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Free Album: Roach Gigz - "Roachy Balboa 2"

From Audible Treats:

Free Album: Roach Gigz - "Roachy Balboa 2"

One Of The Bay's Top Rising Talents Kicks Off New Year With The Follow Up To Roachy Balboa

Critical Praise for Roach Gigz:

"Here's to the new age of rap. And Roach Gigz. Who is awesome. - The FADER

Roachy Balboa is one of the most energetically fun rap records released this year. - Pitchfork

Selected as a member of 106 KMEL's (the biggest Bay Area hip-hop station) Freshmen Class of 2010.

The Mixtape:

With 2010 still a recent memory, Bay Area favorite Roach Gigz is kicking off 2011 in high fashion, releasing his highly anticipated new project, Roachy Balboa 2. The mixtape is the follow up to Roach's highly lauded project, Roachy Balboa, released last year, and like its predecessor contains all original production. Closing 2010, Roach released a handful of singles and videos from RB2, including fan favorites "Pop Off" and "Can I Rap," among others, and with the 18-track project being released today as a free download, fans can look forward to a number of new singles and videos from the project going forward, as well as a limited-edition physical release of Roachy Balboa and Roachy Balboa 2 together in one double-disc package.

While Roachy Balboa worked in showing off Roach's more lighthearted side and highlighting the rapper's abilities on the mic, Roachy Balboa 2 shows a progression in the San Francisco native's style. Tracks like "The Moment," which features fellow rising Bay Area talents Young Gully and Marlo, deals with the murder of Oscar Grant and subsequent sentencing of police officer Johannes Mehserle. Elsewhere, Roach continues to show off improved song writing with tracks like "The Dopest 2," Roach's biggest anthem to date, and likewise, for fans who loved tracks like "Respect It" on Roachy Balboa, tracks including "Can I Rap" continue to show off Roach's ability to craft rapid-fire, take-no-prisoner lyrical barbs with unmatched skill.

Download Roach Gigz' Roachy Balboa 2 for free here: .

MP3: Scarface Presents Griffen - "Patriot Games"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Scarface Presents Griffen - "Patriot Games"

Hope your day is going well. I'm reaching out today about Griffen, an artist from Chicago who the legendary Scarface recently signed to his Facemob Music record label.

Griffen, an artist from Chicago who was recently signed to Scarface's Facemob Music label just dropped his new mixtape, "Engleworld Vol.1". Today, we drop a single off the tape titled "Patriot Games." Produced by Bionik, one listen and it's no surprise why a pioneer like Scarface wanted Griffen on his roster.

"Patriot Games" (Prod. Bionik)


MP3: Rick Ross f/ Drake - "Made Men"

From Blast Rights:

MP3: Rick Ross f/ Drake - "Made Men"

Brand new exclusive track... Rick Ross ft Drake - Made Men. This was supposed to be on "Ashes To Ashes" but didn't make it in time. Here it is!! Its a BANGER!!!! .

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne - "Look at Me Now"

From M3W:

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne - "Look at Me Now"

* *

PR: Laelo Hood - "F*ck the World"

From DubMD84:

PR: Laelo Hood - "F*ck the World"

Inner Loop Recording artist and CEO of the HD Life movement, Laelo Hood has been paving his lane in the D.C. Hip Hop scene for over a decade and is now preparing to take his movement global with his second full length album entitled "F*ck The World," a direct reflection of Laelo's world over the past few years.
"F*ck The World" includes a bevy of collaborations with supremely talented artists such as Akir, K-Beta, XO, Kokayi, Maimouna Youseff and more. The production credits include J-$rilla, Bad Abbot, DJ Soundtrax, Theory, just to list a few. With its soulfully epic sounding production and thought provoking lyrics this album is sure to win Laelo the hearts and ears of thousands across the globe. Happy New Year!!!
01.) Fuck The World (Produced By DJ Soundtrax)
02.) Nah Joe (Produced By Hec Dolo)
03.) Where I Belong (feat. X.O. & Alison Carney) (Produced By Coldboy)
04.) Hooked On You (feat. Maimouna Youseff) (Produced By Decompose)
05.) Fooling Myself (Produced By Bad Abbot)
06.) Trust Nobody (feat. Muggsy Malone) (Produced By Bad Abbot)
07.) Where'd I Go Wrong (feat. K-Beta) (Produced By Coldboy)
08.) Family Ties (feat. Midian) (Produced By J-$crilla)
09.) I.L.S.O. (feat. T.E.F.L.O.N & Sketch) (Produced By Grussle)
10.) The Crucible (feat. The Package & Kokayi) (Produced By Theory)
11.) Concrete Jungle (feat. Draus & K-Beta) (Produced By Theory)
12.) Assassin (feat. Akir & Mr. Hawkins) (Produced By Decompose)
13.) Blood On The Walls (Produced By Soulful)
14.) Take A Hit (feat. Bear Witnez) (Produced By Kobiyashi)
15.) High (feat. Jai Blazin & Claudette Monet) (Produced By Terry B)
(Bonus) Cool (feat. Pro’Verb & Lyriciss) (Produced By Slimkat & Draus)
* *

MP3: Jermaine Dupri f/ Gucci Mane - "BURRRRRRR!!!!"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Jermaine Dupri f/ Gucci Mane - "BURRRRRRR!!!!"

Clean/Dirty .

PR: Swollen Members Madchild Banned From the United States

From Kerosene Media:

Swollen Members Madchild Banned From the United States

Madchild, from Vancouver based hip-hop group Swollen Members, has been denied entry to the United States by US custom officials. The Canadian based emcee is currently unable to enter the United States to tour or record until the matter has been resolved with US customs. Swollen Members’ upcoming new album “Dagger Mouth” is scheduled for a March 15th, 2011 release through Battle Axe/Suburban Noize Records.
Madchild has released the following statement about the incident:

“I was on my way to meet my brothers in Swollen Members to perform some shows in the United States. I went to go through customs at the Vancouver Airport, and I was pulled into the Customs waiting room. I must have sat there for three hours before I was even called up to the desk, which was odd considering there was hardly anybody else in there waiting. When I was finally called up, the agent started questioning me about being a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club and when I replied, ‘No’, he just continued to repeat the question over and over again. After five more hours of waiting, watching him go back and forth, looking on the internet and asking me the same questions over and over again, I was finally called to the front desk. He asked me another series of questions and after a total of eight and a half hours of questioning I was told that I was officially banned from entering the United States.”
“The thing that is frustrating to me is that I am being judged for the people I associated with and for some trouble I had back when I was a minor over sixteen years ago. In the last year I’ve managed to defeat my drug addiction and really worked on changing my life to become a better person. I’ve even started speaking at high schools here in Canada to talk to kids about the perils of drug addiction and hopefully use my journey to inspire the youth to avoid the pitfalls that I fell into. It’s extremely disheartening to me to know that after turning my life around, it feels like a second chance is evading me. Unfortunately when entering the United States, I’m not judged on the person I am today, but rather on my appearance and whoever the customs officials perceive me to be, which is discrimination.”
* *

Video: B. Jazz, J. Sands & Rob Riley - "4U"

From BUKA Entertainment:

Video: B. Jazz, J. Sands & Rob Riley - "4U"

MP3: Tay Dizm f/ Joey Galaxy - "Swagger Up"

From Dan Roof:

MP3: Tay Dizm f/ Joey Galaxy - "Swagger Up"




Video: DJ Smallz on KFAT 92.9 in Anchorage

From DJ Smallz:

Video: DJ Smallz on KFAT 92.9 in Anchorage

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