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Monday March 30, 2015
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[Blade of the Ronin] A samurai with no master.

Cannibal Ox Review

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Video: J-LA P - "Hot White Female Rapper" Freestyle

From SMG Music:

Video: J-LA P - "Hot White Female Rapper" Freestyle

MP3: Sky 7th f/ Deacon the Villain - "Everyday Warrior"

From Jessie Maguire:

MP3: Sky 7th f/ Deacon the Villain - "Everyday Warrior"

Track Info:
Download Link: .
Everyday Warrior - Sky 7th featuring Deacon the Villain (of Cunninlynguists)
Produced by: Ill Pill
From the album, "Trouble Man"

"It's obvious... love for the folks that brought me up, caught in a rush... how you talk to an angel and not be touched? Thinkin' we all must talk too much..." It's clear Sky 7th is done talking and onto spitting with the first joint leaked from his LP, "Trouble Man."  Sky shows his versatility on "Everyday Warrior" by dropping an inspiring verse alongside guest, Deacon the Villain of the Cunninlynguists.  This song showcases the Columbus, Ohio MC's ability to represent for everyday folk over a unique track produced by Ill Pill.

For more information on Sky 7th please visit:

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MP3: Nutso f/ Tony Yayo - "Pockets On Swole"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Nutso f/ Tony Yayo - "Pockets On Swole"

Produced by Tango

PR: Jason James - History of Web (Farmer's Blvd.)

From Jason James:

PR: Jason James - History of Web (Farmer's Blvd.)

What up everybody..

It was nothing short of an honor when Kevin from emailed me asking to participate in a tribute to one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time from one of the greatest rappers that ever did it. My submission to the project is a re-working of "Farmer's Blvd" produced by Isbjerg called "History Of WEB" which is a brief summarization of my enitre history with Hip Hop.


Also, my partner in crime, Rodney Hazard will be showcasing his production at the iStandard Producer Showcase in NYC this Tuesday, Sept. 4th. If you're in the NYC area and would like to go down and support him or just watch the showcase, email him at and he'll be sure to get you some tickets. If possible, please re-post this at your spots. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT EVERYBODY!!!!

PR: Rel!g!on "Revelationz I" re:Release Now on iTunes

From Domination Recordings:

Rel!g!on "Revelationz I" re:Release now available on iTunes!

"Get Rel!g!on" is the current rally cry surrounding the latest hip hop producer, who's already began dazzling artists and record labels  with his skilled creations and innovative beats. Utilizing a fascinating mix of live playing and assorted sampling, the young producer from Vancouver, British Columbia is generating buzz in Canada as well as the U.S. Rel!g!on is already releasing his own material, as well as working with other artists to build his reputation as a bona fide hit machine in the hip hop game.

His first official release, Revelationz I garnered positive attention from reviewers and fans across the web. Featuring heavy hitters such as Chuck D of Public Enemy as well as Planet Asia and Moka Only, Rel!g!on's first record was nothing short of an instant hip hop success. His inspired, imaginative tracks laid the foundation for ultra skilled MCs to spit their finest rhymes and create memorable, catchy songs.

Wandering Worx Music & Domination Recordings are proud to announce the official U.S. re:Release of Rel!g!on's "Revelationz I" on iTunes that also includes 18 instrumental bonus tracks.

1. Intro feat. Planet Asia
2. Pyramids feat. Planet Asia & Jasiri X
3. Affirmation feat. NYoil
4. Matador feat. Jasiri X
5. Turn Me Up feat. Jenson Vaughan & Theory
6. Whatever It Is feat. Christian Tessier
7. Call My Name feat. Donny Goines
8. State of the Black World feat. Jasiri X
9. Revelationz feat. Heatwave
10. Lucid feat. Moka Only & e.d.g.e.
11. We Ready feat. Rhymists & Knolij
12. Auto Pilot feat. Emotionz & e.d.g.e.
13. All I'll Ever Be feat. Shyheim & NYoil
14. Evening News feat. J Pinder, Jasiri X & e.d.g.e.
15. Steelers feat. Jasiri X
16. You Are Feat. Lah Tere
17. Soldier feat. NYoil & Chuck D
+ 18 Bonus Instrumentals

Free Download: Rel!g!on Album Sampler

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Video: Roach Gigz - "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Roach Gigz - "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk"

PR: Swollen Members Announce New Album & Canadian Tour Dates

From Kerosene Media:

Swollen Members Announce New Album Title & Canadian Tour Dates

Swollen Members’ have announced they will be embarking on a headlining Canadian tour throughout September. Swollen Members are currently putting the finishing touches on their new studio album “Dagger Mouth”, which is scheduled for early 2011 release. Swollen Members will embark on a full US tour throughout November with dates to be announced shortly.

“'Armed to the Teeth is a dope record, but looking back now some of the lyrical content glorifies negativity a little too much for my liking," commented Mad Child. "Along with counter parts Dilated Peoples and Hieroglyphics, we come from an era where hip-hop that was a raw and pure art form and just a lot more fun!  Making songs that seem manufactured is just something we don't want to do anymore."
Prevail says, "We are excited about making and performing songs that just feel right again. This is most fun we've had since ‘Black Magic’. We will be kicking off our first tour this September in our own back yard of Western Canada,” he commented. “We can't wait to get out and be with our fans again! We are counting down the days to play some of the new tracks from 'Dagger Mouth' as well as perform the classics for our people. After being home for a while, we really started to miss the feeling of being out and performing in front of our people! There are no parties that compare to a club full of our Swollen Army and Battleaxe Warriors!"
With Mad Child now free from his addiction to pain killers and settled back into Vancouver, he has returned revitalized and hit the studio and record Swollen Members' new studio album "Dagger Mouth". With a new sense of clarity and a desire to return to the classic Swollen Members sound, Mad Child , Prevail and Rob The Viking have created an album that stands toe-to-toe with the group's classic back catalog, while celebrating the roots of hip-hop as a genre.
Sept 04 - Merritt, BC - Active Mountain Grounds
Sept 11 - Prince George, BC - Roll-O-Dome
Sept 16- Kelowna, BC - Gotcha’s Nightclub
Sept 17- Chilliwack, BC - Echo Room
Sept 18- Victoria, BC - Sugar
Sept 19- Nanaimo, BC - Queens Hotel
Sept 23- Calgary, AB - Back Alley
Sept 24- Lethbridge, AB - Exhibition Park – Main Pavillion
Sept 25- Red Deer, AB - Urban Rodeo
Sept 27- Yorkton, SK - Ultra
Sept 28- Winnipeg, MB - Pyramid
Sept 29- Winkler, MB - Morden Complex
Sept 30- Saskatoon, SK - Tequilla Night Club
Oct 02 - Nelson, BC - Royal Hotel
* *

Video: Freestyle Cypher w/ Sha Stimuli, Termanology & More

From Zack Einhorn:

Video: Freestyle Cypher w/ Sha Stimuli, Termanology & More

The CYPHER from ReelDan.

PR: El-P Discusses Album Artwork With Artist Travis Millard

El-P Hell 3From Gold Dust Media:

El-P- Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3  (OUT NOW, Gold Dust)
Artist Travis Millard of Fudge Factory Comics designed the incredible artwork for El-P's Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 album. El had a chance to chop it up with Travis when he was in LA for Low End Theory, and we were lucky enough to be there to record the conversation. Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 is available now on CD, LP and Digital Download at
* *
Also worth noting, El-P has also orchestrated the posthumous release of his friend Camu Tao's King of Hearts album, which is out today on Fat Possum and available at

Few artists can combine uncomfortable with catchy; paranoiac with head-nodding; morbid with springy. It's hard to scare the sh!t out of you while simultaneously keeping your foot moving. Rapper, producer and Def Jux founder El-P knows how to get to parts of the brain others can't. As a solo artist and frontman for seminal hip-hop group Company Flow or producer of Cannibal Ox, Cage, Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, NIN, Beck, The Mars Volta (and many, many more), an El-P production can drive you to hide underneath the bed, punch a wall and nod your head all at the same time. Which brings us to Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 (August 3rd, Gold Dust), the sort of, kind of but not really follow-up to his past two mixes of the same name previously released at live shows.

It's another unique release in the artist's catalog. In the tradition of Company Flow's Little Johnny From The Hospitul (1998), El's own Collecting The Kid (2005), and more recently Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixxx2 (2007), Hell3 is a fully realized suite of instrumentals that continues to exemplify the producer's versatile, otherworldly, futuristic and wholly original sonic worldview.

"I wanted to do little mini-movements that had a real beginning, middle and end and then moved on," says El-P. "The challenge for me was taking all these seemingly unrelated little pieces of music I had laying around and fitting them together as a cohesive piece. I wanted to craft a record that had an arc."

Given this format, Hell3 both sounds similar to and nothing like anything you've heard before. "Drunk With a Loaded Pistol" starts off woozy and deranged before evolving into a warning alarm/drum attack. "Time Won't Tell" opens as a soundtrack for the apocalypse followed by the layering of guitar-driven pop over boom-bap drums. As the album title implies, El-P creates a dark, dystopian sonic universe filled with ominous basslines and thumping, punishing drums.

Comprised of original instrumentals as well as remix instrumentals to Kidz in the Hall's "Driving Down the Block" and Young Jeezy's "I Got This," Hell3 represents songs that were meticulously crafted yet never found a home on a proper release. While sonically different from J Dilla's instrumental masterpiece Donuts, that album would prove inspirational to El-P. "Like Donuts, I wanted to keep things short and to the point. I think that's an aspect of instrumental music that so many more people can relate to. I didn't want anyone to listen to this record and at any point get bored."

While the producer is currently working on the follow-up to 2007's I'll Sleep When You're Dead, Hell3 functions as both a stopgap and standalone album. "This was a chance for me to give something to my fans as a reward for their patience as I worked on my new record.  With the past Megamixxes, I never sat down and really tried to make a record. It was more like, 'Here's a bunch of cool stuff you haven't heard.' I look at this new one as a proper album. Me calling it a Megamixxx is just an excuse to get to Volume Three of anything."

01. Take You Out At The Ball Game
02. Whores:The Movie
03. Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)
04. DMSC
05. Drunk With A Loaded Pistol
06. Time Won't Tell
07. Secret Police Man's Ball
08. I Got This (El-P Remix) Redux
09. Jump Fence, Run, Live
10. He Hit Her So She Left
11. Driving Down The Block (El-P Remix) Redux
12. Honda Redux
13. How To Serve Man  (Stripped)
14. Contagious Snippet (Wilder Zoby Feat. El-P)
15. Eat My Garbage 2
For More Information, Check Out:
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Video: Tha Connection - Connect 102: Fresh Sly Remixes

From Digi Crates Records:

Video: Tha Connection - Connect 102: Fresh Sly Remixes

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