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Mixtape/Video: Kokayi - 8-BIT Ubermentals & BTB Interview

From Audible Treats:

Mixtape/Video: Kokayi - 8-BIT Ubermentals And Behind The Beats Interview

Just two and a half weeks ago, he was there for fans with the new single "Feeling Summery" and to announce the remix EP for his highly acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs. Now, Kokayi is showing more love for his faithful fans, releasing a free instrumental album duly titled 8-Bit Ubermentals. In the spirit of spring cleaning, Kokayi recently racked his hard drive, hand selecting and bundling up 17 instrumental tracks for the release. "I've had tracks sitting for some time that I never let see the light of day," explains Kokayi, "and in celebration of progression I went through about 500 tracks and picked out those that meant the most to me. If I can give back to those that have given me support via my Ustream, buying my records or just offering a word of encouragement, then I will. So it's the big giveback. A thanks from me to my supporters."

In addition to this free instrumental album, Kokayi is also, fittingly, giving fans a deeper look into his production techniques with his very own Behind The Beats interview, presented by Digital Hustle Films. This comprehensive interview covers topics ranging from how he got his start in the music industry to his Grammy nomination, and everything in-between, including his favorite producers, emcee's, and some of his production theory. And best yet, in the video you can hear some unreleased production work from Kokayi's personal beat lab.

Download Kokayi's free instrumental album 8-Bit Ubermentals here: .

Watch Behind The Beats with Kokayi here: .

Video: Dolla Boy (Playaz Circle) - "Whip Game Crazy"

From Rap Star Promo:

Video: Dolla Boy (Playaz Circle) - "Whip Game Crazy"

MP3: JNatural f/ Abstract Rude, Aceyalone - "Keys to the City"

From Ballin' PR:

MP3: JNatural f/ Abstract Rude, Aceyalone - "Keys to the City"

* *

The lack of female presence in hip-hop today is nothing less than astonishing. Enter emcee and vocalist Janelle Corpuz aka JNatural. Executively produced by southland icon Aceyalone, her debut LP Love Is On Hiatus is a rousing, jazzed inflected album. Following in the tradition of uncompromising and strong emcees like Jean Grae and Medusa, Love Is On Hiatus features Aceyalone and Abstract Rude. Production is by San Diego beat maker Jeff Wonder.

Love Is On Hiatus contains universal themes of love, desire, and heartbreak. The track “I Am Where the Music Is” is a celebration of true love and the work any good relationship takes. JNatural who founded her own LA based design consulting firm, Halseyan International LLC explains, “I used to work a 9-5 and then grind till the wee hours of the morning to complete my music projects or do gigs. All the money I made from my job goes right back into my musical projects.”

On “Limber Slinky” JNat employs a sultry inflective hook alongside sharp choppy verses to releases her emotional wounds at a past love. It took time for me to understand what it really meant to love yourself and know that I was worth more than that.”

Raised in Los Angeles, JNatural’s immigrant parents were strict but also so busy with careers in the medical field that they left her in the care of her grandmother and aunt. “They were very musical and wonderful story tellers,” JNatural recalls. Negating the cliché that all-girls Catholic high schools are breeding grounds for wild girls, JNat says that there were major benefits to not having boys around to distract her, not the least of which was that she learned to speak her mind.

It was around high school when JNat tried her hand at turntables and discovered SLAM poetry. By college, JNatural and her friends were staying up late night dissecting the lyrics of Freestyle Fellowship, Living Legends and Hiero and scratching out rhymes of her own.

Eventually she formed an eight piece hip-hop band called Sonic Tongue. After years of shows in San Diego and opening up for people like Brother Ali, Jeru the Damaja, Elroneous, CMA and Slug, she moved back to LA and ventured out on her own. In 2002 she released her first solo EP For Clarity, and in 2004, continuing to find her own voice, JNat wrote and produced a 5 track acoustic guitar EP called LA Virgen.

In 2005 during a chance meeting with one of her icons Aceyalone at a Medusa show, she slipped him her latest CD. “He called the next day and asked me to come in to the studio to record and be part of the (SIS)tem, an all female group he was putting together.”

In 2006, JNatural teamed up with producer/photographer Jeff Wonder to produce her first globally distributed project Escape From Babylon. In 2008 she released Sex Lies and Sextape mixtape, mixed by DJ Ray Ray Raw and featuring The A-Team (Aceyalone & Abstract Rude.)

All the while, JNat continues to develop her career in fashion. She was designer for Roxy/Quiksilver and the Director of Design for Fox Womens. She recently founded her own design consulting firm called. Currently, she is VP of Design and US Sales for U&K Fashion Ltd, a china-based fashion group.

Love Is On Hiatus drops June 28, 2011 on Project Blowed.

Video: The Primeridian - "Drop the Needle"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: The Primeridian - "Drop the Needle"

MP3: Armageddon - "Sending My Love"

From Semp Rok:

MP3: Armageddon - "Sending My Love"

Armageddon returns with another heart felt rhyme dedicated to his Uncle and fans who have been supporting him throughout these years. Its been a long road since the Terror Squad days and true battle to garner his own spotlight in this industry. The music video for this song, "Sending My Love," will be released next week as anticipation builds for his Deluxe Edition version of The Journal Vol. 1: Rebirth; a physical copy version of the digital FreEp release earlier this year. Expect a few bonus cuts on this version as well while Fat Beats, SoFlo Entertainment and Geddy Music get busy for this summer.

Image Link: .
Download Link: .

Video: Young RJ f/ Vice Verse - "Cold War"

From Chris at E1 Music:

Video: Young RJ f/ Vice Verse - "Cold War"

MP3: Timbaland f/ Sincere - "90"

From M3W:

MP3: Timbaland f/ Sincere - "90"

* *

MP3: Moe Green - "Extra Extra"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Moe Green - "Extra Extra"

Latest Single Precedes Free Release Of Lionheart EP Next Month

Critical Praise for Moe Green:

"With a prize like Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match under his belt, be prepared to see Green go the distance." -

Selected as a member of 106 KMEL's (the biggest Bay Area hip-hop station) Freshmen Class of 2010.

The Song:

"I heard a lot of ya'll talkin' bout it but I dont see you when im walkin' bout it" So Moe Green raps on the chorus of his latest single, "Extra Extra," and if anyone is a testament to his word, it's the fast rising Vallejo, California spitter. In just under a year, Moe released the highly lauded Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, along with a succession of new tracks and videos, as he continued to put the finishing touches on his new EP, Lionheart, being presented by OnSMASH and BEARWITNESS.

Despite the tone set by producer Ca$h Martin's muted horns and melancholy keys, "Extra Extra" is Moe at his most outspoken. "Everybody's talking and not walking," says Moe about the song's message. "Everybody says, 'I'mma do this,' or 'I'mma do that,' but I've seen where we are trying to go – what everybody dreams about – and now I'm working on getting there." And Moe's rhymes reflect that attitude to the tee, as he raps about the internal conflict and struggle he faces as he strives to reach his goals. "On the walk for greatness/ Keep a good pace, and they all relating," raps Moe, as he pushes asides gimmicks with, "None of that hoopla/ My team plus God be the reason I'll make it."

Download Moe Green's "Extra Extra" for free here: .

PR: Tobacco + Sole Team Up on Self-Titled

From Terrorbird Media:

Tobacco + Sole Team Up on Self-Titled

On Battery Acid Induced "Pianos Falling," Premiere on Self-Titled

Fiery, Policital "I Think I'm Noam Chomsky" Video Premiere on URB

Lil B, Pictureplane, Xiu Xiu, Sage Francis & More on Forthcoming Hello Cruel World LP Out 7/19

DOWNLOAD: "Pianos Falling (w/ Tobacco)" (mp3 via Self-Titled)
WATCH: "I Think I'm Noam Chomsky" (video via URB Magazine)
DOWNLOAD: "Hello Cruel World (Alias Remix w/ WHY?'s Yoni Wolf) (mp3 via RCRD LBL)

It's been a busy couple of months for Sole and the Skyrider Band. The news already hit about the forthcoming full length Hello Cruel World on July 19th on Fake Four Inc., including a head-turning cast of guests that includes Lil B THE BASED GOD, Pictureplane, Xiu Xiu, Sage Francis, and more. Recently, the first single "Hello Cruel World" was given the remix treatment from former Anticon label mates Alias and Yoni Wolf from WHY?. Now, Sole has continued to push things further. URB Magazine recently premiered the video for his searing, non-album cut and political heavy-hitter "I Think I'm Noam Chomsky," while Self-Titled also premiered "Pianos Falling," his collaboration with Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tobacco.

While much was made of Sole aka Tim Holland leaving the Anticon empire he helped create, there's a refreshing, new found confidence and focus not seen since his now-classic albums Selling Live Water and Bottle of Humans . Some proof of that can be found in the fact that he's assembled an army of the most exciting voices in music right now to be apart of the new record. The new album drops July 19th on cd, vinyl, and digital via Fake Four Inc., with the European release being handled by Equinox Records. With Hello Cruel World, Sole returns with the Skyrider Band for his first full length since the split with Anticon, and his third album with the Skyrider Band. Listeners will notice that Sole has adopted the most deliberate flow of his career--abandoning the freewheeling, hyper-timed assaults of his earlier work in favor of a biting clarity and all around accessibility . The record draws on the wealth of his newly found freedom, tapping into the positivity and ethics of a DIY tradition he has always known and embraced throughout his career - transforming his past cynicism into a call to arms and personal empowerment. The Skyrider Band itself has been similarly transformed; trading in their dense soundscapes and organic touchstones for an impeccable attention to detail and more studio-centric productions.
"I Think I'm Noam Chomsky" video - Click Here
Sole and the Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World
Out July 19th on CD, LP, Digital via Fake Four Inc.

Napoleon (feat. Xiu Xiu)
Hello Cruel World
Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane)
We Will Not Be Moved (feat. Ceschi & Noah23)
Home Ain't Shit (written by Pedestrian)
Formal Designation 134340
Progress Trap (feat. Sage Francis)
Vaya Con Diablo (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker, Mestizo & Ceschi)

Sole and the Skyrider Band Press Page
Official Sole Site
Sole and the Skyrider Band Facebook
Sole Twitter
Sole Tumblr
Fake Four Inc. Official Site
Terrorbird Official Site

MP3: 1 Entranjj f/ Lil Wayne - "I Own It"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: 1 Entranjj f/ Lil Wayne - "I Own It"




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