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Friday February 27, 2015
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[Dark Sky Paradise] Dark skies ahead?

Big Sean Review

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Video: Wordsmith - "Tour Guide To New Bride"

Nu Revolution Entertainment would like to present Wordsmith' new UK single/video, "Tour Guide To New Bride" directed by D-Dot Films. This is the second single on his debut album "Vintage Experience" in stores March 30th. This single is a break from the regular commercial Hip-Hop singles as it conveys a unique story to the listener. With a catchy hook, his lyrics and storytelling ability allow you not only dance in a club, but also get a kick out of how witty the song was put together.
"Vintage Experience" is broken up into 4 chapters with unique scores and plays out like a "Movie on Wax." The material, in general, ranges from songs WordsmithStrada, Professa, Capish and Street Level. The features were kept to a minimum with only Chubb Rock, Camp-Lo, Grand Daddy I.U., Soulstice, Kontact & Black Knight and local DMV stars Kimia Collins and Whitefolkz lending verses on the album. wrote/recorded from 2006 to 2009 with all the production coming from in-house producers

© 2010 Dub MD Promotions
Video: Yo Gotti ft. Lil Wayne - "Women Lie Men Lie"


Video Premiere! Yo Gotti ft. Lil Wayne "Women Lie Men Lie"

On Twitter: @YoGottiKOM

Video: Kam Moye - "Splitting Image"

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

The Video:

Kam Moye, formerly Supastition, is proud to announce the release of his latest video, "Splitting Image". Produced by Symbolyc One, and shot and directed by Matt Koza, whose credits include Little Brother, RJD2, and Kam's own "Let's Be Honest," the video depicts a story about life's choices forcing growth and gaining knowledge. Apparent throughout the video, Kam's name change is more than just cosmetic - the "splitting image" also refers to a distinct change lyrically towards a wiser persona with a great deal of life experience and perspective.

The breathy and angelic vocal stylings of Neenah complement the setting of the video and serve to balance Kam's confident and poised rhymes. Standing amidst a barren backdrop, Kam delivers a powerful message and challenges listeners to not only "grow older" but to also "grow" as individuals. Kam Moye explains, "I wanted it to document my real life story of becoming a father at 16 and show the pressure I was facing at the time. I couldn't even take care of myself when I brought my daughter into the world." He continues, "It's a way of showing younger people that your life isn't over when you make a bad decision but it means you've got to work twice as hard at your dreams. Hopefully someone will feel inspired by it." By juxtaposing Kam's verbals with visuals of a teenager's unplanned circumstances, the video makes good on its promise of hope and resilience. Kam Moye raps, "It's hard to backtrack, start a new beginning. / So starting today I'm vowing to make a new ending. / They say a new you is hard to rebuild / But keeping some personal flaws are just part of the deal."

Kam Moye - "Splitting Image":

Splitting Image:

The Background:

Kam Moye recorded two critically acclaimed albums and three EPs under the name of Supastition for labels Soulspazm Records and Rawkus Records. As Supastition, Kam has appeared on songs alongside well-respected artists such as KRS One, Little Brother, Royce the 5'9, Stoupe (Jedi Mind Tricks), Rhymefest, Elzhi, Bahamadia, Cunninlynguists, Akrobatik, and many others. In 2008, he chose to officially begin releasing music under his given name of Kam Moye instead of his rap alias. Kam released a free EP, Self-Centered, in June 2008, which received over 4000 downloads in less than 24 hours. His outspoken music video, "Black Enough?", garnered serious attention shortly after its release. His first full-length under the name Kam Moye, Splitting Image, is out now via MYX Music Label.

The (W)rap Up - Week of March 2, 2010

Rel!g!on :: Revelationz I
URBNET Records
Author: Emanuel Wallace

"The doors of the church are now open! Canadian producer, Rel!g!on grew up in Ottawa listening to his father sing badly, according to the press release. His dad also played the organ, which seemed to fascinate the young child. He formed a group called Ardvark, but the group soon fell apart because none of the members knew how to play their instrument. By the time Rel!g!on hit high school, he was making beats and writing diss songs about his classmates, even playing them over the loud speaker on the school's radio station. Tiring of the diss songs and "cheap" sound, an idiotic insurance scam somehow left Rel!g!on and his producing partner with a professional ASR-10. Now based in Vancouver, BC, Rel!g!on works closely with Staten Island emcee Ny Oil (also known as Kool Kim of the UMC's), Moka Only, Jasiri X and e.d.g.e.. Those artists and many others are featured on "Revelationz I", including the likes of Planet Asia, Donny Goines, Shyheim and Chuck D."

various artists :: Long Range Distribution 2009 Sampler :: Long Range Distribution
as reviewed by Pete T.

"Having received and reviewed promo material from Long Range Distribution in the past, I've spent significant time perusing their website and must admit that it's fascinating. A Detroit-based music distributor, Long Range markets albums by literally hundreds of rappers, most of whom, based on their album covers, fall into one of a few categories: deranged horrorcore artists, the most generic-looking gangsta rappers imaginable, juggalos in full makeup, and goateed white guys sporting jerseys and bandanas. While many come from Detroit, others come from such non-traditional hip hop hotbeds as Toledo, Denver, Wichita, Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Ontario. While it's a bizarre sight to behold, it's also quite eye-opening; it's both hilarious and depressing to consider that so many odd artists from middle American cities believe they can make legitimate livings as rappers. Still, they have the same sort of mysterious appeal that some of the more obscure No Limit albums did in that they look so soulless, derivative, and downright bad that you want to hear them.  "

Abrasive Method :: Living a Nightmare, Chasing the Dream :: Rolemodel Records
as reviewed by Louis 'Delicate Beats' Cloutier

"I got to know Abrasive Method (A.M. for short) by watching the video for their newest single, "Rescue". It was a bad idea. If like me you think that rappers like Kanye West and Andre 3000 sometimes exaggerate about what a rapper should look like, then you'll be shocked by A.M.. Not because of their flamboyance, but rather because you have rarely seen two guys look more like average Joes. Pardon my shallowness, but because of that I was doubtful that I would like their music. For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised by their latest album, "Living a Nightmare, Chasing the Dream". I shouldn't have let first impressions discourage me."

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony :: BTNHResurrection :: Ruthless Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Pete T.

"After producing three multi-platinum smashes in their first three outings as a group, the rapid-rhyming quintet that put Cleveland on the hip hop map took the next step toward world domination by going on hiatus to embark upon solo careers. In the aftermath of 1997's successful "The Art of War," an epic double-album in an era where double-albums were symptoms of rap superstardom, members Flesh-N-Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone released solo albums while the group took pains to establish the extended Mo Thugs Family in a string of collective compilations and related side projects. Krayzie, Layzie, and Flesh even attempted their own ill-fated record labels, ThugLine Records, Mo Thugs Records, and Flesh Bone Incorporated, respectively, and each rapper took turns making the rounds with high-profile guest appearances. To say that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had a lot on their plates heading into the new millennium would be an understatement, and rumors of the group's splintering were by no means unusual."

Cleen :: Family Rapper Mixtape :: Cleen Music
as reviewed by Pete T.

"Cleen is a normal guy with normal ideas and experiences; it's easy to relate to most of his sentiments, even if they aren't especially riveting. He has an unassuming, conversational delivery and a self-deprecating sense of humor that he frequently employs as he chronicles the trials and tribulations of the everyman. This type of sarcastic rap has been done before to great success—rappers such as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Devin the Dude, and J-Zone presented funny paradoxes between their surprisingly regular selves and the archetypal rap star lifestyle. Cleen is a good writer, but what he lacks in comparison to those rappers is charisma; he's hopelessly monotonous and most of the time his flow is so off-kilter that he doesn't seem to be rapping so much as talking. Guests are unimpressive and production supplied by DJ Hoppa, Offbeat, Elephant Gerald, SHK THT, and Cleen himself is extremely simple, even simplistic.  "

DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox :: The BYOB EP :: Execute Sounds/The Mix Chronicles
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"The line-up was enough to convince me to check out "The BYOB EP" without any additional hyperbole needed - after all I recognize all of the rappers involved save for Kaleber and Typ Ill. What about this "up & coming" cat Sickness though - can he come correct on the beats or is he just another Fruity Loops basement beat maestro who should have kept his music offline and out of print at all costs? The opening track "Ya Gone" answers all questions in one fell swoop, as the unknowns Kaleber and Typ Ill rap on the track and Sickness lives up to his name. The dusty beats are reminiscent of a Joe Budden freestyle joint, which is not really a coincidence since Kal himself sounds like Budden's long lost cousin. Is that a negative? Not for this reviewer. Locked in with his co-horts and tied together by Big L samples, this song is a winner."

Mann :: Hated :: Long Range/Metro Wealth Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

""Hated" is the third album from Detroit rapper Mann, AKA Metro AKA Macidsadour. If the title of the album doesn't give you enough of an idea where Mann is coming from, the CD insert will. He thanks "all the hating ass niggas and bitches that made my verbal tattoo (hated) true to life," and adds, "the 'N' word was used on this CD 53 times before it was buried (07/09/2007), and 117 after...real niggas don't die!" The opening track, "Opposition," reinforces his me-against-the-world attitude. He's not on some self-pitying trip, though. What separates Mann from the legions of similar street rappers is his sense of humor. "Hated" is interspersed with six "Foolish Skits" where Foolish talks shit. His funniest bit is a skit about his three degrees in getting drunk, a bachelor's in Grey Goose, a cognac degree, and the 151 tequila degree, "when you talk to that ugly bitch in the middle of the dance floor and tongue kiss her and kiss her on the back of the neck and fuck your whole life up at child support by an ugly bitch that look like Danny Glover." I hope he isn't speaking from experience."

PNS and Zavala :: Canciones Modernas :: Fieldwerk Recordings
as reviewed by Peter D'Amato

"Today's abundance of beatmakers producing only instrumental hip-hop encompasses a broad range of incredibly solid, nuanced music. Madlib brings the warmth Dilla brought to his instrumental records, wrapping his music in his own hazy style. Prefuse 73 chops up his samples and mixes them with electronic beats to create frenzied concoctions. Blue Sky Black Death brought a symphonic approach to hip-hop, on their work "Late Night Cinema" creating instrumentals that swelled and receded in masterful ways. The list goes on and on. Into this subgenre come PNS and Zavala, two Chicago producers who have joined forces to release the ten-track instrumental album "Canciones Nuevas." Each artist contributes five songs: PNS has the first five with Zavala rounding out the second half of the album."

Rec-League :: Season Two :: Routine Fly
as reviewed by Pete T.

"The press kit for "Season Two" likens Rec-League to the Beatles, Wu-Tang, Living Legends, the Likwit Crew, and the Juice Crew, warning listeners, "Every once in a great while, God-given talent and geographical proximity combine to form a kind of perfect storm of artistic expression." A tad pretentious perhaps, but then again the Rec-League boys aren't exactly newcomers to the game. Chief among them is Grip Grand, the acclaimed Bay Area rapper whose sophomore effort "Brokelore" was one of the best albums of 2008 and along with his 2002 debut "Welcome to Broakland" comprised one of the decade's most criminally underrated catalogs. On songs such as the heavily inspired "A Penny" with Richie Cunning and "Poppin' Pockets (Remix)" featuring A.G. of D.I.T.C., he humorously explored the struggle of life on a budget constraint. Both an excellent lyricist and producer, he displayed a great ear for soulful grooves and dramatic hooks"

The Residents :: Open House :: Domination Recordings
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"2009 proved to be a good time to release their debut collaboration in Japan, but unless you could read the tea leaves or feel the boom bap floating across the Pacific, the majority of North American listeners remained just as clueless about the music. Muneshine and Saint don't fall into the piss and moan clique though - they decided to go in the bold direction of offering their album for free. If you were already feeling Mune or Saint individually before reading this review, there's no reason to wait - go hit up the download. If you don't know them yet, heed the words in the review, take your time and make your mind up. The digital copy won't cost you anything but time and hard drive space, and there are gems aplenty to enjoy, such as an unexpected update to A Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight" called "Nocturnal" "

Smokehouse Junkiez :: Act 1: Inhale the Violence :: Roach Records
as reviewed by Guido Stern

"So begins "Roach Dick," just one of the many unbearably awful tracks from the explicitly sadistic, chain toking dudes that are Smokehouse Junkiez. Never heard of them? Don't sweat it-you'll never have any reason to. In the year and a half I've written for RapReviews, I've never had less fun listening to an album (Gutta Boyz, consider yourselves discharged). It can sometimes be exhausting to listen to and critique extremely amateurish records when you get a few duds in a row, but rarely do I consider the task sonically assaulting. What's more, Smokehouse Junkiez do nothing to mask their nauseating lewdness. The cover of the album: two quasi-skinheads chewing blunts, names superimposed over dripping blood, with ugly, matching roach tattoos on the back of their hands. Sensing a roach motif? Good work-Roach Click is the name of their extended family. Viewing the cover for the first time, I tried to convince myself that there was perhaps some decent horrorcore within, or at least some competent musicianship."

D-League's 2010 Biggie Smalls Tribute "Juicy" Remix & Video

From Jessie Maguire:

D-League, South Florida's most talked about hip hop group is always on the constant grind and setting the standards for how unsigned/independent artists should be moving. Most recently, D-League has shot a music video to be released on March 9th to pay respect to the legend Biggie Smalls and to also show that they can hold their own even on classic songs like Biggie Smalls - Juicy.

The video is available for you to view a day early. Directed by Dre Films, the video also displays D-League's creativity and originality as South Florida now has its own Graffiti Wall(thanks to Avoid & Simple of U.N.I.) of the Notorious BIG.   

*Also special S/O to OhGinelle for killing the hook. Make sure to download D-League's new mixtape together with OhGinelle at .

Duck Down Music NBA 2K11 Soundtrack Contest

From Duck Down Music:

Duck Down & 2K Sports - NBA 2K11 Producer/MC Contest

Duck Down Music and 2K Sports have partnered to present an exciting contest for all aspiring producers and MCs to create unique and original music, along with the special opportunity to have their song included in the upcoming soundtrack for NBA 2K11, the next iteration of the hugely popular NBA 2K series.

Phase 1: NBA 2K11 Producer Contest

Starting today, March 8th, producers will have two weeks to create one sample-free instrumental.

All submissions must be sent to by March 22nd.

Producers are also encouraged to record video of their beat making process, which can be included with their final submission.

The top ten instrumentals will be selected by Duck Down Music A&R and representatives from 2K Sports.  Each instrumental will also be streamed online via a link at, as fans will have the chance to vote for their favorite track.  The winner will be announced on April 5th.

Phase 2: NBA 2K11 MC Contest

Starting on April 6th, MC's will have four weeks to submit one clean track using the winning producer's instrumental.

All submissions must be sent to by May 4th.  After the top ten songs are determined by Duck Down Music and 2K Sports, they will again be posted via a link on for fans to hear the tracks.  The winner will be announced on May 11th.

The grand prize winners of the contest, which will consist of one producer and one MC, will:

    * Have their song placed in the music soundtrack for NBA 2K11.
    * Receive an all-expense paid trip to New York City, where they will have the special opportunity to perform the song live at Duck Down's CMJ Showcase in October 2010.

For full details on rules & regulations, please visit .

Guru - Solar Says He's "Baffled" By Nephew's Statement

From Yo! PR:


There are a lot of rumors and wrong information circulating around about Guru's current situation and health status. Hit producer and Guru's longtime producer and best friend, Solar addresses these false rumors in an official statement and during an interview with CNN.

"Guru is recovering and his doctors are guarded, but hopeful for his recovery," Solar told the news network.

Solar said the rapper has a history of lung problems and asthma and has been guarded about revealing his health issues. "Guru has entrusted me to be accurate and truthful in relaying information to the media," Solar said.

The legendary MC always tried to keep his private life behind closed doors and Solar said he was confused as to why Guru's nephew, Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff, accused Solar of withholding information about the rapper from his family and not allowing them to see him, given that Ruff's mother, Trish, and other family members have visited with Guru.

"It's very, very baffling to me because his mother [Trish] was at the hospital not even a week ago with Guru's brother and his sister," Solar told CNN. "I speak to Guru's father and his brother daily. This is amazingly untrue and I have no idea what this is about."

"I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for the Elam family but I have not stopped them from seeing Guru!" Solar added.

Doctors have not given any indication as to when Guru might be released, Solar said, and the rapper is touched by the fan support.

"The outpouring of love from around the world has been tremendous," Solar said. "I'm reading some of the best e-mails, texts and Twitters that come in and he enjoys them. I think that's what has been helping his recovery and what's got him in there fighting."

During what must be an incredibly hard and stressful period in life, keep sending your prayers, thoughts, and wishes to Guru, Solar and his loved ones.

Guru, the sole founder of the world famous Hip-Hop group GangStarr and the legendary  Jazzmatazz series, has suffered a heart attack and Hip-Hop fans around the world have shown massive love and support to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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Random a/k/a Mega Ran "Here We Go Again" Video

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Random aka Mega Ran
"Here We Go Again (Mega Man 10)"

 > PLAY IT NOW at .

Greetings. cool news today, as my man Griff Morivan put together a really cool sprite video for Here We Go Again!

Also, this past week, I let some info out of the bag on some new stuff, including the River City Random T-Shirt:


If you'll be in Phoenix this week, I'm performing Wednesday with Illa J, brother of the legendary J Dilla, and one of my fave PHX MC's, Young Ocean...

and its free! Can't beat that.

After that, its SXSW! so if you'll be in Austin, make sure you check me out at THREE different events...

March 15, 2010 (Live Performance) @ Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX, 12AM

March 16, 2010 – South By Southwest Festival Comedy Show (Random is the Featured Guest) @ The New Movement Theater, Austin, TX, 7PM

March 17, 2010 – South By Southwest Festival (Panel Discussion) 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM, Room 11B, Austin Convention Center- Austin, TX

March 17, 2010 – South By Southwest Festival (Official SXSW Showcase – Live set with K-Murdock) 11:00PM @ Karma Lounge, Austin, TX

Check out the new for updates.

Thanks again and take care.


Random, aka Mega Ran

Detroit's JYoung & G-Unit's Nick Speed Announce Black History Year

From WK3:

Black History Month Continues Through February, Celebrated Year-Round

A local emcee teaches black history through music

DETROIT –March 8, 2010– Black History Month has ended, but why not have a continuous celebration, even beyond February? A Detroit emcee and Michigan State University journalism graduate, Jahshua  “JYoung The General” Smith has spearheaded Black History Year –a series of songs aimed at educating black history in a contemporary, but yet entertaining approach throughout the entire year. JYoung teams up with hip-hop music producer, Nick Speed and clothing line and sponsor, Dangerous Negro Apparel, to promote black history in sets of 365 days instead of 28. Today, JYoung releases the first installment of Black History Year.

"I've been studying black history since I was a teenager, and I know firsthand that there's more than enough information for just 28 days,” said JYoung. “With Black History Year, I want to educate and entertain for twelve months - and hopefully, even more than that.”

JYoung has researched black history since he was a high school student, and he counsels children that have been to jail and prison. After seeing how well many people of all ages respond to music more readily than they do to books or class lectures, he decided to record music that would educate while entertaining at the same time. He approached fellow Detroiter Nick Speed—platinum-certified producer for G-Unit, Talib Kweli and others—and they recorded songs throughout February. 

The result is Black History Year, named after a t-shirt campaign by Florida-based clothing line Dangerous Negro Apparel. The first installation begins with “The Meeting (Malcolm Vs. Martin),” a song with Lansing emcee James “P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.” Gardin simulates a face-to-face conversation between black history’s two most storied leaders over a dusty, percussive soundbed. What follows are songs about Kenneth Clark’s “doll study” that investigated self-hate and promoted desegregation, odes to black comedians and the jazzy speakeasies of the 1920s, and poet Phillis Wheatley. The EP ends with “Haitian Fight Song 2010.” The empowering anthem uses a gripping mix of chants, pianos, guitar plucks and poignant lyrics to tell the story of Haiti’s struggle for independence and continued perseverance through tough times.

Future installments will tackle other historically black issues such as gentrification, the Black Panthers, the AIDS epidemic and more.

The project is available for stream and free download on JYoung’s Bandcamp Page ( Also, follow JYoung on Twitter (

Media Contact:
William E. Ketchum III

Marcel Friday


William E. Ketchum III
Managing Editor, MichiganHipHop

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* *

Game Rebellion - Riot Music

Some people call it nu metal, some call it rap-rock, still others call it rap-metal. Bassist Ahmed (pictured far right) has a slightly different title for the music he and the rest of Game Rebellion make, “I call it Riot Music.” Guitarist/vocalist Yohimbe (pictured far left) seconds this, adding “we are artists, and collectively, like all artists, we have some concepts, energy, love and experiences to share. It’s because of who we are that our sound comes out sounding like a rumbling avalanche of mammoth skulls.” And that rumbling avalanche of mammoth skulls happens to embody everything that’s great about the nu metal genre as Game Rebellion covers a full range of emotions and topics with their music. From politics, to ideas of self, to the occasional party jam, their upcoming EP, Sounds Like a Riot, shows Game Rebellion are intelligent headbangers with lyrics that are on point.

The rest of Game Rebellion consists of (from L to R in-between Yohimbe and Ahmed) keyboardist/vocalist Emi, vocalist Netic, and drummer Aaron. All of the members cut their teeth working as session musicians, producers, songwriters, and members of house bands from coast to coast. This week I caught up with Ahmed and Yohimbe to find out more about the group, why they’re rebelling against the game, and what their thoughts are on combating some of the negative stereotypes of nu metal. They also surprised me with a couple of crazy stories, relating the time they took over a stage from a signed artist, and an incident when a fan caused a near death experience for one of the members of the group.

Read the full interview at:

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