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Hip-Hop at the Grocery Store

I usually appreciate it when the employee working checkout at the grocery store wants to make small talk. It breaks up the tedium of going to the store to buy milk, bread, lunchmeat and soda. I'm a fairly sociable guy by nature anyway - the kind that loves talking to people and vice versa, often to the point of my wife getting mildly irritated that I don't shut my yap. In thise case however, I kind of wish the person I was talking to had shut HERS. I'm patiently waiting for the person ahead of me to take their bags while the Mrs. is off perusing the endcaps for her favorite brand of iced coffee when the woman at the register offers this remark about the in-store music...


Ladies and gentlemen, to truly appreciate the absurdity of this situation, you have to understand what I was wearing at the time...

Blue jean shorts, Saucony Floorlords, a UFC baseball cap and a J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE T-SHIRT.
I don't think it dawned on her immediately that I was searching for an exit from this conversation, or perhaps from the store itself, so she kept on yammering. I just stood there waiting for my wife to return, just looking at her like "WHAT THE FUCK" and hoping she'd change the subject. Oh no. She keeps going on and on about how she doesn't get this rap music the kids listen to these days, and she's still talking about it when my loving wife returns to tell me she decided not to buy an iced coffee after all. She overhears this and says with a smile "Well you know what my husband does for a living right?" She shakes her head. "He listens to rap all day long."
She still didn't get it, so I had to patiently explain to her that I'm a writer and a webmaster that focuses primarily on hip-hop. I even went so far as to explain the t-shirt I was wearing, and who J Dilla was (God bless), and how I felt he was just as much a REAL MUSICIAN as whatever goofy-ass music was playing over the in-store loudspeakers. Mind you I was just going to let it go, but the ball had been put in my court whether I wanted it or not, and with $40 worth of groceries to scan we were going to be there for several minutes no matter what.
I have the feeling that come tomorrow she's not going to remember who J Dilla is, or that the guy whose groceries she was scanning at 10:30 was wearing a t-shirt that had a crate full of records on it, but if she remembers anything I HOPE it's that the next time she makes a blanket "NOT LIKE THAT RAP STUFF" statement she might actually be talking to someone who would take umbrage to those words. I'm a nice enough guy 9 times out of 10, and I generally like to say "everyone's entitled to their opinion" since I know hip-hop's not for everyone, but I don't walk up to a clerk wearing a Garth Brooks t-shirt and say "Did you hear that last song? That was some great shit, NOT LIKE THAT COUNTRY STUFF." I'm sure they'd be a lot less friendly about it than I was.
New T-Weaponz Video - XtraOrdinary

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Keeping It Cool w/ Coole High

When someone comes to me being cosigned by both Conscious and Tah Phrum Duh Bush I sit up and take notice. When people hear the music of Coole High, they sit up and take notice, too. I actually met Coole High a while back at an M3rd show in NYC at the club formerly known as Midway. He signed up for my email list and appeared on stage with Tah for a song. Dude was cool. I checked out his music and it turned out he had skills, too. Over the course of the next few months I’d hear both Tah and Conscious rave about Coole High and this week I finally caught up with him again to find out more about who Coole High is, where his jazz background comes from, and why he doesn’t limit himself to just one form of music.

Read the full interview at:
Does It Matter That Rick Ross Isn't Gangsta?

The news broke this week that Rick Ross isn’t actually a gangster. In fact, he was a Corrections Officer in South Florida and The Smoking Gun has the payment records to prove it. As a clear thinking human being a big “who cares” swells up inside me ready to be blurted out at the next person who writes about how important this is. Rather than doing that, because I’d be out of breath pretty quickly judging by the number of stories coming out about this, I want to take a look at how ludicrous fans’ expectations of commercial rappers are and the insanity of commercial rappers believing their own self-created stories. Both are key reasons as to why the game is so weak right now.

Read the full story at:
Segio Mendes to Perform July 30th on The Tonight Show

SERGIO MENDES To Perform July 30th On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

With Special Guest Ledisi, The Legendary Brazilian Musician Will Perform
"Waters of March" From His Chart-Topping New Album Encanto Encanto Is
Currently The #1 Contemporary Jazz Album In The Country For a Fifth
Consecutive Week, And Also Holds #1 On CMJ's World Music Chart.

"Sergio Mendes is a proud member of the generation that invented bossa nova.

with the audience singing and dancing along,[he] turned Carnegie Hall into
Carnaval" - New York Times

"Legendary musician Sergio Mendes [releases] a new album of samba-style
classics and new funk -Following the success of his 2006 album 'Timeless',
Mendes [returns with] an even fresher sound." - Associated Press

"Encanto gives us the best of both hemispheres."- Village Voice

See The Video For First Single Funky Bahia At:
* *

"Funky Bahia" Audio Streams:
* *
* *

"The Look of Love" featuring Fergie Audio Streams:
* *
* *

Encanto Retail Link:
* *

Sergio Mendes MySpace page:
* *
Lil Wayne Sued By Rolling Stones Publisher

A Rolling Stone may gather no moss, but neither does the lyrics of a Lil Wayne song according to the legendary group. reports Abkco Music Inc, the musical publishing company that owns the rights to the band's song "Play With Fire" sued the rapper in Manhattan federal court Thursday, saying he released an altered version of the song without permission. The company is suing Lil Wayne, his guest artists and his record company, a unit of Universal Music Group, of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Abkco also said that Lil Wayne's version used "offensive language" that could lead the public to believe the Rolling Stones approved of the new version. We'll keep you updated.
Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim Sued by Simon & Schuster


July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Rap performers Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim were sued by Simon & Schuster Inc. over claims they accepted tens of thousands of dollars in advances while failing to deliver books they promised to write.

The publishing house, a unit of CBS Corp., said in separate lawsuits filed yesterday in state court in New York that Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, and Lil' Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, signed contracts to write books.

Simon & Schuster said it paid Brown $75,000 under a 2006 contract for an autobiography tentatively titled ``Broken Silence.'' The publisher said Lil' Kim signed a contract in 2004 and was paid $40,000 for an untitled novel.

``Both accepted the money and both books never were delivered,'' Simon & Schuster spokesman Adam Rothberg said yesterday in a phone interview.

Rothberg said the publisher has teamed up with other rappers and hip-hop artists on books. Starting in 2007, Simon & Schuster and hip-hop artist `50 Cent' started a series of books based on his rhymes about drug dealing, street crime and expensive cars. ``That line of books was very successful and we've also published books by members of 50 Cent's G-Unit posse,'' Rothberg said.

Simon & Schuster also published the autobiography of `50 Cent,' who was born Curtis Jackson, Rothberg said.

Manhattan Shooting

Lil' Kim, a Grammy-award winning rapper, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison in 2005 for lying to a federal grand jury about a shooting outside a Manhattan radio station. Neither she nor her lawyer were immediately available for comment on the suit.

Lil' Kim was leaving the studios of ``Hot 97,'' WQHT, with members of the rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A. on Feb. 25, 2001, as a rival group, Capone-N-Noreaga, was coming into the station and shots were fired, according to an indictment. One man was wounded.

Two members of Lil' Kim's entourage, Damion Butler and Suif Jackson, pleaded guilty to firearms charges in connection with the shooting. Lil' Kim told the grand jury that Butler wasn't present at the gunfight and she denied knowing Jackson, according to the indictment.

Brown was sentenced in September 2007 to a year in jail for violating probation after being convicted of charges related to a fight with two manicurists in a New York nail salon. Laura Dilimetin, a lawyer for Brown, didn't immediately return a voice-mail message seeking comment after business hours.

CBS fell 69 cents, or 3.8 percent, to $17.37 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading yesterday. The stock has dropped 36 percent this year.

The cases are Simon & Schuster v. Inga Marchand, 110125/2008, and Simon & Schuster v. Kimberly Jones, 110124/2008, New York State Supreme Court (Manhattan).

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Skillz, Clipse, Plies, LL Cool J & More Hip-Hop Videos

It's time for another selection of hip-hop videos on the newsfeed! We start this week with Skillz featuring Talib Kweli in a video for "So Far So Good."

Next up is Clipse presenting the Re-Up Gang in a behind the scenes feature on "Fast Life."

Here's a brand new Plies video for "Somebody (Loves You)."

For nostalgia's sake here's a video for The East Flatbush Project classic "Tried By 12."

And last but not least a video for LL Cool J's masterpiece "I'm Bad." Thanks for checking out the new videos on the RR newsfeed!

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