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Gillie Da Kid - Do Your Job (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Gillie Da Kid
Title: Do Your Job
Label: Figgas 4 Life Entertainment/Koch Records

The Philly kid named Gillie may have more drama than a DJ but he's definitely considered a don when firing his lyrical cannon, so much so that several major labels got into a bidding war for his services. If he can avoid being shot again and avoid beefing with the similar sounding Lil Wayne (whose voice is just a little scratchier) then Gillie's probably destined for stardom. That's the good news. The bad news is that "Do Your Job" is as monotonous a track as you will hear in 2008. Producer Young Ike Turna is not aptly named, as his ad nauseam three note loop is not something Tina would have crooned over in a million years. Gillie shouldn't be rapping over it either - it's not suited to his talent and literally drags his rap down into mediocrity. The intent feels like Gillie wanted a club beat, and it may work on that level, but the topic matter about haters doesn't feel like something to dance to. This is not Gillie's finest work.
The East Flatbush Project - A Day in a Life (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: The East Flatbush Project
Title: A Day in a Life
Label: 10/30 Uproar Music

If the name East Flatbush Project rings a bell, it's possible you remember their underground rap classic "Tried By 12," a song with one of the most haunting and memorable beats in hip-hop history. You won't hear the same MC on this song, but that's simply because East Flatbush Project is a catch-all name for any rapper founder Spencer Bellamy puts on wax. The unnamed new cat combined the hard intensity of Kool G. Rap with the lyrical reality of Cormega and spits some surprisingly thoughtful lyrics from a thugged out perspective. "That's why I put more than heart/I put mind soul and body into everything I do, including this song/Feel me! Fuck you gon' tell me 'bout pressure? And not allowin small things to depress ya?/Ride with me with, no insurance (right)/I feel like I already ran a marathon and got no endurance." Any beat suffers by comparison to "Tried By 12" but the heavy bassline and whistling sounds form an excellent backdrop to this rugged rap. East Flatbush is overdue to blow up again and this song heralds their arrival nicely.
Common Market - Tobacco Road (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Common Market
Title: Tobacco Road
Label: Massline Media

Sabzi and RA Scion definitely believe in a slow build. The first eleven seconds of "Tobacco Road" are a simple but hypnotic beat. Next up is a simple but effective piano riff all the way to the 35 second mark, at which point Scion's voice is finally heard and the beat is laced up with a little extra bass. The impatient short attention span rap fan will have moved on by this point, but that's their own loss. The intelligence of a Common Market track musically and lyrically is second to none and "Tobacco Road" is no exception. "No opportunity was offered us, I had my sights on/bein gone 'fore they cut the lights on, Brian's Song." This is just a taste of their new full-length album of the same name but it tastes pretty damn good to me.
Rob Grimes to Release 'Glow in the Dark' Mixtape

Kanye & Pharrel Inspire Mixtape To Be Released July 15, 2008

In light of the Glow in the Dark Tour, superstars Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell have inspired hip hop icon in the making Rob Grimes to create a mixtape combining unique lyrics with his favorite tracks from the only artists in hip hop who inspire him from a musical standpoint.

Song From Glow in the Dark
Rob Grimes - Lavish
* *

Rob Grimes- Last of a dying breed
* *

On this project, Rob sticks strictly to beats from Glow in the Dark performers, from their present work to a few throwbacks, and even songs they produced for other musicians. By adding his eccentric swagger to tracks made famous by such proficient hip-hop heavyweights, Rob seemingly announces to the world that he's ready to claim the success that was destined to him

ABOUT ROB GRIMES: Rob Grimes music is a mix of swagger, raw hip hop, catchy flows and hooks, with lesson behind it. Rob Grimes has been compared on numerous accounts to the likes of Jay-z, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Kanye West and others. Rob has been featured on, & Front 2 Back Magazine. For more information visit his website or .
Young Buck Looking to Scrap With Tony Yayo

According to our friends at, Young Buck has done the unthinkable by challenging G-Unit member Tony Yayo to a fistfight on XM Radio. "As far as Yayo talking about he wanna fight? I'll do it off of real nigga shit. I swear on my child's life. If they line this shit up, where me and that nigga can go in a ring, we can put that shit on VH1 we can make that shit real life. I'll have Floyd Mayweather training me. I'll knock that nigga's fat, flabby, old, non rappin' ass out." If a fight ever does take place they should film it for Celebrity Boxing and see which rapper goes down quicker than Jose Canseco.
Braille Featured in NBA Live '09 Trailer

EA Sports selected Braille's song "The IV" to use in the trailer for their video game "NBA Live 09" coming out this fall.  The trailer showcases the athlete who will be featured on the cover of the game, Tony Parker from the San Antonio Spurs.  The song comes from Braille's forth solo record "The IV Edition" available now on Syntax/Koch.  The video game placement adds another highlight to what has already been an incredible summer for Braille.  After his record dropped on April 15th he received great reviews from The Source,,, and many more.  He also did a 3 month U.S. tour which included album release parties with Pigeon John, The Paid Dues festival in Denver with De La Soul and performances on Vans Warped Tour with Othello.

You can check out the trailer for NBA Live '09 below.

Not Just Spare Change

Looking at the scruffy, long haired man wearing Christmas lights you see in the picture above may not give you visions of KRS-ONE and Kool G Rap, but don’t let Change’s image fool you, he is a skilled emcee. Initially I was introduced to Change, a San Diego native, through my good friend DJ Halo, who happened to perform a few dates with him while on tour in 2007. Last month saw the release of Change's first solo effort, Hate to Love You Legacy, which he’s giving away as a free download at With his new album available to everyone, I caught up with Change this week to find out more about who he is, what the Hip-Hop scene is like in his city, and why he feels falling in love 36 times a year is a good thing.

Read the full interview at:
Ludacris Signs A Multi-Million Dollar Deal With AT&T

Although Ludacris has been in a past beef with Pepsi, after Bill O'Reilly instigated Luda off the deal with his racist rants, O'Reilly and Pepsi would have to keep their mouth closed after Luda's new deal with AT&T. According to, Ludacris has made history by signing a multi-million dollar deal with AT&T, the first hip-hop act to land such a large contract with the company. He's currently making commerical and appearing on online ads promoting the company. "I had a lot a fun shooting this commercial,” Luda said. “If you like the AT&T commercials you've seen then you'll love this one." The rapper plays a guy who doesn’t have AT&T phone service and misses an important call. Ludacris also plays the "phone," telling the viewers what he missed out on by not having service.

Although he could have enough money to basically retire from rap, Luda is still hard at work finishing on his upcoming album Theatre of Mind. He's also appearing on movies such as RocknRolla, directed by Guy Ritchie, and a movie adaptation of famed RockStar video game Max Payne along with Mark Wahlberg. That, my firends, is what I call a milli-on ways of doing work.
U-God Says His Life's in Danger... and Blames Wu-Tang Clan

I guess Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuttin' ta fuck wit! A report in says that Wu-Tang Clan rapper U-God's life is in danger and the God is pointing the finger at his fellow Clan brethren as the perpetrators. A New Jersey paper details the rapper as looking to the local police after noticing individuals following him home, wherein U-God suggests that the beef stems from a $180,000 lawsuit he filed against the Clan over unpaid performance fees. No response as yet from anyone else in the Clan.
New Season of Run's House on Wednesday Nights

The following is an MTV press release on their new show "Buzzin'" and a new season of "Run's House" airing on Wednesday nights.


Fans Granted Backstage Access at For Exclusive Pics,
Performances and Behind the Scenes Footage

Santa Monica, CA (July 1, 2008) – Meet MTV’s newest comedic ensemble as the channel premieres “Buzzin’,” a new reality series starring music artist Shwayze, his best pal and producer Cisco Adler, their partner in crime, tour manager Warren Gumpel and their manager head of Suretone Records, Jordan Schur.  Beginning Wednesday, July 23 at 10:30PM ET/PT, fans can catch the misadventures of Shwayze, his wingman and music partner Cisco, best buddy Warren and manager Jordan as they define a whole new California sound. And rounding out the Wednesday night line-up, “Run’s House” returns with new episodes premiering July 16 at 10pm ET/PT.

Showcasing the long road from the trailer park to the top of the charts, “Buzzin’” follows the unlikely pair – Shwayze, the self-described “only black kid in Malibu” and Cisco, the seasoned singer/producer and regular tabloid bad boy – and their crew as their path to stardom hits all the twists, turns and bumps along the way.  The music and madness get underway as the boys and their fresh Cali sound get ready to debut their self-titled album on August 19 and as their first single, “Buzzin’” continues to climb the charts. Trying to keep them on track is their tough manager and label honcho, Jordan Schur who has taken artists like Ashlee Simpson and Limp Bizkit all the way to the top. Also along for the ride is their resident right-hand man, tour manager and comrade, Warren. When they guys are in a jam, count on him to be the man with the plan – even if the plan causes more problems than it solves.

The first episode will be available for free on instant release on iTunes, Xbox Live and Amazon for a week beginning July 15. All eight episodes will be available on instant release the day after their on-air premiere. Fans will also be able to feel the buzz at HYPERLINK "" with exclusive trailers and extended scenes from each episode shot by the cast on their vlog cameras, cast bios and pictures, sneak peaks of Shwayze’s new music video and exclusive performance footage of songs from the new album, including their TRL performance. Viewers can also get personal with the cast and create their very own Buzzin’ profile through IamOnMTV.  

Also, kicking off another season, MTV welcomes back a fan favorite as Rev Run and his family return with back-to-back episodes of “Run’s House” premiering Wednesday, July 16 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. The tight-knit Simmons clan once again opens the door for fans to watch the jubilations and tribulations of the royal family of hip hop.  Season five picks up with the Simmons’ blazing new trails across the map. Viewers will get a rare treat when Rev Run relives the glory days joining pal Kid Rock on tour, as Justine holds down the fort in Saddle River with new addition, baby Miley. Vanessa and Angela are now living the bi-coastal life as they balance their expanding Pastry shoe and clothing line with Vanessa’s acting gigs, and JoJo continues his pursuit of hip-hop stardom as Team Blackout grabs the mic and prepares to take center stage, while Diggy embraces his inner tween and Russy proudly accepts his role as big brother extraordinaire.  But rest assured the Simmons family will endure all the chaos with love.  

The fourth season averaged a 1.59 P12-34 and ranked #1 in its time period (Thu/10-11p) among P12-34 versus all cable competition. “Run’s House” has reached over 67.1 million total viewers (P2+) with over 34.2 million from its P12-34 core.

“Buzzin’” is produced by Suretone Entertainment and Hoosick Falls Productions; Jordan Schur of Suretone Entertainment and George Verschoor of Hoosick Falls Productions serve as executive producers; Mike Powers serves as executive producer;  Andrew Freston is co-executive producer; Liz Gateley and Valerie Elustondo are the MTV executives overseeing production. Steve Bilchik is the MTV talent executive overseeing the project.
Jason Carbone is executive producer and Nick Lee is co-executive producer of “Run’s House.”  Mike Powers serves as executive producer.  Jacqueline French and Valerie Elustondo are the MTV series executives overseeing the project.   Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley are executive producers.   Russell Simmons, Stan Lathan, Will Griffin, John Davies, and Sean “Diddy” Combs serve as creators and executive producers.


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