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New Music from Spree Wilson - "King Sh*t (The Answer)"

New Music from Spree Wilson - "King Sh*t (The Answer)"

Courtesy Daniel G.

Spree Wilson has been in the studio for the last year working on his groundbreaking debut project The Spark. He has now finally re-emerged with his first offering called King Sh*t (The Answer), which features his frequent co-conspirator Novel.  Spree recounts the road he has taken during his new career to get him where he is, and where he sees himself tomorrow over an epic cinematic orchestrated track layered with hazardous drum and bass elements produced by Shoden1.

Free Download: NOTAR's Remix of "Reach"

Free Download: NOTAR's Remix of "Reach"

Courtesy Amanda C.

NOTAR is signed to Adam Duritz’s Tyrannosaurus Records and released his debut CD “Devil’s Playground” in September 2011. The album includes the smash hit “Reach” featuring Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba. The remix of the track has been created in collaboration with one of Dallas’ hot bands, Volts United, and is available for free download here: .

Free EP: Moe Green - Free Water EP

Free EP: Moe Green - Free Water EP

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Last week, Moe Green released "Glory," a brand new track that also served to announce Moe's end-of-year Free Water EP. The seven-track project is a collection of new songs, like "Glory," along with a handful of loosies that Green has released over the past months, songs like "Nimbus," "707," and "Trouble Raps." Today, Moe Green is excited to officially release the new EP.

Download Free Water here: : .

Free Water Track list:
01. Mean Green Okerlund (Prod. By FourFive)
02. 707
03. Swim Great
04. Nimbus
05. Things Don't Change
06. Glory Ft. Netta Brielle (Prod. By Fly Commons)
07. Trouble Raps

PR: News From Random - Get "The Memorandum" Now!

PR: News From Random - Get "The Memorandum" Now!

Courtesy Random a/k/a Mega Ran.

Finally, the day is here! Get the Random and Mr. Miranda album "The Memorandum" these ways...

iTunes: .
Amazon: The Memorandum only $7.99 on!
Bandcamp (get CD with free Mirandom Sticker): .

And as an added bonus, if you order the full album on CD, I'll give you the Mega Ran 10 INSTRUMENTALS, FREE! That's right, you'll get those sent to you as well. just email me with some proof of purchase. Thank you as always for your support.


MP3: Katy Perry f/ B.o.B - "The One That Got Away"

MP3: Katy Perry f/ B.o.B - "The One That Got Away"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: Omniscient f/ M-1 (Dead Prez) - "Money Comes (Money Goes)"

Video: Omniscient f/ M-1 (Dead Prez) - "Money Comes (Money Goes)"

Courtesy Semp Rok.

It took us a bit longer than expected, but it is finally here. Thank you for those who supported the audio and the video trailer a few months ago. Any support is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays.

Press Release: Happy Hogswatch From DJ Halo!

Press Release: Happy Hogswatch From DJ Halo!

Courtesy Jeep Ward a/k/a DJ Halo.

Happy Hogswatch!!! It's that non-denominational celebration time of year again... Yup yup, it's that time of the earth cycle where people exchange gifts for whatever reason they have to do so and all is merry in the world aside from the stress fo getting presents for people, long lines everywhere and traffic taht makes you think you're having a heart attack.  Other than that, it's a pretty sweet time of year...
I hope you have been well since the last letter I sent out, waaaaay back in the spring.  I have been very busy, so much so I haven't had time to tell you about it!  So where to begin...

After a total overhaul and redesign, I relaunched 
on July 4th with a great reception, to which I immediately and completely fell apart with keeping up with my weekly posts (as per the ususal), but frankly there is a TON of great stuff in there so I figured I'd cost for a bit until 2012.  But as you can tell from this email the kraken of the internet has awoken to finish 2011 with a bang (hopefully).  So check the site and poke around and see if you like anything, make a comment, talk about my mom (her name is MANGO btw, no lie!) and offer a suggestion as to how I can be less doldrum and more sparkle.  You smell me?

Like the website, my podcasts section has been a bit dusty with the updates, not to say I haven't been active, I just haven't had the time to reflect it on the site archive.  I have three recent podcast that you can stream at (shouts to DJ Flash for being a really good guy in dealing with my scattered nature) or you can check the download links below...

Broadcast and Internet shows
I have recently picked up another slot on WPKN to ressurect my old show Six Feet Deep (alt wednesdays 8-11pm) in addition to my regular Tuesday (7-9am) morning weekly show.  you can find more about the shows or stream them from WPKN's Website or if you are in the CT/MA/LI area you can get it on 89.5fm, tomorrow I will have Spits Nelson on my morning show @8:30am and the next day I will have Sidestep Complex in studio for Six Feet Deep.  Here is an archive of a REALLY great guest spot I had with the homies Paulie Think and the DIY Bandits

In addition to my broadcast show, I have been doing a Saturday web show (Kitchen Sink) on (2-4pm) which is basically me bugging out on the turntables for 2 hours on a Sturday afternoon; mostly good stuff, some bad, and a bit ugly at times.   Here's a link to one of my more recent shows...

Live Events
I have been laying low so to speak this year with the live events, no more weeklies or anything, but have managed to do a lot of road work and DJ some cool events as well.  I will always be doing something in and about my area or the US.  The best thing to do would be to 'like' my FB Fan Page or to follow me on Twitter to stay up on what's good as it changes alot.

I have been banging out tracks left and right these days with a few items on the horizon to be released in 2012 (Tiaga EP...FINALLY!) as well.  The best look at what I have been up to production-wise is my SOUNDCLOUD page, but I have included my two favorite new remixes and most recent HALO beat for you to peruse as well...
DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon - Scale it Back (HALO Remix)
Kay the Aquanaut ft. Sole - Kill You (HALO Remix)
HALO - Just a HALO Instrumental

Treats for the Holidays!

So in the spirit of the season here are a couple of free things to download at your lesiure...and I'm OUT!
Video: Focus... feat. Sha Stimuli - "I Know..."

Video: Focus... feat. Sha Stimuli - "I Know..."

Courtesy Ty Cannon.

Directed by Chris Wilkes and Focus...
The first visual for the "Music of the Misinterpreted (Deluxe Edition)" LP

Free Album feat. Statik Selektah, Donny Goines & More!

Free Album feat. Statik Selektah, Donny Goines & More!

Courtesy ISLH.

Life in Amazin Times is Jimmy ValenTime’s first full length project that is made up of largely original songs. Jimmy ValenTime said, “I feel like people should judge Life in Amazin Times like it’s my first album. I spent over a year recording and touring with these songs. I consider it my defining statement as an artist.”

Life in Amazin Times features original production from Statik Selektah (Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs), Jay Quest (Skyzoo, Reks), and Willie Green (Soul Khan, C-Rayz Walz). Life in Amazin Times also features a collaboration with emerging artist, Donny Goines on the song titled, “The Come Up Pt. 2”. In addition to working with these diverse artists and producers, the album is filled with many incredible solo records. The previous singles from Life in Amazin Times, “Understand” and “Take It in Blood” have been played on over two dozen radio stations, and have also been successful in international markets such as Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jimmy ValenTime says “Life in Amazin Times lets people who have followed my career have all my most popular songs on one album as well as introducing them to a more diverse style of music that I have produced.” Life In Amazin Times covers diverse topics such as religion (“Time”), relationships (“Your Amazing”), loss (“Far Away”), and growing up in poverty (“Take it in Blood”). Jimmy also addresses his comparison to M.F. Doom on “The DOOM Interlude”, and “I’m Awesome” is a song that displays his signature sarcasm.

The Title Life in Amazin Times has a special significance to Jimmy ValenTime as he explains, “I picked the title because I am finally doing what I always wanted to do, it’s never the right time to chase your dreams, but life can be amazing when you stop making excuses.”

Stream / Download "Life in Amazin Times" Album: .

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Phoenix" (dir. Crazy Al Cayne)

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Phoenix" (dir. Crazy Al Cayne)

Courtesy NDL.

"Phoenix" is the latest installment from Crazy Al Cayne's "Sugar Cayne Experiment" EP series. DMV MC, Napleon Da Legend is the first subject of the experiment and he spits fresh thought provoking bars over a beat created by Sugar Cayne back in 1995. This combination of ingredients describes the "Phoenix", A new beginning to a style of HipHop that most considered dead. The beat is a direct link to an era in HipHop that HipHop heads hold dear in their hearts. Stay Tuned for the Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1 EP dropping real soon!

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