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Free Album: Rapid Ric - Whut It Dew

From Audible Treats:

Free Album: Rapid Ric - Whut It Dew

New Free Album Features Chamillionaire, Z-Ro, Devin The Dude, Lil' Boosie, Killer Mike, More

The Album:

Today, Houston DJ/producer Rapid Ric is proud to announce the free release of his debut full-length album, Whut It Dew. The 16-track album, which Ric produced in its entirety, was originally released for sale at digital retailers in April, and will now be available as a free download. A physical copy of the album is also now available for purchase. Whut It Dew is being released by Ric's own label, Dew Music Group, which also has forthcoming releases slated with Killa Kyleon, Chalie Boy, Gerald G., and more in the coming months.

A true force to be reckoned with, and increasingly so with each new release, Rapid Ric got his start as Chamillionaire’s tour DJ, and has since established himself with his Mixtape Mechanic series, releasing projects with the likes of Z-Ro, Trae, Killa Kyleon, Bun B, Chalie Boy, Paul Wall, and more. Now, with Whut It Dew, Ric is releasing his own official album, a project that features many of those same names, in addition to Lil’ Boosie, Dorrough Music, Devin The Dude, Slim Thug, Lil’ Keke, Chamillionaire, Killer Mike, Lil’ Flip, and Dew Music Group’s own artist, Gerald G.

Up until this point, Ric has put out a slew of videos and singles from Whut It Dew, the most recent being his video for "PLP" featuring Lil' Boosie, Dorrough Music, Chalie Boy and Gerald G. Previously, other singles have included "Actin' Bad," a track that reunited Slim Thug and Lil' Keke for a slowed, syrupy anthem, and calls on the legendary Bushwick Bill ("Less Than 3 (Remix)") and lesser known local heroes such as South Park Mexican ("Live 4 The Dough"), ESG ("Leanin'"), and more.

Download Rapid Ric's album Whut It Dew for free here: .

MP3: Grafh - "Heartbreak" (prod. Ceasar & PStarr)

From Chris @ E1 Music:

MP3: Grafh - "Heartbreak" (prod. Ceasar & PStarr)

* *

DJ Guilletine - The Army of the Pharaohs Mix

From Semp Rok:

DJ Guilletine - The Army of the Pharaohs Mix

DJ Guilletine is back with another mix and now featuring The Army of the Pharoahs

Audio Link :

01. AOTP - Ripped To Shreds
02. AOTP - The Ultimatum
03. AOTP - Sybling Rivalry
04. AOTP - Already Dead
05. AOTP - Feast Of The Wolves
06. AOTP - All Shall Perish
07. AOTP - Silence & I
08. AOTP - I Against I (Revisited)
09. AOTP - Listen Up
10. AOTP - Seven
11. AOTP - Tear It Down
12. AOTP - Bloody Tears
13. AOTP - Band Of Brothers
14. AOTP - The Pharaohs
15. AOTP - Henry The 8th.
16. AOTP - On A Mission
17. AOTP - Narrow Grave
18. AOTP - Strike Back
19. AOTP - Through Blood By Thunder
20. AOTP - Black Christmas
21. AOTP - Divine Evil
22. AOTP - You Can Try
23. AOTP - 44 Magnum
24. AOTP - Pull The Pins Out
25. AOTP - Frontline
26. AOTP - Pages In Blood
27. AOTP - Battle Cry
28. AOTP - Into The Arms Of Angels

MP3: French Montana f/ Three 6 Mafia - "Choppa Down (Remix)"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: French Montana f/ Three 6 Mafia - "Choppa Down (Remix)"

(Clean/Dirty) .

MP3: Bwan - "Dreamers" (prod. Esta)

From Beatrock Music:

MP3: Bwan - "Dreamers" (prod. Esta)

* *

Hello Good Folks!

We are proud to present Bwan's first official solo track on Beatrock Music. "Dreamers" (produced by Esta) is the first of a string of Bwan singles to be released this summer. These singles will be a part of a free Bwan EP slated for release at summer's end.

MP3: Yung Joc f/ Rick Ross - "Ugh"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Yung Joc f/ Rick Ross - "Ugh"


Video/Audio Leak: Luck-One - "Breakthrough"

From Luck-One:

Video/Audio Leak: Luck-One - "Breakthrough"

Portland, OR: Less than six months after releasing his hotly anticipated debut full length “True Theory” to critical acclaim, North West favorite Luck-One returns with a brand new mixtape and proclaims himself king.

Well aware of the nearly two year lull between his initial offering Beautiful Music with producer Dekk, and True Theory, Luck returned to the studio in mid June and completed nearly the entire project in just under two weeks.

Set to release as a free download August 30th, Luck gives us a taste of what’s to come with the first leak entitled Breakthrough.  On this track the rapper most known for his aggressive lyrical barbs takes a step back to give us some introspection and examine his place in the industry wherein he struggles to make a mark.

Breakthrough Link: .

Video: LEP/Bogus Boyz & Mobb Deep - Behind the Scenes

From BF Blasts:

Video: LEP/Bogus Boyz & Mobb Deep - Behind the Scenes

Devo Spice: Nerdapalooza Looms; Subscribers Get New Feature

Devo Spice Update: Nerdapalooza Looms As Subscribers Get a New Feature

What’s up, everyone?  I hope everyone is having more fun than I am.  I spent last weekend moving almost everything out of my house and carrying some very heavy stuff up a flight of stairs that is barely capable of transporting humans, let alone large, bulky pieces of furniture.  Anyway...

--== New Feature For Spice Rack Subscribers ==--
Recently I got an invitation to Google+, Google’s new social networking site, and this morning I had an idea.  I realized I could use the “circles” feature to share inside information with my subscribers as it happens.  As I’m recording a new song I can post about it, or when I book a new gig or some other cool thing happens I can discuss it before I’m ready to announce it publicly.  So this morning I made a circle called Spice Rack Subscribers and made my first post.

I’ve added all my subscribers to this circle.  If you’re not yet a user of Google+ you should have gotten an invitation from me.  If you didn’t and you need one let me know.

And if you’re not yet a Spice Rack subscriber you can get all the information and join here:

--== Next Weekend The Nerds Will Rock ==--
Next weekend in Orlando Florida is the ultimate nerd music event, Nerdapalooza, featuring music by me, Luke Ski, Insane Ian, Consortium of Genius, Schaffer The Darklord, Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew and dozens more.  The event is taking place July 15-17 at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

To get all you nerds excited about the event they have posted this video on YouTube:

For more info head to

--== Twenty-Six And A Half: A Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic Now Available ==--
Weird Al fans rejoice!  Al’s second favorite album to come out in June is now available.  (He said so himself.)  Twenty-Six And A Half is the third tribute to Weird Al and contains my song Weird Al Didn’t Write This Song.

It also contains amazing covers of Weird Al songs by Insane Ian, Worm Quartet, Kobi LaCroix, MC Chris, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and many more, plus parodies of Weird Al songs by Luke Ski and Steve Goodie.  It really is a fantastic release.  Al said so himself: “I’ve been listening to it, and I think it’s really fantastic work. It’s actually quite amazing. The quality and production of it is mind-boggling.”

To pick up your copy head over to

That’s all for now folks.  Don’t forget I will also be at Confluence in Pittsburgh, PA on the 22nd for Friday night only.  More information here:


MP3: Angel Haze f/ Das Racist - "Jungle Fever (Remix)"

From Nancy B:

MP3: Angel Haze f/ Das Racist - "Jungle Fever (Remix)"

When Le'Roy, the talent booker at SOBs, first emailed me about Angel Haze he said, "I think Angel is the type of artist that rolls around about once every five or ten years", and....well.....I've heard that before, so I sat on the email for a couple weeks, busy with client stuff. Then I listened to the attached song. It's a collab she did with Das Racist "Jungle Fever (remix)" and I was like, "WOW! This chick can really spit", and promptly dived into the rest of the emails Le'Roy had sent me to see if there was consistence. Long story short, the reading of a few Fader write-ups and a visit to her YouTube channel later, I was hooked. This chick can REALLY spit. It's actually so much more than that but I will leave you to define that for yourself.

Tomorrow Angel Haze drops a mixtape, "King." Like many mixtapes, she is rhyming over borrowed beats but unlike many mixtapes, I got the impression when I listened that she does so for sport rather than because she has no access to production. Often, she completely bodies the original, giving each song a completely fresh take. And she does in fact have access to tracks because she plans to drop her debut album, "Men, Women & Clocks" later this summer. The album is executive produced by Le'Roy Benros, who also executive produced Dac Racist's critically acclaimed "Sit Down, Man" project.

Freshly 20, "King" is a sort of birthday thank you to the fans that she is collecting at an ever-increasing pace; Angel is becoming quite the internet phenomenon. Her songs have surpassed 40,000 downloads, her view count is over 100,000 and she has been featured already on Hype,,, Pound Magazine, Foam Magazine and a feature for - .

To keep this short, because it's far more important that you listen to the song, Angel Haze is one of those artists that only comes around every five or ten years. Like me, you may put off checking her out but, like me, once you do, you will be hooked.


Jungle Fever (remix) ft. Das Racist - .

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