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Video: Megabone - "God Don't Like Ugly" (Junkadelic Music)

From Junkadelic Music:

Video: Megabone - "God Don't Like Ugly"


Video: Parlae (Dem Franchize Boys) - "Believin'"

From Chris @ E1 Music:

Video: Parlae (Dem Franchize Boys) - "Believin'"

Video: PNC Radio - TeLisaD Interviews Torae

From A King:

Video: PNC Radio - TeLisaD Interviews Torae

Video: VISUAL Live @ Safari Club in Seignosse, France

From VisualFam:

Video: VISUAL Live @ Safari Club in Seignosse, France

PR: R.A. The Rugged Man Launches New Website, Contest

From Matt @ Nature Sounds:

PR: R.A. The Rugged Man Launches New Website, Contest

Not only is R.A. The Rugged Man an underground rap legend, he's also a boxing buff and a movie producer, director, and screenwriter.  His own unique (and slightly twisted) viewpoint has landed his writings on hip-hop, boxing, and movies in the pages of popular  magazines like The Source, Vibe, King, Complex, and more.  Now, he's launching a website covering all three of his passions:

Already, the site features R.A.'s take on Jay-Z vs. Kool G Rap, interviews with iconic film directors Wes Craven and David Cronenberg, and analsys of Zab Judah Vs. Amir Khan, with more posts coming every day. As R.A. explains: "There's three things that I know, and that's hip-hop, boxing, and movies.  Ask me about geography or science, and I don't have a clue.  But if you want a demented take on those three things, look no further."

To celebrate the launch of the site, R.A. is also launching an MC contest. The "Murderous Lyricist" competition will give one lucky MC the chance to appear alongside hip-hop royalty like R.A., Kool G Rap, Jedi Mind Tricks, RZA, Celph  Titled, Atmosphere, Killah Priest, Apathy, Smoothe the Hustler, Inspectah Deck, and more on the upcoming Bad Biology compilation album. Be sure to stay tuned to as R.A. puts the finishing touches on his new album, coming soon.


Video: David Banner Gives Thoughts on President Obama

Video: David Banner Gives Thoughts on President Obama

PR: Rapper Adam Warlock Album w/ Samples From The Mars Volta

From Uncommon Records:

PR: Rapper Adam Warlock Album w/ Samples From The Mars Volta

Uncommon Records presents the debut (FREE) release from Adam WarlockDark Weapons (from Mars).  Adam and his wife were the victims of an apartment burglary, causing every object that was left behind to be seen as a weapon for defense a week later.  If you've ever been the victim of this sort of crime, you realize that normal items like that old baseball bat, the set of steak knives and that rusty hammer become your best friends when you're afraid of return visits.

Producer, Nasa turned to music that could provide both the comfort level needed and the energy needed to capture what Adam was experiencing.  For this, his source material was exclusively from The Mars Volta.  Nasa and Adam, both being big fans of the group, were able to take TMV's music and turn it into something totally new, and directed it toward the stress of the situation at hand.  There are no TMV remakes or tributes on this album, everything is original. TMV simply provided the paint that was used to illustrate a brand new work of art.  The track, Serpentine Steak Knives also features friends Subtitle and Elucid.

Throw in all the rage, sadness and shame that comes from near compliant neighbors and inept cops and you've got a compelling true life story.  All of this eventually lead to Adam having to pick up and leave a neighborhood that he once loved.  This album is a release of Adam's pent-up emotions from that incident. Dark Weapons is a powerful, personal, dramatic and passionate recording, and it's dedicated to all the victims in this world.

The album is presented for FREE at Uncommon's Online Store.

There is also a CD version for pre-sale that includes all the instrumentals, a poster and limited edition sticker.
MP3: Zero Star f/ Maggz - "Bonus Track"

From Wanja Lange:

MP3: Zero Star f/ Maggz - "Bonus Track"

About the song:

If you're still sleeping on Zero Star's critically acclaimed new project "Don't Look Now," here's another chance to wake up!  The man from the "Rewind Era" offers a free download for his second single "Bonus Track," featuring Maggz stepping from behind the boards to show he's a dual threat.  Be on the lookout for the visuals for this.  Aug 15th is the video release date.

Free Download (mp3): .

Radio Edit: .

Purchase "Don't Look Now" EP: .

About Zero Star:

Raised by wolves in a remote jungle in the rainforests of Brazil, is where a young wolf pup named Zero Star would hone his howling skills.  In wolf culture howling skills translate into what we know in the human world as "rapping ability."  In one verse Star can take the listener through a number of regions with his ever changing flow, cadence, and rhyme pattern.  He uses his delivery in such a manner; it's as if his voice is another instrument.   It doesn't take the listener long to hear the influence of the 90's in his music.  While that influence is a consistent theme, it never feels overbearing to the ear.  In fact, to hear it brings nostalgia that most hip hop has been missing.  Zero is an artist that looks to his past, to bring awareness to his present, and make way for his future.

On stage Zero brings full energy in every song.  He prides himself on never having a hype man on stage.  You are compelled to move and nod your head while Zero bounces around on stage with supreme confidence.  He believes less is more, so when you see him on stage often times it's nothing more than two turntables and a microphone.  He's always looking to keep the crowd involved, making you feel as if you're hanging out with two hundred of your best friends.  

In 2006, Zero released his debut LP "Forever's Never Really That Long," on Weightless Recordings.  With a newcomer by the name of Ree-Dic, and underground champion Blueprint at the forefront of the production, the album received warm responses from critics and listeners everywhere.  However, due to some legal setbacks he wasn't able to continue the momentum gained from the album.  In 2009, he was the opener on the Diabolical Fun Tour with world renowned lyricist Illogic.  With 2011 on the horizon this looks to be Zero Star's biggest year.  With a new project "Don't Look Now," set to drop in the summer, and the long awaited second album to follow, Zero Star will be a name that avid music listeners will be saying very soon.  Catch the man from "The Rewind Era," in a city near you this summer and fall.

Video: Random's "Life After Lesson Plans" Season Finale

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Video: Random's "Life After Lesson Plans" Season Finale

PR: DOOMSTARKS (MF Doom & Ghostface) - "Victory Laps"

From Nature Sounds:

PR: DOOMSTARKS (MF Doom & Ghostface) - "Victory Laps"

It's been five years in the making, but DOOM and Ghostface Killah are finally set to unveil their first single together as DOOMSTARKS.  Following on the heels of the limited-edition cassette tape released earlier this month, the two supervillains will release the single "Victory Laps" tomorrow (July 26th) at iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital music services.  The digital single features the previously-unheard original version of the track, plus the Madvillainz Remix (produced by DOOM and Madlib) found on the cassette tape, and instrumentals to both versions.

The single will also be available as a 12" Serato single, on picture-disc vinyl.  See details and tracklisting below.  The picture-disc is now available for pre-order here: .

Both the digital and physical versions of "Victory Laps" will be released through Metal Face Records/Nature Sounds.


1. Original
2. Instrumental
3. Madvillainz Remix
4. Remix Instrumental

Serato Tone (use with Rane's Serato Scratch Live to play MP3s using vinyl as a controller)     DOOMSTARKS

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