hip-hop love ballad, but the track is far from it. When asked what the message behind the song was Dres had this to say, "Don't put things before people, keep God in your heart always (whatever you call him). Try to find balance in these chaotic days - be Luvlee." The lyrics speak to Dres's "essence of his presence" staying "Forever Luvlee" in a world of ice and bubbly. The lyrics are clever and ironic and let the listener know that regardless of the success he has experienced, it hasn't changed who he is, as he raps, "I like hot sauce on all I eat, my Kool-Aid too sweet... " The EP From the Black Pool of Genius: The Prelude will be released December 1st, followed by a full-length album release scheduled for spring 2010.

"Forever Luvlee": .

The Background:

It all began with a thundering baseline and an unmistakably classic phrase - "this or that." One of the most widely recognized songs in rap music history, the 1991 classic "The Choice is Yours" was hailed by VH1 in 2008 as one of the best rap songs of all time. The highly respected Queens emcee Dres, along with DJing partner-in-crime William "Mista Lawnge" McLean took the music industry by storm in the early 1990's as part of the groundbreaking collective Native Tongues. Penning such Billboard standouts as "Flavor of the Month" and "Strobelight Honey" for the duo's platinum-selling debut album A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in 1992, Dres would continue to crank out the hits on the group's second release, Non Fiction. After a brief reunion with Mister Lawnge in 2000, Dres again set his sights on recording. He released the innovative online-only album 8WM/Novakane in 2007. Now he's back in the studio, writing the next chapter of his storied career. Dres' highly anticipated new project, From the Black Pool of Genius, out Spring 2010, promises to pair thought-provoking lyrics with astounding beats constructed by a corps of new and established beatmakers. They include Bean One, Showbiz, Tough Junkie, P. Locke, Urban Soul Music Group, and Willie Evans. He's also got an impressive line-up of guest stars, including De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Rhymefest, AZ, and Tough Junkie, among others. Leading up to the release of his next full-length, Black Sheep will be releasing a precursor EP, From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude, available December 1st.


"Forever Luvlee":
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Bio, pictures, and streams available here:
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Official Site:
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Neosonic Productions - Breaks, Rhythms & Loops

From K-Murdock:

Breaks, Rhythms & Loops"BR&L" is my latest instrumental project which i been working on since last year.  Essentially, its a collection of some of my favorite beats that never got picked to be songs or in some cases, were created to be stand-alone instrumental arrangements.  The album will be out right in time for Xmas and features some known but mostly unknown and unheard instros straight from my beloved MPC!  I will be selling the project online via my Bandcamp site, and for those (like me) who still buy cds, i am pressing a limited run up for $10 that will feature an exclusive bonus track!  You can pre-order the cd now at:

I will be previewing some tracks from "BR&L" next Wed night at 9pm EST on my Ustream show- "Neo-sonix"... tune in!



Lil Boosie Gets Four Years

NEW YORK (Billboard)">">Billboard) - Rapper Lil' Boosie was sentenced to four years in prison on Monday by a judge in Baton Rouge, La., for violating his probation, according to the city's CBS affiliate WAFB.

The rapper, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, was placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor after being convicted of drug and gun charges in September. But the monitor indicated that on more than one occasion that Hatch violated the terms of his release.

U.S. District Court Judge Chip Moore revoked Hatch's probation, and sent him to jail for four years, twice the originally envisaged term. He is expected to serve a maximum of two years now.

Hatch, 26, took a plea deal to a third-offense marijuana-possession charge in September in connection with an October 2008 arrest when police found a bag of marijuana, a blunt and a gun in a vehicle he was driving. The drug charge alone would have landed him in prison for 20 years, with a mandatory minimum of fives years for the gun charge.

After the plea, Moore ordered Hatch to be electronically monitored and to clear all concert dates with the court while awaiting sentencing.

Source: Reuters

Gangs of Hip-Hop

From Udub News:

When Young Jeezy proclaimed, "Catch me walking through the club with my black flag" on the track, "Bang" off his debut LP, "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101"- it had the distinct resonance of a checkered past. That flag, a black bandana, and the words that followed, "If you don't like it do something nigga, where I'm from if you don't like it you do something nigga" leaves an ominous residue. Hip-Hop culture, once a beacon of hope for communities decimated by government ploys and internal struggles, now is in a severe role reversal phase:life imitating art. 

In 1999, President Clinton asked the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to conduct a study on whether firms in the movie, music recording and video game industries were marketing violent materials to young people. This study came partially from the statistics of the time: 7 youth were gunned down everyday in America in 1999. FTC Chairman, Robert Pitofsky referenced the words of Sissela Bok from her book, ‘Mayhem: Violence As Public Entertainment, "is it alarmist or merely sensible to ask what happens to the souls of children nurtured, as in no past society, on images of rape, torture, bombings and massacre that are channeled into their homes from infancy?" As more and more youth begin to shape their decisions based on entertainment nuances it is overdue that gang and hip-hop history is again explored within present-day context. 

Read more at Udub News

“MEET MoSS" f/ Primo, Termanology & Statik Selektah

From Clockwork Music: 


In Episode #13 the world is introduced to super-producer MoSS. Admittedly an elusive cat, MoSS appears w/ Eternia on FLOW 93.5 FM in Toronto to debut the world premiere of a song from "AT LAST". DJ Premier, Termanology & Statik Selektah speak on why MoSS is that dude, & MoSS gets excited over some banned vinyl from Chile. Just another day in the studio...

In the upcoming months, Eternia will release steady video & audio leaks leading up to the highly anticipated release of eternia & MoSS's debut album, "AT LAST". Follow them as they shop for a record deal, promote the album, and countdown to the release date. And you just never know what special guests may pop up... stay tuned!

Wu-Tang's Allah Mathematics & Streetlife Arrested In Arkansas

Two of Method Man's longtime proteges have been arrested, reports. Method Man's deejay and longtime Wu-Tang Clan producer Allah Mathematics and emcee Streetlife were among eight people arrested during a traffic stop of a tour bus, last night in Arkansas. Police reportedly discovered marijuana and Ecstacy tablets before arrests were made.

Mathematics is best known for producing Ghostface Killah's 2000 underground hit "Mighty Healthy" as well as GZA's "Publicity." With Nature Sounds Records, Mathetmatics has released four albums and compilations between 2003 and 2007. Streetlife, first appearing on Method Man's 1994 debut Tical, has released three albums, most recently 2008's Back To Back: Uncut on RBC Records.

Source: Hip-Hop DX



Come listen to 'Uzi Does It' a record that some have called the "hip hop album of the year" on Tuesday, November 10th at ZUNE LA located 8275 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles from 7-10pm.

Get Busy Committee features Ryu (Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor), Apathy (Demigodz, Army of Pharaohs) and producer Scoop Deville, known for his work recently with Snoop Dogg, The Game, Clipse, and many others.  Scoop, who is the son of rapper Kid Frost, also lends verses to half the songs on the album. 

Get Busy Committee have collected fans across the board with fans ranging from Mike Shinoda to Rob Dyrdek to Snoop Dogg raving about the new album.

If you haven't checked out Get Busy Committee, please do so at

In addition to listening to the new album, music will also be provided by DJ Cheapshot.

Let me know if you'd like to attend!

Greg Miller
Big Hassle Media
310.428.2064 /

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