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Mixtape: Juicy J - "Blue Dream & Lean" (New Version & Bonus Songs)

From Future Star:

Mixtape: Juicy J - "Blue Dream & Lean" (New Version & Bonus Songs)


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SRH Fest 2012 Announced In Las Vegas On July 27th & 28th Featuring NOFX, Kottonmouth Kings, Dilated Peoples, Unwritten Law, Authority Zero & Hedpe

From Kerosene Media:

SRH Fest 2012 Announced In Las Vegas On July 27th & 28th Featuring NOFX, Kottonmouth Kings, Dilated Peoples, Unwritten Law, Authority Zero & Hedpe

SRH Clothing is proud to announce the return of their annual SRH Fest in 2012 for two nights in Las Vegas, NV at The Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. For the past few years, the iconic California based clothing company has brought together the best in live music, action sports and the hottest women for one unforgettable epic gathering that celebrates the extreme lifestyle. Headlining this year's SRH Fest on Friday July 27th will be rip-hop originators the Kottonmouth Kings along with Dilated Peoples and (Hed)p.e., while legendary punk outfit NOFX will headline the show on Saturday July 28th with support from Unwritten Law and Authority Zero.

"This weekend brings together everyone who has supported us for all these years," commented co-founder Kevin Zinger. "I'm thankful to all the bands and the line-up is full of our favorite groups, so this will be the best SRH Fest yet. Viva Las Vegas!"

SRH Productions began in 1991 putting on punk rock shows in the Mission Beach area of San Diego and creating clothes for a consumer who wanted apparel that wasn't mainstream. SRH is committed to supporting the extreme lifestyle its clothing represents. The company proudly endorses professional extreme sports athletes, as well as the amateurs that are the foundation of the industry. For SRH it’s all about breaking down new boundaries and truly Supporting Radical Habits.


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Video: Dyme Def - "Let It Be"

From DM360.

Video: Dyme Def - "Let It Be"

After five years and breaking one million YouTube hits, FearceVill of Seattle's Dyme Def unearths the standout single "Let It Be," off their debut release Space Music. Produced by crew member BeanOne, which barrows from the classic Beatles record of the same title, the video details Fearce's struggle with his abusive childhood, estranged father, love, infidelity, success and health as it concludes with the realization that he's become his own enemy. Stay tuned for FearceVill and BeanOne's forthcoming free release, There Goes The Neighborhood. Click the Prefix link below to join the mailing list, where you'll receive the complimentary digital download next Thursday, May 31st at midnight. #YukTheWorld

Video: ANTHM - "Manhattan" (@NoCosign)

From Nancy B:

Video: ANTHM - "Manhattan"

With this visual, ANTHM brings his vivid portrayal of the city to life. The slick talker wears an unyielding demeanor against the backdrop of a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Through polish and grit, ANTHM reimagines his home. Welcome to Manhattan.

Random a/k/a @MegaRan - "Language Arts Vol. 1" Out Now!

Random a/k/a Mega Ran - "Language Arts Vol. 1" Out Now!

What up! This'll be brief: the new album Language Arts volume 1 is out for all!

Download it here for just $1, or get CDs and posters:

In case you have a gift card or want to put some cash in my pocket, the album is on iTunes and Amazon, just search for it there.

Also, cop your poster here!


Video Game: Friday, May 25
Video Game Soundtrack (feat new songs, plus game level tracks)- Friday, May 25
PDF Comic of Part 1: May 28
T-Shirt designs: June 11 or so
Hard Copy Comic, June 21 (debuting at Heroes and Villains Comic Shop, Tucson, AZ), then monthly after that
Vol 2 cd/download: July 31
Vol 3 cd/DL: November 20

The Favor: I need you guys to download the EP and post this link so we can get the album to hit #1!

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@SmokeDZA: Artwork x Tracklist x "Kenny Powers" (CDQ)

From Nature Sounds:

Smoke DZA: Artwork x Tracklist x "Kenny Powers" (CDQ)

Kenny Powers (CDQ): .

Since word got out that Polo-obsessed Harlem rhyme spitter Smoke DZA was linking up with rising hitmaker Harry Fraud for the full-length album Rugby Thompson, the project has been the talk of the blogosphere.  Now, DZA is proud to announce the official Rugby Thompson artwork and tracklist, featuring appearances from Action Bronson, Curren$y, Sean Price, Domo Genesis, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Twelvyy, and more.  In addition, he's unveiling the CD-Quality version of "Kenny Powers" that fans have been clamoring for.  The hard-hitting album cut inspired by everyone's favorite shit-talking ballplayer had only been available as a low-quality radio rip until now.  Rugby Thompson hits stores everywhere on June 19th, 2012 via High Times Records and Cinematic Music Group.

1. Rugby Thompson
2. New Jack
3. Baleedat (ft. Curren$y)
4. Playground Legend
5. Ashtray (ft. Domo Genesis [Odd Future] & Schoolboy Q)
6. F**k Ya Mother (ft. Sean Price)
7. Game 7 (ft. A$AP Twelvyy)
8. Kenny Powers
9. Turnbuckle Music (ft. Action Bronson)
10. Rivermonts
11. Lo Horsemen (ft. Thirstin Howl III, NymLo, Meyhem Lauren)
12. The Prelude To Judgement Day

Rugby Thompson Pre-Orders: .

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Video: Don Cannon Presents GT Garza "No Regrets"

From J Melo:

Video: Don Cannon Presents GT Garza "No Regrets" (feat. Brian Angel of Day 26)

Houston native GT Garza recently released his "Batteries Not Included 2" mixtape hosted by Don Cannon. Here goes a brand new video off the project, an introspective cut titled "No Regrets" featuring Brian Angel of Day 26 who are signed to Atlantic Records.

MP3: MUMBLS - "Dick For Brains" Ft. IamSu!

From Audible Treats:

MP3: MUMBLS - "Dick For Brains" Ft. IamSu!

Early this spring, MUMBLS released his Hella Novellas mixtape, a project that showed off the Berkeley rapper's penchant for woozy yet witty, drug-influenced humor. The tape bore fan favorites such as "Parachute" and "Spellbound," both of which received delightfully trippy visual accompaniment. MUMBLS followed his new mixtape with a 44-city tour, opening for mentor Andre Nickatina, and now, MUMBLS is excited to release a new track, "Dick For Brains," which features IamSu!. 

The song, says MUMBLS, is inspired by "a girl that I was, and still am, heavily involved with." MUMBLS kicks off the first verse giving his listeners an introduction to his leading lady, breaking down why he's become so smitten. Namely, says MUMBLS, "her taste in movies, booze, drugs, video games - as well as her breast size."

IamSu!, in addition to being featured on the track also lends his production to the new single, with the two Bay artists getting in the studio together after MUMBLS had the chance to check out a number of Su!'s beats. "It was fun for me collaborating with someone for the first time," says MUMBLS. "It was nice to share the sound space with someone else and work off what he laid down."

In other news, MUMBLS is currently in the running to be nominated for this year's Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class. For all info, including how to vote to nominate MUMBLS, read here: .

Download "Dick For Brains" Ft. IamSu! here:  .

MP3: Chuuwee - "Rock the Party"

From Matt B:

MP3: Chuuwee - "Rock the Party"

Wild Style can be summarized as pure 90s Hip Hop, where Chuuwee is taking the classic elements of the golden era with the look, sound and the feel and then applying them to the present day. Inspired by Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, De La Soul with even hints of DMX, Wild Style promises to be Chuuwee’s break-out project, one that will showcase him as being a frontrunner lyricist from Hip-Hop’s new school; while also paying homage and respect to the great pioneers of the 1990’s. “Wild Style is the album that’s going to eradicate weak rap off the face of the map. It is the return of real Hip-Hop. It’s pure and it’s not me trying to re-make it. It’s not me telling you its 90s Hip-Hop; it is 90s Hip-Hop” says Chuuwee.

A recent recipient of’s “The Break,” Chuuwee has finally unveiled the lead-single, “Rock The Party,” (produced by Jonathan Lowell) from Wild Style which can be heard here:

The (W)rap Up - Week of May 15, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews last week, including Apollo Brown & O.C.'s "Trophies" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[Trophies] Apollo Brown & O.C. :: Trophies
Mello Music Group

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"What happens when you combine one of hip-hop's fastest rising producers with one of hip-hop's favorite lyricists on one album? "Trophies." Apparently they've already started handing them out even before this review. Some would say that's arrogance, and some would say that's justified, but most of all most would say that's premature. After all Apollo Brown is pretty good, but he's relatively new on the scene; and O.C. is pretty good, but his most important and venerated album came out almost TWENTY years ago. Could an album between the two possibly live up to the kind of hype its title implies, or is this overzealous salesmanship for a car that might actually turn out to be a lemon? There's only one way to find out. I don't know name of the speaker on the opening (and titular) track, but he certainly sets the right tone for this album, by turning the title and the cover art right on its ear. Instead of being a boisterous declaration of what they deserve, "Trophies" instead becomes a wry joke with the punchline being they don't get them and don't WANT them either. The motto for this duo is creating worthwhile music and letting it speak for itself without the acclaim or the wealth, and if that creedo seems familiar it's the same one O.C. so eloquently articulated on the song "Time's Up" decades ago. If you haven't heard it take the time to check out the video below, and when you come back we'll continue this conversation. "

Fraction & Fresh Kils :: Extra Science :: Kilzone Productions
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[Extra Science] 
"Canadian hip-hop combinations are nothing new, but the collaboration of Kitchener, Ontario emcee Fraction with Toronto, Ontario producer Fresh Kils still feels like something original and interesting. It probably doesn't hurt that their publicity firm is called Must Be Santa, which is a eye-catching name for me, as is the fact their business cards come with a hole punched out so you can tie it to a present as a gift tag. Doing anything that makes your project stand out from the endless parade of digital and physical projects that come across my desk is highly appreciated, but the "Extra Science" this duo displays is what really makes them stand out. Things seem bad at this point but trust me they only go downhill futher, and the scratched in samples of "another sad story to tell" and cackling laughter create a track that could put any "reality" rapper to shame. It's also more horrifying because unlike emcees who try to shock and awe with their body count or ability to chop body parts, every part of the song sounds like a plausible real life scenario of how the monsters among us are madeThis is only one aspect though, one of eleven different chapters in the "Extra Science" story that Fraction & Fresh Kils tell. Some of the topics are familiar, but the quality with which they are delivered is not. "Change" is something people always call for, but Fraction and Fresh Kils personalize it by flipping the production for each verse. "

Gentleman :: Diversity :: VP Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor
"First impressions can be totally wrong. I've been at parties where the shlubbiest, mousiest guy there was also a multi-millionaire. People I thought were stupid and shallow turned out to brilliant and deep. So it shouldn't suprise me that my first impression of reggae artist Gentleman's new album was off-base. I made my judgement in the first 52 seconds of the first song of his latest album, "Diversity." His bio had me skeptical: A white reggae artist? From Germany? The well-meaning but lightweight music on "The Reason" added to my suspicions. And then he dropped a cliche so tired that even the most patchouli-soaked hippie wouldn't say it: "Mother Earth is in pain/Oh how She cries." Mother Earth crying? Are you serious? With that, I wrote Gentleman off as a cheesy and completely ignorable. Luckily, I left "Diversity" on my MP3 player, and found myself not skipping the songs when they came on shuffle. I was initallly drawn in by the bass-heavy dancehall track "Tempolution." Over a thick, languid riddim that echoes Tenor Saw's "Ring The Alarm," Red Roze and Gentleman trade licks about killing a rival sound. I was sold with the King Jammy-produced "Good Old Days," which features late reggae legend Sugar Minott. Like the best singjays, Gentleman is equally adept singing and rapping."

J.Carr :: The Need For Speed :: Its Nuthin' Productions
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[The Need For Speed] 
"Here's a few random phrases from the press kit for "The Need For Speed" to kickstart your review reading experience: "underground Miami music scene," "this year's breakout rapper," "his popular Transformers based mixtape series," "reflect his hustle," "a representation of changing lane music." That's who J.Carr is, and while "The Need For Speed" might easily be confused for a similarly named video game on most Google searches, that won't stop him from taking his automotive theme "Full Throttle" on the album's first full track. Like his fellow "underground Miami music scene" rappers, J.Carr is brimming with confidence even though he admits he "has yet to see the charts." That's not going to stop him from making his "changing lane music" with 500 horsepower of attitude under the hood and in every song title. Even when his pedal to the metal attitude has his radiator reaching the "Boiling Point," he'll enlist a Marvin Gaye or Otis Redding soundalike to croon on his tune and cool things down: You might get the impression life's a bitch and then you die from a track like that, but most of the time the songs "reflect his hustle" and show he's already achieved the success he dreamed of. "

The Jet Age of Tomorrow :: Journey to the 5th Echelon :: Odd Future
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Journey to the 5th Echelon]
"Intentionally or not the Odd Future collective plan doesn't seem to be to "Kill Them All" but to outproduce them all. In the five years since they began their ascent to hip-hop stardom, they've spun off as many or more solo albums and side projects than the Wu-Tang Clan did in the same timespan. One of those many projects goes by the mysterious name of The Jet Age of Tomorrow - a collaboration between Odd Future's own Matt Martians and Atlanta producer Hal Williams. The story goes that Martians was producing more beats than OF's founder/leader Tyler, the Creator could use and that even though he liked them they didn't always fit his sound/style. It was only natural at that point for Martians to spin off a solo project. That doesn't explain the group's name though, because taken literally, it seems a bit absurd. After all we're already living in the jet age and have been for almost 75 years, dating back to the development of jet engines for aircraft use before World War II. If there was a "tomorrow" to the jet age that came decades ago when commercial air travel became affordable and accessible to the middle class, although with rising fuel prices and airline fees that trend seems to be inexorably reversing itself. By this point in recorded history that age seems almost antique, as we even had a short lived TV drama called "Pan Am" waxing nostalgic for airplane life in the 1960's."

Mac Mall :: The Rebellion Against All There Is :: Thizzlamic/Young Black Brotha
as reviewed by Matt Jost
[The Rebellion Against All There Is]

"This one comes as a surprise. Just when I thought Mac Mall was content with being a Mac Dre disciple and observing the teachings of Thizzlam, he comes back with one of the most radical rap album titles of all time. Question is, does the content match the headline? The lead single and titular track suggested as much. To a fragile beat consisting of little more than sparse drums and faint synth flares, Mall spits incendiary lyrics in his characteristic sharp voice that carries indignation well. With "The Rebellion Against All There Is" Mac Mall doesn't break personal ground. On the contrary, with Khayree on the beat and Ray Luv featuring in the third verse, the song harkens back to his '90s material. Besides serving game and serving dames, Mall always had a social, even political streak. That doesn't change the fact that calling an album "The Rebellion Against All There Is" raises expectations that aren't met with a title track alone. He casts the first stone on the opening "Mac Manifesto," lashing out at mainstream rappers who are "quick to do they dance and show they teeth as we dyin' in the muthafuckin' streets." Wondering how "we go from 2Pac to this pussy-pop disco cornball crossover shit that they claim is hip-hop," Mall builds a momentum that is instantly undermined by the following tracks, "Dayz Like This" and "My Room," which both shoot game at an object of desire. Mac's pimp game may be sharp, but after such an introduction and under such a motto lyrics like "I keep a hardheaded hoe on a real short leash" and Khia samples result in one of the most absurd album sequencings in recent memory. "

Muneshine :: There Is Only Today :: Droppin' Science Productions
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[There Is Only Today] 
"In the beginning Muneshine made his name as a cross-border hip-hop producer, lacing American and Canadian talent alike with top quality beats. Eventually he flipped the script and dropped an album of original raps, relying on others like Illmind and Oddisee to provide the sonic landscape - with effective results on both counts. 2012's "There Is Only Today" is a return to that form, with the producer turned emcee relying on the beats of others to largely carry him forward, though he does sneak in a couple of his own here and there. One such track is a song where he shares billing with Canadian rap favorite D-Sisive. One of the beats really caught me out there though - Jeff Spec's production on "Home Sweet Home." The beat is dope, but I've heard it before and I know exactly where - Rasul Syed's "Hi" from the DJ Cosm "Time and Space" album. Given everybody involved is Canadian this is definitely more than a coincidence - either Jeff Spec produced the Syed track uncredited (and I was sure DJ Cosm produced his own album based on the press kit), or Mune liked the beat and decided he could flip it his own way with a few minor variations. Arguably a third possibility exists - they independently arrived at the same break and both decided to flip it in almost the same way - but to me that seems exceedingly unlikely. Whatever the reason I like the break so much that I'm going to give everyone involved a pass. Things are much more clear cut on the other 13 tracks though. M-Phazes flips the bopping and colorfully melodic "Do Me" with Dminor providing a lyrical assist - and trust me it's no Father MC track."

Sheena G :: The First Class :: SGM Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[The First Class] 
"Looking for something different from the weekly regimen of albums I review, I was happy to take on Sheena G's "The First Class," as the one-sheet that came with it promised she was "a combination of Fusion Urbana, Reggaeton, and Hip Hop, all with a distinct Latin flavor." Her story was also different from the usual albums I cover - she has an El Savadoran mother and a German father, but still somehow wound up being born in Portland, Oregon. Even though she could have stayed in the United Stats as a result, her parents moved to El Salvador, not returning from Central America until she was 11 years old, at which point she was stricken by the rare and occasionally fatal autoimmune disorder known as Kawasaki disease. She survived the experience and vowed in her own words to "never give up on living life to the fullest." A self-made woman, Sheena actually doesn't need "The First Class" to be a success in the music world to be a success at life, as she's run everything from espresso stands to a chain of night clubs in her career. That makes it all the more interesting that she decided to pursue this life, and even more curious that a Portland based artist would seek out the help of Vallejo, California's own E-40 to get her start - they collaborated on a song called "Smell the Money." A mixtape soon followed, ultimately leading us to this album. And now for a revelation - despite the promises of the press kit that came with "The First Class," I can't say that the words "Hip Hop" really fit the "combination" they describe."

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