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Video: Sway - SBTV's F64 Series - "100 Bar Special"

Video: Hopsin - “Motherfu*cker"

From Chanel Green:


The days of artists being signed and turning all of the budget worries and marketing work over to the record label have been over for some time. Ruthless Records’ Hopsin understands the current industry climate and is proactive about jumping in and doing his part to market his album, “Gazing At The Moonlight,” virally.

Hopsin recently acted as director, camera man, editor and artist on his most recent video for the edgy street single, “Motherfu*cker.” Shot entirely guerrilla style on his privately owned mini cam and edited on his home computer, Hopsin’s creativity shines in the finished piece which cost as much as most flossy lunch meetings at the major labels.

$400. No tax. No tip. Money well spent!

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Video: Dorrough/NGenius At SXSW

MTV documentary type video of Dorrough at SXSW (2010)


Audio: Declaime - "Fame"

(April 12, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY) Fresh off the release of the most recent Georgia & Declaime album, SomeOthaShip, Declaime aka Dudley Perkins is preparing the release of his latest solo album as one of two initial releases from Georgia Anne Muldrow's and Declaime's own label, SomeOthaShip Connect. The album, titled FONK, will be available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl May 4th.

For fans of Declaime's previous albums, the appropriately titled FONK boasts a new, distinctive sound for the emcee; one that harkens back to the west coast Roger Zapp/Funkadelic sound that inspired the west coast G-funk hip-hop Declaime grew up listening to. To help bring that sound to life, Declaime enlisted the services of Quazedelic - an understudy of George Clinton himself, who has since went on to work with artists including Snoop Dogg - to produce the entire album. "I wanted to keep it to my heritage of West Coast funk," says Declaime. "A lot of us west coast underground artists tend to go to the east coast feel 'cause it's an innovative boom-bap sound. So my crew - Souls Of Mischief; The Pharcyde; Planet Asia - did that. But we actually grew up listening to MC Eiht, E-40, Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, Too Short, DJ Quik, NWA - music that had a Zapp, Parliment, Funkadelic feel to it."

Declaime's return to his funk roots also marks a departure from his work as Dudley Perkins. As the MC steps away from his Dudley Perkins persona, he will instead be showcasing honed emcee skills and his no-nonsense, to-the-point lyricism coupled with his unorthodox, winding rhyme patterns. "I made the music with a simpler context," says Declaime. "This way my message of positivity can now reach a wider audience." Songs throughout the project, including the album's lead single, "Fame," available today via iTunes, perfectly display the sound of the new project.

Check out "Fame," the first single from FONK:

Fame EP ("Fame" + 3 album tracks):

Georgia Anne Muldrow's live rendition of "I Had A Revelation":

The Background:

In a world obsessed with immature desires a man in his rarest form must rise and stir against the tide of conformity. Heeding the call is Declaime, an incredible artist talent hailing from Oxnard, California. The visionary poet first amazed his family with his musical aptitude at age two, and with no father figure in sight, started a lifelong fascination with superheroes at an early age. Experiences with gang life left Declaime disillusioned, and he emerged a transformed man ready to begin a mission of enlightenment through the power of sound. The producer/emcee/visual artist began his journey on a track with Tha Alkaholiks, and he went on to work on with Lootpack, Oh No and KanKick to name a few. Declaime has been prolific in bringing metaphysical hip-hop into being for the masses, previously releasing Illmindmusik, Andsoitissaid, Mad Men On Arrival, A Lil' Light, Conversations With Dudley, The Dank And Jammy Show, Expressions 2012 A. U., Beautiful Minds, The Message Uni Versa, Holy Smokes, and SomeOthaShip. His latest album FONK is slated to drop on May 4th via Declaime's own label imprint SomeOthaShip Connect.



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Video: DaVinci - "A Day In The Life"

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

The Video:

Following the splash made by his debut release of The Day The Turf Stood Still - DaVinci's self-described "soundtrack for gentrification and urban renewal" – The Fillmore District's DaVinci linked up with the one and only, The Smoking Section, out in his hometown to give viewers insight into what a day in the life is like for the rising MC. Escorting viewers through the streets of this culturally and historically rich district of San Francisco, DaVinci expresses the impact that his hometown has had upon his music, and the prolific stock of inspiration that he has derived from living there. He takes a moment in the video to drop by the New Chicago Barber Shop and talk with the owner, Reggie Pettus, who is affectionately nicknamed the Mayor of Fillmore. They discuss the vibrant history of this area, from the 1950's, when the streets were perpetually flooded with the sounds of jazz and blues, to the present-day hip-hop culture. Throughout the feature piece, it quickly becomes clear that DaVinci's music is the result of his history and the history and culture of his hometown.

DaVinci's debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still, is available now both for free download and purchase via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.

Watch The Interview With

Check out the full feature here:

To Download DaVinci's The Day The Turf Stood Still, please visit:
Alt Link:

The Background:

The Fillmore District has bred more rappers per capita than any other district in San Francisco, and although the older generations recall its rich musical history rooted in Jazz, the Fillmore today is rife with drugs, turf wars, and mass gentrification. DaVinci, a young MC raised in the Fillmore, is a prime example of the duality of this area, who at the age of 13 was homeless, hungry, and hopeful for a way out. Explains DaVinci, "My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin' to selling and abusing drugs," he explains about his heavy content. "It's a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through." While his story is similar to many other young rappers’ upbringings, DaVinci was surrounded by an incredible pool of Fillmore talent and by studying with the greats, he was able to sharpen his skills and aim higher than most, cultivating his story-telling abilities beyond mere drug-and-gun-talk. Growing up in the same 10-block radius as Bay Area rap legends San Quinn and JT the Bigga Figga, DaVinci was content in merely watching the next generation follow in their footsteps, until he received overwhelming praise from his peers from a mixtape appearance, which then prompted him to pursue rap professionally. In 2006, San Quinn welcomed him onto the "Pressure Makes Diamonds Tour" with rap veterans Xzibit and Tech N9ne. Since the tour, DaVinci has kept busy appearing on numerous mixtapes and compilations, as well as preparing his official debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still. The Day The Turf Stood Still is available now via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.


TheSmokingSection Interview:

D2S/Top Billin' "Ben" Video:

"Gettin' Money In My Sleep":

Igantwitted Interview:

Thizzler On The Roof Interview:

"Idle Mind" (Studio Footage Video):

"Hustler's Theme" (Prod. By Blunt):

24KMilkCrate.Com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 1:

24KMilkCrate.Com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 2:

"Real N*ggaz Remix" Feat. Kaz Kyzah and ROD:

Video montage:

"Trickle Down" Prod. By Blunt:

"It's On Me" Prod. By Blunt:

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Proper - An MC with Something to Prove

A lot of emcees feel the fact that they recorded their music gives them some sort of right to everyone’s time. Proper sees things a bit differently, saying “the process and challenge of proving I’m worth being heard is what I’m dead set and focused on.” Proper’s latest offering is the song “Mirror Mirror,” which is off of the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, and in a continuation of my Season of Sole series of Artists Of The Week, I sat down with him to find out more about his music, the step by step process he’s taking to reach his goals, and why he feels Nike needs to put him on speed dial.

Read the full interview at:

Dan-e-o @ "The Masterplan Show" 21st Anniversary Party

From Dan-e-o:

This Saturday, April 17th starting at 8pm, Toronto's "The Masterplan Show"
will be celebrating its 21st Anniversary in conjunction with the closing
of the T-Dot Pioneers Gallery.

Taking place at the Toronto Free Gallery @ 1277 Bloor St. West (at
Lansdowne), this FREE show will feature performances by Toronto hip-hop
legends Citizen Kane, Tara Chase, Theo 3, Grimace Love and Dan-e-o among
many others!

Hosted by Motion and Johnbronski with music from DTS, Son Of S.O.U.L. and
O-nonymous Grumps, this can't-miss party is a true celebration of Toronto





Random - The Mega Ran Show Is Now a Podcast

From Random:

The Mega Ran Show Is Now a Podcast

For the drive, for your Saturday cleaning... for whatever.. Random debuts the first of hopefully many podcasts, highlighting whatever Random, aka Mega Ran is listening to this week, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...occasionally I'll slip a new track in the mix, for some feedback, so be on the lookout. Today's playlist: .

Over - Drake
Curtain Call - Little Brother
Get Your Race Card - Ice Cube
Window Seat - Erykah Badu
I'm Beamin - Lupe Fiasco
Lost Direction - The J & D Experience
Circuitry - A_Rival feat. Mega Ran
World Without Words - Nujabes
Feel the Music - Guru feat Paul Ferguson and Baybe
Blessed to Breathe - Blaze Rock feat. Random, Ocean, ROK

I promise next week's will be funnier, when I figure out what I'm doing all the way.

Thanks for your continued support...Peace!

Kapabal's New Music Video 'Touch The Sky'

From Kapabal:

Music Video: .

MP3: .
With the release of his new single ‘Touch The Sky’ (and its accompanying music video) Kapabal reasserts his status as one of the hardest working Hip-Hop artists to emerge from New Zealand.
Lyrically driven by a desire to inspire others to overcome the difficulties placed before them in life, and be themselves, with ‘Touch The Sky’ Kapabal combines his sung hook and rapid-fire rhyme style with an anthemic synthesised horn heavy southern style crunk beat produced by American Hip-Hop producer White Hot.
Working with Wainui based music video director/producer Ace Beatz of Ambulance Productions, Kapabal and his team have crafted a matching music video which captures the spirit to triumph over adversity. Focusing in bottling the essence of summertime in Wellington and the Hutt Valley, ‘Touch The Sky’s visual video treatment, lyrical song content and uplifting production serve as a timely remind of the beautiful struggle.
For more information, interviews, exclusives, bio, etc. email:

La Coka Nostra's Slaine Says Sam Adams Is a Threat to Hip-Hop

From Kerosene Media:

La Coka Nostra's Slaine Says Sam Adams Is a Threat to Hip-Hop

Slaine, of the rap super group La Coka Nostra, has voiced his concerns about the success of rapper Sam Adams and his new EP “Boston’s Boy”. Earlier this year, Sam Adams came under fire after accusations that he bought his way to the top of the iTunes hip-hop charts. Slaine has released the following statement:
 “I think over the years you can see I’m not a hater, but this dude is actually a threat to the foundation of real hip hop street music," commented Slaine. "He’s never paid a due and has no respect or knowledge of the culture. If this is hip-hop's new direction we are in trouble and he is about to get backed by the biggest powers in the game. He seems like a nice kid, but on principle I gotta cut his head off. Sorry Sammy, but Boston's boy is about to get banned from Boston. There is a reason that credibility is important in hip-hop, and it was so something like this couldn't happen. Right now we're letting some rich white college kids with a scheme and a huge bankroll come in and jack the entire street culture and turn it into some bubble gum frat bullshit. Watching what this kid is saying in interviews, it is extremely clear that he has no respect for hip-hop as a culture. He is even saying he invented his own form of music! Are you tripping? Sam Adams is bad for the culture and art form. He's bad for your business, and bad for my business. Sam Adams is bad for Boston and bad for hip-hop."
La Coka Nostra is currently touring in support of their debut album, “A Brand You Can Trust”.
* *

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