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PR: Eternia Gets Personal on MTV

From Sav One:

Eternia Gets Personal on MTV

Eternia shares the story behind "TO THE FUTURE" on National Television, and explains why she & MoSS decided to create the haunting song, release the music video, & partner with KIDS HELP PHONE:


CLICK to WATCH Eternia on MTV NOW!
... and in OTHER NEWS:
Eternia & MoSS on MSN "It's probably one of the most impactful songs I will ever record in my career. I will remember it for the rest of my life..." - MoSS
Eternia on AUX "I think that being nominated for a Juno, being the only woman in the category, I feel it was because of the strength of the record" - Eternia


Eternia & MoSS on DOSE "It was the most personal song on the album. It was the one we thought wouldn't get a lot of notice... and it got noticed the most." - Eternia


Every 90 SECONDS, somewhere in America, someone is SEXUALLY ASSAULTED

Eternia & MoSS "TO THE FUTURE" Official Music Video:

'To The Future' Press Release:
‘To the Future’ Lyrics:
'To The Future' Promotional pic:
'To The Future' HQ Audio Download:

Video: Kooley High - "Pedals"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Kooley High - "Pedals"

North Carolina natives Tab-One, Rapsody, Charlie Smarts, Foolery, The Sinopsis, and DJ Ill Digitz, together known as Kooley High, have hit the ground running with their new video for "Pedals," the second single off Eastern Standard Time, an album critically acclaimed since being released for free earlier this year, leading to a deal with Fat Beats Records to re-release the album at retail with a number of add-ons and new content for fans.

For "Pedals," Kooley High pairs the new single with a dizzy, dream-like chase scene. The fuzzy bassline and trippy laser sounds are accented with slow-mo, washed out cinematography. To shoot the video, Kooley High kept it close to home, bringing in fellow Raleigh, NC director Kent Williard of Depth of Sound Productions, shooting the video on the N.C. State campus, where the group originally met and formed. "The most enjoyable thing about the video was that we shot it on campus at our Alma Mater," says DJ Ill Digitz. "The most challenging thing was trying to create an interesting video that was not your average 'stand in front of the camera and rap' video. We thought it would be funny to keep the viewer guessing what it was we were running from the entire clip, only to realize that we all started running for no reason."

PR: Snoop Dogg's Label Signs BSM Artist Lynda Sayyah

From Yo! PR:

Snoop Dogg's Label Signs BSM Artist Lynda Sayyah

Block Starz Music LLC is proud to announce the signing of beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana recording artist Lynda Sayyah to rap icon Snoop Dogg's newly-formed Dogg Town Music Group.

Lynda, whose debut single "Tickin'" is featured on Block Starz Music's first all-female compilation, "She Got Next 2011" (June 21), is a trilingual (Spanish, Arabic, and English) singer with 5-octave range. Voted "Indy's Sexiest Musician" by Metromix Magazine, Lynda's sound is a fusion of Pop, Rock, R&B, and contemporary middle eastern melodies combined with lyrics that reflect her own life struggles.

"I come from a very strict Arab-Muslim family," says Lynda, who is of Palestinian and German descent. "I grew up feeling suffocated by double standards against women and just trying to be a normal kid. A lot of my music exudes these struggles and I think a lot of girls of every nationality can relate to me."

Lynda Sayyah's undeniable beauty and talent immediately caught the eyes and ears of Dogg Town Music Group, a new Los Angeles/Long Beach, California-based record company founded in 2010 by Jason "Cup" Brown, his cousin Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus, Charles "Beach Dogg" Howard II, and Shatto Brown, who promptly signed her to the upstart label.

"We are looking for one timers or one-in-a-million talent, meaning talent that can only exist once in a lifetime,” says Dogg Town COO Shatto Brown of the decision to sign Lynda as the First Lady Of DTMG. "There can only be one Michael Jackson, one Madonna, one Snoop Dogg, one Metallica -- we only want talent like that. Lynda is every bit of that. She is an amazing vocalist, beautiful, a great songwriter, and she deserves the opportunity to have the world know all of this."

In addition to Lynda Sayyah, the Dogg Town Music roster includes rap artists Poppa Heat, M-Dot, and the label is currently working a merger with T-Pain's Nappy Boy Productions to release the incredibly talented quartet One Chance.

"We feel very strongly about working with T-Pain on this [One Chance] project," says Shatto Brown. "We feel that Pain is an amazing talent and to get Dogg and Pain to come together with Dogg Town we can do things unheard of."

Lynda Sayyah's explosive dance single, "Tickin'", will be available for download on iTunes June 21 as part of Block Starz Music's anticipated "She Got Next 2011" compilation EP.

- For more information and to read Lynda Sayyah's full story, visit .
- For more information on Dogg Town Music, visit .


PR: Sean Stylez the Iconn

From ArtistPR:

Sean Stylez the Iconn

...Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, "Sean Stylez" a.k.a. "Iconn" began writing rhymes in 1993 and recording in 2000. Having a zero tolerance for the bubble gum commercialized rap scene that is present in today's hip hop community, Iconn breaks this cycle with a unique and aggressive style that is loaded with the lyrics fans crave.

Even with constant struggles, adversity, and obstacles in his life, Iconn has still managed to reach over 47 million plays on MySpace, since 2008, and steadily crank out hardcore tracks for his fans, while dealing with the death of his grandfathers, losing his home, eating out of his trash can, and living without power and water for over 60 days during the winter of 2009. In addition to conquering these demons, Iconn sold over 1,000 units of his self-entitled in one week during this extremely dark period God allowed him to face. Knowing that true success in this world doesn't come without a price; Iconn has paid the toll and welcomes new pain and heartache, believing that it will only make him and his music stronger.

Now the Duval County MC simply looks to give the hip hop community music they can relate to while at the same time escaping reality. There is something on the albums for everyone. While there is a parental advisory warning on the records and the majority of the content is not for the faint of heart, the compilation of the messages as a whole will definitely not disappoint the listener.
MP3: Eclectic Duo Dinner At The Thompson's Announce US Release

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Eclectic Duo Dinner At The Thompson's Announce US Release

Sophomore Album To Be Released May 17 On Earth At Work Records; Leak New Song "How Can I"

(April 12th, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY) American-Francophone duo Dinner At The Thompson's, comprised of New York-born, California-raised, and France-based singer Lucille Tee and Le Havre, France-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Fablive, is excited to announce the release of their new album, Off The Grid. A mix of smoky, jazz-, soul-, and spoken word-influenced vocals with hip-hop-, funk-, and electro-influenced beats, Off The Grid is a working blend of nu-soul, electro, and groove, influenced by afro-beat, hip-hop, jazz, and cinematic ambiances. Off The Grid will be released May 17, 2011 on Earth At Work Records via FB Distribution.

Clocking in at 16 tracks, the Dinner At The Thompsons’ sophomore album boasts a variety of genre-swapping tracks that showcase the duo’s penchant for the creative. The lead singles "It All Began" and "Running" adequately display the group’s diversity. The former begins with a bevy of sirens and before moving the listener with a steady infectious bass line, complimentary percussion and muffled keys, and tales of seedy underworld characters, courtesy of Lucille's story telling. The latter, in contrast, is a frenetic, string- and horn-driven track that races along, as Lucille's lyrics "Quest for that special something/ Keeps him running, keeps him running," spin a tale of the never-ending search for fulfillment. Previously released exclusively in France and Germany in late 2010, Off The Grid has already garnered amazing reviews and was played on Nova (Paris), Radio Eins (Berlin), BBC 6 (UK), and even snuck onto KCRW’s Top 50 Charts here in the US at #6.

Dinner At The Thompsons’ got its start in 2005 when Fablive's band was playing a show in France and Lucille, then living in Prague, hopped up on stage to sing with the group. The chemistry that then ensued was so powerful that Fablive ended up inviting Lucille to the studio with him and the three songs they laid down during the session became the start of their first album, Lifetime on Planet Earth. Now, four years later, Off The Grid offers listeners a logical extension of the sounds heard on their debut LP while continuing to push boundaries and defy genre.

With the release of Off The Grid, Dinner At The Thompson's has plans to hit the road, first taking their new collection of songs across stages in Europe this month and then in the US in late May. “This album was something I've wanted to do for a long time. The concept was to mix DATT's diverse musical influences of rare-groove, jazz-funk, hip-hop, soul & nu-beat to create a unique universe of sounds, moods, and ideas,” says Fablive.

Download the Dinner At The Thompson's song "How Can I" from Off The Grid here: .

MP3: Aubrey Mikel f/ David Banner - "All Around"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Aubrey Mikel f/ David Banner - "All Around"

* *

MP3: Fonzworth Bentley f/ Backbone, Slimm Calhoun - "Bunkin"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Fonzworth Bentley f/ Backbone, Slimm Calhoun - "Bunkin"





Video: Freck Billionaire Released From Prison

From BF Blasts:

Video: Freck Billionaire Released From Prison

PR: Cstraight Releases "So Not Cool" in 2 Weeks

From GodChaserz Entertainment:

PR: Cstraight Releases "So Not Cool" in 2 Weeks

GodChaserz Entertainment's newest artist, Cstraight, has been hard at work on his debut album for over a year. So Not Cool  is set to be released on 4/26/11. Originally slated as a CD release only, it is now available exclusively at as an album & DVD combo. So Not Cool is based on 1 John 5:12 (Amplified Bible) 'He who possesses the Son has that life; he who does not possess the Son of God does not have that life'. This debut album has hard hitting production from Juice2020, Tony Stone, Mpax production, C-Life (Dont Rap No More), Rik Reed, Brinson, and Aye Dey FoThosand. Also, stellar features from Von Won, Brinson, ReadyWriter, Knine, Disciple, and new comers Eric Dayz (FL) and Ox The Servant (NJ).

According to the label, Cstraight, recently relocated to Little Rock Ark and has already recorded new songs for ReadyWriter's upcoming album.

Cstraight's first single So Not Cool is produced by Juice2020.

So Not Cool Tracklisting

1. God 1st-ness
2. You're the Star
3. Wake Up / M.Y.F   featuring Ox Da Servant, Eric Dayz
4. Unbelievable   featuring Von Won
5. Nothing In Particular   Featuring Knine
6. Not An Option  Featuring Brinson
7. So Not Cool
8. 3 Words
9. Betta Than A Millionaire
10. I Chase
11. Sucker Free    Featuring ReadyWriter, Disciple (D.I.)
12. Coals of Fiyah FreeStyle  *Bonus Track*

MP3: 20 Stax - "Real G's Do Da George J"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: 20 Stax - "Real G's Do Da George J"


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