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Video: @DramaSinatra - "Eastside"

Video: Drama Sinatra - "Eastside"

TQMG: All social media: @DramaSinatra

Video: @Blacastan @Stu_Bangas @BrickRecords96 "Summa Cum Laude"

Video: Blacastan & Stu Bangas f/ Apathy - "Summa Cum Laude"

Matt: Blac explains that this time around, he “really dug in and executive produced it: every sample, every transition, every edit.” He adds “People might not realize it, but this album took 4 years to make! I also worked closely with engineer Eddie Sancho on crafting the actual sound of the album... Stu and I are so familiar with each other’s process that we already know what the other is thinking before he thinks it.” Stu elaborates, saying that “this time around we tried out different tempos, different vibes for songs, and Blac played around with different rhyme patterns, so it shows how we have both grown as artists.”

Audio: @CelestialProd @BronzeNazareth @TimboKing1 "Magnolia"

Audio: Bronze Nazareth & Timbo King - "Magnolia"

Galactic: Paragone Presents...
Bronze Nazareth & Timbo King ft. Leech
Produced by Bronze Nazareth

Audio: Heem Stogied x Ol Man 80zz - "5 Finger Discount" (@heemstogied @IStillLoveHER)

Audio: Heem Stogied x Ol Man 80zz - "5 Finger Discount"

Wanja: Hailing from Atlanta, Heem Stogied comes through with his 5th album release "5 Finger Discount", a collaboration with Ol Man 80xx, member of the Toronto based production crew The Lost Info.

Heem Stogied, who has worked with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey and Mach Hommy delivers lyrical rap over a set of beats that are sure to make your head nod.

Video: DJ Bless - "I Spitz the Real" Vlog (@SutterKainNSD)

Video: DJ Bless - "I Spitz the Real" Vlog

NSD: Bloggers and Supporters
I Need This Posted and Shared On Your Sites, Social Media and Channels
Peace and Thank You
- DJ Bless

Video: @KevKannon - "Hustle Pt. 2" (@DMVLIFE1)

Video: Kev Kannon - "Hustle Pt. 2"

DMV: The talented emcee Kev Kannon (@KevKannon) just dropped his new music video on us, "Hustle Pt. 2". The video has been receiving a great response since its premiere on The song is off of his new "Melodies in the Wind" project which is out now.

Video: Princess @MissCyberspace - "So Relatable"

Video: Princess Cyberspace - "So Relatable"

Cam: I have any incredible attention grabbing new music video from Princess Cyberspace- "So Relatable." The literal "eyegasm" is a comment on the IRL meets URL world, and showcases the best (or worst depending on who you ask) of internet culture.

Video: @AlOneTheRemedy @illmindproducer "God God Bad Business" (@itsTOPE @SamJLingle)

Video: Al-One x !llmind - "God God Bad Business"

A.R.: I wanted to send over a new video from Portland artist and Sandpeople member Al-One - Good God bad Business produced by !llmind. Al is dropping his new EP Sharptongue June 2nd and also releasing a new single featuring Theory Hazit and Illmaculate next week.

The (W)rap Up - Week of May 16, 2017

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week including Gift Of Gab's "Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again]Gift of Gab :: Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"If you the reader were to create a list of the best emcees of the last 20 years and not put Timothy Parker b/k/a Gift of Gab on it, I would automatically find your list suspect. Four of his albums have made our Nines list of nearly flawless hip-hop releases, either as a soloist or a member of Blackalicious, although the distinction is as meaningless as saying "it's either a KRS-One album or a Boogie Down Productions release." They're essentially the same thing. There's no BDP without KRS, and as the only rapper in Blackalicious, an album without him would simply be a Chief Xcel beat tape -- mind you I'd still listen to that. Gab can't take ALL of the credit for why so many Blackalicious albums are on what you could call our "must own" list, but a dope beat goes so much further when you have an incredible lyricist on top of it. To put it another way it's like the difference between Madlib producing an album for just anyone (it would still sound good) or producing said same for Freddie Gibbs or MF DOOM. Xcel is great on his own but he's even greater with Gab, and Gab is simply phenomenal. He can deliver anyything whether it's high speed tongue twisting lyrics, profound heartfelt emotion, braggadocious punchlines, you name it. Unfortunately as long-time hip-hop fans are aware, being critically acclaimed or universally praised often doesn't equal a lucrative commercial career. I've seen Gab get a few incredible deals over the years, such as doing a new version of his famous "Alphabet Aerobics" for Bleacher Report, but one good deal here or there is hard to compare to the kind of units that Future or Kanye can move, nor the kind of demand said same are in for cameos and remixes. In a fair universe Gab would be just as sought after. In a fair universe he also wouldn't currently be suffering from kidney failure due to Type 1 diabetes. Now I never said I expected fairness -- our boy Adam B has been on chemo and one of my best friends since college is probably going to wind up getting a liver transplant. It's in the random nature of the universe that bad things will happen to good people and that s--t just sucks. Thankfully Gab doesn't seem to have let his problems get him down in the dumps. In fact like the aforementioned KRS it appears that Gab is thinking LONG RANGE, launching his own Patreoncampaign to fund an independent album that will hopefully release a year from now in 2018. He's also still touring as an artist on both solo dates and Blackalicious gigs. Gab isn't sitting around waiting for a transplant or fate -- he's making things happen."

Christopher Michael Jensen :: A New Age :: CMJ 
as reviewed by Gevan Brooke-Harte

[A New Age]"Continuing a career in rap at thirty years of age takes courage. Even when other genres have no expiry date for artists, rappers are still retiring as early as professional athletes. Christopher Michael Jensen, otherwise known as CMJ, is an outlier to this rule because he is still rapping at thirty. Furthermore, he performs under his government name, middle name included. The rather unwieldy title and relatively advanced age already set Jensen apart from many of his contemporaries. However, it really is a new age and these factors are no longer a deal breaker for a rap career. Jensen might have reached a new age, but his music is unabashedly old school. In this case, that means that lyrics are prized above all else. In particular, the rhymes within the lyrics take precedent; the rhymes are plentiful and occur both at the end and within the lines. The multi-syllabic rhymes extend to eight syllables in the first couple lines. Later lines may not stick to such a rigorous rhyme scheme, but Jensen makes up for it with clever wordplay. Jensen uses a change in context to separate same sounding rhymes like 'euthanasia' and 'youth in Asia.' The majority of verses on this project are constructed just as adeptly. If you appreciate this kind of dedication to lyricism, then "A New Age" is an easy sell. If you're looking for a more updated approach to production, though, it's harder to recommend. Firstly, the musical style hearkens back to the late eighties and early nineties. This doesn't necessarily mean that the instrumentals are all samples and breakbeats, but it does refer to quality of sound. Essentially, this means that the songs are mixed so that the vocals stand out more than the drums or loops. It reminds me of how the first Heltah Skeltah album "Nocturnal" sounds, for instance. It makes sense if it's a stylistic choice for someone that wants each word to be heard, but it may alienate a lot of listeners. To be fair, Jensen may not even want fans that can't appreciate the bars. Even still, some of these very same listeners may not give a fair chance due to this."
Video: The Khemist - "Defending Hip-Hop" (@thekhemistlives)

Video: The Khemist - "Defending Hip-Hop"

Khemist: Defending Hip-Hop culture and music.
Are rappers musicians?
Is Hip-Hop real music?
Is Hip-Hop misogynistic?
Are rappers menaces to society?
Is Hip-Hop responsible for the high crime rates in Chicago?

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