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MP3: Phil the Thrill - "Formal Informal"

MP3: Phil the Thrill - "Formal Informal"

Courtesy RMG.

For everyone who hasn't had a chance to check out music from Phil The Thrill, we have one question for you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?!?!?!?!?!?  As Phil is gearing up for the release of Barely Awake, Phil would like to reintroduce himself to the people who haven't had the opportunity to know who he is.  Barely Awake dropping in October.

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MP3: Sozay - "Dance With the Devil"

MP3: Sozay - "Dance With the Devil"

Courtesy Sozay One.

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MP3: Nina B - "Hottest Chick in the Game"

MP3: Nina B - "Hottest Chick in the Game"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

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"I thought I was everything I could be." It is then that with a youthful uncertainty she reveals herself. At this point, after over an hour of talk regarding mom's struggle, dad's absentness, weed addiction, hospitalization, jail, anger, frustration and an unwillingness to settle on anything less than everything, who she is deep down, to me at least, was still vague. Through it all, she was rebellious and unwavering. At the point, when she was compelled by music, you can sense that she had finally surrendered to something. Both in eager anticipation and through resilient ferocity, Nina B's journey takes form before her own eyes. Her own intuition charts a roadmap on just how she is going to conquer.

The public has classified female rap music as an unentertaining form of organized noise. Even at its peak in the early ‘90s, sales figures have never matched the market share or notoriety of their male counterparts. With those odds, a female lyricist has a better shot at becoming president than winning a Grammy. What is clear, what is required from a rap icon is a mixture of everything we've never seen a female rap artist come to represent. You can say with confidence that no female Hip-Hop act has been consistent enough to captivate audiences, to sell consecutive records, to have more than 6 platinum albums. What you will discover about Nina B is her assertive boldness. Where her competition relies on sex to sell, she devotes her energy to recounting life realistically omitting an all too familiar emphasis on promiscuity. "The sex route is a cop out," she maintains. "I've never been easily tempted." Nina B is paving down a beaten path. She essentially plans to overcome all of the opposition while setting a new standard for success. Bold... I know, but necessary. That is her stance on the future; now about her past...

Piss poor, she was raised in the Bronx. Mom had a few drug addictions, one less easy to overcome. The darkest period for Nina B about two years, was spent in Henry Street shelter with her family. She was only 14. "Things were good, things were bad, I had to make with what I had," she articulates casually in verse. Back then, she went by the name of "Claudia" (you remember Interview with the Vampire), and after a substitute teacher inspired her to write, she began penning her accounts of life. She poured the cup of herself onto pages. She's an artist, not an artist, but a real artist. "I draw, I got scrib- bles," she continues "my rhyme book is my art book." Through the written release of her story, Nina B's talent begins to develop.

The eldest of two kids, Nina has always played a leadership role. She was always a good student, even though she was habitually absent. Her thick eye-browed principal tried to break up one of her fights and was accidentally hit in the process, he sent her packing. She then migrated through alter-native schools around the city, landing in Brooklyn. Her mom was slowly getting back on her feet as she was increasingly losing interest in school. For a while she was in and out of court, but stopped smoking weed, and was working towards her GED. After a month, she passed her school mandated drug test, and rolled up a blunt to celebrate. The next day how- ever, they wanted to test her again. Nina threw a tantrum under the disguise of being offended, and slipped out of school nabbing some of her little brothers' urine. Later she was obliged to confess, but school officials did not take her acting out so lightly. "They got some shit called Peter pays for Paul," she testifies. Her stunt forced all of her classmates to be punished. She lived and learned, within a year she enrolled in another school and finished her GED.

Now that High School was over, she enrolled in Gibbs, a fashion school in the heart of New York. It was there that she joined the Hip-Hop project, a youth-led organization that promotes the study of Hip-Hop culture, and met industry executive, Amber Ravenel. Surrounded by creative people in school, and with her newfound relationship with Amber, CEO of Ravenel Records, Nina now had an opportunity to share her music with the world. Her first project, "Live and Learn Vol. 1" made her notorious. Nina pioneered the guerilla marketing tactic of street promotion and hand-to-hand sales of mixtapes. For months, she and her street team could be found in front of Union Square's Virgin Megastore selling her mixtapes to the thousands of music patrons hailing to the store. She is a hustler. "I had to have been making 100 a day, in front of Virgin... we was stealing the covers, and stealing the [blank] CD's," she recalls, "we had no other choice, we had to make a lot of money, and get our music out - that was our main goal. Everybody I approached, they remembered me."

In just a few years, she's dropped six mixtapes and has received an Underground Music Award, Nina is still under estimated. She has appeared on Rap City. Her music has hit the airwaves too, on such spots as DJ Kayslay's Drama Hour, Cipher Sounds "Don't Quite Your Day Job" segment and "On the Spot" with Green Lantern. Often compared to Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah and M.C. Lyte, Nina B intends to revive the Hip-Hop movement. Industry insider Animal Steele says, "Working with Nina B is a beautiful experience. When she steps into the booth, everything is filled with intense emotion and conviction." Her legend lives on.

MP3: German Regime f/ Thirstin Howl III - "Genetic Engineering"

MP3: German Regime f/ Thirstin Howl III - "Genetic Engineering"

Courtesy Semp Rok.

The German Regime is the latest group to rise from Thirstin Howl the 3rd's Skillionare Enterprises. Thirstin Howl appears on “Genetic Engineering”, a song calling out all swagger jacking rappers who used the underground as gimmick to attain their success. The music video produced by Box Lo portrays the German Regime and Thirstin as the mad scientists responsible for these copy cats. Their freshman album, Pork Chop Hill is out now. 

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PR: Erick Sermon @ East Village This Thursday

PR: Erick Sermon @ East Village This Thursday

Courtesy of The Doctor's Orders.

(EPMD / DJ Set)

Date: 9pm-1am Thursday 22nd September 2011
Venue: East Village, 89 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HX
Info : .

First 100 tickets £8
Then £10 .

Erick Sermon (DJ Set)
Spin Doctor
DJ 279 (Choice Fm)
DJ Ev (Clevland USA)

Flyer Link: .

As one half of EPMD, alongside Parish Smith, and as a solo artist Erick Sermon has been churning out Hip-Hop classics for the past four decades. A true legend of the game he, and his 'Hit Squad', were responsible for helping shape the sound of 'Golden Era' late 80's & early 90's Hip-Hop with their combination of Funk breaks and hard hitting lyrics.

The green eyed bandit joins The Doctor's Orders for this one off exclusive DJ show where he will be spinning a mix of not only his own tracks and productions but also loads of the Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk classics that have influenced him over the years.

As is always the case with "the kings of the capital's Hip-Hop scene" (Time Out) there is a supreme team of DJs in support as The Doctor's Orders own Spin Doctor, Choice FM's DJ 279 represent for the UK while Cleveland's DJ DJ Ev helps gets the party started.

The Doctor's Orders are please to present this event in association with .

Video: PremRock f/ DJ Addikt - "The Writer's Block"

Video: PremRock f/ DJ Addikt - "The Writer's Block"

Courtesy PremRock.

Video: Danny Devastation Freestyle

Video: Danny Devastation Freestyle

Courtesy Dana Dane.

Video: Maino Takes Over VladTV

Video: Maino Takes Over VladTV

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

PR: Big Freedia Recovering After Minor Surgery

PR: Big Freedia Recovering After Minor Surgery

Courtesy Nicole Ballin.

September 2011 (New Orleans, LA)— The Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia, had surgery this weekend in his hometown of New Orleans to treat a stomach ulcer. According to his doctor, the procedure is common, and was a preventative measure after Freedia admitted himself into the hospital Sunday morning after not feeling well. Recovery time is 2-3 weeks.
Big Freedia wanted to issue a statement to his fans so the information out there is accurate. "I just want my fans to know I'm doing well and appreciate all their support," he said from his home where he is recuperating with Diva and Rita, his two dogs by his side. "I just want to get back to making music and getting on the road!"
The following shows/events have been cancelled:

9/23 Cosmic, Charlie's, Lexington Kentucky
9/24 HideOut Block Party, Chicago, IL
9/27-19 Scion Music(less) Conference, Los Angeles, CA
10/1 Wurk, Reno, NV
10/2 The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids MI

The Check Yo Pony Tail Tour Starts Oct 20.

Video: Boxguts & Will Taubin - "Spare Parts"

Video: Boxguts & Will Taubin - "Spare Parts"

Courtesy jOHNNY23 Records.

Two and a half years after releasing cult classic debut album MUTILATOR, (Producer) Will Taubin and (MC) Boxguts bring forth a brand new project!

The album features 14 tracks of unrelenting raw lyrics, and dark atmospheric production.  Guest appearances by HaacWon, JakProgresso, LoDeck, and Mike220.

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