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Video: Pinky f/ Crystal Lucas - "Backbone" (Mini-Movie)

Video: Pinky f/ Crystal Lucas - "Backbone" (Mini-Movie)

Courtesy of DJ Vlad.

Video: Ghetto the Plug f/ I-20, Jackie-O - "Anything"

Video: Ghetto the Plug f/ I-20, Jackie-O, The Joker - "Anything"

Courtesy of J Melo.

PR: Throwing Knives - Kung-Fu and Hip Hop

PR: Throwing Knives - Kung-Fu and Hip Hop

From Tony @ DTR45.

Deuce Ellis, one of indie hip hop’s hottest young artists, has been criss-crossing the nation on tour for the greater part of the last 2 years. Despite the rigorous performance schedule, Deuce continues to find time to write and record for an upcoming project; of which he is remaining mostly silent on any details. The first leak – and corresponding video from this ninja-like stealth project is appropriately entitled “Throwing Knives”. The song features a classic hip hop vibe, sultry blues guitar riffs, and a pounding drum beat, courtesy of Minneapolis producer, Karl Folk, whom Deuce met on tour earlier this year.

“Throwing Knives was actually crafted while I was on the road, it saw about 12 different states. I really just wanted to do a track displaying my skills as an MC & song structuring.”, says Ellis, who heads back out on the Def On Arrival Tour in September, playing tour dates in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Watch Throwing Knives on YouTube @ .

The Video for Throwing Knives incorporates classic Kung Fu footage, courtesy of Shut Down Media Group, juxtaposed against “Throwing Knives” infectious groove, and fit perfectly into Deuce’s lyrical narrative. “My homies would always cop the latest mixtapes, blaze trees & watch Kung Fu flicks with the volume down. They have the rawest collection of Kung Fu flicks I've ever seen. So Sick Savage (of SDMG) sat with the track for like a week just trying to get the feel, then he went and found the prefect scenes to piece together and create a unique audio-visual experience.”

Deuce Ellis is a young up and coming hip hop artist from Buffalo, NY. His debut, Head In The Clouds, peaked at #3 on iTunes Top 100 new releases and #4 on College radio charts; and spawned the rock-heavy metal mashup project, Led In The Clouds. He has toured extensively since its release, opening for the likes of Aloe Blacc, Mac Miller, Das EFX and Lil Flip. More information, free downloads and Deuce’s current tour schedule can be found online at .

MP3: Bali f/ Kevin Cossom - "Mary Jane" (prod. The Runners)

MP3: Bali f/ Kevin Cossom - "Mary Jane" (prod. The Runners)

Courtesy of Jessie Maguire.

I am excited to bring to you new music from Runners Music Group artist, Bali. This record, "Mary Jane",  is one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard. The hook, the beat, the verses - they are all on point. Don't just listen to this record, but LISTEN TO THIS RECORD!!! For more information on Bali follow him on twitter.

Bali ft. Kevin Cossom - Mary Jane  (prod by The Runners) DIRTY
Bali ft. Kevin Cossom - Mary Jane (prod by The Runners) CLEAN

Video: Murs - "Love & Rockets Pt. 1" New Album 10/11

Video: Murs - "Love & Rockets Pt. 1" New Album 10/11

Courtesy of Dunn Deal PR.

DD172/BluRoc presents the first look behind the scenes at the recording of his new album Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, dropping October 11. The album was recorded at Camp BluRoc, the upstate New York mansion owned by DD172 head Dame Dash, seen here with L&R Vol. 1 producer Ski Beatz as well as fellow labelmates Da$h and Sean O'Connell, all appearing on the upcoming Hip Hop & Love Tour, also featuring Tabi Bonney and McKenzie Eddy. The tour kicks runs from September 27 to November 26. Visit for tour dates and more. Jay-Z & Kanye West Updated: August 17th, 2011 Jay-Z & Kanye West Updated: August 17th, 2011

The Jay-Z & Kanye West album was finished off today, plus we have lyrics by A&R, Frank Ocean, Got Flow, Javonte, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Link VI, MURS and The-Dream today on!

+ Jay-Z and Kanye West updated!

Video: Drums & Ammo - "Love Mind"

Video: Drums & Ammo - "Love Mind"

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

Earlier this summer, the Drums & Ammo production crew released their debut instrumental album, Vol. 1, and have kept fans plenty busy since, with a collection of remixes and videos, even pairing a variety of the instrumentals with up-and-coming rappers for their Extra Clip EP release. And now, continuing to push the creative envelope, Drums & Ammo member Al Jieh has collaborated with artist and video director Max Capacity to shoot a video for the Vol. 1 track "Love Mind." "Max Capacity is a dope pixel artist; we're fans of each other's work" explains Jieh on why the two decided to collaborate. "Max uses weird VHS gear to record and process it all for his pixel art. He's one of my favorite artists right now."

For a single called "Love Mind," the video does well to provide a striking visual for the music, an instrumental that, to Al Jieh, "always sounded like an old porno song." Max Capacity brings the vision to life, taking an old porno clip of two women kissing and enjoying each other's company, turning the shots into a colorful, pixilated and hazy clip that compliments the music while giving a nod to psychedelic cinematography of yesteryear.

Watch the video for "Love Mind" here: />
In case you missed it, download Drums & Ammo's album, Vol.1, for free here: and .

Video: Parable vs. The Bay (ft. Sab The Artist, Vonnegutt, Caustic)

Video: Parable vs. The Bay (ft. Sab The Artist, Vonnegutt, Caustic)

Courtesy of Semp Rok.

Follow Parable around the Bay Area, leading up to his first show on the Bring It Back stage on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour earlier this summer. The video features an interview with Rhymesayers co-founder and super dope emcee, Sab The Artist, going in depth about life on the road and what to expect from tours. Also catch cameos from Vonnegutt, Rick Thorne, Z-Man, and more. Filmed and edited by Giancarlos Loffredo of Mupalia Pictures, this is the first of a multi-part series with episodes from the different stops of the Bring It Back stage on the Vans Warped Tour, including shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, and more. Parable is currently promoting his vs. mixtape, which will be available online later this Fall with support from, Public Wizard, Inc.,, and Foreign Family. More videos soon to come, as he continues doing spot dates across the US, including a performance on the Grind Time Now stage of Rock The Bells, on September 3rd in New York and September 10th in Boston.

MP3: Frank Anthony f/ Tyga - "Rubbing Off On You"

MP3: Frank Anthony f/ Tyga - "Rubbing Off On You"

Courtesy of Future Star Music.




* *

Hailing from Toronto Canada, Italian Frank Anthony bursts onto the music scene in a BIG way with the first taste from his explosive debut album "Undeniable". The song is titled "Rubbing Off On You" & features Young Money artist Tyga giving his best on 16 bars. The back story: After partnering with US based songwriter, producer and manager Dre Allen on an unrelated venture involving their respective event marketing companies Best Reps Event Marketing (which Allen owns) in Las Vegas and Cole Event Management (owned by Frank Anthony's family) in Toronto, Dre Allen bought Frank Anthony to the states and immediately began connecting the pieces through his relationships that would eventually lead to Frank collaborating with super producers Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Poo Bear, The Audibles, Young Money's new superstar rapper Tyga, Steven Russel the writer of Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks smash "No Air" and many more. The forthcoming album titled "Undeniable" will be an independent venture with major backing from both marketing firms and will be conducted in the spirit of generating strategic partnerships throughout the industry with record labels, distributors and numerous corporate brands that will benefit from the marketing and release of the forthcoming album. In addition, they are in the process of filming a music video for one of the Scott Storch produced collaborations with Lupe Fiasco in which Lupe will appear!

Video: Dutch Dirty Explains How He Met Trick Daddy

Video: Dutch Dirty Explains How He Met Trick Daddy

After an 8 year prison bid, Dutch Dirty, signed to Trick Daddy's Dunk Ryders imprint, reminisces on how he met his CEO. Dutch Dirty is currently working on his debut album "Dirty Words" and Trick Daddy is currently on his next album "Thug 2.0."

Dutch Dirty Explains How He Met Trick Daddy from DJ Smallz.

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