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Download: Quite Nyce Says "Thank You," Releases Free EP

From ProTalent:

Download: Quite Nyce Says "Thank You," Releases Free EP

Quite Nyce is a man on a mission. He is in his DONmindstate , which means he is revealing with each release and each show why he is one of the nicest to do what he does, "spit that life $hit". In the studio nearly everyday Quite Nyce has amassed a healthy amount of songs and they will now see the light of day. RAW a release he put out digitally in November with one of Australia^s top producers MULES of Syntax records is now available of his official Bandcamp page for free ( you can name your own price for the release as well). Please be on the lookout for more new music from Quite Nyce. As always thanks for the support. Feel free to spread this news to your favorite social media networks.

Download the new EP RAW here
RAW _ Music Video

For the launch of his new Facebook page Quite Nyce is giving away a new FreEP that will drop this week. He also has announced a remix contest for one of his most famed tracks I ALONE. The winner will get their track put on his Bandcamp page and will be promoted. Quite Nyce has also agreed to record an exclusive track with the winning producer.

Deadline to submit your remix is: April 15th 2011 by 6pm Eastern Time. You must submit your remix directly on the Facebook of Quite Nyce
Download accapella here:
The original version can be heard here

Good luck and again thanks for the support.

Free Music Friday: The Still Free Edition

As y'all know, FMF is still free! Just in case you're wondering about some of the free projects I'm offering that normally would end up on retail!
Kevin Cossum :: By Any Means (#BAM)


Kevin Cossum is coming up as the next rappa ternt sanga. Not necessarily trying to emulate the footsteps left behind by the late Nate Dogg and others before him, Cossum brings his own style of singing that may even earn him a spot on the charts one day. Who knows? Either way, Cossum plans to get to the top by any means.


MyVerse :: News Flash!


EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it! There is such thing as a female emcee who is not named Nicki Minaj! Spread the news! Most importantly, Florida's own MyVerse isn't a cookie cutter of any femcee rapping about how good their cookie game is. But how she writes rhymes that crushes her competition like cookies in a plastic bag. Here's an audio newspaper you don't have to pay for!


Pusha T :: Fear of God

Pusha T

Pusha T's been having a G.O.O.D. year that even a tire or a fortune cookie couldn't provide T with anything better. With his status as a top emcee rising to its peak currently, T felt he had to put out something to prove why. "Fear of God" for ya is all I have to say. Download away!


Red Cafe :: Above the Cloudz

Above the Cloudz

Just in case some of y'all rap fans' been asking where Red Cafe been, he'll tell ya that he's been "Above the Cloudz." He's still in the shakedown for Bad Boy, so he's still into living the fabolous life (WHAT ELSE?) And he's got other emcees on this mixtape to share it with (WHAT ELSE?) Oh, did I mention there's a Pete Rock beat on this mixtape? (HUNH!) Download "Above the Cloudz" and it'll having you feeling high without the effects of drugs (It's R!). Thanx to DatPiff for the link, speaking of high and drugs.


Soulja Boy :: 1Up
Soulja Boy

Why not? It's free! Just in case anyone wanted to turn they SWAG on for free, I guess.


That's it for the "Still Free Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
MP3: Grandson - "HD" (prod. Vybe Beatz)

From Tygereye Entertainment:

MP3: Grandson - "HD" (prod. Vybe Beatz)

Here is "HD" from Grandson's recent Loot Skywalker mixtape, hosted by DJ Lewy Lew. The Newport News, VA native enlisted California's Vybe Beatz for the track!
Grandson "HD" prod. by Vybe Beatz
Follow Grandson on Twitter
MP3: Mook n Fair f/ Ray J - "Sidekick"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Mook n Fair f/ Ray J - "Sidekick"


Random: New Merch and a New Contest. Save 10%.

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

New Merch and a New Contest. Save 10%.

what up fams, just got back from a great road trip, we hit Austin and Chicago for some amazing shows... Man, I don't know where to begin, but Chicago, as usual, was amazing.... and not just the food.

I had a blast at C2E2, and picked up some new comics for cheap.... well new to me.

for the second time, myself and K-Murdock presented our panel on video games and hip-hop to a packed house...

Jon Ireson of the HipHopGamerShow was nice enough to post up a very thorough review of the panel, peep that here.

Thank you all for showing up.

I'm back with some new news! I was putting together merch for the show and decided that it was time for a change... so with the news of a RIVER CITY RANSOM 2 GAME (!!)

coming out, i whipped up these cool River City Random black tees then i figured, what better place to put new merch than in a new MERCH STORE!

click here to enter the new Mega Ran merch store.

BONUS! save 10% on any order right now with code MEGABUCKS

that includes on BLACK MATERIA CDs! 

click to cop... don't forget the MEGABUCKS.

But something's missing... I need a new logo..some new designs for tees... so if anyone out there is interested in designing a new Random logo, a T-Shirt design, something funny, something clever, whatever, let us know and send in the design ideas. it could be simple or complex...

hit me up here with ideas, Photoshop heads.

Also, I'm thinking of making a BIG move in the future and i'll need your help with it... so stay tuned.

Also, I'm glad to tell you that we're making great progress with the commissions for our Kickstarter campaign, and although its taken a while, it's almost over!

so I have to ask: due to the success of "Black Materia," I can't lie, I'm thinking sequel for 2012 or beyond... of course after a few other projects I have in mind. question is, would YOU like to suggest ideas and get involved in the creative process? let me know.

Aight, gotta go, report cards to do. Peace.


Video: The Team Presents - 3 NGZ in the Kitchen, Ep. 6

From Johnny Nobody:

Video: The Team Presents - 3 NGZ in the Kitchen, Ep. 6

MP3: J. Stalin, Hell Rell, Lord Geez - "Make It Look Good"

From Kush Arora:

MP3: J. Stalin, Hell Rell, Lord Geez - "Make It Look Good"

"Make It Look Good" from Oakland up and comer J. Stalin, alongisde Bronx's Hell Rell, and SF's Lord Geez, Dropping March 29th.  The album is called "Guilty By Association."

Here is the free download for your site:

Get ready for some Oakland, Frisco, and Bronx Collaboration Bizness, dropping 3/29 on Cop N Blow Intl.President and owner ofLivewire Records, with releases on Town Thizness, J. Stalin has lent his name to many projects. This collaboration is between Stalin, Hell Rell and Lord Geez. Stalin was previously a member of The Replacement Killers and has had successful solo ventures.Hell Rell is a member of The Diplomats (certified gold hip hop group) and has sold 55k albums on his solo album The Hell of It. Hollywood rapper Lord Geez helps make this powerhouse collaboration.

"Guilty By Association" is available at all digital retailers.

MP3: Sally Jaws - "Pretty Money"

From M3W:

MP3: Sally Jaws - "Pretty Money"

* *

MP3: FaMo$o - "Problem Solver"

From PR Dean Multimedia:

MP3: FaMo$o - "Problem Solver"

* *
* *

MP3: Block Boyz - "Dolla Afta Dolla"

From M3W:

MP3: Block Boyz - "Dolla Afta Dolla"

* *

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