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Young Buck - Terminate on Sight (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Young Buck
Title: Terminate on Sight
Label: Cashville Records

"No they can't deal with me, so y'all go get 50/And we can play like you and Kanye, but he don't wanna go there with me! See you in the West bitch, I opened up the doors/Get your own paper Banks, Curtis money ain't yours!" Young Buck pulls no punches on his new street single, openly encouraging his ex G-Unit affiliates to call him out in the hook of his song: "TALK ABOUT ME BITCH!" No doubt they will, but the shot Buck fires across their bow is as funny as it is deadly serious: "I ain't never ran from another man/Got my balls in my hand like WHO THE FUCK ARE THEM?" 50 himself better step up to answer Buck, because even though he's distancing his career from the Unit it's Curtis Jackson who gets most of the wrath in the aftermath. Personally I hope they both keep it on wax.

NYOIL featuring Chuck D - Soldier (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: NYOIL featuring Chuck D
Title: Soldier
Label: Masta Mix Records

NYOIL is 100% committed to his role in hip-hop: "Black Panther, I feel like I'm black people's last hope." Save for Dead Prez or Immortal Technique there's no one more politically active or revolutionary in rap music today, which makes it all the more appropriate when the Godfather of Raptivism himself Chuck D checks in with a few bars on "Soldier." Choppers soar overhead and gunfire sprays the opening beat, as NYOIL questions why young black men are "out here fightin and dying while somebody is over here lyin." Doesn't matter whether the war is in Iraq or New York to NYOIL, the result is unacceptable - another man of color is dead, a point Chuck hammers home nicely. The production keeps the song accessible even when the rhetorhic hits hard, rocking bass and guitars even as D says his R.I.P. to Sean Bell. HIGHLY recommended.
Ed E. Ruger - Ballin Like a Midget (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Ed E. Ruger
Title: Ballin Like a Midget
Label: E Dot Hip-Hop Music

Ed E. Ruger (read Eddie Ruger) has dropped the most interesting song about BALLIN I've heard in a long time. While Ruger seems to have a fast and slow breath control style like Bone Thugs or Twista, it's really the hook of the song that will catch your attention, as he tells lesser rappers that if they "can't get no chicks" or have "little Bill's like Bushwick" that they are indeed BALLIN LIKE A MIDGET. The humor of this song might have missed me were it not for a thumptastic trunk rattling beat matched to a slickly produced and hypnotic tinkling backdrop. Ruger may be rolling on his own imprint for now but this single suggests he's got the wit and talent to go major label at any time!
Ace Hood - You Already Know (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Ace Hood
Title: You Already Know
Label: We the Best Music, Inc.

It's getting increasingly hard to avoid hearing Ace Hood. He's prominently featured on DJ Khaled's "Out Here Grindin'" and has a video out called "Cash Flow" featuring T-Pain. With "You Already Know," Hood continues to overexpose the hip-hop world to his personality and style. It seems apparent that DJ Khaled is pinning the hopes of his fledgling label on Hood's success, although nothing in particular strikes me raw about his rap. The organ pipes and bass beats work nicely, but all I hear in the song is the rules to Hood Hustling 101 including "watching snitches like cable." It's nothing that everyone from Fat Joe to Lil Wayne to Trick Daddy hasn't already done before him, but if they keep pushing Hood this hard he's almost certainly going to catch on regardless of whether he really stands out or not.
Busta Rhymes May Be Done With His Label - Album Status Uncertain

I have yet to confirm this but sent this interesting tidbit out over their newswire - according to their report Busta Rhymes was dropped from his Interscope Record label after getting into a "verbal" confrontation with boss Jimmy Iovine (the rest is history). This report comes just as Rhymes released the new record "I Got Bass" and obviously would leave the status of his long-delayed new LP in question. The timing is not so good for Iovine as he's already in hot water about the slower than expected sales of G-Unit's new album "Terminate on Sight." We'll keep you updated as more details become available.
Watch What You Watch on YouTube - Big Brother Is Watching

Viacom Wins Right To Cruise YouTube Records
(source: marketingVOX)

Google has been ordered to surrender the data of users that watch YouTube videos, including videos streamed on other websites, to Viacom.

The ruling was made by Judge Stanton of the federal court for the Southern District of New York.

YouTube user data now available to Viacom includes usernames, videos viewed and IP addresses, which Viacom can use to identify some individuals through ISPs - making users potentially liable for copyrighted material they consumed, the same way the RIAA pursued peer-to-peer file sharers.

But as Mashable points out, the ruling was made in part because of a recent Google blog post claiming IP addresses do not necessarily constitute as "personally identifiable information."

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has protested Judge Stanton's decision.
Snoop Dogg, NYOIL, Nas, V.I.C. & More Hip-Hop Videos

It's time for another selection of hip-hop videos on the RR newsfeed! We start with Snoop Dogg on a totally unexpected tip, paying tribute to Johnny Cash with "My Medicine."

Next up is NYOIL offering an unapologetic challenge to BET. We'll let you know if they step up and respond.

This next joint is Nas screening the video for "Be a Nigger Too" for music industry executives. Hmm - I wonder how THAT went?

Up-and-coming rap artist V.I.C. decided to "Get Silly" backstage at TRL and we've got a clip for you.

Lastly we have this new video for "Like a Glove" is Malkovich featuring Ali Baba Abnormal and Pudgemcee. Enjoy and thanks for checking out the new hip-hop videos on the RapReviews newsfeed!

A Music Fan's Independence Day

When most of us think of the Fourth of July we think of fireworks, hamburgers and a day off from work. There are lots of ways we celebrate the fourth, but I propose a special way music fans can celebrate the occasion; by making Independence Day all about independent music. Independence is independence, whether it’s from Great Britain or from major labels, and today I'm combing those two forms of independence as I bring you my top five ways for music fans to celebrate Independence Day.

Read the full story at:
Termanology - Talking to God (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Termanology
Title: Talking to God
Label: St. Records/Nature Sounds/EMI

"I'm talking to God/when you got, Kanye comparing Soulja Boy to Nas/I used to pray, used to pray for the cars/and the jewels and the money now I pray for rap stars... Puff Daddy comparin Lil Wayne to Biggie Smalls." This may be one of the most timely hip-hop singles released in a long time, as Termanology goes out of his way to reference feuds as recent as Shaquille O'Neal dissing Kobe Bryant, which is dope to listen to present tense but could just as easily result in the song becoming quickly dated. Nevertheless the somber strings and symphonic backdrop put across Termanology's point well, and hit the right note of nostalgia when he complains that "nowadays there's no graffiti on the train." Highly recommended for the headphones or an underground mixtape but definitely not a club banger.

Spit Syndicate - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Single)

Review by Nervous

Artist: Spit Syndicate
Title: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Label: Obese Records

Enjoy today, because tomorrow is promised to no one. We have all heard that message a million times. The overall message is that, since death is inevitable, you should not waste time allowing the barriers created by living from enjoying the actual state of being alive. This message is hammered home when one experiences the death of someone whom you are close to, or if one should experience a close engagement to a potentially life-ending event. According to the notes delivered with this single by the duo from Sydney, Australia, that appears to be their motivation for recording this song. The track, produced by M-Phaze, is an almost Kanye-ish confection that manages to rock mellow drums over a disco-based sample. The two emcees from Spit Syndicate do an adequate, but not magnificent, job of delivering the message I stated above. With this being their debut single from their new album "XXX", they should have come with something a little harder. Though this track does not do anything wrong, it does not do a whole lot to leave a lasting impression after the last snare track drum fades from your headphones. Though it would work well in a club environment, and would probably sound a lot nicer in a blend; it just does not do enough to make what I hear TODAY excited about what they might have to say TOMORROW.

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