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Video: Perry Mystique - "Amnesia"

Video: Perry Mystique - "Amnesia"

Courtesy 730 Promo.

"Amnesia" is the 2nd track taken from the EP Buildin Bridges (out 2day via The self produced track follows his success from the 1st title track "Buildin' Bridges" which has received acclaim across the world.

Perry Mystique is already a household name as a producer and a rapper in his native Holland, Perry was renowned for his acclaimed producing talent as well as his boisterous lyrics, Perry has proved himself with massive success in internationally as an artist with production credits and features on huge hit records in Holland and Asia, and already regarded as one of Europe’s finest Hip Hop producers and signed a deal as an artist via his production label Space Trak with Mercury/ Universal Records in the UK in 2011.

Video: Sands on Sports #82 f/ Dolphin

Video: Sands on Sports #82 f/ Dolphin

Courtesy BUKA Entertainment.

The hip hop and sports talk show featuring J. Sands. This show will have in-depth sports analysis along with hot sports opinions from your favorite rap artists and more...

Free EP: Gensu Dean feat. Large Professor - "Forever"

Free EP: Gensu Dean feat. Large Professor - "Forever"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Dallas based SP1200 producer Gensu Dean just dropped a special edition 45 (vinyl) as part of the Mello Music Group 7" Series.  The ultra limited edition vinyl 45 features the single Forever (feat. Large Professor) and comes with the main mix, a remix, and a special b-side track titled One Man Combo.  Download the free digital EP then be sure to pick up a pair of wax beauties.  Enjoy!

Free EP: Gensu Dean "Forever feat. Large Professor" .

Video: Tommy Dmo f/ Nomsa - "My City"

Video: Tommy Dmo f/ Nomsa - "My City"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Tommy Dmo has started 2012 dropping a brand new music video directed by Sick Guy Films which accompanied by a free download single and B-side. The single features two tracks written, produced and mastered by multi-instrumental Tommy Dmo including the urban anthem 'My City' which features up & coming Bristol singer Nomsa, as well as solo track 'For Her'.

Fan Friction - How The Internet Is Failing Artists

Kid Rock“Where the f*ck am I gonna go now to sell my records?”

That’s a musing from Kid Rock, as quoted by Carson Daly, after the final episode of TRL. Most people would instantly reply “the internet.” The internet, however, despite being a great tool for music discovery, has been poor, at best, at turning that discovery into actual fans.

Read the full story at:

PR: Subnoize Souljaz 'Underground Collabos' Hits Stores

PR: Subnoize Souljaz 'Underground Collabos' Hits Stores

Courtesy James @ Kerosene.

Subnoize Souljaz 'Underground Collabos' Hits Stores Featuring Tech N9ne, Chris Webby, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Blaze Ya’ Dead Homie

Subnoize Souljaz raucous collaboration album “Underground Collabos” is now in stores courtesy of Suburban Noize Records. This 2-disc set features a whopping 28 tracks of freshness with a veritable who’s who in the underground including tracks with Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Chris Webby, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Blaze Ya’ Dead Homie, all collaborating with your favorite Suburban Noize artists. The album is now available at Best Buy and online digitally at The album also features previously unreleased tracks with Madchild, Johnny Richter, Jared of (Hed) p.e, and Kottonmouth Kings collaborating with Saint Dog.
The track listing for Subnoize Souljaz  “Underground Collabos” is as follows:
1 - Black Smoke feat. Kottonmouth Kings, Madchild and Saint Dog **
2 - Action feat. Kottonmouth Kings, Big B and Tech N9ne
3 - Bollywood Chick feat. Swollen Members and Tech N9ne
4 - Be Easy feat. Potluck and Krizz Kaliko
5 - A Million Miles feat. Big B and Tech N9ne
6 - Boom Clap Sound feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Chris Webby
7 - Droppin' Bombs feat. Subnoize Souljaz and Twiztid
8 - City 2 City feat. Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko
9 - Destination Unknown feat. Johnny Richter and Chucky Chuck **
10 - Respect feat. X-Clan and and Tech N9ne
11 - Smoke The Pain Away feat. Potluck and Twiztid
12 - F.T.I.Z. feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne
13 - The Paper feat. The Dirtball and Blaze Ya Dead Homie
14 - Down 4 Life (hard version) feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Jared of (hed) p.e.**
1 - Fuck The Police feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse
2 - Wind Me Up feat. (Hed)p.e. and Tech N9ne
3 - Funeral feat. Potluck and Twiztid
4 - Stomp feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Saint Dog ***
5 - How Quick feat. Big B and Blaze Ya Dead Homie
6 - Sacrifice feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne
7 - She Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me feat. Potluck and Krizz Kaliko
8 - Think 4 Yourself feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse
9 - Sex Toy feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne
10 - Party Monsters feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne
11 - Tried True and Tested feat. The Dirtball and Boondox
12 - Say What U Wanna feat. Potluck and Tech N9ne
13 - Problem Addict feat. Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne
14 - What We Are feat. Potluck , Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko
** Previously unreleased

Billy Danze Presents: Raps United Nations - 1st Wave

Billy Danze Presents: Raps United Nations - 1st Wave

Courtesy Matt B.


"RUN" (Raps United Nation) is the brainchild of M.O.P.’s Billy Danze who throughout the course of his illustrious career and years of extensive international touring could not help but notice and acknowledge how many talented artists he met during his travels who simply lacked a platform to be heard. Who better then a fellow artist to spearhead the charge and give them that platform, as Billy explains “As an artist I understand the frustration.  There are so many artists out there that possess the talent of being able to produce and record good music. They are determined; they have the drive and dedication, but feel as if no one notices. I’ve seen and heard what’s out there from an artistic level.  These artists need to be heard and have a united voice. I am very passionate about giving them that opportunity and will do anything in my power to help those that really want to win.”

The Music industry has undeniably changed and evolved and artists have been forced to either adapt with it, or go the way of the dinosaur. While the Internet and the proliferation of social media platforms are viable assets for new artists desperately looking for exposure, using those mediums alone is still equivalent to trying to “catch lighting in a bottle.” Billy Danze’s ambitious plans for “RUN” are to create an army of incredible artists from all corners of the globe and to unify and raise awareness for them by creating projects which are loud enough to be heard by the masses; as Billy details “my aim is to get every talented artist a deal.  Support on a globalized scale is all an artist really needs or could ask for. I have contacted all my resources and they in return have done the same.  A vital key to success in this business is alliance; and I personally have a team in every corner of the world. We can build a team of thousands and support each other.”

There is no disputing the artistic contributions Billy Danze has contributed to the culture as a member of M.O.P., yet, while still in its early infancy, his greatest contribution may still lay in front of him as the founder of “RUN,” as he eloquently states “as a fellow artist, these projects will enable me to be a vital cog in a family of worthy artists that simply need a platform and a voice and to oversee that lends the potential to be the biggest accomplishment of my career.  From a business perspective, I believe “RUN” (Raps United Nation”) is a vehicle the industry is desperately lacking.  The way to find new talent is to go get it.  Industry executives no longer believe in the artist, or artist development, how can the industry grow if we don’t allow new artists to showcase their talent?”

PR: Busdriver & Aesop Rock Collaborate on New Track

PR: Busdriver & Aesop Rock Collaborate on New Track

Courtesy Geo @ Terrorbird.

Busdriver Collaborates with Aesop Rock on "Superhand's Mantra," Streaming Now at Self-Titled

Beaus$Eros Out 2/14/12 in North America on Fake Four Inc, Pre-Order Package Includes Shirt Poetry Book, Limited Edition 7"

New Tour Dates Announced Including Record Release Show in Los Angeles on 2/21 at the Echo, Dates with Buck 65, & More

STREAM: "Superhand's Mantra (F**k Us All) feat. Aesop Rock" via Soundcloud / via Self-Titled
DOWNLOAD: "Bon Bon Fire" mp3 / via Spin
WATCH: "Kiss Me Back To Life" video / via Pitchfork
DOWNLOAD: "No Blacks No Jews No Asians" mp3 / via FADER

Beaus$Eros, the recently-announced seventh full-length from indie rap trailblazer Busdriver, is out soon with a North American release date of February 14th. As   As a part of the pre-order package just announced, those who order the cd or double vinyl edition of the album in advance also receive Shirt, a book of original poetry by Busdriver, as well as a limited edition 7" that features "Superhand's Mantra (F**k Us All)," his collaboration with Aesop Rock. Self-Titled has the stream of the track here. Additionally, Busdriver will be hitting the road throughout February, hitting various spots in Colorado, show in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco with Buck 65, and the Los Angeles Record Release Show on 2/21 at The Echo. Full list of dates after the jump.

On the new record, Busdriver forgoes the lightening-speed rhyming that defined his style in favor of a diverse, off-kilter brand of pop and post-hip-hop. Keeping things technically challenging on the new record, Busdriver has made his most personal and avant-garde work yet with Beaus$Eros. Focusing on a devastating break-up and personal failure, the album is buttered in stirring melodies and complex vocals and are on full display with "Bon Bon Fire," as well as in the ultra-surreal video for  "Kiss Me Back To Life," .  In step with Busdriver's recent work with forward-thinking producers Flying Lotus, Modeselektor, Nosaj Thing and others, the production on Beaus$Eros takes root in beat music, lush IDM, and sythpop.
Busdriver - Upcoming Live Dates
Wednesday February 1st @ A.F. Rays, Greeley Colorado 
Friday February 3rd  @ Hodi's Halfnot, Fort Collins Colorado
Saturday Februaruy 4th @ Marquis Theatre, Denver Colorado
Thursday February 16th @ Wonder Ballroom with The Coup & Buck 65 - Portland, OR
Friday February 17th @ Tractor Tavern with Buck 65 - Seattle, WA
Saturday February 18th @ TBA - Bend, OR
Sunday February 19th @ Slim's with Buck 65 - San Francisco, CA
Tuesday February 21st @ The Echo (Beaus$Eros record release show) w/ Nocando & Open Mike Eagle - Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, March 14th-Saturday, March 17th @ SXSW - Austin, TX


Click Here or Above for Busdriver's "Kiss Me Back To Life" video
More Busdriver Beaus$Eros Info:
Inarguably one of the premiere risk takers in modern indie rap, Busdriver has been a fixture in the scene for ten years, releasing compelling left-field rap albums on taste-maker labels like Mush, Big Dada, Alphapup, Polyvinyl and Anti-. Performing and collaborating regularly with acts likes The Roots, CocoRosie, Aesop Rock, The Glitch Mob, Deerhoof, the beatmakers of Low End Theory and more, his place in the network of left-leaning musicians is as unique as it’s ever been.

Up-and-coming Belgian production wiz Loden doctors every moment on Beaus$Eros as the album’s only producer. Without ever physically meeting or speaking live, the two manage an electric synergy that usually comes from years of working together. Loden’s Hindenburg-sized beats push Busdriver’s croons and spat thoughts into head-turning territory. Think Bjork’s Post filtered through the sensibility of Outkast’s The Love Below with outsider artist goals hidden in every measure. Beaus$Eros is the colorful sum of his wildly adaptive voice in music and proof that he still reigns over entire undiscovered worlds to which his loyal following is now invited.
Video - "Breaking Beyond: Vol. 1 - Naturally Born"

Video - "Breaking Beyond: Vol. 1 - Naturally Born"

Courtesy Greg Pastore.

Breaking Beyond" is a weekly video series written, performed, directed, and edited by Beyond Belief, that airs every week.

Video: Joe Blow & Lil Rue - "Still Beatin Niggas Up"

Video: Joe Blow & Lil Rue - "Still Beatin Niggas Up"

Courtesy Lil Rue.

Oakland rap-artists Joe Blow and Lil Rue have released a leaked mixtape track of the two artists spitting over Loverance and IAMSU's Up beat. "Still Beatin Niggas Up" is a play on the original hook as well as a message from both Joe Blow and Lil Rue that in the days of big-talk on records and songs, they're still ready to take it old-school and beat your ass if you don't act right. This track seems to get the attention of everybody who's heard it and is a clever twist on the original song.

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