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Video: "K.i.D. Cypher" Round 11 f/ Auburn, Deuce B

Video: "K.i.D. Cypher" Round 11 f/ Auburn, Deuce B

Video: Vikter Duplaix "In The Real World" Live

Video: Vikter Duplaix "In The Real World" Live

PR: New Deeze Website & Forthcoming Mixtapes

From Park Street PR:

New Deeze Website & Forthcoming Mixtapes

Ever since Deeze unleashed his debut mixtape with UK Runnings back in September last year he has maintained a consistent quality output something rare in a UK artist. In six months he has dropped three mixtapes as well as an EP for one of the UK's longest running labels Wolftown Recordings, as well as getting over 10,000 hits on his video for the track 'Big Tingz'. Deeze is making moves in the UK and internationally and is building a strong loyal fanbase.

Now in 2011 Deeze has now unleashed a brand new designed website which will make it even easier for fans of his music to connect with him. The website is updated as things happen so it's always the best place to hear about what Deeze is up too. The website has some brilliant features and pages such as a detailed biography and discography, free downloads, gallery, a press section with direct links to reviews and interviews, as well as information on his releases, all his music videos and of course all the latest news on projects and live events.

You can also catch Deeze performing live alongside Juttla and his full live band at 'Shaanti' at The Hockley in The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham on Saturday April 2nd. After last months packed out event Deeze was asked to return to deal with microphone duties. In other news Deeze has just dropped two rather clever promo videos as well as announcing that he will be releasing his second UK Runnings mixtape soon as well as unleashing a mixtape with the award winning DJ Ames. Deeze is currently looking for beats for these projects so producers get in touch now


Check out these new promo videos.
Deeze 'Funeral' -
Deeze 'When The Violence Starts' -


Download Deeze 'The Re-Birth' (Deeze Music)

Deeze 'The Re-Turn' (Deeze Music)

UK Runnings Presents Deeze 'The Pre-Turn'

Tricksta & Deeze 'Late Nights Early Mornings EP' (Wolftown Recordings)

Video: Busta Rhymes Talks Beef, Style & Battling

Video: Busta Rhymes Talks Beef, Style & Battling

Video: Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose - "Lady Ideal"

From Matt Diamond:

Video: Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose - "Lady Ideal"

Audio: Side Effekt - "Like It Is"

From Digi Crates:

Audio: Side Effekt - "Like It Is"

** Another leak from Manhattan, NYC brothers "Side Effekt", from their debut instrumental soundtrack to the NYC lifestyle "Heart Wars". Digital @ iTunes ; Physical @ Digi Crates **

Video: Yung Berg Speaks on Jenna Shea

Video: Yung Berg Speaks on Jenna Shea

MP3: Mutt & Jeff f/ Gucci Mane - "I Rock N Roll"

From 12 Inch Digital:

MP3: Mutt & Jeff f/ Gucci Mane - "I Rock N Roll"

* *

MP3: Tha Bizness x Clinton Sparks - "Catch This Flight"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Tha Bizness x Clinton Sparks - "Catch This Flight"

Here Is The Official FREE Download Link To Tha Bizness x Clinton
Sparks "Catch This Flight" Produced By Tha Bizness
* *
Also Lookout For The Video For Catch This Flight Coming Soon!!

PR: MC Pigpen and Pat Maine - "Live Fast Die Young Tour"

From Kim E:

MC Pigpen and Pat Maine to Embark on the "Live Fast Die Young Tour"

    The term "hard work" may be an understatement for Salt Lake City based hip hop duo, MC Pigpen and Pat Maine. Embarking on their sixth full US tour, the two emcees have a thing or two to show for all their effort and consistency. 
    Just leaving a tour with Ugly Duckling, Pig and Pat are wrapping up South by Southwest, playing sets with and mingling amongst hip hop legends. The guys have already shared the stage with artists such as Homeboy Sandman and Sage Francis. From this point, all we foresee is expansion.
    As SXSW comes to an end, Pig and Pat are continuing on the road with Chicago's own Black Lung for the "Live Fast Die Young Tour". You can expect to see them in the midwest and on the east coast soon, putting in time as always.
Pat Maine sums it up well by saying, "Touring is the hardest thing I've ever willingly put myself through with benefits I never saw coming."

03/26 Omaha, NE
03/27 Dencer, CO
04/01 Urbana, IL
04/02 Chicago, IL
04/04 Columbia, MO
04/05 Macomb, IL
04/08 Rockford, IL
04/09 Milwaukee, WI
04/15 Big Rapids, MI
04/16 Big Rapids, MI
04/18 Big Rapids, MI
04/21 Buffalo, NY
04/22 Youngstown, OH
04/27 Burlington, VT
05/05 Wilmington, NC

For more tour dates and the most up to date information and details, visit:

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