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Grandmaster Flash Video Trailer

From Stephen B:

Party People,
Video Preview for Grandmaster Flash- The Bridge (March 3rd, Strut)

* *

Considering the fact that it's been over 20 years since his last proper full length, excitement is understandably high for Grandmaster Flash's The Bridge, due in March or Strut Records.  In the above teaser trailer, Flash discusses his theory for making the album, and guests including KRS-One talk about working with the hip-hop pioneer.  Stay tuned for more info and music coming soon.

1. "Welcome"
2. "Shine All Day" (Feat. Q-Tip, Jumz, & Kel Spencer)
3. "We Speak Hip Hop" (Feat. KRS-One, Afasi, Kase-O, Maccho, Abass)
4. "Here Comes My DJ" (Feat. DJ Kool & DJ Demo)
5. "Bounce Back" (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
6. "Swagger" (Feat. Red Café, Snoop Dogg & Lynn Carter)
7. "What If" (Feat. KRS-One)
8. "Unanswered (Interlude)"
9. "Tribute To The Breakdancer" (Feat. MC Supernatural)
10. "Grown & Sexy" (Feat. Mr. Cheeks)
11. "When I Get There" (feat. Big Daddy Kane & Hedonis Da Amazon)
12. Connection (Interlude)
13. "I Got Sumthin' To Say" (Feat. Lordikim, J-Flo & Almighty Thor)
14. "Can I Take You Higher" (Feat. Mr. Cheeks, Granmaster Caz & Tito)
15. "Unpredictable" (Feat. Syndee & Big Daddy Kane)
16. "Those Chix" (Feat. Byata, Princess Superstar & Hedonis Da Amazon)
17. "Bronx Bombers" (Feat. Lordikim, Almighty Thor & Mann Child)
18. "Zuka The Sound" (Interlude)
19. "Oh Man" (Feat. Syndee & Natacha Atlas)

Madd Hatta to Host Xmas Party For 500 Kids in Houston

From Nancy Byron:

Houston, TX - Hip Hop stations are always looking for an appropriate way to reach out to the children in their community but Morning Show Host, Madd Hatta, and the higher-ups at 97.9 The Box routinely come up with perfect ways to do just that.

Reminiscent of his Hatta's 100's community outreach effort, where he requested school-aged males send him letters about how they planned to 'keep it 100' during the upcoming school year and awarded the most deserving 100 kids a Suit Mart shopping trip for their first day of school, Madd Hatta has this time requested parents write in and send a brief letter about their child that talks about why that child should be one of Hatta's Elves. The reward is that child's participation in 97.9's annual Hatta's Elves private Christmas party. Beginning Monday, December 15th and continuing through Friday, December 19th, the most deserving children will be selected at the rate of 100 per day; 500 children ages 7 - 12 in total.

The party, which is being held at Houston's original Dave & Buster's location (6010 Richmond @ Fountainview), will feature a visit from Santa himself, free breakfast and fun and games sponsored by Dave & Busters, a live performance by DJ Unk and the chance to win a multitude of sponsor-donated prizes. Sponsored items include 100 bikes courtesy of Active Athlete, 100 basketballs courtesy of The Kenny Thomas Foundation (Sacramento Kings) and 100 pair of Rockets tickets courtesy of the Houston Rockets. Each attending child will also be allowed one free visit to the Houston Children's Museum.

The Madd Hatta Morning Show will broadcast live from the event which takes place on Tuesday, December 23rd from 7 - 10AM. (This event is not open to the public)

Media coverage at the event is encouraged and The Box welcomes Morning Show live cut-in opportunities from Houston's local news channels.

* Keyword Christmas

Also look out for the Madd Hatta feature story in the January 9th issue of Radio & Records Magazine.

"I look forward to Hatta's Elves each year." shares Madd Hatta. "This year is the biggest ever with 500 kids, tons of prizes and a lot of fun. I hope it's one of the Holiday moments each kid remembers for a long time to come."

Illa J "Showtime" Press Release

From Audible Treats:

Illa J - "Showtime"      12.16.2008
"It's yo' time / It's showtime"

The Song:

"Showtime" evokes images of a smoke-filled lounge, like a scene from a swanky black-and-white movie. But rest assured, this is no dusty joint of yore. Illa J and J Dilla take a different approach and update this scene for the present day with big talk and stylistic swagger. Dilla's jazzy beat sets the mood for this track with Illa crooning and rapping along. Despite the complicated rhythm of Dilla's production, Illa J doesn't miss a beat with his rhyme scheme and takes the track to hypnotic heights in the hazy, chromatic chorus.

The Background:

When Jay Dee passed away from complications relating to lupus in February 2006, he left behind an extraordinary legacy of production work, including hits for Common, Janet Jackson, and Busta Rhymes. One mother lode of previously untouched beats dates from his time working on the Pharcyde's sophomore album, Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl, 1995). As Delicious Vinyl owner and founder Michael "Mike Floss" Ross explains: "From '95 through '98 Jay Dee was my go-to guy for hot beats and remixes. He was always making beats, always. So there was a select amount of tracks that he composed for me during that time, tracks as good as anything he'd done, only they never got used. When I finally met Illa J last year, I gave him a CD containing those unreleased beats."

In a case of pure serendipity, 21 year-old Illa J had just relocated from Detroit to Los Angeles and constructed a studio built using Jay Dee's recording equipment. He dubbed it Yancey Boys Studios in tribute to their fraternal bond. "Dilla was 12 years older than me," Illa J says. "So back in the day in Detroit I was just a little kid, sitting on the stairs in our house, watching him make those first beats for Slum Village. I always felt my brother's tracks and had an instinct for what I wanted to do over them." When Illa J set to work in early '08 recording the album, the project flowed quickly as he entered the proverbial can't miss zone. The name of the studio rightly became the title of the finished album, Yancey Boys, which is available online and in stores everywhere on Delicious Vinyl Records.

* *


* *

"DFTF" featuring Affion Crockett
* *

* *

Illa J & Aaron LaCrate freestyle
* *

Delicious Vinyl Releases The Pharcyde "Bobby Evans Mix"

From Justin K:

Head-Blowing Forty Track CD Unites Hip Hop Greats With Today's Freshest DJ

The Pharcyde
Bobby Evans Mix
Delicious Vinyl Records
In stores now!

* *

* *

Time to break out the Yo Mama snaps, page Quinton, and recognize you can't keep Runnin' Delicious Vinyl presents The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix.

The Pharcyde are one of the most beloved and iconoclastic groups in hip hop history. On the still-savory strength of their two Delicious Vinyl albums (1992's Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde and 1995's Labcabincalifornia), the original line-up of Imani, Bootie Brown, Fatlip and SlimKidTre reunited to electrify 2008's Rock The Bells festival.

Bobby Evans is the DJ half of Brother Reade, the fast-rising L.A. duo lauded for 2007's Rap Music LP. Having masterminded Delicious Vinyl 20th Anniversary MiXXtape, Evans is currently an in-demand remixer, with Telepathe and Neon Neon among those sweating his services.

Which brings us to The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix, a forty-track opus that's less a known-quantity megamix than it is a funhouse full of trap doors, hidden passages, and swirlascopic secrets...licensed to thrill both seasoned Pharcyde fans and neophytes alike.

Bobby Evans: "With this mix I had complete access to the Pharcyde's full catalog. I was playing with the idea of doing this mix strictly chronologically but in the end I didn't want to pin it down like that. Instead I trawled through ever nook and cranny and came up with a playlist of which songs I wanted to use and how I wanted them to flow. Then I started figuring out ways of working in the more esoteric bits and pieces I found, so that instead of just a continuous mix of Pharcyde records there are interviews and live versions phasing in and out. It gives the mix as a whole more peaks."

Ever wonder what it would've sounded like if legendary Dust Brothers mentor Matt Dike, after making Paul's Boutique, had produced The Pharcyde? Here Bobby Evans drops Dike's never-commercially-released mix of "Ya Mama". Intrigued by rare interview snippets of Fatlip talking about the creation of "Passin' Me By"? Yes indeedy. How about Ice-T (who, believe it or not, did shows with The Pharcyde), speaking on how to, ahem, handle overexcited female fans, as the mix transitions into the Pharcyde's on-topic "Groupie Therapy"? Check, check, and triple check.

Anyone who ever dug the Pharyde's self-deprecating humor, romantic odes, and orgiastic smutspeak will not be disappointed. "The Pharcyde's lyrics are incredible," says Bobby Evans. "Mixing these records, I really felt how they were finding their own place in L.A.'s hip hop scene of the early to mid-'90s. It was great working with multiple versions of these songs. I was able to mix in four versions of Runnin, four versions of Passin' Me By, and five versions of Soul Flower!"

As a DJ/producer from the ProTools generation, Bobby Evans marvels at the '90s sound of the Pharcyde's records: "The limitations of the technology back then defines the sound. J-Swift's loops are heavily layered, his breaks utilize live drums sounds. Everything was on tape and all the sequencing had to be done on whatever equipment they happened to have. There's a looseness and a flow to the music that you seldom find on today's rigidly programmed rap records. So the fact that I was just a kid when these records first came out made putting this mix together was an incredible experience."

The Pharcyde Bobby Evans Mix is guaranteed to get, in the words of The Pharcyde themselves, "the girls by the hearts and the n****s by the nuts, ear, tongue and butts."


1. Devil Music (Intro)
2. Soul Flower (TBNH Version)
3. Soul Flower (Remix)
4. Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)
5. Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks)
6. Soul Flower (Wrong Tree)
7. Oh Sh!t
8. Return Of The B-Boy
9. All Live
10. Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix)
11. I'm That Type Of N*gga
12. I'm That Type Of N*gga (Straight Up Faded Mix)
13. Officer
14. Ya Mama (Remix)
15. Ya Mama
16. Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix)
17. Quinton's On The Way
18. Pack The Pipe (Mr. Gib Remix)
19. Pack The Pipe
20. Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)

* *

E-40 on "Give Her The Keys" Video

From Audible Treats:

E-40 on "Give Her The Keys" Video      12.15.2008
"You got my back / Like a tank top"

The Video:

In the latest webisode from E-40, he lets us know what's behind the track "Give Her The Keys," off the freshly-dropped Ball Street Journal. 40 says that the track is about giving thanks to the lady in your life with a material display of affection. Translation: give her a car. With the help of T-Pain, 40 keeps it current with some new material that won't sound tired in the trunk. And so this holiday season we entreat you to heed the word of 40 and show some appreciation for the misses. Let's hear those keys a-jingling!"

* *

The Background:

He's a rap innovator, a business-savvy tycoon and one of the music industry’s most consistent success stories. Yes, E-40 is all those things, but he's probably best known as a slang creator, a man whose distinctive gift of gab gets lifted and used in the rhymes of Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and others. Now, the man with the terrific tongue returns with his most polished product to date, the imaginatively titled The Ball Street Journal." Anything that rolls off the tongue slick and is catchy, that's where it's at," E-40 explains. "The Ball Street Journal just flew off the tongue and it's memorable. This traces everything from the beginning to now. I've been through hard times and I've been through good times. It's like a discography of how my life has been, because I touch down on a lot of different angles on the album. It covers all angles of the game." The Ball Street Journal is available online and in stores nowon Warner Brothers / Sick Wid It Records.


E-40 Explains "Give Her The Keys"
* *

* *

"Poor Man's Hydraulics"
* *

Chamillionaire Chosen to Grand Marshall MLK Day Parade

Courtesy Nancy Byron:


Houston, TX - In honor of both his career achievements, and his contributions to the community and the City of Houston, Platinum Grammy Award-winning rap artist, Chamillionaire, has been chosen as Co-Grand Marshal of the 15th Annual MLK Grande Parade - Houston; the nations largest MLK Day celebration. This is the first time such an honor has been given to a Hip Hop artist. Additionally, transportation for the State and City elected officials participating in the parade will be provided by Chamillionaire's well-known custom car shop, Fly Rydes.

The MLK Parade Foundation - Houston will host its 15Th Annual MLK Grande Parade - Houston on Monday, January 19, 2009 in Downtown-Houston beginning at 10:00AM and will be kicked-off by a Military Flyover. The parade’s theme, “The Color of Unity”, will emphasize cultural diversity and will feature more than thirty (30) award-winning marching bands from across the nation.

The 2009 MLK Grande Parade will be lead by The 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Marching Band - Cherry Point, N.C., The Divine Land Marching Band (Chinese) - Southern United States, The University Of Houston "Cougar" Marching Band and The Willowridge High School "Mighty Eagle" Marching Band.

The Honorees for the 15Th Annual MLK Grande Parade - Houston will be recognized for their commitments to excellence in community service and will include public servants U.S. Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson-Lee and Houston City Council Member, Peter Brown.

The Co-Grand Marshals for the 15th Annual MLK Grande Parade - Houston are Platinum Grammy Award-winner, Chamillionaire, local businessman/philanthropist, Douglas M. Horn and Publisher/ Motivational Speaker, Dr. Anthony Taylor. The 2009 MLK Grande Parade will consist of more than 25,000 Parade participants and will have a duration of three (3) hours along a 1.5 Mi Parade route. The 15Th Annual MLK Grande Parade - Houston is expected to attract more than 300,000 spectators from around the country.

For more information on all upcoming MLK Holiday Events, visit us online @ .

About Chamillionaire

Hailed around the world for his major label platinum-plus debut smash album, The Sound of Revenge, the disc became one of the most influential hip-hop records in 2006, with the versatile Chamillionaire emerging as a mainstream multi-platform entrepreneur. The single and video for “Ridin’ featuring Krayzie Bone” became the most requested hip-hop anthem, soaring to the top of the urban, hip-hop and mainstream radio charts, almost single-handedly transforming the digital landscape. Chamillionaire was crowned the biggest selling Ringtone artist ever, with over 5 million ringtone sales, and was certified by the RIAA as the first multi-platinum Mastertone artist in history. His Myspace site has exceeded 15 million profile views, earning him over 4 million in digital sales, outselling established stars such as Nelly and T.I. In keeping with the outpouring of recognition, the charismatic performer beat out proven superstars 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and others for Best Rap Video of the Year honors for the groundbreaking “Ridin’” video, featuring Krayzie Bone, at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. In addition, the Houston rapper won “Rookie of the Year” and the prestigious “Alltell Wireless People’s Champ Award” (viewer’s choice) at the first ever BET Hip Hop Awards, as well as a nod at the American Music Awards for Favorite New Breakthrough Artist. In February 2007, Chamillionaire received his first Grammy Award win in the Best R&B Performance By Duo Or Group category for “Ridin’.” In 2007, Chamillionaire released his sophomore effort, Ultimate Victory which debuted in the Top 10 of the Top 200 Sales Chart and was critically acclaimed as one of the best hip hop albums of the year.

Hip-Hop Collective at Ann Arbor's Blind Pig TONIGHT

The show starts at 9:30 PM EST, so you've got about an hour and a half before the show if you want to go.Tell 'em sent you! Original story courtesy of Roger LeLievre at The Ann Arbor News, with selected excerpts for promotional purposes below.

Friday night's A Side Worldwide Holiday Party at the Blind Pig promises to be a celebration

It's been a good year for A Side, the homegrown, now bicoastal, artist, business management and marketing company that counts among its talent the progressive hip-hop acts Buff 1, Now On, 14KT, Athletic Mic League, DJ Graffiti and DJ Haircut - all of which will be performing at the event.

"It's been a really successful 2008, it's definitely a celebration party for all the releases we had success with this year," said Now On's Jackson Perry by phone from Los Angeles, A Side's West Coast base.

Most of A Side's artists had new releases last year, including the electro-soul-sounding Now On, which has its roots in the much-missed local bank Funktelligence. That band broke up in 2005 when its core members relocated to L.A.

One of the show's highlights will probably be Athletic Mic League's set, said Perry. "AMG is reuniting on the stage, which is rare. All the new material will be played, old material, it's going to be a whole bunch of variety."

A Side Worldwide Holiday Party

Who: Buff 1, Now On, 14KT, AML, DJ Graffiti and DJ Haircut.
What: Progressive hip-hop from this homegrown artist, business management and marketing company.
Where: The Blind Pig, 208 S. First St.
When: Friday, 9:30 p.m. (doors)
How much: $10 (18 and over)
Details: or 734-996-8555.
Legendary X-Clan Debuts New Material Online

Courtesy Kerosene Media:

The Legendary X-Clan Debuts New Material Online;
New Album “Mainstream Outlawz” Out January 27thTakes Aim At Those Planning
Hip-hop’s Funeral

X-Clan's Brother J Discusses New X-Clan DVD And Studio Album Mainstream Outlaws

Hip-hop legends X-Clan have debuted the track “Down By Law” online at from their upcoming new studio album “Mainstream Outlawz”, which is slated for a January 27th, 2009 release through Suburban Noize Records.

The foundation for "Mainstream Outlawz" was built over a year long period with Brother J venturing into the heart of Houston, TX to re-ignite hip-hop’s flame. The move brought out bouts of intense creativity bolstered by Brother J and his collaborators love for music. Joining X-Clan on their quest to bring hip-hop back to the roots of the genre with the aid some of the industry’s biggest lyrical assassins including Bun B of UGK, Medusa and Supanatural. In their collaborations these artists have proudly banded together with X-Clan to proudly wave the flag for hip-hop, while others would rather plan the genre's funeral.

“We urge our listeners to stop complaining and start listening, because hip-hop is alive and well. It’s time for the underground to take the spotlight,” says X-Clan mastermind Brother J. “If you don’t take the time to learn the full spectrum of hip-hop, you can’t keep complaining that the game is tainted and off track. There are enough active artists out here that are keeping it real in the name of music and not fad. There are some independent groups that deserve respect for their grind and we are one of them.”

X-Clan, one of the genres most powerful and influential hip-hop crews ever, returned in 2007 after nearly a decade-long hiatus with their long awaited comeback album "Return From Mecca". The SOURCE Magazine proclaimed that "Brother J shines as he nourishes with vanglourious music," while the Los Angeles Times said the album was "a rare rap 'Return' well worth the wait." The critically acclaimed album saw the group dropping their unique brand of ancestral wisdom and culture to a whole new generation of hip-hop fans on sold out tours with Public Enemy, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley and Jurassic 5.


* *
* *
* *

Spike's 2008 VGAs - Exclusives Now Posted Online

Courtesy Special Ops:

Spike TV’s 2008 Video Game Awards offered more than just a tribute to the best in the industry – it was a star-packed extravaganza that gave viewers an exclusive look at the future of gaming. The most highly-anticipated games in the industry were revealed at the VGAs – and now you can watch all of the videos again at .

If you can’t get enough – or if for some reason you missed them the first time around, don’t fret. Instead, check out the above link to watch mind-blowing reveals of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, God Of War III, Brütal Legend, Fight Night Round 4, Mafia II, Terminator Salvation, Uncharted 2, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, Gears Of War 2 and Dante’s Inferno.

While you’re at it, check out the official VGAs site - - for a full list of winners, trailers of nominated games, clips from the show – and enough other goodies to keep you glued to your computer screen for days. Below is a quick preview of just some of the winners from last night’s extravaganza. Let the debates begin!

Best RPG: Fallout 3

Best Graphics: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Best Driving Game: Burnout Paradise

Click here if you’d like to see who took home the prize for Game of the Year and tons more!

Spike TV Press Site: .

Photos: .

Embeddable Quicktime Videos: .

Ying Yang Twins Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Christmas EP

From Kimberly Trick:

YY Christmas EPYing Yang Twins Get Into the Holiday Spirit with New Christmas Themed EP
Prepare New Studio Album for 2009 with Platinum Producer Joe Traxx

Ying Yang Twins – The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays (Deep Records)
Release Date: 11/25/08

Online Contact:
Kimberly Trick / The Orchard

The Ying Yang Twins are getting into the holiday spirit with a new Christmas themed EP, The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays, out now through Deep Records. The EP finds the twins striking a Bing Crosby-esque pose and caroling listeners with medleys of traditional Christmas songs with a Ying Yang Twins twist. On “Sleigh Ride” D-Rock and Kaine drink eggnog and smoke blunts while making a Christmas wish for peace in the hood and giving President elect Barack Obama a shout out. “This Christmas” is a soulful take on a holiday classic, and “Deck Da Club” and “Carol of Da Bellz” are quintessential Ying Yang Twins.

The Twins also released a mixtape called The WildOut USO Tour on November 25th following their tour in support of the troops. And the platinum-certified Atlanta duo is already back in the studio, working on their next official full length with platinum-certified producer Joe Traxx (UGK, Scarface, Bun B., Lil Flip, and more).

Listen to Ying Yang Twins “Sleigh Ride” (The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays out Nov 25th Deep Records)
* *

Buy Ying Yang Twins The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays:
iTunes: .
Amazon: .

The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays Track List
1. Sleigh Ride
2. This Christmas
3. Deck Da Club
4. Carol Of Da Bellz

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